pro roulette players

pro roulette players

Roulette professional: Life in the casino

Becoming a roulette professional. It may sound like a dream come true. Traveling all over the world and beating the top casinos of Europe or Las Vegas. Become a millionaire in no time and enjoy the high life in the most luxurious hotels. Now please wake up and let me tell how it really is to be a professional roulette player or any type of pro gambler, who makes his living at the casinos. For those who would like to pursue such a life anyway, I will even try to offer some tips and advice how to overcome the many challenges you are going to meet on your way to become a pro.

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  • It’s the middle of the night, in an airport in an unfamiliar city. You need to make a call, and the cellphone is dead – the battery has died, the cell coverage is inadequate, or not supported by the local carriers. Fundamentally, today’s travelers can be completely stranded or stonewalled by this kind of issue.

    Several options present themselves. Fortunately, a great many airports have kiosks where you can pick up a replacement battery, a charging cord, or the more powerful instant-charger options. Alternatively, if you have time and a little patience and ingenuity, you can find a fellow-traveler, with whom you might share a charge in a pinch. Of course, though considerably less than in the past, there are still standing pay phones inside or near the airports.

    It’s happened to us all. A popped button, broken zipper, ripped seam, and suddenly we are exposing much more than just the cards in our hand. Some can be catastrophic in nature, but generally, it is only a matter of a short time problem.

    Even the clumsiest of us can be saved by the tiny travel repair kit, often available from hotel concierge desks or at worst, their gift shops. For an emergency alternative, fasten brass safety pins into the inner lining of your waistline of your slacks or jeans. These work in a pinch as a stitch or two. Alternatively, always keep a Golfer’s set of clothes in your carry-on. In case you ‘get a hole in one’.

    Maybe you are a light sleeper, and have a tough time getting to sleep, or a heavy sleeper and have a tough time getting to your early start times. Maybe you just can’t get quality sleep away from home. In all of these cases, your ability to perform can be adversely impacted, and you will be off your game because of them.

    Planning is usually a good idea, because certain of these circumstances can be avoided that way. In a pinch, there is always caffeine and other stimulants, but you need to be aware of how these affect you before you consider them, and only then in extreme circumstances. Some find that by traveling with a pillow or other reminder of your sleep at home can help ease the inability to get sleep, and doing what you can to get quality sleep when you can so you are as fully rested as possible certainly will go far to keeping you awake and alert.

    It is almost a constant problem to successfully travel these days. Between airline overbooking, lost luggage, doubled-up seating and the dreaded middle seat, today’s travel is itself a source of many “Murphy’s Law” moments.

    Again, planning goes a long way to avoiding these kinds of problems. Arrive early, pack light, carry backup paperwork, and be ready for quick-thinking are all keys to preventing a real problem when these kinds of issues occur.

    Raising a family, or even maintaining meaningful relationships are very difficult for the consummate bettor. Kids have events and significant moments in their lives you are expected to attend; Daily life drama may require your active hand and presence. Fidelity issues and faithfulness are all tied up and confusing.

    Openness and communication are absolutely critical. The problems that arise are generally easier to resolve if everyone is actively trying to make it work. Understanding on the part of the family, along with clear boundaries on the part of the gambler, goes miles toward resolving what otherwise might mean the end of the relationships altogether.

    Standard things that are usually handled are forgotten by the roulette pro. You leave on the water, forget to take out the garbage, your lawn guy needs to get paid. All of the niggling details of home can ruin a game, or even throw you off your strategy.

    Choose a person to be your representative for such things in advance, provide them the money to accomplish these tasks, and let them handle it. Alternatively, pay will in advance and keep these accounts pleases with you, so that a short delay won’t cause catastrophe. In other words, be responsible before a ‘run’ and you won’t have to worry while you’re out having fun.

    You are ready to head out on a gambling run, you have a great bankroll, you have your ingeniously winning strategy, and suddenly, you get word that a relative that is close to you had to go to the hospital, or you had a car accident on the way to the airport, or even your backers suggest they may not be able to keep up the support for you to enter a future tournament. Any and all emotional stressors like these can cause all kinds of havoc with your success.

    Detachment may be the solution for some of these issues, relegating them to a concern for later, or realizing there is nothing you can do immediately to resolve or eliminate them. Establishing backup alternatives when possible also help, but never can fully prevent the mental anguish. In the end, adaptability is the key.

    One of the biggest challenges to a professional gambler’s life is the many locales and locations they must visit, and many issues come up. Languages spoken, customs rules, even local and public transit can not only cause delays, but can even deter or preclude success.

    It may seem redundant to say, but advanced preparation plays a key role in reducing this issue’s impact. Whether it means hiring a local translator in advance, perhaps learning key phrases in other languages, or at least assuring yourself of the local laws and transportation possibilities, the challenges of traveling from city to city, or nation to nation, can be overcome.

    While it is considered somewhat desirous to be staying at fine hotels, there are a lot of negatives to that kind of life. Limitations on what you can wear on a given day, access to your favorite foods or beverages. Even little things like temperature and atmosphere are often beyond your control. All these little details can have a bad effect on your ability to work your plan adequately.

    One great way to handle this challenge is to have familiar objects shipped to our room in advance of your stay, so you can acclimate better. Favorite floor fans, radios, even more sophisticated things like computers and the like can make the room feel more like home. Further, recording favorite sounds and bringing them on your MP3 player can bring the sounds of home with you, easing your mind and making the experience more appealing.

    Illness and other ’biological hazards’

    Whether brought on by convention hall crud, bad airline food, or just a case of stomach indigestion, the ‘runs’ are not a pleasant illness for a gambler, or anyone else for that matter. But the inability to keep your composure or your seat for that matter can make any problem a real challenge.

    First of all, try to travel, for the most part, on an empty stomach, just to reduce the potential for such issues. Keep a roll of antacids nearby, and carry a travel-size container of your favorite medications for any unpleasantness in travel. Use and have available your choice of travel meds as well, to cut down on the coughs, stuffy noses, and other physical maladies known to impact travelers. You will be glad you did!

    Health Issues of a major nature

    Many of us have personal medical conditions that require at least some medications or specific conditions that become a problem on the road. Running out of a prescription, needing certain conditions for our health to be met can sometimes become insurmountable. Long periods of standing, restricted access to bathrooms, and the like can really cause issues of a medical nature. Even transitioning from place to place with drugs of a controlled nature can be an issue with local customs and laws.

    While not all contingencies can be considered in every case, it is better to be forewarned of the problems to reduce their effect. Learn before you leave whether such situations are a possibility, and plan accordingly. There are mechanisms and gizmos to help in any circumstance (folding chairs, furniture you can sit on, etc.) that can help in these situations, and a clear understanding of the laws concerning medications and the like can prepare you well in advance.

    Medical coverage and conditions

    Beyond the minor inconveniences above, the independent nature of this career can have adverse impact on everyone in the family. Insurance coverage for medical conditions, pre-existing or developed along the way make it tough to keep. Crossing state or national borders may make access more difficult, or even unavailable.

    Becoming aware of the requirements is very important, and can mean the difference between success and failure, not only of a particular sortie, but also of the lifestyle altogether. Make preparations in advance, including ample medications for the duration, as well as scheduling checkups and doctor visits in other times, to prevent additional stress worrying about them.

    This is just our first article in our Roulette Professional series. Stay tuned for our next articles where we explain other very interesting aspects and requirements of the “gambling profession”, from personality traits to the risk of doing (this) business.

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    Hit the stats button to get a view on the historical results.

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    You can ammend the game sounds, backgound sounds and the dealer voices. They even give yuo a choice of ambient music to play in the background.

    Or is that muzak?

    This is the section you head for if you want to play at Turbo Speed.

    Please check that you have Roulette Player Software 7.6

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    Premium French Roulette

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    Roulette Pro Review & Experience

    Rules of the Roulette Pro online game do not differ from rules of other European roulette variants available on the Internet. There is the information about possible bets, their names, and payouts. You can read different statistical data while playing this casino game. The very useful option is the displaying of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers on the screen near the layout table. Such buttons as Quick Spin, Spin and Clear Bet will help you to make all necessary preparations before starting to spin the roulette wheel.

    You can feel yourself in some land-based casino when you play Roulette Pro for free or for real cash because its design is very realistic. Are you dreaming of trying the European roulette for a long time? This is a good dream which should be fulfilled. If you want to feel more confident during the roulette play, practice roulette online together with this NetEnt release. After that, you can make your dream work for you and bring you money in the best online roulette for real money game developed by Playtech. It is never late to learn something new. So, the Roulette Pro game from Microgaming is waiting for you.

    Roulette Advantage Play Systems & Strategies

    Advantage play in roulette specifically relates to professional roulette systems that are widely recognized to produce an advantage. This is why casinos use the term advantage play. The central website for advantage player roulette is which lists every known proven system for maximum advantage in roulette.

    Do not confuse legitimate advantage play with the system for sale called maximum advantage roulette, from Silverthorne publishing, which does not use professional approaches that work.

    What are Advantage Play Roulette Strategies?

    By definition they are any strategy that provide the player with a statistical or physical advantage over the casino. They are never based around the betting table, but rather the roulette wheel itself. It is a typical gambler fallacy that roulette is all about the table, when in fact the betting table is a scattered representation of the physical wheel.

    The techniques can be applied in both real and online casinos. Online roulette advantages include the ability to screen record spins using automated software, then replay the spins at a faster speed to obtain the required data. This makes it far easier for professional advantage players to obtain the data they need for analysis.

    With all roulette advantage systems, except for roulette computers, they take time and effort. This is in contrast to the typical roulette systems that take minutes to learn and apply, but unfortunately eventually blow the players bankroll.

    What is the best roulette advantage system?

    The best methods all involve inside bets that are based on roulette wheel sectors. There are some methods that rely on a combination of outside and inside bets, although these reduce the player’s edge with the benefit of making the system more covert to apply. The most common combination bets involve the use of splits where one chip can cover two numbers. With streets and other types of bets, a player can cover particular sectors, although not with the same perfection achieved with individual inside bets.

    The specific Roulette system that is best ultimately depends on where it is applied. If the average conditions are considered, then roulette computers are the most effective way to be roulette. These are discrete electronic devices that measure the speed of the rotor and ball to predict where the ball is most likely to land. The winning number may not be predicted with pinpoint precision, but roulette computers can quite easily at least predict the wheel sector with the winning number an inordinate amount of times. This is a sufficient edge to achieve reliable and consistent profits. Learn more at

    Professional advantage play systems do not involve betting on, black, odds, evens, or any of the more popular types of roulette bets, except in the circumstances explained above. These more common types of bets are essentially gambling because they are guesses that do not relate to specific sectors of the wheel. Bets that represent particular sectors of the wheel are called neighbour bets.

    Where possible, players prefer to play on European wheels that have a single zero, rather than the 00 on the American wheels. This is because the house edge for European wheels is half of that for American wheels.

    No staking or betting plan will assist the player to win unless they are first increasing the accuracy of their predictions. Increasing accuracy can only be achieved by application of roulette physics. Mathematics alone cannot beat roulette. In cases where the advantage player has increased the accuracy of predictions, they can afford to gradually increase bet size after losses, because they already have an advantage. The variation of bet size, known as betting progression or the martingale, does not specifically change the player’s edge. What it basically does is decrease the amount of time the player spends inside the casino. After all, time is money, and is important for the player to be out of the casino with their target profit as soon as possible.

    Is advantage play any different playing online?

    Online casinos often use live dealers instead of computer animations. Computer animations are not roulette wheelsВ and have no physics involved. They are no different to a slot machine. In casinos that offer live deal roulette, all the principles for winning roulette with advantage play are exactly the same as in real casinos. As explained above though, the advantage of playing online is you can prerecord spins for data collection, which saves a lot of time.

    Why aren’t typical roulette systems called advantage play?

    You’d think that casino staff would be at least reasonably aware of what type of roulette systems win and lose. Again they specifically call advantage play systems as such because they do provide the player with a genuine advantage. Casino owners love to see their patrons betting on the outsides of the roulette table because these bets are guaranteed to lose. Consider red and black bets for example. Red and blacks are scattered all over the wheel, alternating red and black. And of course we have the green zero. Is it possible to know the physical variables of the roulette wheel to predict whether the ball will fall in a red pocket, or black pocket? After all consider they are right next to each other. The slightest variance in physical variables can mean the difference between the ball landing in a red or black pocket. Realistically you cannot calculate the variables with sufficient accuracy to make such a precise prediction. Predicting a roulette wheel sector is a very different story, and the variables are predictable enough to achieve sufficiently accurate predictions, at least to overcome the house edge and turn the edge back in the players favour. So to simplify, you cannot be roulette with red and black bets. If the same kind of case with dozens, except where the dozens each represent numbers that are deliberately randomly scattered around the wheel. Consider the numbers one and two, which are both in the first dozen, although on the opposing sides of the wheel (for the European wheel format).

    The typical odds of roulette and advantage play

    With the single zero European wheel, there is one green zero and the house edge is -2.7%. So if you constantly bet on a single number, you can expect to win one in 37 spins, although the payout is 35 to 1. If roulette was a fair game, a win on an individual number will pay 36 to 1, which means you get back your original bet, plus another 36 units. So really even when you win, you still actually lose because the payout is unfair. If you vary the bet size, commonly known as the martingale system, all you do is change the amount you wager on an individual spin. You haven’t at all increased or decreased the chances of winning.

    With advantage play such as roulette computers, the player edge can be as high as 120%. Putting this into perspective, consider that again the house edge is normally -2.7%. If you are not mathematically inclined, this means that with a roulette computer cheating device, you can achieve an edge around 40 times greater than the casino has over normal players. This is all achieved by calculating the speed of the roulette ball and wheel to predict where the ball will land. The science behind it is actually quite simple, although the modelling of ball behaviour is quite complicated when considering the variations of air pressure and ball deceleration rates.

    For less effective advantage play methods, a typical edge for the player may be between 5 to 20%. Again considering the normal house edge against the player, these are enormous edges. This is why I often say the key to roulette is not really beating the wheel, because it is actually quite easy. The real secret is not being detected, because if you are detected, the casino will not allow your winning to continue one way or another.

    What casino staff do if advantage players are detected

    The actions of casino staff to prevent professional players winning is called countermeasures. The countermeasures that are applied ultimately depend on how the casino suspects the player is winning. For example, with roulette computers, the measurements of the ball and rotor speed must be taken after the ball has been released, and then the player receives a prediction on which to bet from the computer. So all casino staff need to do, to stop computer players winning, is to call no more bets much earlier. The problem is casinos make a lot more money when they allow late bets. In fact many players prefer to bet after the ball has been released, for various reasons such as they think the dealer may deliberately spin the wheel in a way that makes them lose. But whatever the case, casinos that allow players to bet after the ball has been released tend to earn significantly more. This makes it easier for roulette computer players to win. Vigilant casinos that carefully monitor players for suspicious behaviour will only call no more bets earlier if they suspect a particular player is using a roulette computer. When the player starts to loseВ or leaves, normal procedures can resume.

    Is the same case with pretty much any advantage play, where there are ample opportunities for the player to take advantage of the wheel and exploit it for-profit. And usually the most casino is make winning difficult for the player, but it is at a cost to the casino too. Another example is with some advantage play systems, relatively large amounts of data are required. This means many spins need to be analysed. If the casino spun the wheel very infrequently, such methods would be ineffective for the player. But it would also mean there are fewer bets on the table, and the casino earns less. Alternatively, if the casino spun the wheel more frequently, it would be more vulnerable to attack from professional players. The the upside of this for the casino though is that more frequently spinning wheel means average players generally lose money quicker, and the casino profits quicker.

    Ultimately with everything considered, advantage play roulette systems are likely to be effective for some time to come. With the advent of new technologies in casinos, they are gradually losing effectiveness, but at a very slow rate. At the current rate, I estimate the majority of roulette advantage play methods to be obsolete in approximately 15 years. This still presents a lucrative opportunity for professional players.

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