safest online casinos

safest online casinos

«Top 20 Licensed Online Casinos in the UK»

We collected top online casino brands that provide honest and licensed gaming services in the UK. We are constantly monitoring the Internet to find the best casino brands, so that you could not only enjoy playing, but also keep winning. These casinos have clear control systems and provide the maximum bonuses for you.


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Top 20 Licensed Online Casinos in the UK

And the most important thing: we made a rating of the safest and the most respectable online casinos where you can play for real money. After analyzing hundreds of world-famous online casinos, we selected the best ones only. We are absolutely sure that you will enjoy your experience at those casinos.

Online casinos have indisputable advantages over its land-based counterparts. Comfortable conditions for playing, high payouts, wide selection of games, generous bonuses – a list of advantages seems long enough to make a final choice in favor of online gambling.

Your task is to find a top-rated online casino. On our website, you will find a rating of reliable casinos that operate under the UK licenses, which means that they fully comply with the legal requirements of this country. The issue of legality of gambling requires close attention. All online casinos included into the reviews and rating on your website have the UK licenses and are regulated by the UK Gaming Commission.

Legality of gambling is an important criterion that guarantees that in case of a conflict a player can count with support from a regulating authority. Many online casinos from our rating are monitored by eCOGRA, an independent auditing company, and this can be regarded as another guarantee of integral gambling.

But let’s go back to online casinos. There are world-famous gambling websites as well as online casinos that no one heard of. While some of them are real keepers, others are a waste of time and money. Although most online casinos offer a decent level of service, you may come across websites that lack very important characteristics. The choice is really impressive, but you should remember that the most popular online casino is not necessarily the best one.

Our team studies every online casino, its bonuses, range of games, user support, and compliance with the British laws. We also take into account such significant factors as players’ opinions and comments. We have worked out a system of criteria that we use to estimate online casinos. In our reviews, we describe our thoughts, conclusions, and impressions of every online casino we visited.

The rating of top casinos is a result of our analysis of online gambling establishments. Our rating is constantly updated: we add new casinos or shift positions in the list. As casinos are improving their services, introducing new special offers and encouraging their clients through generous bonuses, these changes are reflected in our rating. This is why our rating always stays relevant and useful. It can help you choose a reliable online casino without wasting your valuable time or having negative experience.

Knowing how hard it can be to stop in time, we do not encourage you to play for real money. We are just a source of information about the top online casinos that legally operate under the British regulations and welcome players of 18 and over. Remember that you are taking a risk every time you are making a bet at an online casino.

If you start to realize that gambling takes more and more of your time and you find it extremely hard to stop, we recommend you to contact specialists or relevant organizations that can help you fight your addiction. Gambling is meant for pleasure and entertainment: it is not work or an extra source of income. If you decided to play for real money, you should not spend more than your can afford – and in that case gambling will become a true pleasure for you.

Stay with us, and you won’t have any trouble finding a worthy online casino.

Safe Online Casino 2018 - The safest you'll ever be on the net!

Nowadays, there are various online casinos offering a captivating user experience to the numerous online gamblers present around the globe. In truth, there are lots of casinos which offer an excellent online service. Yet, there are also a number which lack the essential online casino security which proves to be necessary in the eyes of online gamblers worldwide. If you’d like to find a Safe Online Casino to play at, we highly suggest going through our guide and selecting one of the ones below.

Finding a Safe Online Casino to Play At

In times long gone by, gamblers would travel to the nearest casino to get their fix and everything that ensued once they entered those gilded doors promising endless fame and fortune was pretty run of the mill and well, predictive. Although the rooms could be dark, dingy and sometimes smelled a bit funny, each room was guarded by a beast of a man who looked like the incredible hulk’s bigger, uglier brother. Of course, much has changed since then, but the need for players to feel as safe as possible when parting with their hard earned cash is a sentiment which has largely remained present in the gambling world for obvious reasons. Thus, when it comes to a gambling guru or even a green newbie choosing an online casino, a lot more is at stake than how fast the game is and how sharp the graphics are.

Fundamentally, the most important thing to consider before registering at an online casino is safety. Since many of us here at CasinoTop10 are players ourselves, we understand the importance of finding a Safe Online Casino that you can trust - that’s why we’ve laid out a few ground rules for you to follow to help you make the all-important decision about who to play with and why it’s worth doing your research properly before committing yourself to anything.

Facts about Safe Online Casinos:

  • Safe Online Casinos have Fair Games and payouts;
  • Each online casino is both licensed and regulated by a well-reputed Gaming Authority;
  • A safe casino uses the best encryption technology and well-reputed payment options.
  • All the casino's in our list offer each player a top online casino bonus to use whilst playing games.

What to Look out for When Searching for a Secure Online Casino

The licensing and regulatory information of each and every online casino generally displayed at the bottom of a casino’s homepage, where you’ll find various logos. Due to the different legislations which have been enacted in different parts of the world, which country and gaming authority you choose to play with is of crucial importance. Provided that you’re a European player, you should look out for online casinos which are licensed and regulated by gaming authorities based in the U.K., Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney, the Isle of Man or Kahnawake. Nevertheless, you’ll also find a few which are registered in the Netherlands Antilles, Curacao and Antigua too.

That said, we at suggest that players be especially vigilant when considering an online casino which is licensed in Costa Rica. Although there are plenty of highly reputable gambling sites licensed here, the fact that it is less restrictive than other common licensing domains may be something of an issue to players who want a sure, safe deal. Costa Rica does not restrict their operators to such an extent that it does not even ban American players as most territories are duty bound to do. The only rule which online casinos licensed in Costa Rica must abide by is the prohibition of Costa Rican players. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that the lion’s share of rogue operators who actually bother to obtain a license, will probably get it from Costa Rica.

On the other hand, if you’re a U.S. gambler you should bear in mind that legislation is much stricter and you as a gambler will only be able to play on sites which are regulated by your States’s gaming authority. Hence, if you’re a gambler residing in the States of Nevada and New Jersey, you should opt to find a casino which is registered by the Nevada Gaming Board and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement respective to your State.

Generally speaking most online casinos tend to use an assortment of games which have been developed by the largest and most trustworthy software providers. These of course include global media giants such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech, which all produce excellent games with marvelous graphics and sound.

As a player, you might also come across online casinos which use Realtime Gaming (RTG) software especially on gambling sites for U.S. players. This is due to the fact that RTG is the only prevailing software provider which allows players residing in the States of Nevada and New Jersey to sign up and play. Sadly, RTG isn’t very strict in terms of whether or not an online casino is licensed appropriately or not. Hence, you’ll sometimes unfortunately come across some considerably ‘rogue’ casinos using this type of software. Online Casinos use external audit firms such as Ecogra, TST, Thawte and Gaming Associated Pty Ltd. in order to test and review their games. Normally, you’ll be able to find the logo of the company used on the bottom of a casino site’s webpage.

4) Ownership of the Online Casino

In essence, every legitimate online casino usually has an informative ‘About Us’ page. Typically, the ‘About Us’ page should seek to include information which is inherently transparent, such as which company is running the casino, the company’s phone number, where the company is registered etc. If the online casino’s ‘About Us’ page is all too frilly and seems fake, we urge you to just walk away from it and choose another one.

If you find nothing there except a gaping hole, maybe you could try the ‘About Us’ page (if they have one) and have a look over there. If this scavenger hunt doesn’t prove to be all that fruitful, your final checkpoint could be the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section as many online casinos tend to just bundle any important information they have into this space without thinking twice. However, if you’ve done all this and still come up with nothing but dust, we humbly advise that you think thrice about laying your anchor with this particular online casino.

5) Check if the Website is Secure

Confused about what the word ‘secure’ means in regards to the web? Don’t’ worry there’s a simple explanation for this! So, basically when you visit any sort of web site, information is sent from your computer to the web server and from the web server to your computer. When it comes down to it the transmission of this information is sent in ‘plain text’, which means that anybody is able to see it. In essence, each piece of this information is transmitted to many servers that consist of multiple computers. Thus, it is for this reason that any data that is published on the web is encrypted. This is done through SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer, which was created for this particular purpose. This system uses various key exchanges between the browser and the server your computer is communicating with to encrypt the data before the data is passed over across the web. Essentially, in order for a web page to be considered secure it should have an active SSL layer. Have a look below to find out about what signs to look out for when trying to figure out if a web page is secure or not:

a) Look for HTTPS:// at the beginning of the Url

Before registering your details on the online casino site you’re interested in, we suggest that you check is the website has an ‘s’ after the ‘http’ part of the address. The ‘s’ stands for secure.

Web Browsers such as Google Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer display the lock key in the web address. The intended aim of this is to provide the user with the page origin’s identity as well as to pinpoint that the web page was not viewed or altered by a network attacker. In substance, the lock aids users in noticing that the site is authentic. An important thing to bear in mind is that the lock icon is not always displayed in the same place and varies according to browser.

c) Make sure You’ve Typed the Right URL

Provided that you’ve already set up your account and would like to log in in order to start playing, you should make sure that the URL you’re on is correct. Hence, make sure that you’re actually on the login page.

Nowadays, research is key and has becomes vastly possible and easy to conduct thanks to the internet gods. Whether you’re going out to eat at a restaurant or buying the latest technology, it is always important that you go online and find out a bit more about the subject at hand before you take the plunge. Ultimately, doing this will not only save disappointment, but will also hopefully save you both time and money (which you can use elsewhere) in the future. The truth is, it’s not all that hard to find a Safe Online Casino if you know what you’re looking for and over time, you will become an expert at dodging those not always apparent red flags which seem to come out of nowhere. Thus, the first thing you need to do is ask about how fast payouts made by a particular casino are and what payment methods said casino employs. Does the particular supposed Safe Online Casino offer reputable financial partners such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard as payment and withdrawal methods? If the answer is no, then maybe you should go back to the drawing board and question why there is such a gaping absence of world famous brands. In 2016, no trusted online casino brand can and should be void of the necessary credentials which they know will take them to the next level and get them players of a certain stature and economic weight.

While longevity is no guarantee of success, it definitely counts for something in the ever evolving world of the casino. Fundamentally, it shows that a casino is able to grow, evolve, and answer to the changes of the times. Undeniably, the first thing you should do when attempting to tackle the longevity aspect is to find out who actually owns the casino in question and for how long they’ve had it; unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to do for a variety of different reasons.

The reality is that the more transparent a casino strives to be and the more it makes its information easy to access by the general public, the greater the chance that it is in fact a Safe Online Casino which has nothing to hide. If you don’t see anything at first glance, the best thing to do is check the bottom of the website’s main page where you might be able to find the information you’re looking for alongside the all-important copyright information.

Safe and Secure Online Casino Playing

Probably the very first thing that came to your mind when you first heard about online gambling was

Is it safe to play in online casinos?

The short answer to this is yes, it is safe as long as you choose the right casino. And that immediately leads us to the next question that is a bit more complicated to answer:

Which online casinos are safe and trustworthy?

We’ll look into just that below by touching on:

  • Casino licenses, being the single most important information that should be your No.1 priority to check
  • Some other factors such as operating times, support, banking details and bonus terms as these might be also worth watching for
  • Basic rules to protect yourself by keeping your gaming in the fun zone at all times

Online casinos became one of the biggest internet industries in the recent years and accordingly, there’s a plethora of providers out there. But unfortunately a whole bunch of them operates unfairly in many ways. It’s not easy to find the trustworthy and safe casinos even for the seasoned online gamblers, not to mention newbies. So without further ado let’s see what we should pay attention to when searching for a safe online casino.

This is the very first thing you should check when choosing an online casino. Luckily it is also one of the easyest info to obtain.

When we are talking about a gambling provider’s license we mean what country or territory provides them a license to operate as an online gambling provider. Since all jurisdictions differ in their requirements towards online gambling providers they are not equal. Simply put some are stricter and better than others.

License shows us that under what regulations the casino is operating and more importantly what responsibility the licensing authority takes in a possible dispute between the player and the casino. And trust me, there are enormous differences here.

Just to be on the safe side let me quickly mention here that we never ever play in a casino that has no license whatsoever.

Here are the links to the official websites of Gaming Commissions

This category includes gambling licenses from Belize, Costa Rica and Panama.

These are the jurisdictions where it’s quite easy to get a gambling license as authorities are not really interested in who requests a license as long as the license fees are paid. So transparency suffers here, which makes it easy for an operator to get a license and stay in the background or even disappear without a trace if he finds that necessary for whatever reason.

These jurisdictions do not investigate on player disputes at all and offer no guarantees to players and in case of any problems players have to take matters in their own hands. That does not necessarily means that any casino with such a license will not help you with your problems, it just means that if they are not willing to help you, there’s not much you can do and you’re all by yourself to deal with them.

Let’s face it, problems usually start to arise when it comes to withdrawal rather than deposits. When the support becomes unresponsive at this point, you know you have a problem.

My advice is to stay away from casinos licensed in these countries even though there are many trustworthy operators among them. If it’s too late however and you already have a cashout or other problem you can still put some pressure on them by turning to a forum or other prestigeous portal dealing with them to raise some public awareness. A lot can be achieved by the power of the public.

Malta, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) and Antigua and Barbuda are generally considered to offer a closer supervision of their licensees.

In order to get a license here both the operator’s financials and player protection are considered. While licence holders from these territories are generally trustworthy, there could be exceptions so it is definitely worth looking into other factors as well.

A few years ago Curaçao would easily be categorised to the lowest category, however since 2014 they improved their system immensely after the Netherlands Antilles government realized the long term importance of online gambling to the economy and started to act accordingly.

If you pick a casino with a license from one of these you’re already set for a good start. Not only are acquiring a license in these jurisdictions is the most diffucult, but operators there are continuosly monitored for fairness and financial stability. More than that, if you can’t resolve a dispute with your casino you can escalate the issue to the regulator directly.

All casinos display their licensing information in their home page footer, often along with their license numbers. If you can’t find it there, look in their “About Us” or “Terms and Conditions” section. But the more it is hidden, the more your suspicion should grow.

In case of 32red for instance (see the image left below) they show us not only that they have a UK license, but we can check their license information directly on the UK Gambling Commission’s website by clicking a link.

The Royal Panda website footer (see image below to the right) does not feature a link to the licensing authority page, nevertheless they provide the license number and you can easily check for yourself on the website of the Malta Gaming Authority

It is worth proof checking the actual license on the license provider’s database, as there are some casinos out there that flat out lie about their licensing and display bogus information on their website. If you can’t find the information or not sure about your thing, you can also ask them for a copy of their license through the support.

Although the age of a casino doesn’t determine anything, it’s still a good indication of reliability and safety if its operating smoothly for over years now. Lots of great brands were just recently launched however, and they can offer just as great of a service as those veterans of the market.

If however you are more cautious you can stick with the already tried brands that are on the market for more than 5 years. It costs you nothing and get an extra layer of security. Also don’t forget to pick from the top license category described above in order to minimize chances of problems.

While this is not primarily a question of trustworthyness let’s just briefly touch on this as well.

It is important for you to carefully read through the bonus terms. Search for the small print and learn the details in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises later. If a casino hides the terms or buries them too deep on it’s website, that is by no means an acceptable way of doing business and should be noted as a warning sign. Sometimes there’s only one general t&c for all bonuses offered, as opposed to providing a unique and easy-to-overview terms for each promo. For me personally this shows a certain level of amateurism and indolence and reflects poorly on any operator guilty of this.

Other things you might want to be aware of before depositing for a bonus are the wagering requirements and eligible games, the time limit you have to meet those requirements, the maximum winnings limit and most importantly which countries are excluded from the promotion. If for some reason you are unsure of something, be sure to ask support via email or live chat. This way you can test them as well, hitting two birds with one stone. Remember, better safe than sorry, a question doesn’t hurt but misunderstangings can!

Customer support is another important factor when considering a casino. Why? If you are around for some time you probably know that. If not, then believe me that dealing with the right person can mean all the difference between fun entertainment and pure frustration.

A good support makes it fast and easy for you to handle all possibly arising issues, like deposits and withdrawals or bonus and free spin promo matters. Ideally, they are friendly, helpful and competent. But unfortunately many operators do not pay enough attention to this part of their business. Sometimes the support personnel’s only goal is to make you making a deposit. Usual baits are ‘very special’ and ‘exceptional’ personal bonus offers with a time limit, but as soon as you are done with the payment or have a real problem that needs some effort to be solved, they just don’t care anymore.

The real test of the quality of a support service at any particular operator is the first time you encounter a problem. So, I would propose you either try out them for yourself or trust us and play at those online casinos listed here that are proven to be helpful, fast and reliable.

Banking is another feature that makes the most trusted online casinos stand out. Most of them offer a wide variety of payment methods, the most popular being credit cards and various third party e-wallet services like Neteller, Skrill (ex-Moneybookers) or recently PayPal.

Before depositing, it is your best interest to check their official site to see what withdrawal methods are available and under what conditions (minimum process amount and payout time being the most important here). Avoid those rooms where there are a large number of pay-in options besides just one or two pay-out options (namely bank wire and cheque), or where the minimum payout threshold is suspiciously high (like $200) or withdrawals are subject to ridiculous fees.

When the Biggest Risk is Not the Casino

Now let’s look at the player side of safe gaming, as you as a player can do much more harm to yourself than any operator. Playing online casinos can be very entertaining indeed, and that’s exactly the reason to do it in the first place. But if you overlook some unwritten laws of gambling, that can have a massive and not so fun impact on other parts of your life.

Heard that a few times? That’s beacuse it’s true. Without going into too much details on house edge or payout percentages let me just give you a real life example:

A slot game with a payout percentage of 98.5% will pay back players 98.5% of all money staked on the game. This means that that particular slot makes on average 1.5% for the casino of every wager made on it (House edge). Of course you can still win on this slot right now, and even win big. But the casino will eventually make a profit on it independent of what individual players will become winners and losers. Therefore they are not interested in whether the jackpot is won by a regular player or someone who just made his or her first ever $20 deposit and hit the spin button the first time in his or her life.

What all this boils down is that it’s better forget all the woodoo, superstition or juju stuff. If you win it’s because you are lucky and has nothing to do with being Wednesday 7 pm, snowing or Uranus crossing your ascendant right now.

If you start searching patterns in your winnings you’ll eventually find one, albeit a false one and one that will cost you a lot of money.

Never Stake More Than You Can Afford to Loose

This is one of the core principles. If you’re risking more than you are comfortable with that will affect your play in a negative way. You’ll also find your mind wandering around your gambling during the day, whether you are at work, with your family, your significant other or your friends. And you’ll get frustrated and they will notice.

Tip: Make up your mind in advance about the amount you are ready to spend on gambling. You may dedicate 3% of your monthly income for example. Once you decided, stick to your decision whatever happens. No matter if you have a winning streak or can’t even play a round more because of a lack of chips. Once you deposited your casino cash, consider it lost. That’s not your money anymore. If you loose it on day one, then you’re not playing for another 29 days. Once you deposited that money, never look back or start thinking about whether that money could have bought your kid a cool new bike. It couldn’t since you wrote off that money in the moment you deposited.

I have two tips for you from an article with the title „Top 10 Tips for Beating Casino Tactics” I’ve just read:

These are really good tips, only the article should have been titled “Top 10 Tips for Not Losing Our Shirt”. Seriously, these are basics and have nothing to do with beating the casino.

So never play when drunk. It’s pretty awkward to wake up not remembering your balance at the end of the session or being unsure whether you actually redeposited or was just planning to do so. Some real emberassments and nasty surprises can come out of this.

The other point, knowing when to quit however is easier said than done. If you win and you feel it’s a nice result, just stop playing. Remember, it’s always better to stop at the top. Also, if you lose and kind of bothers you, just stop playing. Stay sober!

Tip: What I do is having a limit for both winning and losing and when I reach that mark, I just stop playing. I sit down playing a slot with $20, and that is all what I have for the day. If that is gone, I’m finished, close the lobby and look for something else. If I get lucky and make it to say $86, I immediately decide when to quit. It can be $70 or $50, the main thing is that I stick with the decision I made for the first time, no matter how do I feel later. With this simple trick I can keep my dignity and never leave the table disappointed as I did exactly what I decided to do. If I would hit the spin button at $71 and my balance would drop to $68.5 that would be a violation of my own terms.

If you think you have a problem being consistent with your rules, or you receive feedback from others that something is wrong with you then it’s time to take action. The earlier you face a problem the easier it is to handle. First things first, get your casino account closed or exclude yourself from playing through the support. Then you can contact Gamcare or Gamblersanonymous online to get some tips and advice on how to move forward from there.

If you are still in doubt about a casino after all these tips, double check it on the internet. There’s a lot of forums where fellow gamers share their -often hard earned- experiences. Search for payout disputes, support feedback and all the stuff you are interested in.

A practical search term might be “X casino scam” or “X fraud“. Watch if relevant comments are fairly recent, as a 2 year old post might be of little help and relevance to you. Don’t be too harsh though, remember that unhappy people are far more likely to share their frustration than satisfied customers, so use your judgement. There’s a lot of happenings going on with casino brands and some operators excel over time while other’s services suffer from a merger or management change.

Online casinos provide an amazing way for any player in any location to enjoy the realistic games of a casino without ever having to leave home. When playing online, one will find a stellar array of games that replicate what would be enjoyed if players were to visit a land based online casino. Here, players can learn all about gambling online, how to choose casinos, what is offered and how they can start to win real money payouts from some of the best games in the industry. With online casino games, standard game rules are followed, allowing players with a familiarity of the game to easily start playing and enjoying the gambling action that is provided.

Each online casino will offer different games and will even have special events, bonuses and promotions that can be enjoyed by anyone that has a registered account. The game selection will largely depend on the software that is being used to power the site, however, all online casinos offer the staples, such as slots, blackjack and roulette. There are some casino sites that offer hundreds of games that can easily be accessed and enjoyed right from home. In addition, these sites also provide a mobile platform so that a mobile phone or tablet can be used to play games on the go, providing a constant way to enjoy gambling in a secure environment.

With online casinos, there are always games available, high paying bonuses and player incentives and great support and protection in place. Online gambling is a top choice for many players around the world and with hundreds of sites operating, there are many choices that will surely meet the needs of any real money player that wishes to start playing top quality casino games right from home.

Many players, especially those that are new to playing online will be concerned over their safety when they choose an online casino. The best casino sites will be licensed and regulated, which will provide a certain level of protection to the player. There are also sites that have additional certifications, such as those that have the seal of approval from eCOGRA. In sites like these, players will have even more protection when they access real money games.

One thing that all real money players should ensure is that the chosen casino does use encryption software to process all transactions. With this, personal and financial information will remain protected and this drastically reduces the chances of fraud. Online casinos are designed to provide a secure way to gamble at home and with some of the great casino names out there, players can easily find a site that will protect them when playing while offering one of the best experiences possible.

Casino Games that Can be Enjoyed

As mentioned, the software that is used at casinos will be responsible for the actual game titles that are presented. Online casinos are home to many games, with most being slot machines. At these sites, players will find a great selection of video slots along with traditional three reel games and those that feature progressive jackpots. There are also great table and card games that can be enjoyed. Along with the standard formats of table and card games, online casinos often offer multiple variations of these games for more enjoyment. For example, a casino site may offer 10 or more versions of blackjack and multiple games of poker. If players are looking for a specific game title, they will have to make sure the software offers that game or they will have to choose a casino that is using another provider.

Slots and table games are not the only games that can be enjoyed at an online casino. There are also specialty games. These include Keno, Bingo and instant win scratch cards. All of these can be played for real money wagers and a number of online casinos will also provide free games that can be used to preview the game and learn how it is played before risking any money.

Some online casinos will also have parlour and arcade style games. While these are not the traditional games one would expect to find in a casino setting, they do provide a nice break from common games and can also offer real money payouts. Of course, there are always video poker machines, with some sites having 15 or more different games available.

There are a number of reasons why players will choose an online casino instead of travelling to a land based casino. One is the level of convenience that is offered. Online casinos are always available and always offer great games. There is never a period of waiting to find a game or an opening at a table. The games can be enjoyed instantly and all from home.

Another great benefit is the array of bonuses and promotions that online casinos present to players. These can be welcome bonuses for those that are just starting out or ongoing promotions for those that are returning to the site for their gambling needs. With online casino bonuses, free money can be collected and used on the games that are supported. These offers are seldom available in land based casinos, so this is just one more reason many players prefer playing online.

Online casinos will also offer a loyalty program for returning players. With this type of program, points are earned for placing real money wagers on games. As soon as players have collected enough points, they can redeem them for casino cash and credits.

Casino bonuses and promotions not only offer free money, but can also offer entries into prize drawings, where amazing prizes can be won. These can include a variety of top notch electronic devices, vacations and even cars. There is much to be won at online casinos and on top of the great payouts from games, players will find many ways to continue collecting stunning rewards as they gamble on their favourite games online.

Another major benefit to playing online is the selection of games. Online casinos are not limited to any physical space, so they are able to offer more games than one would find in a land based casino. This is great for players who like to try out different games and go between slots and table games when they are playing.

Not only do online casino games offer payouts, but they offer payouts that are larger than land based casinos. Since online casinos do not have the same high operating costs, they are able to offer better payouts to players. In fact, some of the progressive jackpots that can be found online are the highest paying in the world, presenting great chances to become an instant millionaire while enjoying a realistic and exciting game online.

Conducting Transactions Online

One main concern for players is how to deposit and withdraw at online casinos. As stated before, the best casinos will use encryption software to protect all information, offering the same level of protection as one would enjoy at an online bank. Each casino site will have different banking methods that can be used to conduct these transactions and most support credit and debit cards, eWallets and prepaid cards. There are also many online casinos that will allow bank wires and instant money transfers to be used to manage a casino account.

All of the games that are provided at an online casino will be available for real money wagers and to benefit from payouts, players will have to make use of the supported banking options that are offered at the online casino. While some players may be restricted to what methods they can use, the leading casino sites will always have a method that can be utilised, no matter where the player is located. The supported banking options are trusted and reliable and provide most players with the ability to conduct both deposits as well as withdrawals, providing a complete banking solution that can easily and safely be used at any time.

While online gambling provides an overall positive experience to players, there are some negative aspects as well. The first is the lack of social interaction. While some games may allow players to chat while playing, this is not the same as an actual conversation in a land casino. There are also no sounds or smells that many players relate to gambling. Another drawback is the fact that players can lose more when playing online. Since making casino despots is easy and fast, some players will not have the discipline to set a casino budget. It is essential for any real money player online to have limits in regards to deposit amounts. The rule is to only gamble what can be lost and with online casinos, players often spend more than they can afford. Since they are not physically putting money on the tables or in the machines, they do not realise how much is actually being spent and this is one of the largest disadvantages of playing online, especially for those that cannot set spending limits or adhere to them.

Many people who don’t have much experience gambling online question whether or not it is safe to gamble at online casinos. Those of us that remember a time before Google and eBay still have a healthy fear of the Internet and its anonymity. Some people are still afraid of shopping or making any financial transaction online, afraid of having their identity stolen or being ripped off by a hacker.

Like any online business, there are safe and legitimate online casinos and there are casino sites that make money by ripping people off. The same is true for anything you can buy on the Internet: some sites use security encryption, others don’t. Some sites tell you about fees and other charges upfront, others don’t.

Online casinos have another factor working against them in the court of public opinion: depending on where you are in the world, some people will always be suspicious of gambling. These tend to be the same people who think slot machines are fixed or controlled by the casino to be hot or cold, the same people who recommend the Martingale system for fool-proof casino winnings. People already suspicious of gambling in general may look at gambling on the Internet and see red flags all over the place.

The truth is, there are plenty of safe online casinos. Many world governments regulate and run their own version of online casinos, while others are run by multinational companies with a long history in the gaming business. The biggest online casinos in Europe are those run by gambling firms that used to specialize in roadside betting shops, household names that are obviously safe by virtue of how long they’ve been accepting bets.

A safe online casino is any casino site that does fair business with its customers, processes deposits and withdrawals in a timely manner, protects customer’s financial information, and has been tested and certified fair by a third-party auditor.

You can tell that an online casino is fair due to its certification of fairness by a third-party auditor such as Technical Systems Testing.

These auditors test the mathematics and software that a given online casino runs on and certifies it to be fair. The best and safest online casinos update this certification information multiple times a year, while a casino that isn’t so safe may never update their certification or even display it.

The best way to know if an online casino is processing payments fairly is to read casino reviews and other material written by members of that site. Word gets around fast in the online gaming world, so when an online casino takes too long to process withdrawals or outright refuses to let a customer withdraw funds, sites dedicated to online casino reviews and news let their readers know about it. If you read a lot of reviews of a given casino that indicate they aren’t processing withdrawals quickly enough, you can assume that’s not a safe online casino.

Dangers of Online Casino Gambling

It’s important to understand what can happen if you open an account with an unsafe online casino.

The most obvious danger of signing up at an online casino that isn’t safe is the loss of your funds. It’s possible for a sham online casino to accept deposits and never make the money available to the client, completely ripping them off with a simple credit card form. But not all online casino safety problems are that obvious.

Established safe online casinos have a history of good business dealings to lean on, but some (not all) new online casinos don’t have this pedigree to prove they are safe. It’s not always easy to tell if an online casino will be selling your details to a third party or advertiser; this isn’t exactly a safety issue, but many view it as an invasion of privacy. Just remember that you’ll be handing lots of sensitive information to an online casino when you join, and that giving your banking details to an unsafe online casino can lead to identity theft or loss of funds.

How to Find a Safe Online Casino

Recognizing a safe online casino requires a few different skills. The first is simply the ability to know when something doesn’t look or feel right. If you have lots of Internet experience, you can see the signs of a ripoff: not enough content on a site, confusing details about registration and licensing, and little or no history of doing business with real customers.

When you’re evaluating an online casino, look for licensing and legal information.

The safest online casinos proudly display and announce what sort of gambling license they hold, along with certificates from companies that test and verify the fairness of casino games and random number generators. If a casino site doesn’t make this information easy to find, or lists contradictory information about their licensing and certification, you should assume it isn’t a safe online casino.

If you don’t trust your instincts, there are a few things you can do to look into an online casino before you decide to do business with them. Online gambling is a huge industry, with millions of customers all over the world. Naturally, these customers started to post reviews of online casinos and participate in gambling forums and other websites to share their experiences in online gambling. Thanks to these reviews and note, you can avoid casinos that may not be safe simply by reading customer reviews about negative experiences. If you don’t think you can tell a rip-off from a legitimate online casino, your best bet is to study up on casino reviews online.

As of this writing, safe and legitimate online casinos still outnumber unsafe casinos. That’s thanks in part to the active online gambling community warning others about unsafe business practices. When you’re ready to try your hand at online gambling, it is important to do your homework and choose a safe online casino to gamble at. An hour’s worth of research into a casino’s practices now could save you hours of headache and hundreds of dollars in losses in the future.

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