play free black jack

play free black jack

With its great payouts, easy-to implement strategy and simple rules, Blackjack has become one of the most popular casino games the world over. In fact, the classic card game has even been immortalized in many movies, such as ‘21’ featuring Kevin Spacey and none other than the Golden Globe winner ‘Rain Man’. If you’ve never played the game before and would like to experience all the glitz and glamour associated with playing the table game, you can experience the thrill of playing CasinoTop10’s Free Blackjack game, on desktop or mobile, by clicking on the ‘Try it for Free’ button above.

CasinoTop10’s Free Blackjack game serves to virtually transport you to one of the world’s most notorious gambling destinations- Sin City. Yet, the sole difference between playing at a casino in the likes of one of the world’s gambling meccas and playing the game at an online casino is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, the amount you choose to bet throughout the course of playing our game is totally on us!

Playing Free Blackjack Games involves:

  • Attempting to obtain the best possible hand that's either equivalent to a Blackjack, a hand consisting of a total of 21 (often formed by more than 2 cards) or a hand which adds up to a score which is closest to 21;
  • Making the right moves to increase your possibility of winning;
  • Betting in a strategic way.

The Aim of the Game in Free Online Blackjack

The aim of the game in CasinoTop10’s Free Blackjack Game is synonymous to the goal when playing Blackjack online for real-money – to acquire a blackjack, make the dealer go bust or obtain cards which total up to a score of nearly 21.

How to Play our Blackjack Free Game

If you’ve never played the game before, don’t fret. We’re here to explain exactly how you can play the game. Check out the rules below:

Our 6 Easy Steps to Playing Our Free Blackjack Game No Download Required:

  • Launch the Free Game & Click ‘Play Now’.
  • Press Sit Down.
  • Place your Bet.
  • Wait for your cards to be dealt.
  • Decide which maneuver you’d like to make.
  • Wait for the Outcome.

Free Blackjack for you to play

Try your luck at our FREE blackjack tables. You get to choose from 3 totally different online casino sites.

Learn to play our totally free blackjack games before gambling for real money.

Click the image below for a real Las Vegas Blackjack experience

Welcome to! This is the home of anything and everything players will need and want to know about online blackjack, including the great free play versions of blackjack. We have a great mixture of great information that all kinds of players will be able to use to their advantage. The great thing about free blackjack is the fact that players can play without risking any of their money, this way they can test out strategies and betting systems, as well as simply practice and get good at reading the cards and odds. Here at want to help anyone interested in playing blackjack online with simple guides, strategies, and many other resources that are at your disposal.

Here players will be able to get a good amount of information regarding the basics of playing online blackjack, especially if it is done using a free blackjack game. Players will be able to learn all about blackjack including the different player and dealer rules which weigh heavily on the sway the game is played. They will also learn the different card values that are used during the game, so the player can try and get as close to 21 as possible and beat the house. Explanation of what the objective of blackjack is, and what the player has to do in order to win money are also important concepts.

Free Blackjack Games and Casinos

Here we offer players the chance to get a closer look at the different free blackjack games that are available online, and take them for a test drive before you sign up and start playing on the real money tables. On top of that, we give players a great, comprehensive list of different online casinos that come highly recommended in regards to their quality of service and games, which would include having great blackjack tables with all of the perks a player could want. Check out the list and pick the ones that you prefer.

Learn what tips and tricks players have used for years in order to limit their losses, increase their chances of winning, and staying ahead all of the time. Players need to learn to follow certain guidelines that will not only help them as they play, but will also influence the way they enjoy the blackjack experience. Learning how to manage their bankroll is very important, and should not be taken lightly as a players bankroll is their life line. Controlling their emotions and learning to walk away are difficult for players, so this is a good way to learn more about each of these factors and what other players do to handle them.

It is always a good idea to have a game plan or a strategy before playing any casino game, especially blackjack since it is a mix of luck and skill. However, if a player uses the right strategy they could turn the game into more of a game of skill than luck, as the odds will certainly be in their favor. Learn the different strategies that successful blackjack players use, including when to Hit or Stand, as well as the Double Down and Splitting strategies for those two great features. It never hurts to be ready for anything, and it could help you win more often than not in blackjack. Test these strategies out using the free blackjack tables available here and practice for the real money tables.

Blackjack Guides to Playing

Here visitors and players will be able to learn about the various different aspects of blackjack with more in-depth explanations and detail. They can find great guides of how to play online blackjack, as well as other guides regarding the use of the strategies. Here they can find a more detailed explanation of the rules, along with the advantages and disadvantages of them and how a player should use them. They will also learn about the odds, which involve the House Advantage and the Player Advantage, and learn the best tables to play at that will give them the best odds of beating the house.

Take advantage of the many resources we have at your disposal, including the different helpful articles and links, as well as the great free blackjack game that you can use to practice and play on before heading over to an online casino. Keep looking around and let us know about anything else we can help you with.

Blackjack or 21 Card Game

[09.4] (Size 104k - Flash games require Flash Plug in)

This free Black Jack card game will load in a new window that can be re-sized or enlarged to play full screen.

After the game load:

- Click on chips to place bet

- Click on Deal . decisions . decisions

Blackjack, also known as vingt-et-un, twenty-one 21 and pontoon, is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. Much of its popularity is due to the mix of chance with elements of skill and decision making, and the publicity that surrounds the practice of card counting, in which players can turn the odds of the game in their favor by making betting and strategy decisions based on the cards that have been dealt. Casinos strongly frown upon card counting, but it is a difficult skill to master and few players are successful at it.

In blackjack, the players bet against the house dealer rather than against each other. The goal of each player is to have a higher point total than the dealer without going over 21. The values of the cards in each hand are added with 2 through 10 having face value, Ace having value 1 or 11 (player's choice), and King, Jack, and Queen cards having the value 10. If the player's and the dealer's hands have the same point value, this is known as a "push9quot;, and neither player wins the hand.

After initial bets are placed, the dealer deals the cards (either from a single hand-held deck of cards, or more commonly from a shoe containing four or more decks): two cards to each player, including himself. One of the dealer's two cards is visible, the other hidden (the hidden card is known as the "hole card"; in European blackjack, the hole card is not actually dealt until the players all play their hands). The cards of the players are dealt either face up or face down, depending on local casino practice; face up is the most common. At this point, if any player has a "natural9quot; 21 (an Ace with any 10-count card), he is immediately paid 3:2 (most of the time: see Basic Strategy below) for his bet, unless the dealer also has a natural, which is a push. If the dealer has a natural, all players without a natural lose immediately; they do not get a chance to further improve their hands.

If the dealer does not have a natural, then one by one the dealer gives each player the option of asking for more cards (called "taking a hit") or staying with his current total (called "standing9quot; or "holding9quot;). The player may continue to ask for more cards, one by one, until he has either gone over 21 ("a bust"), or he is satisfied with the cards that he has. In addition, depending on what cards the player holds, and depending on the rules in effect at the table, the player may have the option of performing certain special plays (described below). If the player busts (takes a hit that put him over 21), he immediately loses the bet.

After all the players have finished making their decisions, the dealer then reveals the hidden "hole9quot; card and may or may not draw additional cards. The decision of whether to draw more cards is not up to the dealer; it depends only on the point total that the dealer holds. If the dealer has fewer than 17, he draws another card, and continues to draw more cards until reaching a value equal to or greater than 17. If the dealer busts, then all remaining players win. Bets are normally paid out at the odds of 1:1. Casino rules vary on whether the dealer takes a hit when holding a "soft9quot; 17 (that is, a hand such as an Ace with a six, which can be counted as either 7 or 17). In Atlantic City, all dealers will stand on a soft 17. In other areas, this is up to the individual casino.

Welcome to, your number one stop for online blackjack information. We want to make sure you get the most each and every time you play blackjack online, which is why we provide information to do just that. We offer various blackjack articles, in-depth blackjack strategy, a how to play blackjack guide and list the best blackjack sites for both real money and free play.

Play Blackjack Online for Money

There are so many options to play blackjack online for real money, that is can be a daunting task to find the right one. You want to make sure to play at a safe online blackjack site and to ensure your money is secure and can easily be cashed out on demand. As long as you stick to our recommended blackjack sites, you will be playing at the safest and most established casinos on the internet.

Any of our recommended blackjack sites off both free and real money blackjack games. You can play for free as long as you want before making a deposit and playing for money. If you only intend to play online blackjack for free, that is no problem either.

Playing blackjack for free is a great way to get the rules and basic strategy down. Like any game, going into a casino and trying to play for real money for the first time can be frightening or quite costly if making the wrong moves. Feel free to use this free game to practice blackjack.

Once you get the basic rules and strategy down by using our practice game, you may want to get into more advanced strategy, or card counting. You may also want to move onto real money play and learning the basics. If you want to play online blackjack for real money, then visit Bovada Casino to get started and receive a special blackjack bonus.

There is a lot more to the game than trying to get 21. There is in fact a bit of strategy involved when playing blackjack. There will also be certain terms and moves made by other players, which is something you may want to learn before hitting the tables. Not being informed of some of the major rules, etiquette, or terms may be an insult to the other players at the table.

There is quite a bit of information related to blackjack you may not have heard of, which is where some of these articles may come on handy. Even if you are quite familiar with the game, these are worth a look. You never know what you'll pick up.

If you would like additional information, make sure to view the full list of black jack articles that we offer by visiting our articles section.

There is quite a bit of strategy for blackjack, some of which can give you winning odds (aka card counting). Card Counting is very difficult to master and is perfectly legal, even though casinos work very hard to prevent it. We suggest getting the basic strategy down before moving to the advanced strategy. To learn the proper basic strategy, take a look at our blackjack strategy page.

Getting the proper basic strategy down will bring the casino odds down to the minimum, which is very minimal. This should make your money last longer and as a result give you more time at the tables. Some live casinos, and all online casinos, will let you use a strategy card (located on our basic strategy page), which will give you the proper strategy right in your hand. In case you haven't seen one before, a strategy card gives you the plays to make depending on your hand versus the dealers hand.

Finding the Best Blackjack Site

When playing online, it is important that you pick a quality blackjack site to ensure a safe and high quality gaming experience. There are countless sites out there offering blackjack, however only a select few stick out above the rest.

We have looked at many casinos and have come up with the best blackjack sites to help you save the hassle of researching. Every recommendation on is very safe and one of the best options when it comes to playing blackjack online.

Please remember to play blackjack responsibly and in a legal environment. Only bring an amount of money to the casino that you are comfortable losing. Most do not realize when they have a gambling problem. You should also make sure you play in a legal and proper environment. Las Vegas has some of the best black jack around, but that is just one of many recommended places that offer legal blackjack.

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