online scratch card games

online scratch card games

Here you can play free scratch cards and instant win scratchcard games with huge Jackpots and excellent payouts. With a payout ratio of 95% and a promise that every third card wins, there is no better place to play online lottery games and scratch off tickets!

  • You'll find the largest selection of scratchies with unbeatable cash prizes
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  • You can play for free or for real money, it's your choice.
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Slots and lottery scratch card games

If you prefer slots or interactive lottery games, you'll be pleasantly surprised at our rich selection of fantastic online slots and instant win games like The Lost Maya, Fast Hands, Monte Carlo, Egyptian Magic and many more. From our selection of 80+ games and online scratch cards you are sure to find your personal favorites! Our wide selection of flash games is growing every month as we introduce new and exciting instant lottery scratch games and fruit machines. Already, we have over fifty scratch games, each with a unique and fun theme. Every game has an astonishing top prize of 100.000 £/€/$ making playing any game fun, exciting and extremely rewarding!

Playing scratchcards at is safe and secure. All transactions are made using the latest encryption technology and all data is kept strictly confidential – we do not share your details with any third party. is fully licensed within the European Union and is regulated by The Lottery and Gambling Authority of Malta.

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Top ScratchCard and Lottery brands Online

Most people play online scratch cards just to experience the exhilaration and excitement that is associated with these games. This is because they are getting an opportunity to uncover numbers or symbols that could potentially turn them into instant millionaires. People have been playing scratch casino cards for many years now, but very few know about the origin of this game.

If you are fascinated with scratch cards and want to know more about the games, then you will find some interesting information below. First, we will take a look at scratch card history to help you understand how the game has evolved over the years.

Scratch card, also called scratch and win, scratch game, scratch off, scratcher, scratch ticket and scratch-it, is a small paper-based thin card with one or more concealed areas which can be scratched off to reveal numbers or symbols for competitions. Although these cards have become regular items in our everyday life, at one time they were viewed as novelties that were invented by ingenious minds.

History shows that Daniel Bower and John Koza are responsible for the scratch cards phenomenon. Bower, a retail promotions specialist and Koza, a computer scientist, joined forces to create the cards in 1974. This partnership resulted in the scratch cards which became an instant in the gaming world. Soon after, the concept was incorporated in casinos, state lotteries and other gaming venues.

To play scratch card casino games, players were required to scratch off one or more sections with hidden symbols, numbers, colors and more. Players would get to claim a prize once similar items are revealed. There are also other complicated scratch cards with many different ways for players to win from one card. Some other cards involve matching words, symbols, pictures or features of popular games like Monopoly, poker or blackjack. In addition, some games are linked to popular themes like Marvel Comics, Harley Davidson, NASCAR and more.

Ever since its inception, the scratch card game became extremely popular because it required a small investment and offered instant winnings. Over the years, the popularity of scratch card casino lottery has been growing much faster than any of the other forms of lottery.

Most people get addicted to scratch card games because they are very interesting and exciting. There is always the anticipation of winning something and even a small win helps to make players more optimistic so they will spend more money trying to get more cash.

Scratch cards became so popular that they were used by many as fundraising and promotional items which penetrated almost every aspect of society. Quite often, these cards are offered in food packages and as prize giveaways with winning codes for consumers to get free gas, groceries and more. With this growing popularity, it was not surprising that most casinos started to offer the games online.

Gambling With Scratch Cards Online

Up until a few years ago, you had to visit a dealer or shop to get a scratch card, but just like everything else the internet has changed the games. Online casinos start to offer the virtual versions of scratch card about two years ago. The scratch card games were designed with Java and Macromedia Flash to simulate the scratching on a computer.

Now, you can play the games and enjoy the electrictrifying rush that is associated with scratching the cards from the comfort of your home. You can buy virtual cards and collect instant prizes on the internet.

When online scratch casinos entered the virtual gaming world, their popularity soared even higher. Of course, the winnings amount and the chances of winning remains the same, but the online games have overtaken their physical counterparts when it comes to the big prize offers. The only difference between the cards now and then is that they are available virtually, plus at times they are involved with playing other games online.

The majority of the online gaming websites are now offering free scratch cards to members and visitors, which helps to make the games even more enticing. Best of all, you can win huge prizes in an instant. These cards are associated with huge jackpot winnings and several players can win in one game. To make the games even more interesting, the online scratch cards are offered in many different varieties. In addition, some websites are offering free cash or match bonus for players to sign-up with them. This means that you are not only getting an opportunity to become one of the lucky scratch card winners, but you will have extra cash to increase your chance of winning.

As you can see, scratch cards have been enjoying a tremendous amount of success from 1974 to date. It has even reach to the point where some people cannot imagine their life without them. You should definitely try your luck with the online scratch cards because there are many variations available for to play the games and win great prizes.

Most people who play scratch cards online will tell you that it’s more fun than to buy the cards at the stores and then try scratching your way to glory. These days, online scratch games are becoming more appealing to players who want to enjoy gambling in the virtual world. Interestingly enough, increasingly more people prefer the online cards even though the experience is not as real as the store-bought ones. Attractive offers such as the scratch card no deposit bonus is one of the reasons why most players prefer the online games.

Online casinos are offering everyone a great way to play scratch cards in a relaxing and entertaining manner, so it’s only natural that most people will be drawn to the games. If you are thinking of playing the scratch games online, you will find many websites with offers for you to play the games for free with no deposit down and still give you a chance to win real money prizes.

Online scratching is already appealing, but it’s even better if you are allowed to scratch for free. Essentially, the offers for scratch card no deposit bonuses will give you free money play the games. Generally, the amount for no deposit offers will vary but no risk is involved when you are scratching for free with these offers. Like many smart players, you need to snatch up these no deposit offers whenever they are available and get more for your money.

In addition to the bonuses for free no deposit scratch cards, you can find offers for initial match deposit bonus. It is standard practice for most casino websites to offer high welcoming bonus to first time depositors. You can take advantage of this offer to claim very high bonuses. When you have a bigger bankroll, this will increase your chances of winning big, so the welcome bonuses will be a wonderful perk. Getting a match bonus will mean that all the scratch cards are free. Although you can find higher bonus offers, most of the scratch card websites will give 100% match bonus for initial deposit.

One of the other ways to benefit from these bonus offers is through the loyalty programs. Many websites offer bonus points through reward programs. With these bonus points, you can scratch online for free and even get a chance to win a huge jackpot.

See more here and play the best scratch games on the net.

Benefits of Online Scratch Cards

There are many ways that you can benefit from playing scratch cards online, but the major ones is that it takes less time and the result is instantaneous. You don’t have to wait, just click, play and win.

You can play this game without extra training or skills and win loads of cash with lady luck’s blessing. In addition to the huge winnings, there are also many bonuses that will help to add more flavor to the online games.

Scratch cards can be played online with little or no cost, because most sites offer no deposit games. This means that you will have less financial risk. The free online scratch cards are offered with a lot of categories, themes and varieties.

The scratch cards online are extremely user-friendly, so they encourage everyone to play the games and win. What’s more, the advantage of playing the game from anywhere and at anytime makes it the preferred choice for most casino players

Some games are really unusual and innovative with spinning reels and hidden bonuses. There is no doubt that the online games offer far more variety, so you never know what you will discover while playing.

Now, let’s look at some of the great prizes that you can win from playing scratch card games with just a few mouse clicks.

You have the opportunity to win huge prizes up to $ 1 million. VIP scratch cards game prizes start as low as $20 and can go up $200,000. Overall, the prizes for the scratch card games can be really huge, plus you are provided with a fast and easy way to win some real money.

Hopefully, the suggestions above will help you to play online scratch cards and win lots of money. Bear in mind that you can also play the free scratch cards. You should definitely take advantage of the free offers if you are afraid of risking your money or if you want to try the game before making a wager. At the end of day, whether you choose to play with cash or the free bonus, you are guaranteed to have lots of fun.

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How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Once you know how to play online scratch cards, you will discover why they are regarded as great additions to the online gaming community. With simple rules, these games provide exhilarating entertainment with instant results for persons who don’t want learn a new strategy or game.

When you start to play scratch cards online, you will get the option to select the amount that you want to bet. A random generator will give you instant results. Generally, the betting field will highlight the minimum amount that players can wager. This will give you a good opportunity to try your luck with scratch cards if you are on a limited budget. Of course, the amount that is placed for bets will determine the maximum sum that you can get from jackpot winnings.

After placing your scratch card wager, you can move on to click the sections that would expose the hidden symbols or numbers as instructed to see whether you win or not. Typically, it would only take several seconds to play scratch cards, but you can always place more bets to try your luck.

On a whole, a scratch game will be as easy as you make it. You are basically buying scratch games with the intention to find cards with matching images. When you have at least three or more images which are similar then you will win a prize. Just remember that the prizes will be based on the amount of cards that you buy. Scratch cards with high values will allow you to win bigger prizes!

There is no doubt that the scratch cards online will become even more popular as increasingly more casino websites and independent gaming sites are offering different variations of the instant games. In addition, the outstanding customer service as well as the easy deposit and withdrawal methods helps to make these games the preferred choice in the gambling community.

Ensure that you do your research and check the recommendations as well as reviews for the different online scratch websites before making a decision. Play scratch games today and try your luck to win some of the cool gadgets and huge jackpot prizes!

Scratch cards are games of chance that have made the transition from a physical, on paper land based activity to being an online and electronic venture. Scratchcards have been used over the years to raise money for charities and other good causes, including schools, churches and community projects in addition to being part of “instant win” lotteries throughout the world. In recent years the scratch card has moved with the times and can now be played electronically online over the internet and on your smart mobile phones.

ScratchMania is among the top scratchcard sites when it comes to games, promotions and jackpots! They offer different types of scratch games in every category and for every skill level so you will never get bored. This site has some of the best bonuses including £7 free, 100% match bonus, 15% alternative deposit method bonus & refer a friend package! What more can you ask for?

Are you looking for a scratch cards site that will rock your world and will send your mood into orbit with the fantastic selection of 120+ games, special bonuses including £5 free no deposit bonus, 100% match bonus and VIP treats, look no further than Prime Scratchcards! This vibrant, exciting site is well established in the instant games world and could see you winning as much as a cool £1million!

If you’re a scratch card fan who appreciates the cuter, cuddlier side of life then look no further – Safari Scratch encompasses your fave things! You’ll get 100% bonus to splurge on their games selection of over 150 games, which come complete with their own amazing prizes!

Although a recent addition to the other forms of online gambling, such as online casino, poker and online bingo, the playing of scratch card games online has become more and more popular quite recently. Many people do not view playing scratch games as gambling the same way they see poker for example. It’s more of a fun game to play and a nice way to spend some time, hence scratching off cards is viewed more leisurely than it is as a form of online gambling. Unlike many other forms of online gaming there is no download required for most online scratch cards so the games can be played anywhere at any time and without any fuss. Many players enjoy playing scratch card games as there is no skill or hard work involved, instead it is a case of luck and relaxing play. The game of scratch cards is ideal to play if you want a quick break and your time is limited.

On some scratch game sites you move the mouse to make a scratching motion, the same as if you were scratching off the panels on an actual scratch card with a coin you’d buy from a shop. On others there is simply a ‘Play now’ button you have to press and the computer automatically scratches off the panels for you. There are several websites which ONLY feature scratch cards, and you can sometimes find a few of them on other gambling websites such as online casino sites that feature a broad portfolio of side games.

As well as being easy to play, online scratch cards have certainly developed in terms of their theme, focus, and how you win. Some of the scratch games you can play online are of an extremely high standard. The games come in many different forms and many have great sound effects and graphics when you scratch to win, which help make them very entertaining. These games can usually be played for small sums of money but you can choose to wager higher amounts if you wish. The prizes are usually related to the amount you wager, so if you bet a larger sum then you may be lucky and also win a larger sum.

On the other hand, some people do not see the fascination in playing scratch off games whilst other people see it as an enjoyable way of passing a few minutes. Just imagine, you are in your local corner shop, you have picked up a few bits of shopping and you’re feeling lucky. You approach the counter and check to see which scratchies they have. You select one or two and take out a coin to scratch off the panels with. You may walk away with nothing, or you may walk away an instant millionaire (or somewhere in between), and that’s what attracts many people to scratch tickets. They cost little to play, take only a minute of your time, yet can lead to fantastic cash prizes which could change your life. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot the smaller cash prizes are still enough to put a smile on your face and make a difference to your day.

Scratch cards are known by different names in different countries. If you ever read about someone winning money by playing scratch offs, scratch off tickets, scratchies or anything similar then its more than likely to be the same game as the scratch card game is. Over the years different themes have been introduced, so whilst the traditional scratch cards may involve revealing three matching amounts of money or symbols some games have been dedicated to certain events or even films. There are also scratch cards where you are not playing to win money but maybe the star prize is something else of high value, such as a car or a luxury holiday.

For many people one of the attractions of playing scratch cards and games is that you find out straight away if you have won or lost. Some people like playing the lottery but unless you buy your ticket just before the draw is made you could have several days, even a week, before you found out the results, whereas with scratch cards its an instant win so there’s no waiting around. Thus, scratch and win games are immediately gratifying. Within the space of five minutes you can buy your card, scratch off the hidden panels, realise you’ve won some money and, as long as its a reasonable amount and nothing too large, could have collected your winnings and be on your way to start spending it!

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In the Great Britain only, the games on this website are operated by AG Communications Limited, a Malta based company with registration number C48328 and having registered office at 135, High street, Sliema SLM 1549, Malta, which is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (Remote Gaming License Number 000-039483-R-319409-001).

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