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Choosing a reliable and trustworthy online casino to play video poker can seems to be a challenge. There are really a lot of offers in the gambling industry so you can be confused with such a great variety of choices. Note that most online casinos provide you with a wide range of video poker games to enjoy. Thus, you should choose the online casino taking into consideration its reputation , payment options available, bonuses offered and availability for various countries.

Here you can find all the necessary information concerning video poker games that can be played by USA players as well as about video poker games available in various languages. In other words, the best online casinos try to make your entertainment more convenient and exciting. It is all for making you able to relax and dive into this game of skills and chance sitting in front of your PC at home with a cup of hot coffee or glass of cold beer.

Download & Play Video Poker Games

To download online video poker games is quite easy. Just press Download button visiting the site of the online casino you have chosen and follow all the instructions appearing on the screen. The whole installation takes about 2-3 minutes. Then you should register a casino account indicating some information about yourself such as name, date of birth, email, etc. You can fill in all the data required while software is loading.

All online casinos provide you with the opportunity to choose among real money and fun play accounts. In case you are a beginner, we offer you to start with fun play to practice for a while. Thus, you can learn more about the games provided, their rules and try some strategies before depositing your money. In case you want to get some attractive bonus and play with free cash immediately, you should register real money account only. Otherwise, no bonuses presented are available.

Casino Video Poker Game Software

Today there are also quite a lot of online casino software providers to choose from. The most popular among them are Microgaming, RTG, Playtech, Vegas Technology and Rival. Excellent graphics , great collections of games , amazing sound and fast software are offered by all software providers. Of course, each of them tries to provide something unique to attract more players. Let’s find out more about their best things that make every casino software provider special.

The most important thing to mention about RTG is that this online casino software provider accepts USA players . You can choose among video poker games represented in 1 hand, 3 hands, 10 hands, 52 and 100 hands varieties. Thus, you can play multiple games at once increasing your chances to win. We offer you to practice for a while with 1 hand video poker games and then try to do your best with 100 hands games. They are real fun.

Microgaming is considered to be a leader in the online gambling market. The greatest collection of games for any taste, crisp graphics and solid reputation make thins online software provider a must try thing. At least you make your opinion about its games and service. What is more, some Microgaming online casinos provide you with huge no deposit bonuses such as $2,500 or so. Read more about it further.

Rival perhaps provides you with the brightest and the funniest games if talk about slots. Video poker games are also presented in nice format with muted colours and large cards dealt that please your eyes. It is also quite exciting to see Win splashing on the cards winning . Video poker games provided by Rival congratulate you every time you worth it.

Video poker games presented by Vegas Technology are also available for the USA players. Look at the paytable provided for each game to choose the best just for you. There are such games as Aces and Faces , Deuces Wild , Jacks or Better , Joker Poker and some others. Make a bet, choose the cards to hold and press Draw button to reveal your prizes.

In case you don’t want or just have no opportunity to install casino software on your computer you can play directly through the browser. Just register a casino account and start playing online wherever you have Internet connection. The quality of graphics as well as the bonuses offered are the same for download and flash versions. However, you should note that some online casino software suppliers don’t provide you with all video poker games that are available in download format. So, we offer you to check the both versions at first, compare and choose the best for you.

Various promotions are the other thing to consider choosing among several reliable online casinos. Huge Welcome Bonuses, incredible no deposit bonuses, astonishing High Roller promotions as well as nice Refer a Friend programs. All of them are quite attractive, but there are several things you should pay attention to while choosing some bonus to play with free cash. Take into consideration minimum deposit required, wagering requirements before any withdrawal can be made , time during which this promotion is valid, countries that allowed to take part in this promotion and games allowed to play to meet the wagering requirement.

No Deposit bonus seems to be the most attractive among others. No minimum deposit is necessary to start playing with free cash and winning some prizes. However, you should note that as a rule, you should make some deposit when you want to withdraw your winnings as a part of this promotion. In case no deposit bonus is really impressive – $1,000 or so, make sure to check the time limit it is available within. Usually, you can play with free cash for an hour only.

Match 100% Bonus is the most usual promotion available in different online casinos. You can get such bonus for the first deposit as well as a part of various weekly and monthly promotions. There are also special match bonuses for video poker players. Look for them choosing the most attractive place to play online.

Starting with the minimum deposit of $1,000 or more you can get really incredible High Roller bonuses to play with great bets. After making such a deposit you also become a member of some Loyalty Club or VIP Club provided by most online casinos. Now you can appreciate more attractive bonus policy, more exclusive promotions as well as first class service.

The other thing to consider while deciding to claim some promotion offered by the online casino is the necessity to use special coupon code. Such coupon codes can be found in our casino reviews as well as on the sites of the online casinos you prefer. Make sure to use such coupon codes in time as it is required by the casino bonus policy.

Video Poker brings together video slots and poker, and has mushroomed into one of the most played online casino games on the Internet. This is thanks to the fast action, but also the arrival of new multihand versions which allow you to play anything up to 100 hands simultaneously.

Video Poker has one of the best payouts in the casino (normally around 99.5%). What we mean by that, is that the house advantage or edge on video poker is lower than most games in the casino (except for probably blackjack)- the payout is certainly higher than online slots. Always choose the automatic hold function if there is one- this plays at the optimum strategy.

See the example below, which illustrates the best strategy for Jacks or Better.

Many video poker players know that the game is about more than chasing royal flushes and hoping luck shines on you.

In fact, video poker contains a large amount of skill that few casino games can match. And you can greatly improve your chances of beating the casino with enough strategy.

But how do you develop the necessary skills to win in video poker?

Let's cover some tips that will help you become a complete player, from the beginning to the advanced stages.

Video poker machines let you wager anywhere from 1 to 5 coins per hand. If you want the best chance to win in video poker, then you need to bet the 5 coin max every time.

The reason why you should do this is because the royal flush payout features a disproportionate jump when you bet 5 coins. Here's a look at this:

  • 250 coin royal flush on a 1 coin bet.
  • 500 coin royal flush on a 2 coin bet.
  • 750 coin royal flush on a 3 coin bet.
  • 1,000 coin royal flush on a 4 coin bet.
  • 4,000 coin royal flush on a 5 coin bet.

The 3,000 coin jump between the 4 and 5 coin bet is the sole reason why you wager the max. This large discrepancy has a noticeable effect on the house edge, which you can see in the example below:

  • Double Bonus payback when betting 5 coins = 100.17%
  • Double Bonus payback when betting 1 to 4 coins = 99.1%

All video poker books, articles, and other strategy resources recommend that you bet the 5 coin max because it gives you the best chance to win. But if you can't afford to wager the max, then it's not the end of the world.

The key thing to understand is that you only draw to a royal flush about 1 out of every 40,000 hands. This means that the vast majority of the time, you don't need to worry about missing out on the extra 3,000 coins.

Non royal flush payouts make up approximately 97% of totally video poker payback. And given that all other payouts increase proportionately when moving from a 1 to 5 coin bet, you won't miss anything here.

We still suggest that you make5 coin max bets. But if you're a casual player who wants to play 1 to 4 coins for fun, then this won't ruin you.

All video poker games can look the same to a new player. But slight differences in the pay table have a noticeable impact on the house edge.

Let's start by looking at different pay tables for Jacks or Better (JoB:

The numbers in front signify what each game pays for a full house and flush.

In the case of 9 / 6 JoB, you receive 9 coins for a full house and 6 for a flush. With 9 / 5 JoB, you earn 9 coins for a full house and 5 for a flush.

The 1 coin difference in the flush payouts may not seem like a big difference. But the flush payout occurs frequently enough to have a 1.09% impact on the payback.

Let's look at another example involving Double Bonus:

  • 10 / 7 / 5 Double Bonus = 100.17% payback
  • 9 / 7 / 5 Double Bonus = 99.11%
  • 9 / 6 / 5 Double Bonus = 97.81%
  • 9 / 7 / 4 Double Bonus = 97.74%

Double Bonus pay tables not only feature differences in the full house and flush payouts, but also the straight payouts. The lowest pay table in this list is the 9 / 7 / 4 Double Bonus game, which pays 9 coins for a full house, 7 for a flush, and 4 for a straight.

You can know all the video poker strategy in the world. But if you don't play the right games, then you're wasting your time.

Here's a look at some of the top games in video poker:

  • Full pay Joker Wild = 101.0% payback
  • Full pay Deuces Wild = 100.76%
  • 10 / 7 / 5 Double Bonus = 100.17%
  • 10 / 6 Double Double Bonus = 100.07%
  • All Aces (online) = 99.92%
  • Split Way Royal (online) = 99.80%
  • Aces & Eights (online) = 99.78%
  • Not So Ugly Ducks = 99.73%
  • Super Double Bonus = 99.69%
  • 9 / 6 Bonus Poker = 99.64%
  • 9 / 6 Jacks or Better = 99.54%
  • 8 / 5 Bonus Poker = 99.17%

Obviously it's best to play games that give you the best chance to win. But the other side is that you need to be able to find these games.

We don't know any casino that still offers full pay Joker Wild. Full pay Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, and Double Double Bonus can only be found in Las Vegas based casinos.

This means most players will be relegated to the top online video poker games, and 9 / 6 JoB and 8 / 5 Bonus Poker in brick and mortar casinos.

Knowing the do's and don'ts of video poker helps you follow the most universal strategy rules and make more money. Here are the biggest things you should and shouldn't do in video poker:

  • Do: Play the maximum coin size, unless you're a casual player who's just looking to have fun.
  • Don't: Play longer than you can afford to, and / or play multi hand games that are too expensive for you.
  • Do: Look for the best games and pay tables.
  • Don't: Sit down to a video poker machine and start playing without looking at the pay table.
  • Do: Play when you're rested and in a good mood.
  • Don't: Play when you're drunk and / or tired.
  • Do:Learn proper strategy so that you can win money.
  • Don't: Think that you can beat video poker without putting some work into the matter.
  • Do: Know that video poker has ups and downs, and you need a bankroll that can survive this variance.
  • Don't: Obsess over royal flushes and think that video poker is all about winning big payouts.

If you're new to video poker, we recommend that you play Jacks or Better.

The first reason why is because this machine has low variance (a.k.a. volatility), meaning it offers more consistent payouts. This is crucial for any player who has a small bankroll and wants to consistently win money back.

The second reason for choosing JoB is that it has simpler strategy than most games. Because JoB has a simple pay table, you don't have to make as many strategy decisions on each hand.

Tips on Improving Your Video Poker Skills

Once you know which video poker games and pay tables to choose, the next logical step involves working on your skills. After all, you have a much better chance of winning when you make correct decisions over and over.

The good news is that there are multiple ways to become a better player. This next section will cover some of the video poker calculators and tools that'll up your game.

While you can start with one of several methods to improve your video poker play, we recommend getting a strategy chart and playing Jacks or Better.

Earlier, we explained that JoB is a great game to start with due to its simplistic strategy. Another reason to begin with this game is because JoB strategy charts are the easiest to find.

As for strategy charts, these rank made and non made hands in the order that you should keep them in. Here's an example:

  • You're dealt: 4s 4d 8d Jd 3d
    • Option #1: you keep 4 cards to a flush.
    • Option #2: you keep pair of 4's (low pair).
  • Consulting the strategy chart, you can see that the 4 cards to a flush rank higher.

When you play JoB with a strategy chart, you'll develop a general feeling for video poker strategy. And this makes it easier to deal with the strategy nuances of other games.

Also note that you'll find both simple and optimal charts for JoB. The simple chart helps you get to 99.46% payback, while the optimal version leads to 99.54% payback.

The advantage with using a simplified chart is that there are fewer decisions to worry about, and you still come close to optimal payback. Of course, serious players will appreciate how the optimal chart helps them get the highest payback.

You can see both versions below:

  • 1 Royal flush, straight flush, 4 of a kind
  • 2 4cards to a royal flush
  • 3 Full house, flush, straight, 3 of a kind
  • 4 4cards to a straight flush
  • 5 Two pair
  • 6 High pair (A's through J's)
  • 7 3 cards to a royal flush
  • 8 4 cards to a flush
  • 9 Low pair (10's through 2's)
  • 10 4 cards to an outside straight
  • 11 2 suited high cards
  • 12 3 cards to a straight flush
  • 13 2 unsuited high cards
  • 14 Suited K 10, Q 10, and J 10
  • 15 1 high card
  • 16 Discard everything
  • 1 Royal flush, straight flush, 4 of a kind
  • 2 4 cards to a royal flush
  • 3 Full house, flush, straight, 3 of a kind
  • 4 4 cards to a straight flush
  • 5 Two pair
  • 6 High pair (A's through J's)
  • 7 3 cards to a royal flush
  • 8 4 cards to a flush
  • 9 Unsuited K Q J T
  • 10 Low pair (10's to 2's)
  • 11 4 cards to an outside straight w / 0 to 2 high cards
  • 12 3 cards to a straight flush
  • 13 Suited Q J
  • 14 4 cards to an inside straight w / 4 high cards
  • 15 Suited K Q or K J
  • 16 Suited A K, A Q, or A J
  • 17 4 cards to an inside straight w / 3 high cards
  • 18 3 cards to a straight flush
  • 19 Unsuited K Q J
  • 20 Unsuited Q J
  • 21 Suited J T
  • 22 2 unsuited high cards w / king high card
  • 23 Suited Q T
  • 24 2 unsuited high cards w / ace high card
  • 25 Jack only
  • 26 Suited K T
  • 27 Queen
  • 28 King 29. Ace 30. 3 cards to a straight flush

One way to really take your video poker game to the next level is by using a training program.

Video poker trainers play just like regular games. But the key difference is that they let you know when you've made correct and incorrect strategy decisions.

Let's look at a couple of examples:

  • Example #1
    • You're dealt: 6s 9d Qh 5c 3h
    • You keep Qh and discard everything else.
    • The trainer shows that this is the correct move in this situation.
  • Example #2
    • You're dealt: 2h 8c Qc Kd Ad
    • You keep Ad,Kd, and Qc, then discard everything else.
    • The trainer shows that this is incorrect because you should've also discarded Qc.

The great thing about trainers is that you have a helping strategy hand the entire time you're playing. As you continue learning the right and wrong moves in each situation, video poker strategy will eventually become second nature.

Besides repetition, another good thing about training programs is that they let you practice games that aren't covered by strategy charts.

We've found strategy charts for 6 video poker variations, which is a small percentage compared to what games are available.

And if you're trying to win through positive expectation (+EV) games like Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, and Double Double Bonus, you won't find strategy charts for them either.

Video poker trainers, on the other hand, cover a wider range of variants. And some of these programs even let you customize pay tables so that you can practice any game.

When using video poker trainers, you have two options: free programs and versions that you pay for.

Free video poker trainers are the most convenient option because you merely need to do a Google / Bing search and you're ready to play. These versions give you a few different options with regard to games & pay tables, which helps you practice the popular variants.

The only problem with free trainers is that they don't cover enough games for skilled players. For this, you'll need to buy software, which can cost up to $60.

One example is Bob Dancer's Video Poker for Winners program. Retailing at $49.95, this is a CD ROM that allows you to do the following:

  • Practice different games.
  • Play problem hands.
  • Check unusual hands.
  • Calculate bankroll requirements for different games.
  • Figure out how much money you'll earn through slots clubs.

A casual player won't want to pay $50 for a video poker trainer, especially if their favorite game is already covered by a free program.

But again, serious players who want to play +EV variations - or at least games with payback in the high 99% range - should consider using a trainer.

Want to put your skills to the test without a helping hand or having to put money on the line? Free video poker is another good tool that you can use to get better.

Online casinos offer free video poker as a service to attract players. And most casinos have a wide variety of games that you can practice with.

Another good thing about playing at internet casinos is that you can play as many hands as you'd like without spending anything.

The downside to free video poker is that you don't get advice like with a trainer or strategy chart. For this reason, we only recommend that you use the free version when you're testing your strategy.

A video poker hand calculator is great for times when you want to figure out an individual hand. Here's a look at how these calculators work:

  • 1 Choose your desired game and pay table.
  • 2 Choose each card that you want for the 5 card hand.
  • 3 Push Process to get the results.
  • 4 The calculator will give you EV on each potential decision. You go with the decision that has the highest EV.

Hand calculators aren't meant to be a heavily used strategy tool, like a trainer or chart. After all, it takes several seconds to create each hand.

Instead, a calculator is good for difficult hands that you haven't trained for, or have forgotten how to play. Considering that some trainers come equipped with hand calculators, these are handy side tools that you can use in a jam.

Video poker games take hundreds of thousands of hands to reach their payback percentage. Do you have the bankroll to last until this point?

Bankroll calculators will help you figure out your bankroll requirements for any game.

We haven't found any free video poker bankroll calculators floating around the internet. But some programs like the aforementioned Video Poker for Winners come packaged with these tools.

Once you have a calculator, you can input your desired game to find your risk of ruin. Here's a look at risk of ruin for a 9 / 6 Jacks or Better game:

Choose Your Initial Deposit

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The difference is plenty! Try six percent. With maximum coin play and perfect strateg.

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