shop heroes best in slot

shop heroes best in slot

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Shop Heroes - Guide to become the best Shopkeeper in Equipment Business MMORPG for Android and iPhone

When we're talking about MMORPG, we're talking about games that spans over thirty years of history, with hundreds of games released under this genre. By definition, MMOG (parents of MMORPG), is an online game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously in the same instance (or world). In short, it requires your internet connection.

It was back in 1974, the moment when the first MMOG is introduced. Maze War, a first-person game where players facing maze, roamed around shooting at each other. It was also the first ever game that uses the internet, in which players with different computers could interact with each other.

If you want to know how people could play online network that day, the initial implementation was over a serial cable like a local area network games. But then, the authors began attending MIT, thus enhanced the game so it could be played across the ARPAnet, forerunner of the modern Internet.

During their early years, MMORPGs aren't as acceptable as today. It gained acceptance in the late 1980s and early 1990s when MMORPGs were starting to use graphical interface. This genre was pioneered by the likes of GemStone series and the first MMORPG to display graphics, Neverwinter Nights.

Time flies, and as we know, MMORPG has became one of the most popular genre with World of Warcraft dominates the market, 8-9 million monthly subscribers worldwide. The internet has dominated the world, and so does MMORPGs.

Nowadays, MMO games have reached another level of evolution again. With mobile devices coming with more and more advanced graphics quality, MMORPG also have put some of their fine games inside. Our next game, is somewhat an MMORPG combined with many fun elements.

This is a game developed by Cloudcade that first released on Facebook, and then on iTunes and Google Play. It combines your ordinary MMORPG with some simulation management game and business. It is an 'everywhere you can play' kind of game, it's free-to-play and it's called Shop Heroes.

Unlike what most MMORPG offers, you are not the hero in this game, the world's fate doesn't lie in your hands. The world's fate is lying inside the hands of the mighty heroes, those who have fearless heart and mighty hands. However, all those mighty heroes won't be nothing without their armor and weapons, without their staffs and magic robes. This is where you will have your role in the game. You are the shopkeeper of equipments shop. It is the place where all the heroes in your city will come along and buying equipments for their journey.

You are entrusted with the owner of the shop to improve her business. Like every startup (most of it) do, the business will also start small, with just a blacksmith to do all the basic weapon and its workstation. The heroes that are visiting the store will also be very limited.

However, as your shop grows, your city will have to grow too. You can use the coins that you've acquired from selling goods, to invest in the city. The more your city grew, the more things you can do, from unlocking new resources, new workers, up to unlocking new heroes. You can join hands with other players in Shop Heroes, together to make the best city in the game.

Yes, as a shopkeeper, in Shop Heroes you will be crafting goods and equipments. Heroes will come and go, requesting some goods that can be either fulfilled, rejected, discounted, or charged for even more coins. You can also offer another goods you have crafted to the hero, see if they have some interest in that particular goods.

Beside managing the shop, you also have to manage the Inn. In this place, you will be assigning heroes that you've unlocked, to do missions. Once they've returned from the missions, you will have some extra resources to make a better equipment.

So in short, the game is not about how you make yourself the most powerful hero ever, but it's all about making the heroes become as powerful as ever, and making all of them as your regular customers.

Shop Heroes coming with a really generous amount of content and it's separated throughout each section inside the game with a perfect balance. You won't feel that this area is given more attention than the others, of course the main core area is an exception. So much detail added from all the areas that I have to divide this section into several parts so that I could cover all of it.

Let's talk first about the shop, the most time you will spend your time at. This is where all your attentions are needed, the homepage, the show room, the gallery, you name it. This is the area where all the heroes coming to request equipment and you will make it for them.

Here's how it works. A hero comes and give you his/her request, your worker will craft it for them, given the resources and equipment requirement has been met, and the blueprint (more on this later) have been acquired. Once the equipment finished (crafting time may vary depending on the equipment), you can give it to the hero with the original price, or you can charge it for more coins, or discount it.

Before we go through with charge or discount, let's get back to the crafting process first. At the early stage of Shop Heroes, you won't realize anything regarding the workers behind you. All you need to know is I'm crafting the request of my customers and that's it.

But later on (now because you read this), you will realize that workers play almost the same important role as the heroes. Workers here will decide if you're able or not able, crafting certain equipments. There are in total 25 types of equipment, divided into 8 types of weapon, 10 types of armor, 4 types of magic-related equipments, and 3 types of accessories. These weapons will be explained later on in the next section.

Each worker have two abilities. These abilities will decide if your shop is able to craft equipment or not. For instance, if you want to craft a pistol, even if you have acquired the blueprint, you still need to hire a worker that's capable of doing alchemy, otherwise, you won't be able to craft the pistol.

Workers also need to be placed in their respective working station. One ability is represented with one working station. So if each worker have two abilities, there have to be at least two working stations for that particular worker. The more skillful your workers and their working stations are, the less time needed for them to craft your equipment.

Next on crafting is the Blueprint. Blueprint will act like a recipe. Inside the blueprint is the resources needed to craft the equipment, as well as the ability needed from the worker. You can get blueprint by repeatedly crafting certain equipments, by opening Inn Chests, by purchasing some IAP, and by completing City Raids.

Beside the blueprint, if you repeatedly crafting the same equipments, that particular equipment will also be upgraded. Either by requiring less resources, or increase its quality. Speaking of quality, equipments have several qualities just from the same equipment, from the good one up to the epic one. We're gonna talk about quality later on.

Of course let's not forget the most basic part of crafting, the resources. There are six basic resources and nine special resources that will be needed to craft the equipments. There are some small machine that will produce all the basic resources. While the special resources are acquired from the Inn Missions that done by the heroes.

Before you're ready to fulfill the heroes request, you need to know several thing first. There are two currencies used in Shop Heroes. The premium currency is gem and the normal one called coins. Gem can be purchased via IAP, spins that will be refreshed every several hours, see some video ads, fulfilling merchant's request, and by selling high quality product.

The next thing you need to know is the heart system. This heart is like the relation you have with your customers. Every time you sell an equipment, you get one heart. You can also compliment the equipment your customer choose for a chance to get extra hearts or if you fail to compliment it, you will lose some.

If you need more heart, you can always fulfill your customer's request and give them extra discount. The price will be decreased so I usually gave discount for a lower price equipment, just to get free hearts. On the other hand, if you have plenty of hearts, you can surcharge your customers for a premium price. It will cost you some hearts, but well, you can always gain the hearts by giving some discount to your customers.

The last thing that you need to know is the inventory. Every time you're done crafting equipment, you will eat up one slot in your inventory. When you're out of space, you won't be able to produce equipment anymore.

The Trade House is where you can purchase or sell goods to/from other players such as hero equipment or rare resources. You can either purchase goods with gold or gems or sell them for gold or gems. It is accessed by clicking on the green icon as indicated in the image above. The Trade House unlocks at player level 5.

Here is the offers page. Here you will find items added to the Trade House by other players. You can see the item offered, the asking price and the quantity of said item available in the Trade House.

Here is the requests page. Here you will find items that players are looking to buy in the Trade House. You can see the item requested, the requested price, the quantity of said item being requested in the Trade House and the quantity you have available in your Inventory.

Here is your personal trade page. Here you can either sell your own items using the "Offer" button, or request to buy a certain item using the "Request" button. In the image below you have three each of the two items offered for sale to other players. Items you list for sale do not show up in your main inventory.

When you offer an item on the Trade House, you get this page:

  • [1] - The quality of the item you're offering
  • [2] - The currency you wish to sell for, either or
  • [3] - The lowest sale price of the item (if already on sale in the Trade House)
  • [4] - The price you wish to sell for (including Trade House commission)
  • [5] - The amount you will actually receive on selling the item, after-tax (Note: [5] will be the display price on the Requests page if [5] is lower than [3])
  • [6] - How many of the item are already on sale in the Trade House
  • [7] - The quantity you wish to sell
  • [8] - The quantity you have available in your Inventory
  • [9] - Add the offer to the Trade House

You can type a price to make a quick change (in the image above, the current asking price is 14,375 gold). In an early version of the Trade House, entering a price and hitting create may have been listing the item for the original suggested price, not your updated price. You may want to enter a price then do either + or 1 once to make sure your price "takes". This bug may no longer exist.

When you request an item on the Trade House, you get this page:

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