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Free Computer Simulation Games to Play

Play simulation games for free on - interactive building simulation games, driving games, fun airplane / helicopter simulation games, as well as real-life & business strategy simulation games for teens.

Fancy yourself as a spacecraft drone pilot? Well, get ready to blast off and be tested to the max! Cluster Lander is a futuristic space drone flying game for older kids and teens where you have to carefully control and maneuver your hovering robotic spacecraft around dangerous rock faces, and through doorways and laser-beamed gateways in a challenging maze and outer space-like environment. Your drone-craft can reach places that humans cannot, and you are manning the controls! Explore distant caverns, and unlock doors and secret passageways to find the vital "Cluster Coordinates Sheet" needed to progress on each level.

You need a steady hand and quick reactions to succeed in this innovative game. The controls of the Cluster Lander are extremely sensitive – so be careful not to crash off surrounding walls and ledges as you float through the increasingly-difficult levels. Hover your way through each world with extreme care, there are valuable documents that must be retrieved as you go along! It’s time to show us your hot drone-piloting skills. Good luck!

Endless Migration is a unique and entertaining skill and mouse-based simulation game for kids and teens. You play the role of a lone goose who has to reunite with his flock of geese, and then guide them safely through some horrendous weather conditions, avoiding airplanes, and other obstacles along the way. You earn points by collecting as many geese as you can and by keeping the flock alive as long as possible. This is an extreme test of endurance and survival that only the bravest and strongest will survive! If you get it right, it’s a tale with a happy ending and a highly enjoyable adventure! Do you have what is takes Great Goose? Glory is just a few wing flaps away! Good luck!

OK, your flock has gotten lost and scattered, and it’s up to you to reunite them and save the day! You are the black goose - the flock leader. The grey geese are strays. You can join with these to grow your flock. Once the grey geese are in the flock, they will try to follow you in a “V” formation. Try and pick up as many grey geese as possible.

Important! Once the flock leader is eliminated, one of the grey geese will take over as leader; So, the more geese you have in your flock, the more lives you have! When there is no flock left, it’s game over. White swans are beautiful creatures but they can be harder to protect as they move slower than the geese. If you join with swans, you earn more points over time. Avoid all types of aircraft! Birds and plane propellers don’t mix! Storms, clouds and hurricanes will affect your flying abilities and slow your speed. Again, avoid!

So, a full flock consists of 16 geese. If you manage to get this number of followers, you will go into Golden Goose Bonus Mode. All of the other geese will then fly towards your flock and you will get a huge Bonus. If you score 10,000 points, you earn an “Upgrade Point” which you can then use to upgrade your flock. Time for take off! Ready for some high-flying action-packed fun in the skies?

Deep Sea Diver is a fun real-life simulation adventure game for kids where you dive underwater in your red submarine to collect 10 ancient artifacts hidden on the sea bed. Discover fascinating marine life as you set sail and explore the world’s oceans. Think how to better conserve your air supply while collecting bonus points and coins as you navigate the depths. Use your critical-thinking skills to memorize the route you have taken, so that you can return to the surface quickly to top-up your oxygen supply and to keep Your precious treasures.

Try your best not to crash or hit rocks or coral because you lose vital oxygen each time. Never take your eye off your oxygen level (displayed on a health bar in the bottom right corner) or you might suffocate! Increase your chances of survival by upgrading your vessel with better lights, engine speed, hull reinforcement and oxygen supply. Ok Submarine Sailor, show us what you’ve got!

Ground control to Major Tom – it’s time for a futuristic spacecraft simulation game that will really test your piloting skills! Spaceman is a straight-forward spaceship flying game for kids where you have to navigate a futuristic one-man spaceship through a series of challenging platform-type levels. You play the role of a daring astronaut, and have to get your ship to an exit portal while trying to avoid crashing off the sides of the challenging landscape. You have to be extremely careful - one wrong move, and your spacecraft is toast!

This fun and frantic space adventure will really test your quick reaction skills and how steady your hand is as you have to quickly maneuver around the often dangerous terrain while your futuristic ship is quite difficult to control. You have to get to grips with the throttle and boosters in double-quick time. If you don’t, it could be a case of “Houston, we have a problem!” However, if you’ve got the slick piloting skills needed for this task – there should be no problem at all! Good luck out there – and may the force be with you!

Have you got the football brain, tactical know-how, mental toughness and dogged determination required to be a top soccer manager (head coach)? Football Challenger is a highly-challenging, in-depth sports management simulation game where you take control of a competitive soccer team, and must choose the formations, tactics, and players for each game. While you don't get to actually control your individual players in the thick of the action on the field, you do have an eagle-eyed, overhead view of the soccer match, and must make important mid-game decisions to try and affect the outcome. Simply, be the Boss!

Reasons to play this fun, virtual football manager game: If you sometimes shout at your TV screen to complain and exclaim that you could do a far better job than the manager of your favorite soccer or sports team, then here is your chance to prove it! Test and exercise your managerial prowess, analytical thinking and decision-making skills, your strategic judgment, and stamina as you take over the day-to-day running of a pro soccer football team. See if you can lead your side to glory at the end of the season!

Strategy to win: Just like in real life soccer management, there are many facets and different important objectives in this cool simulation game. You must try to identify the best formation for your team, make important substitutions at key moments in each match, and alter your tactics at a moment’s notice (a late goal may be required – and you might need to go ALL OUT ATTACK!). Good decision making skills are essential as well as the ability to learn from your mistakes; even the best managers on the planet don't get it right every week!

Are you ready to make a difference and save lives? Coast Guard Helicopter is a challenging, rescue helicopter flying simulation game where you play the role of a brave chopper pilot who has to rescue stranded swimmers from the open sea. Using retractable ropes, good steady flying, and nerves of steel, your goal is to safely pull the distressed people from the water, and transport them safely back to your helipad. This is certainly no leisurely mid-afternoon training exercise! It’s a series of daring professional missions where you have to contend with real danger - limited helicopter space, tricky flying conditions, and large obstructions. If you manage to pull off these dangerous assignments, you’ll be hailed as a Hero! But probably, you'll just dust yourself down, and shrug off all of the adulation by humbly saying that you were simply doing your job to the best of your ability.

This surprisingly intense and action-packed aircraft piloting game requires supreme concentration, solid keyboard controls, and swift piloting under pressure. Your multi-tasking skills are called into play as you have to lower the rescue ropes whilst also keeping the helicopter steady in the air. This activity could also be a good exercise for any young people out there who are interested in an awesomely dedicated career working in the ‘rescue services’ (coast guard, life guard, and fire department etc). This RPG game obviously may not feature the same intensity and pressure that those bravest of men and women face on the front line, but some of the attributes that you must possess in bucket-loads are all required here – high levels of concentration and determination, immense courage, and an overwhelming desire to help people for the greater good! To everyone in this world who is a member of a Rescue Squad of some form - A Big Thank You!

Roads of Rome is a fun road-building strategy game of 40 levels for kids and teens that is set in the ancient historical period of the Roman Empire. Good time management, resource management and hand-eye coordination skills are essential in this educational RPG game in order to survive in the wild Barbarian Forests, while constructing roads in a race against the clock before nightfall.

You play the role of Victorius, a brave young Roman warrior who has fallen in love with (and wants to marry) Caesar’s beautiful daughter Julia. However, Caesar isn’t happy with Victorius’s proposal, and has sent him thousands of miles away to build roads across the Barbarian lands to the North in order to expand the Roman Empire. Victorius has no choice, he must go. Now, you have to help Victorius earn Caesar’s respect in this challenging conquest by building exceptional roads, and in turn, bring more modern civilization to far these away lands. If Caesar is happy with Victorius’s work, he might give his blessing to the wedding.

Victorius (you) must use your ingenuity, survive by picking berries for food, and chopping trees for building wood. If you are successful, you can upgrade your camp and hire more workers to help out. Then build a farm to provide your food, build a sawmill to supply your wood in larger quantities and build a quarry to give enough stones and rocks for better roads. You also have specific tasks to complete in each level (for example exploring caves and collecting crystals). You must accomplish all of these tasks before night falls in order to progress to the next level.

Have you got the personality, customer service skills, diligence, and determined hospitality-driven mindset to be a successful bed and breakfast (B&B) business owner? Bed and Breakfast 3 is a fun and challenging, hospitality management tycoon game for kids & high school teens where you take over the running of a busy bed and breakfast-style discount hotel. As owner, manager, main customer service person, and general all-round multi-tasking employee in the establishment, you must race around checking in guests, attending to customers, serving breakfasts, and much more (including literally putting out fires). Your job here, as with most real-life businesses, is to make enough money to reach your daily targets!

This fast-paced, mouse-controlled, customer service simulation game requires really quick reactions and good visual awareness. You have a range of impatient customers expecting very prompt service in all areas of your BnB, so you need to be completely focused and alert, urgently whizzing from one task to another. Good time management and strategy planning are vitally important skills required of any entrepreneur – the faster your customers are served, the happier they'll be. Simple, right?

This should prove to be a good fun and tricky activity for any players who enjoy challenging tycoon and customer service-based games, especially anyone interested in one day working in the busy hospitality industry. Are you ready to knuckle down, and get some serious hotel management work done?

Stick Tennis is an awesome and addicting, Flash-based online tennis game. Here, you take part in epic mouse-swiping tennis battles against beginner to advanced level computer opponents. Each single set match follows the official rules of tennis, and is action-packed full of hard-hitting serves and aces, majestic drop shots, magnificent passing drives, cool cross-court plays, thrills, spills, and more..

This highly-challenging and realistic tennis simulation game requires really fast mouse control reaction speed, excellent hand-eye co-ordination, sharp focus and timing, and instinctive decision making skills under pressue. Just as in tennis in real life, you must quickly decide the direction you want to hit the ball, and the type of shot to play.

Battering your opponent with relentless ground strokes might not work against the top level computer players – you really must vary your game with power-baseline plays, deft drop shots, lots of hard work at the net, and more. Have you got the alround skill and determination to make the grade as a Stick Tennis legend? It's time to find out if you're the Ace among the emerging talents of this iconic sport!

Ballistic Biscuit is a straight-forward online water-skiing game for kids where you have to guide Camp Counsellor Bob through treacherous waters on an inflatable rubber tube (called a Ski Biscuit). Bob is a thrill seeker – he’s being towed by a speedboat through a lake full of dangerous objects. He’s got 90 seconds to survive, and he needs your help! Avoid oncoming debris like logs, crabs, frogs and other obstacles to guide Bob to safety. Be careful though, if Bob’s tube hits off any of these things, he is thrown into the water! Ouch!

Calling all want-to-be guitar heroes! Have you got the keyboard-tapping speed and radical rock and roll attitude to succeed in a difficult typing challenge? Guitar Geek is a fun, interactive music-based typing game where you have to play along to 6 different hard rock tunes by hitting the notes at the correct time using your computer keyboard! Graduate from Novice all the way up to ‘Geek’ level as you rock your way through a whole host of speaker-smashing riffs and ear-melting solos!

You don’t have to be an electric guitar virtuoso or even a casual music fan to enjoy the frantic, fast-paced action here! Timing is absolutely the key as you try to pinpoint the exact moment to hit each note / press each key. Concentration is also extremely important – one tiny little slip in your performance levels could result in the crowd booing you off stage; every performer's ultimate nightmare! If you complete all 5 songs on ‘Geek’ difficulty, you can really dare to dream of a place in the pantheon of guitar greats alongside names such as Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani. Happy guitar shredding – and try not to hit any ‘bum notes’!

Earn a vast fortune running your own gasoline filling station while providing top class customer service to your patrons: Gazzoline Deluxe is a fun and intense, multi-tasking, point and click tycoon game for kids & high school students where you take over the everyday management of a very busy gasoline station! Here, you must exhibit strong all-round business strategy and customer service skills while promptly completing tasks such as filling up gas tanks, serving drinks & snacks, working the cash register, and more in a hectic day's work to make your station a real success!

This fast-paced, customer service and business-building simulation game requires typical entrepreneurial and hard-working traits such as alertness, a sense of purpose and urgency, fast reactions, good decision making skills, and the ability and determination to multi-task all day long without deviation or complaint. You might have a few cars waiting to be served at any one time, so there's definitely no time to dawdle!

Boredom is just not on the menu in this business world. There's really good money to be earned out there, and continuous repeat actions are certainly not a problem when you are backing a winner and making a healthy profit. Now then, are you ready to transform your virtual business from a one-pump stand into a global franchise that has everyone stopping by for a great service?

Have you ever been on a train or airplane and taken a moment to marvel at the normally awesome job that the customer attendants do? Often, a team of just three or four people must accommodate the requests and needs of more than 100 passengers! How do you think you'd perform in such a role and environment? Would you rise to the occasion?

Well, Frenzy Train puts you in charge of service on a busy commuter train – so that you can test whether you have the personality, patience, flexibility for a customer-centered career! Yes, customer service can be really hard work, but it is very rewarding emotionally for all concerned when done right!

Frenzy Train is a fun, point-and-click, customer service-based tycoon game where you must reach special targets (points totals) in each level by escorting passengers to their seats, bringing them food and drinks, ushering them to the correct shopping area, and basically catering to their every need! All of these mouse-clicking tasks must be done in a prompt manner – time is ticking by, and no customer likes to be kept waiting!

This fast-paced business simulation game is a good exercise for learning the key virtues of good customer service. Sharp observation skills, smart / attentive reactions, and speedy decision making are all extremely important skill sets here. So, now is your time to shine with your broadest smile and warmest eyes! All aboard the Frenzy Train!

Build your own hotel empire, and rise from the rank of hospitality novice to a respected, multi-location, hotel chain super-owner! Hotel Baron is an amazingly in-depth, highly-stimulating tycoon game and RPG construction-based activity (for older kids, high school & college students) where you have the opportunity to build, maintain, and control your own hotel business. With three distinct game modes, you can build your company from the ground up, hire expert staff, design the exterior and interior of your hotels, provide top quality customer service, and more!

Reasons to play this incredibly-detailed, business management simulation game: If you have even a passing interest in the hospitality and services industry, or have ever dreamed of owning your own scalable business, this is an awesome free online activity to dive into! Test and exercise your business skills, drive, determination and persistence levels to achieve your vision. Even the most miniscule of details is under your direct control in Hotel Baron – from the height of each floor, the price of each room, to the plant-life in the hotel lobby!

Skills / strategy required: Shrewd business acumen, a willingness for multitasking, strong decision making skills, and fluid problem-solving abilities are some of the key skills of a good hospitality manager. Accurate mouse clicking is quite important here too, especially with very specific details. A good strategy could be to think of the times you may have stayed in a hotel or motel. Weigh up what you really enjoyed and didn't enjoy so much about your real-life experience, and then make improvements to your virtual hotel environments accordingly!

'Allo 'allo! Could you imagine yourself becoming a top London cabbie? Well, if so, try your hand at London Taxi License , a really challenging driving simulation game where you must pass 12 increasingly tricky tasks in order to become a qualified London ‘black cab’ taxi driver! (Black cabs are London's most iconic taxi vehicles). Beginning on an obstacle course, and eventually venturing out into the city streets, you must exhibit very strong virtual driving skills if you are to earn your taxi license! Beginners beware, driving on the busy streets of awesome London, England is certainly no easy feat! You must be very mindful of other drivers and pedestrians as well as obeying all traffic signals and rules of the road!

This fun, intensive yet difficult virtual driving simulation activity for kids & teens places great emphasis on your concentration and observation skills. Remaining focused and making good ‘safety-first’ decisions is the key to being a good driver (as in real life on any street or freeway!). Your keyboard tapping skills are also very important as your London cab is sensitive to the touch, and tough to control. Now, are you ready to step up and pass the test? Don’t forget, they drive on the LEFT hand side of the road in the UK! So, make sure to stay focused!

Play a fun interactive, food business simulation game: Cook and serve authentic and delicious pasta dishes to ravenous foodies in this customer service-based tycoon game with an Italian cuisine theme! Papa's Pastaria is a high-intensity, virtual cooking game and restaurant management activity where you play the role of owner and head-chef of your very own pasta restaurant!

Take customer orders, cook the scrumptious pasta, add the desired toppings and sauces, and serve completed dishes to your hungry patrons! As fun as the dish-building process is, you must not forget that you are running a ratings-based business! This means that you only earn (virtual) cash if your food is up to standard and satisfies each customer’s specific order! Let's hope your customers rave to their friends about their awesome experience at Papa's Pastaria!

Skills Required: If you are a fan of other titles from the fun tycoon game wizards at Flipline Studios (Papa’s Wingeria, Papa’s Taco Mia, Papa’s Bakeria…), you should enjoy the familiar customer service-themed action here! Test and exercise your alertness, sharp reaction skills, discipline, ability to follow customer orders, strategic planning skills, organizational and time management skills, determination to succeed, stamina and more! Showcase your multi-tasking skills under pressure as you deal with multiple customers simultaneously. Welcome to the restaurant business where a cool head working under pressure goes a long way!

Calling piano & guitar players and "learning to type" enthusiasts! Here's a unique opportunity to show off your virtuoso musical talents and fast-typing skills all-in-one! Pianist is a toe-tapping, fun, interactive typing game where you play along to well-known classical music pieces and pop songs through typing as fast as you can, and where you can record your own tunes with the authentic-sound of a real piano or guitar. You start off with slow, easy-to-play typing tasks, but the tempo and difficulty increases with each song as you progress.

This fun online typing simulation game should hopefully help to increase your appreciation of these wonderful musical instruments, and assist you in learning different notes and playing styles. It could also be used to exercise dexterity, hand eye co-ordination and timing, as you need fast fingers and even faster reactions to keep up with the notes as they scroll down your game screen. You may well discover the your inner Beethoven or Jimi Hendrix side, and create and record your own piano and guitar masterpieces from scratch! Show off your immense talent to your envious friends and family. Ok Musical Maestro, let the concert begin! Happy typing.

Generally in life, it can be said with certainty that you reap what you sow, and you reap what you create and grow. With that wise old philosophy in mind, and a real determination to create an abundant business and lifestyle, take over the running of your very own farm, and immerse yourself in a world of agriculture, business management, and general hard work (an essential ingredient in any venture)!

Farm To Fork is a multi-level, educational, point-and-click, tycoon-based, farm life simulation game where you must earn as much virtual income as possible by engaging in traditional farming and home produce practices such as growing and selling fruit, vegetables, crops and bread for a profit. Learn the nuts and bolts of farming as you make trips to the local convenience store to stock up on goods and tools, and physically tend to your plants and animals by utilizing sharp reaction skills and fast mouse work.

Reasons to play: This is a fun, in-depth, interactive food-making and immersive agriculture-based RPG game that should appeal to young kids and high school teens who may have a general interest or family background in farming, working outdoors with crops and animals, or enhancing key life and business skills. Exercise your focus, discipline, organizational skills, time management skills, logical thinking, enthusiasm to succeed, and your mental stamina as you work hard to keep on top of the various facets of your business, and utilize multi-tasking skills to keep many different aspects of your farm growing and thriving simultaneously.

Feed, Clean and Tend to the Needs of Your Own Pet Alien!

Drive 15 Authentic John Deere Rigs to Bale Hay, Plant Crops, Spray, Harvest and More!

Groom, Feed, Train and Bond with Your Very Own Horse!

Vehicle Simulation That Lets You Drive Cars, Airplanes or Boats in an Open Environment!

Create Your Very Own Amusement Parks With This Excellent Simulation!

Extremely realistic Snooker for play on your PC!

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum

Live It Up In Your Own Theme Parks With Rollercoasters, Water Slides, Animals and More!

Transport Passengers Around a Realistic City in 12 Different Buses!

Prowl the Untamed Wilderness for Deer and Other Big Game Animals.

Set the Tables, Make the Menus, and Bake the Goods!

Turn a Small Plot of Land into a Productive and Thriving Metropolis!

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Create Your Very Own Amusement Parks With This Excellent Simulation!

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum

Live It Up In Your Own Theme Parks With Rollercoasters, Water Slides, Animals and More!

Set the Tables, Make the Menus, and Bake the Goods!

Turn a Small Plot of Land into a Productive and Thriving Metropolis!

Create a Living and Breathing City From the Ground Up!

Schedule Flights and Control the Air Traffic in Your Very Own Airport!

Bring in the Money by Building and Powering a Tropical Island Resort.

Stimulate a Growing Economy Using the Power of Transportation!

Join the Gaming Industry by Forming Your Own Gaming Studio!

Real Estate Management Takes on a New Hurdle: Can You Manage Energy as Well as Real Estate?

Send the Housing Market Through the Roof as You Build, Buy, and Sell Houses in This Catchy Real Estate Game!

Turn a Fledgling Theater into the King of Cinema in Cinema Tycoon 2: Movie Mania

Make Your Own Springfield and Populate it with Your Favorite Simpsons Characters!

Create and Raise an Entire Neighborhood of Virtual Lives!

Construct a House, Furnish Your Home, Marry, and Raise the Kids.

Live the Glamorous Life of an A-List Celebrity in Tinseltown!

Help a Primitive People Grow into a Mighty Civilization!

Freely Converse With Characters In This Fantastic 3D Interactive Drama!

Create a Virtual Community in the Palm of Your Hand!

Virtual Villagers: New Believers

Convert Faithless Heathens to Your Tribe!

Build the Perfect Island Village and Foster Your People to Prosperity in My Tribe

Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest

Escaping From Paradise Is Not Easy! Can You Create a Flourishing Tribe and Become the Island King?

This Simulation Game Gives You Tons of Freedom to Create a Happy Big City

Become an A-List Celebrity with Kim Kardashian!

Feed, Clean and Tend to the Needs of Your Own Pet Alien!

Drive 15 Authentic John Deere Rigs to Bale Hay, Plant Crops, Spray, Harvest and More!

Groom, Feed, Train and Bond with Your Very Own Horse!

Vehicle Simulation That Lets You Drive Cars, Airplanes or Boats in an Open Environment!

18 Wheels of Steel: Across America

18 Wheels of Steel: Across America Puts You in the Driver's Seat of Your Own Big Rig

Transport Passengers Around a Realistic City in 12 Different Buses!

Climb to the Top of the Trucking World in 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' !

Play the guitar with your keyboard and set the fretboard on fire!

Build your own city and manage the growth in every major area!

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

Excellent spacecraft simulator!

Breed Over a Hundred Unique Dragons and Train Them for Battle!

Hit the Open Roads of North America, Throw the Gears in Motion and Be an 18-wheel Boss in 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy

Extremely realistic Snooker for play on your PC!

With Deer Hunter 2005, it's Hunting Season All Year Long!!

Play in Tournaments For Trophies and Compete For Club Ranking!

Experience the Most Miniature Game of Miniature Golf Ever!

Improve Your Hunting Skills at Any Time of the Year With This Realistic Game

Enjoy the Age-Old Game of Bowling in a Convenient and Portable Package!

Estimate Trajectory and Bounce to Score Tough Baskets in this Physics Simulator!

Prowl the Untamed Wilderness for Deer and Other Big Game Animals.

One of the most realistic pool games available!

A simulation game is a video game which seeks to recreate some aspect or aspects of the real world. This can mean anything from operating a vehicle, to organizing a business or sports franchise, to running the lives of a virtual family. The subject matter of simulation games varies greatly from game to game, but all simulations share a desire to accurately reproduce a complex activity or system in a virtual environment.

The History of Simulation Games

Because there are so many different subgenres of simulation games, it is best to look at the histories of each in turn.

Perhaps the crown jewel of simulation games, at least in terms of influence and popularity, is Maxis’s SimCity (1989). Its creator, Will Wright, first hit upon the idea for a city simulator when he realized that he preferred the map-building feature of Raid on Bungling Bay more than playing the game itself. This preference for creation and planning over destruction is emblematic of the entire simulation genre. SimCity sought to recreate the challenges of urban planning, with factors such as power, zoning, transportation, taxation, crime, and natural disasters. Four sequels of increasing complexity have followed over the years, the most recent being SimCity: Societies (2007), but the standard-bearer being the earlier SimCity 4 (2003). Various other city-building games have followed on SimCity’s success. Some, such as Caesar (1992) and Pharaoh (1999) by Impressions, feature historical settings; others, such as Outpost (1994) by Sierra are based on science fiction. PopTop’s Tropico (2001) and its two sequels feature a Caribbean “banana republic” setting. CitiesXL (2009) by Monte Cristo, on the other hand, more closely adheres to SimCity’s contemporary format.

In addition to spawning its own subgenre, SimCity became the first of many “Sim9rdquo; games created by Maxis, which for a time in the 1990s was practically synonymous with the simulation game. SimEarth (1990) gave the player control over a young planet with the goal of guiding it to maturity. SimAnt (1991) depicted the life cycle of an ant colony. SimTower (1994) let players design their own skyscraper. A number of other, similar games were also released by Maxis. All of these, however, and even SimCity itself, were eventually eclipsed by The Sims (2000), which simulates the lives of human beings. Players control what type of house their Sims live in, whom they marry, what their jobs are, and all other aspects of their lives. Addictive, fascinating, and offering an endless amount of variety, The Sims, together with its many expansion packs and sequels, has become the best-selling computer game franchise of all time. Will Wright’s most recent effort, the ambitious Spore (2008), is at least partially a simulation game as well.

Sports simulation games are an old and established genre, with roots in the golden age of arcade gaming. The first accurate sports simulation was Atari Football (1977), a two-player game which popularized the trackball as a controller. Soon countless varieties of sports games began appearing in arcades and on home gaming systems. The computer game Earl Weaver Baseball (1987) was a major step forward in realistic sport simulation: players did not just control a team for a single game, but for an entire season. In one mode of play, the team could be controlled from the perspective of the manager, rather than the athletes. A number of other realistic touches were also included, including real-life stadiums of different sizes and players with minds of their own. The game was designed with the help of Orioles manager Earl Weaver, the first time such a collaboration took place. Earl Weaver Baseball, along with a later game entitled Baseball Mogul (1997), prefigured what is perhaps the most famous and highly acclaimed sports simulation series, the Madden NFL franchise by Electronic Arts, first released in 1988 and now updated on a yearly basis. These games not only realistically recreate individual football matches, but also offer detailed franchise modes. In this way they partially overlap with another subgenre, business simulators.

Business simulation games put the player in the role of a business owner who must keep his company profitable. Lemonade Stand (1973) is perhaps the oldest game in the genre; it became popular in part because it came included with Apple computers during the 1980s. The energy crisis of the 1970s helped to inspire another early example of the business simulator: Windfall: The Oil Crisis Game (1980), which made the player the CEO of an oil company. EA’s MULE, set on a fictional extraterrestrial planet, combined strategy with economic management. The genre only truly matured, however, in 1990, when Railroad Tycoon was released by MicroProse. Designed by the legendary Sid Meier, Railroad Tycoon challenged the player to lay railroad tracks, purchase trains, manage schedules, and compete against other, computer-run rail companies. Like SimCity, it was a critical and commercial success that led to several sequels and many imitators. MicroProse also released other “Tycoon9rdquo; games, such as Roller Coaster Tycoon, which were not designed by Meier.

The business genre exploded during the 1990s, with games as different as Merchant Prince, which took place in late medieval Venice, and Theme Park, which requires the player to build and run an amusement park. Capitalism (1995) is particularly notable for its realism, complexity, and wide array of different options. New business sims continue to be made today; more recent offerings include Prison Tycoon and Zoo Empire (both 2005). The past decade has also seen new business sims in the form of massively multiplayer online games, the most notable of which is probably EVE Online (2003), which features a complex virtual economy driven by the actions of tens of thousands of players, and is notable for its often cut-throat gameplay.

Political simulations have also found an audience. The American political system’s Electoral College seems particularly well-suited to be the basis of a computer game: essentially the candidates are competing simultaneously on fifty-one unique battlegrounds. President Forever (2006) by TheorySpark is one example. It is typical of advanced simulations in that it involves interpreting a great deal of data, which might frighten away novices even as it appeals to “hardcore9rdquo; followers of politics.

Another, very different, kind of simulation game is the vehicle simulator. Perhaps the most famous example is Microsoft Flight Simulator, one of Microsoft’s signature products, which has been produced in ten different versions since 1982. It is renowned for its realism, though that same quality makes for a very steep learning curve for new players. Eighteen-wheel trucks, ships, cars, trains, helicopters, and spacecraft have all also been featured in various simulators.

The popularity of simulation games has also given them an influence beyond their own genre. Racing games, for instance, share many elements with vehicle simulations. Strategic or tactical strategy games which emphasize realism are also closely related to the simulation genre.

Who Would Be Interested in Simulation Games?

Because simulations games cover so many different subjects, many gamers are likely to find some simulation which they will enjoy, though few will be interested in all types of simulators.

As has been noted above, many simulation games are so realistically complex that they seem daunting to new or casual players. Simulation games usually require concentration, planning, and balancing various aspects of a multifaceted system; therefore, those seeking a simple experience will probably do best to look elsewhere. Simulation games are intended only for those who want a serious mental challenge.

Simulation PC games here for free download.

Mudrunner is the newest addition to the game Spintires. The player receives the opportunity to personate mad driver of terrain heavy trucks. We can become the part of great machinery of Russian transport. If you are the true fan of truck simulators and you followed each and every one instalment of 18 Wheels of Steel, then this game is a great option for you. Get Spintires Mudrunner Download and check how it is to drive through Russian off-roads. Continue reading “Spintires MudRunner Download”

For some time agriculture simulators have been one of the most popular types of games. The possibility to purchase the machine, manage the crops, and taking care of the farm is a dream for many inhabitants of rural areas. Thanks to computer games they finally receive the part of the rural life. That is why this genre is so popular. On October 20th, there was a premiere of the game called Real Farm. The title was created by Triangle Studios. This production is quite interesting competitor for Farming Simulator series. If you wish to feel the taste of rural life, grow some crops and manage the farmstead, then get Real Farm Download and feel how it is to live with nature! Continue reading “Real Farm Download”

It is one of the titles no one needs to be introduced with. WRC is a cycle that becomes more and more popular and enjoyable with every instalment there is. If somehow you don’t know what WRC 7 is, then we will reveal this “great mystery” for you – it is another edition of amazing rally game created by Kylotonn Racing Games studio, guys well-known all around the world. WRC 7 is third part of the series created by this studio. Before the fans of gaming industry could witness WRC 5 and 6. Continue reading “WRC 7 Download”

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Download

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is third instalment of very popular series of simulators. It is here, where we can take the role of one of the owners of car workshops. The main goal is to gather money that we will earn from repairing vehicles. Get Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Download and see for yourself how easy it is! Continue reading “Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Download”

One of the most famous series of football games returns in a great style. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is the topic of today’s content. Legendary series issued year after year by one and the same team for several years now – Konami. It becomes better and better each time! The Japanese producers released such hit titles like Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid series, or Silent Hill. If you wish to see how the latest edition of football gameplay looks like, then you should use Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Download and fight for the football trophies. Continue reading “PES 2018 Download”

FIFA 18 is yet another instalment of the most popular cycle of football games in the entire world, released by EA Sports studio. The game is available on many different platforms due to its popularity. The players have one more chance to control huge number of licensed national teams and football clubs from the best leagues in the world. The representatives of Electronic Arts (the producers) have also revealed that FIFA 18 will be presented on the covers by Cristiano Ronaldo. Continue reading “FIFA 18 Download”

Pro Cycling Manager 2017 Download

Pro Cycling Manager 2017 is a cult game for all the cycling fans. Cyanide Studio has made every effort to once again fulfil the expectations of the die-hard fans of this beautiful sport. Continue reading “Pro Cycling Manager 2017 Download”

Would you like to fish without leaving home? It’s quite abstractive, yet the modern times give us a lot of possibilities. Ultimate Fishing is a very advanced fishing simulator presented for PC platform. Continue reading “Ultimate Fishing Download”

MotoGP 17 Download Full Version

MotoGP is a very well known series that started in 2000. Similarly to previous instalment, this one has been prepared by Italian studio Milestone. It is available on PC Platform and consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One since June. It’s a treat for all the fans of motorcycling races, and throughout 17 years the series has managed to gain base of fans. MotoPG 17 is based on a Motorcycle World Championship official license. The real fans of these fantastic machines have to have this part in their collection. MotoGP 17 Download today and have fun while perfectly polishing your skills in consecutive races. Continue reading “MotoGP 17 Download Full Version”

MXGP3 The Official Motocross Videogame is a fantastic arcade production that is the sequel of the cycle of motocross racing games. Similarly to previous titles, the game was created by Milestone studio, the very same guys who in 2013 started to manage the whole genre of Motocross games. Milestone can boast with such piece of arts as WRC: FIA World Rally Championship or Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, which was provided to the players in recent year. If you love speeding, careless driving and unique sounds of engine, then this production will suit you surely. Get MXGP3 The Official Motocross Videogame Download and personate one of the motocross competitors. Show everyone how to race and how to win! Continue reading “MXGP3 Download”

Hunting Simulator is completely new, fantastic proposition for all the fans, who love some thrill. In June, there will be quite interesting, brand new simulator game in sales. Its goal is to sow accurately how the matter of hunting looks like and in which way it happens. The game was developed by independent studio Neopica, which has decided to create a simulator. What’s more, the publisher of the game is a well known company Bigben Interactive, which together with Neopica created something new and rather unexpected. The game is available on variety of platforms, including PC Windows. If you wish to take the role of a hunter and learn how to stealth and how to aim to the animals from a bow or a rifle, then Hunting Simulator will be the ideal offer, which should definitely be added to your collection. Get Hunting Simulator Download and see for yourself what it means to face the wilderness. Continue reading “Hunting Simulator Download”

Hello Neighbor is rather untypical production that combines the elements of stealth game with cartoon horror genre. The creation of this game was possible due to Dynamic Pixels studio. Continue reading “Hello Neighbor Download”

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Learn to steer, park and maneuver Scania R-series trucks in a challenging sandbox world.

Drive very large trucks with trailers in a realistic simulation and make sure that your cargo arrives intact to its destination.

Drive classic transport buses from the '80s and enjoy the realistic sounds and driving mechanics.

Provides additional content for the original version of Grand Theft Auto. Installs additional files like textures, sounds, and items.

Trucks & Trailers is an addictive simulation game where your goal is to deliver the cargo to its assigned location.

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Experience car driving in а big city with realistic physics.

In City Car Driving . experience driving car in а . designed with car physic . own car models

A car simulator, designed to help users feel the car driving in а big city.

2.0) is a new car simulator, designed to . support. The car simulator completely supports

Learn how to drive a car directly from your computer.

the streets. Car Simulator 3D i . between 3 car models, and . try a different car simulator

X-Motor Racing offers an unique experience which hasn't similar experiences.

a deeper simulation, they dispose . racing car simulator with . this racing car simulator. The

CarSim can simulate the performance of passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks.

methods for simulating the performance

TORCS is an exciting open source racing car simulator with many features.

Open Racing Car Simulator, is a famou . source driving car simulator game. TORCS

ClearView RC car simulator brings the real RC driving to your computer.

RC car simulator bring . special RC car controller . Flight simulator to car simulation and

Becherov is a car simulator that takes place in a virtual city.

is a car simulator that take . in various cars and . OpenGL. Available cars: Škoda 120

netKar PRO is a PC based racing car simulator with realistic physics.

based racing car simulator with realistic . realistic racing simulator. The physics

Cars Incorporated is a business-simulation-game all about cars for Windows.

Cars Incorporated is a business-simulation . game all about cars . dream-cars and

Last game in the NFS franchise having both arcade and sim elements.

create a simulation experience that . end performance cars. Player . over other cars awards

It provides players with real-world driving skills.

Start the engine and drive your trucks across the realistic roads of UK.

UK Truck Simulator! Start . UK Truck Simulator allows you . best truck simulator software

R.C. Cars is an exciting arcade racing game with toy controlled cars.

R.C. Cars is an . radio controlled cars. Jump . majority of car simulators currently on

Get a lot of adrenaline in this game with a great experience of speed.

a great championship car race. Enjoy . a single car race. The . enjoy the simulation of racing

Download Free Flight Simulator - Best Software & Apps

FlightGear Flight Simulator 2016.1.1

Open source and easy to play flight simulator

  • PROS: Free – No registration or license fees, Great tutorials to get you going,, Clean and easy to use flight deck, Lots of planes to choose from
  • CONS: Very heavy on resources, No missions to take part in, Lacks the realism of X-Plane and Microsoft Simulator X , No Windows 7 support yet
  • 3D Airplane Flight Simulator 2.1

    A Free (ads) program for Android‚ by Vasco Games

    Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D 1.31

    A free games app for Android, by I6 Games

    A Free Action game for Windows

    Truck Simulator Europe 2 Free Varies with device

    A Free game for Android‚ by Thetis Games and Flight Simulators

    Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D 1.0.5

    Helicopter Simulator 3D is a chopper and helicopter flying simulation game

    Infinite Flight Simulator varies-with-device

    A free Simulation app for Android

    Flight Simulator 2017 FlyWings Varies with device

    A free game for Android‚ by Thetis Games and Flight Simulators

    Fly through outer space with this free simulator

    Air Force Combat Raider Attack

    Are you a fighting and action game lover, Its a best shooting game full of action and thrill.

    Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free 1.3.4

    Free Game for Simulation Fans

    • PROS: Very realistic graphics, Highly addictive game play
    • CONS: Only available for mobile devices, Plagued with pop up ads
  • Airplane Flight Simulator 3D 1.0.1

    This Real Airplane Flight Simulator will really show you the fascinating world of flying huge commercial airliner and jumbos

    Flight Theory for Windows 10

    Simple flight simulator for the casual gamer

    • PROS: Intuitive controls , Two game lines, Suitable for casual gamers, Points for every mission completed , Tutorial that explains how to use the plane
    • CONS: The tutorial isn’t interactive, Landings are too easy , Repetitive , Graphics and realism can be improved, Not very addictive
  • Open source, multi-platform flight simulator

    • PROS: Free – No registration or license fees, Great tutorials to get you going,, Clean and easy-to-use flight deck, Lots of planes to choose from,
    • CONS: Very heavy on resources, No missions to take part in, Lacks the professionalism of X-Plane and Microsoft Simulator X,
  • Simple flight simulator for the casual gamer

    • PROS: Intuitive controls , Two game lines, Suitable for casual gamers, Points for every mission completed , Tutorial that explains how to use the plane
    • CONS: The tutorial isn’t interactive, Landings are too easy , Repetitive , Graphics and realism can be improved, Not very addictive
  • Flight Alert Simulator 3D Free 1.0.4

    Free Game for Flying Fans

    • PROS: Easy yet realistic controls, Lots of different planes to fly
    • CONS: Heavy emphasis on in app purchases, Lots of annoying pop up ads
  • Move your mobile to fly a plane

    • PROS: Realistic accelerometer controls, Tricky to master at first
    • CONS: No missions , Lacks different types of planes, Needs more scenarios and environments
  • Flight Simulator Airplane 3D Pro 2014 HD Gratis 1.05

    The new 3D Airplane Flight Simulator Free Game of the Year 2014 has landed! This game of war aviation industry is a cool 3D

    3D flight simulator for your phone

    • PROS: Simple controls, Training mode, Choice of four aircraft
    • CONS: Gets a bit boring, Lags a lot on slower devices
  • Flight Simulator Boeing Free 2.2

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