pai gow online free

pai gow online free

Pai gow is a fun and popular online card game that combines the Chinese domino game of gai gow with poker. Played in both online casinos and land-based gambling venues, pai gow is really worth checking out if you're a fan of skill games. For best results try playing online pai gow via java based software simulation. It's free to play as much as you want either for fun or as a way to polish your skills for when you're ready to join a game of online pai gow played for real money.

In pai gow poker the player receives 7 cards after the initial bet and must split them into two poker hands of 5 and 2 cards. The 5 card hand (often referred to as the bottom hand) has to contain a higher overall rank than the 2 card hand (which is known as the top hand) when the player is splitting up the 7 total cards. When it comes to ranking the pai gow poker hands, the 2 card hand can either be ranked by pair or high card. The 5 card hand follows the same ranking hierarchy as standard online poker.

To determine who wins the hands must be compared. If both of the players hands beat both of the dealers pai gow hands then the player wins. If only one of the two hands beats the dealer's then it is a tie. And if both the player's pai gow hands are weaker than the dealer's he loses. Try out a few hands using pai gow poker simulator software and you'll get the hang of it in no time.

  • 5 card hand must rank higher than the 2 card hand.
  • Cards are ranked according to standard poker rules.
  • Joker can only be used to complete straights or flushes, otherwise it counts as an Ace.
  • Dealer wins any copied hand.
  • The Player can win if both the 5-card and the 2-card poker hand outrank the dealers


  • The Player loses if both the 5-card and the 2-card poker hand are outranked by the dealers hand.
  • The dealer outranks either of the two hands and the other hand is a copy.
  • The Player pushes if the player wins one hand and the dealer wins the other.
  • Hand Values in Pai Gow Poker

    The hands are ranked according to standard poker rules with one exception: the Ace-2-3-4-5 straight is the second highest straight. Straights rank, from highest to lowest: Ace-K-Q-J-10, Ace-2-3-4-5, K-Q-J-10-9, 6-5-4-3-2. Also, keep in mind that the best two-card hand is a pair of aces; the two-card hand cannot have a flush (since a flush requires five cards).

    Pai Gow Poker Hand Name Description

    • Five of a Kind - 4 aces plus the Joker
    • Royal Flush - 10, J, Q, K, A of same suit
    • Straight Flush - In sequence, 5 cards of same suit
    • Four of a Kind - 4 cards of same rank
    • Full House - 3 of a kind, plus a pair
    • Flush - 5 cards of same suit
    • Straight - 5 cards in sequence
    • Three of a Kind - 3 cards of same rank
    • Two Pair - 2 pairs of different rank
    • One Pair - 1 pair (2 cards) of same rank
    • High Card - 5 cards of different ranks and suits

    Pai Gow Poker Online 2018 Guide – Getting to Know the Game

    Known as being a hybrid version of seven-card stud and Chinese dominoes, Pai Gow is a casino game you should definitely not miss out on, especially if you’re looking for a thrilling casino experience with a bit of a difference! If you're interested in playing Pai Gow Online you should have a read through CasinoTop10’s game guide which will help you learn the rules, strategy involved in playing the game, how to manage your bankroll and a spot of history!

    Although Pai Gow Poker online isn’t as mainstream as other casino games, such as Slots, Blackjack online and Roulette, it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser with gamblers who know how to play the game well. Nowadays, most online casinos offer this exciting game, however, choosing the best casino is often a difficult task for many. So, if you happen to be looking for a Pai Gow online casino to play at, let our experts at CasinoTop10 cut out some of the work for you with our comprehensive list of online casino reviews above. Once you’ve read a few of them and gotten round to choosing a casino to play at, you can deposit your bankroll and start playing this fantastic game for real money!

    Pai Gow at Land Based Casinos vs. Online Pai Gow

    Although the original game of Pai Gow Poker played at land-based casinos is pretty much a replica of its online counterpart, there are several differences you should take note of. Read about the differences between the two below.

    Pai Gow Poker at Brick and Mortar Casinos

    The American Pai Gow Poker game which is played at brick and mortar casinos takes its roots from the Chinese domino game Pai Gow. However, it also includes many of the aspects of seven-card stud and even blackjack. For one thing, the game is played by using a deck of 52 cards plus a joker. Yet, it’s played on a table which is oval in shape, similar to that of Blackjack, rather than a Poker table. In its classic form, the casino game has six spots at its table and a spot which is reserved for the dealer.

    The game starts off when the dealer deals out cards to see who he/she should deal to first by rolling the dice. But before he deals out the cards, you’ll be required to place your initial bet, which is known as the ante, in the betting circle first. Generally, you’ll find that most casinos have quite low minimum bets. However, this is not always the case and will vary from casino to casino.

    Once the dealer determines who to deal the cards out to first and all bets have been placed, the dealer will then give out seven cards to each player. If some of the seats at the table are vacant, the dealer will still give out cards. However, they will then be removed. Once all players have their seven cards, the cards are then split into two hands; the front hand which consists of two cards and the back hand which consists of 5 cards.

    Whilst playing at a brick and mortar casino, you’ll notice that the role of the banker alternates from player to player. So in essence, every player sitting at the table has the opportunity to be the banker for one hand. Our experts at CasinoTop10 recommend that you factor in your bankroll provided that you choose to take this option as it’s definitely one that comes with a financial risk. So, don’t leap before you look! If you’re uncomfortable with the extra risk involved in being the banker, you may of course choose to decline the option.

    Despite the fact that Pai Gow Poker Online is quite similar to its classic brick and mortar version, its digital variant can have a slightly different feel to that which regular players of the game are used to. Comparatively, in the online version of the casino game you’ll notice that you can only play against the dealer rather than five other players. There’s also no banking option for players to take advantage of in the online game. An advantage of playing this casino game online is that you’ll be able to use the ‘House Way’ option in the game, if you have no idea how to set your cards. Also in most games, you’ll realise that you’ll only be able to see half of your bit of the table. However, most of the rules are in fact the same.

    Facts about Pai Gow Poker:

    The casino game is based on the Chinese domino game;

    It’s played with a deck of 52 cards plus a joker;

    The aim of the game is to form two hands which are stronger than that of the dealer.

    Although the rules of this poker variation might confuse you at first, the game itself is very simple and quick to learn. Our players-turned-experts have managed to compile a few steps for you to follow in order for you to be able to walk through the game. Have a look at rules below:

    1. Once you’ve clicked on your game of choice and its loaded, you’ll then need to place a wager in the betting spot.

    2. After this has been done, you’ll then be required to press the ‘deal’ button which is displayed in the game. Once you’ve clicked the button, you’ll then be dealt 7 cards from the shoe. The dealer will also give himself 7 cards.

    3. After looking at the cards, you can go ahead and arrange your cards into two poker hands called the back hand and the front hand. This can be done by clicking on the cards you wish to arrange. When it comes down to doing it there’s only one rule to remember: The five card hand should ALWAYS outrank the two card hand. So, for example: You’re dealt: Ace-Ace-Joker-2-2-8-6 Your split them up into: Back Hand: Ace- Ace- Ace- 8- 6 Front Hand: 2-2 For information on hand rankings please see you Pai Gow Rules page which delves into all the nitty gritty details.

    5. During the final stage of the game, the two hands are then compared to the two hands the dealer has formed. If both of your hands are better than the dealer’s, the result will be in your favor and you’ll be able to walk away with the cash. However, if both of your hands are worse than the dealer’s, you’ll then lose your bet. If only one of your hands is better than the dealer’s, this will result in a push. So, in effect you’ll win nothing.

    • If both of your hands are better than the dealer’s, the result will be in your favor and you’ll be able to walk away with the cash.
    • However, if both of your hands are worse than the dealer’s, you’ll then lose your bet.
    • If only one of your hands is better than the dealer’s, this will result in a push. So, in effect you’ll win nothing.

    Implementing a strategy whilst playing this casino game can definitely improve your chances of winning. Similarly to Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker allows you to use some of your skill whilst playing. If used correctly, you’ll be able to cut the house edge down by about 2.84%. Ultimately, this casino game is all about how you arrange your hands. So, do take this into consideration. Take our simple Pai Gow Poker Strategy tips into consideration whilst playing the game:

    • If you have no pair, straight or flush, you should play the highest card with your front hand that consists of a 5 card poker hand. You should then opt to arrange your two highest cards in the low hand.
    • Provided that you have a pair amongst the 7 cards you’ve been dealt out, it would be a good idea to place your pair in the back hand rather than the front hand.
    • Provided that you have two, you should opt to place the lower pair in your front hand and the higher one in the back hand.
    • If you have three pairs, you should always place the highest pair which ranks well in the front hand and the two lower pairs in the back hand.
    • If you happen to have been dealt the only joker in the deck of cards, you can go ahead and use it to complete a straight flush or to make up a pair.

    Managing your bankroll in Pai Gow Poker is of crucial importance in order to secure the bounty and claim it as your own at the end of the game. If you happen to wager too many of your chips and lose, you might end up sitting on your couch eating sandwiches for a week because you can’t afford anything else to eat. So, careful not to let your money dwindle away! Read all about how to manage your bankroll whilst play this casino game by navigating to our Pai Gow Poker money management page.

    Practice Playing the Game - Free Pai Gow Poker Games

    Now that we’ve outlined the rules and basic strategy used to play Pai Gow Online, you should go ahead and try out a free game before committing yourself to playing a game for real money. Ultimately, this is the best way to determine whether or not you like the game and if it’s worth playing for real money!

    Pai Gow Poker History - The Story Behind the Game

    Since its inception in 1985, Pai Gow Poker has quickly become a casino favorite. The casino game was invented in 1985 by the owner of the Bell Card Club, known as Sam Torosia, who decided to incorporate the ancient Chinese domino game Pai Gow and Poker into a new game. Yet, Torosia is hardly a house-hold name amongst gamblers. This is probably due to the fact that on creating the game, Sam received some very bad legal advice on patenting card games. In fact, he never filed one for his game. Once his game had become extremely successful, it was then picked up by multiple other casinos that were in direct competition with his. Unluckily for Sam, they were under absolutely no obligation to pay him a single cent.

    Play at one of the Best Pai Gow Casinos for Real Money!

    With its low house edge and relaxed pace, Pai Gow Poker online is a game which certainly provides hours of fun and a way to unwind after a long day at the office. Provided that you know the rules well and play the casino game using an optimal strategy, you’ll be able to generate lucrative wins with some of lady luck’s help. So, if you’re tired of playing poker in its classic form, why not try to play this variant of poker instead? Head over to our Best Pai Gow Poker Casinos list above and sign up to get your online casino bonus. Then simply start betting, splitting and counting your cash after a marvellous win!

    For the poker fan with a taste for the Orient, Pai Gow Poker offers an interesting twist on the century’s old gambling game from China. Rather than utilizing the distinctive Chinese tiles of the traditional game with poker cards for a relaxed gambling experience. Generally speaking, for people who already know how to play poker, Pai Gow poker is a quick and easy transition, which allows you to sit down with confidence at your nearest land based casino or online format. As with most free casino games, the player will place their bet prior to getting their 7-card hand, and the fun begins from there in a contest best described as a double-handed poker game.

    Generally speaking, a good Pai Gow Poker game will have six players and a dealer with each being dealt seven cards from the 53-card deck including the joker that can be used to substitute in the making of a straight, or any suit to complete a flush. If it can’t be used for either of those purposes, the joker will not only be an always be an ace, but in the two-card hand a joker is always an ace, which can have strategic implications when assembling your hands.

    Your primary objective when playing Pai Gow poker is create two separate poker hands out of the seven cards you are dealt. The two hands must be comprised of a larger 5-card hand, also known as the “In front,” “behind,” or “on top.” Conversely, the second hand you need to assembly will be created from the remaining two cards. That second hand is variously styled “small,” “little,” or “low” hand. When assembling your two hands, the only requirement that you must adhere to is that the larger poker hand must outrank the smaller one with a higher poker value.

    To begin, the five-card hand is ranked according to conventional poker rules, whereas the only possible poker hand in the two-card hand is a pair or no pair, after which the individual cards determine the value. Once you have set your hand to your satisfaction, the dealer will turn over their cards and divide the hand in the same manner, according to specified rules known as the “house way”

    Once completed, the two high hands are contrasted, and the two low hands, the hand with the higher poker value winnings. Should the comparison result in a tie, say for example that both small hands are ace/king, then the tie has go to the “banker.”

    Unlike most casino games, the player may bet against the dealer, and other players in Pai Gow poker. In a process known as “banking,” the banker function rotates around the table, but at some casinos the banking role zig-zags between the dealer and each player in turn giving everyone at the table the chance to participate. The player may always decline to bank, which is typically what happens, in which case the banker option will slip back to the next player, or dealer.

    Ready to try your hands at the ever popular Pai Gow? We’ve found a fantastic list of online casinos for Pai Gow which will undoubtedly tick all the right boxes for you, and allow you to enjoy the game to your heart’s content. Regardless of which of these top-notch casinos you choose, you’ll be rewarded with generous bonuses and flawless gameplay. If it’s your first time playing Pai Gow, make sure you read the rest of this guide to get a firm grasp on the game as well as some inside tips to increase your chance at winning!

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    Pai gow uses a full deck of 52 playing cards in addition to one joker, which is wild, but only as an ace or to complete a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush.

    For many players who are new to poker, online pai gow can be quite daunting in terms of rank of hands. It is the same as in stud or Texas hold’em and hands are ranked in the following order:

    • High card
    • One pair
    • Two pairs
    • Three of a kind
    • Straight
    • Flush
    • Full house
    • Four of a kind
    • Straight flush
    • Royal flush
    • Five of a kind (with a joker as an ace)

    In pai gow poker online you are dealt seven cards and must make two hands, one with five cards and one with two. The five-card hand has to be ranked better than the two-card hand.

    So, you will place a bet, be dealt your seven cards and then decide how to arrange them in a five and a two-card hand to give you the best chance of winning. The dealer will then play their hand. They are bound by rules to split and play their hand in a certain way which is known as the House Way.

    Whether you’re at a real casino or playing pai gow online you will always see the House Way being used. All winning bets are then paid by the dealer. The difference with online pai gow and land-based casino pai gow is that online it’s just you and the dealer whereas in an actual casino it is a multi player game.

    In order to win at online pai gow you must beat the dealer. This is standard in most forms of online poker, but the difference here is that you have two hands and you must win with both. Having one hand that beats the dealer is a push and your stake is returned. Losing both hands is a loss and your stake is retained by the house.

    The trick to playing a great game of pai gow is the effective way in which you arrange your cards. The five-card hand has to be better than the two-card hand, so it can take a lot of thinking and strategic decision before you can come up with the best possible solution.

    Luckily for novice players there is generally a ‘House Way’ button in online pai gow and you can have the game software arrange your cards for you. This is the same way in which the dealer’s cards will be arranged so neither you nor the dealer is at an advantage or disadvantage and it comes down purely to who has been dealt the best seven cards. The casino takes a 5% cut of winnings so all winning hands are paid at 95:100 or 19:20.

    More experienced players will not use the House Way to determine how they arrange both of their hands in pai gow poker online, but will instead employ a strategy that would give them the highest chance of winning. It is possible without even a single pair among your seven cards to win both hands as it’s possible to lose if you’re dealt four of a kind, but using strategy can turn things in your favor.

    For instance, if you have four aces the temptation will be to play them all in your five-card hand, but chances of winning can be increased by playing a three of a kind and using the ace as a high card in your other hand. The dealer will then need two pairs at least to force a push and that only happens 23% of the time in pai gow poker online.

    Top places to play Pai Gow online

    There are very few sites that offer Pai Gow Dominoes or Tiles games, though we have found a couple. Most online Pai Gow games you will come across are in fact the Pai Gow Poker card game version.

    Here's our selection of the best Pai Gow online. They are a mix of the traditional Chinese dominos game and the card game.

    Best Sites for Online Pai Gow

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