slot machine system

slot machine system

If you've come to this page, you're probably looking for successful slot machine systems. Assuming that's the case, let me give you the best advice a man can give to a fellow gambler. Slots systems don't work. If somebody is peddling their can't-miss method, then they're probably trying to sell you something.

Slot machines are called one-armed bandits for a reason. They are designed to take your money in small doses, so the casino owners can buy more slot machines and build bigger casinos. Machine have a payback percentage, or a dollar amount they will pay back on $100 bet. If the payback percentage is 95%, then you will get back $95 on every $100 spent, on average. Unless you see a payback percentage in the three digits, you should expect to lose money when playing on a slot machine.

You might ask yourself this question; if a person can make so much money playing the slots, why are they wasting so much time selling advice on how to win at slot. The truth is, the people with the most experience gambling are the people who run the casinos. They know how much their machines will pay off, because they set the payback percentage. Strategy on slot machines is non-existent, which is one reason slots are so popular. People want to gamble in their own private corner of the casino, away from the shenanigans of craps or poker. My recommendation is to tryout any new strategy you learn by playing free online slots. Or, you can try your luck at video poker where perfect play can result in positive outcomes.

That being said, there are a few slot systems that always come up in discussion. I want to talk about these slots systems in brief, though they are touched on in greater detail elsewhere on this site.

The Martingale system is probably the most famous system in gambling. It says that, if you lose one bet, you double the wager on the next bet. The Martingale assumes that losing on one hand increases your odds of winning on the next hand, according to the law of averages. By doubling your bet, you not only win back the money you lost on the previous hand, but you make a profit while doing so.

The problem with the Martingale system is the law of averages plays out over an extremely high number of bets. One thousand bets are not enough to even out the law of averages. Ten thousand aren't. The deviation is too high. Meanwhile, you're doubling your bet with every loss. If you lose five times in a row, which is a real possibility on a slot machine, your bets are probably going to increase to a level you aren't comfortable with.

The Martingale technique therefore increases your chances of losing a whole bunch of money in an really quick fashion. And the kicker is, losing on one spin doesn't increase your odds of winning on the next spin, because slot machines use random number generators to randomly and independently determine the outcome of every single reel spin. To read more about the Martingale system, check out this article on money management techniques in gambling.

Some use the Anti-Martingale system. The Anti-Martingale stipulates that you halve your bet after every loss and then double it when you win. This amounts to a double-down bet whenever you win, while you pull back your betting method when you win.

This might seem to make sense, since more than 50% of slot machine spins are losses. When you lose, you practice real money management techniques. And when you get on a hot streak, you can build up a bankroll real quick.

Actually, I think this is worse than the Martingale system, if anything. Because you double your bets until you lose, it assures you are going to eventually lose your bet. Whatever you lose from the more conservative betting after losses are assured losses with this system. The real thing to remember here is that it isn't a real strategy, if the strategy doesn't actually increase your chances of winning on a spin.

The Zig Zag technique offers the chance to increase your odds of winning on the next spin. You walk through the casino looking for reels that are about to match up, producing a jackpot. Unfortunately, there is no correlation between reel symbol positions and the odds of a jackpot, because random number generators move your video reels, not some mechanical system within the machine.

The algorithm and operation system of slot machines in online casinos

Many people remember one-armed bandits standing in passages and small cafes, where you could toss a coin and try your luck. The principle of operation of old machines has changed significantly; new technologies have appeared.

Despite the existence of land casinos, players have flocked to the online space where various devices from the well-known game software developers are available. Slotegrator provides an overview of working principles of online slots, which each gamer should be aware of.

Well-known one-armed bandits were electromechanical. A player pulled the handle, the reel rotated pausing on certain characters. The reel rotated on a metal rod and was stopped through the brake system with a certain algorithm. Sensors analyzed the combination of symbols and gave out winnings in the case of characters match.

Later, the electromechanical slots were replaced with electric ones, where reels were driven by an electric motor; eventually, electronic gaming machines supplanted them.

Modern emulators, standing in the casino gaming halls, have electronic stuffing - a processor with a random number generator (RNG). The work of slots in the casino is based on this principle. The generator produces random numbers; the combination of symbols on the reels should be different from the previous one.

The random number generator is cryptographically protected by 128-bit algorithm md5 to be recorded with 32 hexadecimal characters. This algorithm, developed by the professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is widely used in electronic security systems. In particular, personal computer passwords are protected by md5.

Despite the fact that the algorithm was developed a few decades ago, it is a difficult task to hack it, which occupies a considerable amount of time. The algorithm is constantly being improved; the newest add-ons are used to make it tamper-proof.

Game software developers eliminate the possibility of reprogramming the chips even at the stage of their release. Experts say that despite the theoretical possibility of hacking, any practical facts have not been registered yet.

The gaming machines use algorithm md5, thanks to which a casino is in no way able to influence the outcome of the game, ensuring the randomness of falling combinations.

The modern industry produces a huge number of various gaming machines, which have different thematic design attracting bonuses and special game modes. However, the slot apparatus remains the same.

Manufacturers of gaming software release slot machines with three or five reels. The reels contain 20 to 25 different characters, the appearance of which depends on the slot themes. Depending on the number of reels and symbols, 8 thousand to 9.8 million combinations may fall during a game. By no means all of them are winning.

Many developers have introduced extra characters, enhancing the attractiveness of the machine - wild, scatter, bonus, and joker. These images bring large cash prizes, and provide an access to special bonus levels. Bonus rounds include free spins promising significant winnings.

The payout depends on the bet and the combination of symbols. There are machines accepting small bets (sometimes less than $ 1) and providing frequent prizes available to a wide range of gamers; there are also expensive spins starting from $ 5, which are primarily used by high rollers.

Each machine has built-in winning combinations - prize lines. They may have different configurations - horizontal / vertical / diagonal / zigzags match of images. The number of lines for payout varies from five to several dozen. The number of active lines, e.g. those that are involved in spins to form winning chains, can be adjusted starting from one and ending with the maximum number, stipulated in each specific slot.

Successful combinations start from three identical images appearing on the active lines. In some cases, a winning chain may be formed of two identical characters. A winning combination is highlighted, and the account is credited with hall chips or real money.

The game performance or slot payout percentages are important factors for gamblers. The US law requires the payout percentage to be not less than 90%. Manufacturers produce machines with 82 - 98% of pay-off. This means the casino, which has installed a slot on its resource, receive 2-18% commission from gaming machine users. The rest of the funds invested by gamers is used for winnings.

How to play slot machines in online casinos

After confirming the honesty and transparency of the online casino, it is no harm to try your luck using a variety of gaming products. Many websites offer visitors the opportunity to try the machine in demo mode.

A free game allows you to evaluate the gameplay and the probability of winning. Advantageously, the graphical and musical arrangement of a video slot is attractive and obtained bonuses stimulate to play for real money.

To start playing for real money, you need to register on the website, make a deposit and choose a favourite gaming machine. The next step is a matter of technology. A gamer should select the number of lines and the size of a bet at its own discretion.

Respectable casinos offer welcome bonuses for registration, which can be used to their advantage. It is necessary to choose the online resources with a high degree of confidence among players; such websites are usually located on the top of the thematic ratings.

Choose popular machines, which are preferred by most gamers, because the popularity depends on the percentage of payments. Such devices are known as "hot9quot; and are always marked in the lobby of the club. Some devices have built-in progressive jackpot, reaching significant numbers.

Slot game rules on the example of Endorphina's Football

Let's analyze the slot operation on the example of Endorphin's slot. The front page promises to dive you into the football theme. Pressing the START button, the player finds itself in the thick of things.

There is a football field before your eyes and a 5-reel video slot in the middle of it. There is a bankroll and a small audio and screen setup menu at the top of the screen.

The control buttons are located at the bottom:

  • A bet amount, which can be adjusted by mouse clicks ($1 to $ 100 per line);

  • A menu, where you can see the payout table and adjust display, auto mode, and sound settings;

  • A scoreboard with total bet amount, depending on the number of active lines;
  • A button setting the number of participating lines for payments - 1 to 21;

  • An Auto Play button, which turns into Take Risk with a winning combination. The auto mode configuration is adjusted in the Menu;

The humorous images of characters draw attention. They include traditional card nominations - Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and

The wild symbol, also known as Joker, can replace other symbols to form a winning chain, except for the scatter symbol and the bonus image. It is also paid separately - the payout ratio varies from the number of identical characters on the screen.

The whistle brings free spins (15 to 45), depending on the number of prior similar images. In addition, the coefficient of winning chains will be tripled.

Football provides the risk game (or equal odds game), which can be used after each successful combination. A gamer has to choose one out of 4 proposed cards, which value is higher than the value of the face-up card. The risk game can be used 10 times, doubling the winnings each time.

The payout table introduces a multiplier factor for each image. The relevant section in the Menu is marked with the symbol "I9quot;.

Through the example of Endorphina's slot dedicated to the major sporting event - Euro 2016, you can see how interesting a game play is. Although the work of most slots is based on the same principles, thematic colourful design and animation component attract the audience.

Famous musicians, athletes, characters from cartoons and blockbusters become the heroes of slot machines. Developers integrate new, fresh topics, thus stimulating gamers to play online game. It is so simple to win huge prizes; your patience will be compensated.

I love slot machine systems. I don’t love them because they’re an effective way to win. I’m just constantly amazed at how foolish the superstitious can be.

Slots systems don’t work. Each spin of a slot machine’s reels is an independent random event. That means that the spins before and after having no effect on the results of this spin. Most systems ignore this fact, and, for that reason, most systems are equally worthless.

Are you interested in the various ways people try to set up systems to win at slots? If so, you’ll love the rest of this page, because I list and explain various slots systems I’ve read about. I also explain why they don’t work.

A lot of gamblers use money management techniques to try to increase their chances of winning and decrease their chances of losing. These might make playing the slots more interesting, but they have no effect on your chances of winning and/or losing. One book about slot systems that I read was written by John Patrick, a big proponent of money management.

Patrick suggests keeping two principles in mind—naked pulls and loss limits. A naked pull might sound like something dirty, but in his book, a naked pull is a spin of the reels on a slot machine which comes out as a loser. You win nothing on a naked pull.

A loss limit is a percentage of your bankroll that you’re willing to lose in a single session. Once you’ve hit your loss limit, you end that gambling session.

Patrick suggests that a good default limit for the number of naked pulls in a row is between 7 and 14. If you hit your naked pull limit, you walk away from the machine and quit for that session. So if you decide that your naked pull limit is 10, you’d walk away from any machine where you spun the reels ten times in a row and didn’t get a win.

His suggested loss limit is 60%. If you have a $200 bankroll, you’d walk away when you had lost $120. He doesn’t explain how this helps you win more, but I guess it prevents you from losing your entire bankroll in a single session.

This is the first and easiest system in Patrick’s book. Here are the rules for this system:

  • You walk away if you have 9 naked pulls in a row.
  • You walk away if you’ve won 60% of your bankroll or more.
  • You walk away if you’ve lost 60% of your bankroll.

The idea is that a machine which provides you with 9 naked pulls in a row is cold, so you don’t want to keep playing it. The fallacy is that slot machines get hot and cold in a predictable manner. Remember—each spin of the reels is an independent random event. Having lost 9 times in a row has exactly 0 effect on whether or not you’ll win on the next spin.

Unless you’re going to never play a slot machine game again, it doesn’t help you to walk away once you’ve hit your win goal, either. It also doesn’t help you to walk away when you’ve hit your loss limit. Slot machines are always a negative expectation game, and you should think of your sessions at the machine as part of one long, lifetime session. That’s how the math is going to work.

On the other hand, using a system like this can be entertaining. It can also keep you from burning through all your bankroll in a single session, so that’s a good thing, too.

Another system touted by Patrick in his book suggests this system. You divide your total gambling bankroll into 5 to 10 smaller bankrolls, which you use to play 5 to 10 quick, small sessions. Of course, your goal is to quit once you’ve had a certain number of losing spins in a row. You also set a winning goal and a loss limit. In fact, this system doesn’t differ much from the Straight 60. It’s just a way of arbitrarily dividing your lifetime play into multiple smaller gambling sessions.

Your chances of winning with a system like this are exactly the same as if you just played whimsically.

This isn’t from John Patrick’s book, but I don’t know where it originated. The idea is that you’ll scour the casino floor looking for games which have winning symbols showing on the face, but where they aren’t lined up in a winning combination. Instead of being on a payline, they’re on the game’s face in a zig zag pattern.

The assumption is that a game showing these symbols on the front is getting ready to pay out a big jackpot. You increase your chances of winning by only playing the games that are most likely to provide you with a winning result.

The problem with the zig zag system is that it ignores reality. The symbols on the front of a slot machine are just for show. The outcomes are determined by a random number generator, which cycles through thousands of numbers every second. Each spin of the reels is a random, independent event. What happened previously has no bearing on what happens next.

What if You’re Desperate to Win at Gambling?

You can win at slot machines, but you can’t do anything to increase your odds of winning. If you’re desperate to win, then you might have a gambling problem. Don’t play. Seek help instead.

If you think it would be interesting or fun to get an edge when gambling, consider playing a game where you can get an edge via some kind of strategy. Video poker might be a good choice, but it requires study, skill, and discernment. Sports betting is another gambling activity where a smart player can get an edge. Counting cards in blackjack is another option. Learning how to play poker at an expert level might work, too.

Your best chance of winning at slots is to just enjoy the game while you can. Don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose. You’re always more likely to lose at a slot machine than you are to win. That’s the nature of the game. No slots system can change that.


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Yes? You do have to play the slots? Well OK then but lets see if I can't do something to ease the chances of losing big time.

Now I don't play the slots much myself but I'm thousands of dollars in front for the amount of times I have played them. Incidentally my wife is well in front too and she compares playing the slots with being bitten by a mad dog!

First lesson. You're playing a computerized machine so talking to it and gently caressing it will not help you win. It will however make you look rather silly in a very public place.

Slots are set to pay out a set percentage of their turnover. Now this is a fact that you can't alter so the best thing you can do is manage your money better.

If you had a thousand dollars to invest you would chase around the banks looking for the highest rate of interest. Well slots are exactly the same. You should only be playing machines which provide the highest percentage of return for the amount put through them. As a general rule this will be machines which appear to cost more to play.

As an example your percentage of return on a $2.00 machine will be better than the percentage of return on a $1.00 machine. And a $1.00 machine will be better than a 20 cent machine etc.

As a general rule your best machines would run something like this:

$2.00, $1.00, $0.20, $0.10, $0.05, $0.02, $0.01. (1 cent and 2 cent machines are really for mugs.)

Why is a $2.00 machine better value than a 1 cent machine? The answer is because most $2.00 machines will pay back up to 96% of the money put through them whereas 1 cent machines only pay back 80 to 85% of the money put through them. This means that in proportion to the money invested you should be able to play a $2.00 machine for a longer period than a 1 cent machine. A longer playing period will provide more chances of winning. It's that simple.

The other thing is that if you're really serious about making a profit on the slots you really can't compare a 100 coin drop on a $2.00 machine with a 100 coin drop on a 1 cent machine.

My personal observations whilst playing the slots are as follows:

1. Play $1.00 and $2.00 machines if you can afford it.

I invested just $3.00 in a $1.00 slot machine at Twin Towns Services Club last year and walked away with $5,138.00. Two years ago I invested $50.00 in a slot at the Port Macquarie RSL Club and walked out with $1,500.00.

2. Multiply your bets per line if you're playing a 5 or 10 cent machine.

Every now and then I play a few 5 cent machines and I've found that I win more by multiplying the amount I bet on each line. I don't believe this increases your chances of winning but it does increase the amount you can win. If you increase the amount you win you have a better chance to pull out in front if you get a good drop.

3. Vary the way you play with every push.

Here's what I do on a 5 line machine; I set the machine to play 3 coins per line and then I play 1 line only, for one push. Regardless of whether I win or not I next play 2 lines only, for one push, then 3 lines, then 4 lines and finally 5 lines. I then reverse the procedure by going back down the buttons from 4 lines to 3 lines, then 2 lines, then 1 line. Then start again.

So the way I play is something like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4.

If a pay out lines up on a line I haven't played I simply ignore it. You can't worry about everything!

If I have a decent win on 3 coins per line I then change to 4 coins per line and start the procedure again until I have a win on 4 coins. I then do it again using a different number of coins per line.

Just recently I invested $20.00 in a 5 cent machine at the Laurieton Services Club and walked out with $600.00 by using the above technique. I often win up to $150.00 for a half hours play in this way.

You can of course reverse the above procedure by playing all five lines for every push but change the number of coins you play each time.

After a win always set an amount that you will pull out of the machine. The machines are designed to eventually eat up any bankroll regardless of size so pull out and walk away. Having said this there is no reason why a machine won't pay out two or three jackpots or good pays in a row.

Many people believe that once a machine has paid out it won't pay out again until someone has filled it up. Well I don't believe this to be true and I'll show you why in a moment but please don't stay with the one machine just to see if it will pay out again. Remember; after a win, always set an amount that you will pull out of the machine.

Gaining information from experts about the way slots work is difficult. It's a very closely guarded secret which is known only to slots technicians but here's some information I've gathered so far:

There's a chip or a board inside the computerized workings of a slot machine which is set to only pay back a certain percentage of the total turnover. However when you push the play button on a slot machine, whether you win or not is a totally random event.

Machines are not set to give you a little pay this spin, no pay next spin and then a jackpot the following spin. Each spin is a random event and that's why a machine can pay out two or more jackpots or good pays in a row.

Back to the computer chip or board we previously mentioned.

The chip or board is set up along the following lines:

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