how to play baccarat online

how to play baccarat online

How to Play Baccarat - Rules and Card Values

Learning how to play baccarat is very simple. In fact, once you’ve placed your bet the dealing follows a strict procedure and is played more or less automatically, leaving you to enjoy a drink as the game unfolds. But how enjoying is it to play a game where you don’t understand what is unfolding before your eyes? Before you start playing, give this article a quick read and you’ll not only understand how to play Baccarat, but also why you’ve won or lost your bets, - it will most certainly make the game more exciting.

Baccarat is played at a table for 14 players. Where each player should bet is marked on the table from player 1-15, the number 13 is skipped for superstitious reasons. The table is marked with three boxes in front of each player number to place their bets, one box for bets on the Player, one box for bets on the Bankers, and one box with bets for a tie. Players place bets in one of the three boxes. The cards are dealt on the large player and Banker boxes set in the middle of the table. Baccarat is played with six, eight or nine decks of cards depending on the casino, which are re-shuffled with each new hand. The Mini-Baccarat table is half the size of a normal table, with room for only seven players.

The aim of Baccarat is to get to as close to a total of 9 points as possible .There are not many decision you will have to make throughout as the rules of the game are pre-determined. All you have to do is choose who to bet on, the player (punto) or the banker (banco), or the less common tie between the two. The banker in Baccarat does not refer to the house but is just one of the two parties to bet on marked on the table. Once the bets are placed the dealer will draw the cards and you have no more decisions to make.

Card and Hand Values in Baccarat

In online baccarat, when you receive your cards you add the value of the cards together to get a total sum between zero and nine, where nine is best and zero is worst. This will be done automatically for you in an online casino.

• Ace is counted as 1

• King, Queen and Jack and 10 are worth 10.

• 2-9 are counted as their face value

As you may see, when you add your cards you could actually exceed 10. Say that you have a king and a five for instance, that would make 15. Any time this happens, ten is subtracted from your total hand value. A hand with a king and a five, for example, is therefore counted as five. The easiest way to remember this is to simply remove the first digit, and the second digit is the total amount of points you have. If you have a total of 12, you will have 2 points, if you have a total of 13, you have 3 points, and so forth.

1) You place your chips on either the Player, Banker, or for a tie in the relevant betting box in front of you on the table. No cards are dealt until all bets are placed.

2) In the first round the Player receives two cards face up in the Player box, then the Banker receives two cards face up in the Banker box on the table from a virtual dealer. In a live casino the casino dealer, also known as the croupier, will hand out and call out the total amount of points, and how the game will progress.

3) If either the Banker or the Player has an 8 or 9, which is called a natural hand, the closest to 9 wins and the hand is over, and you receive money for the bets you’ve won.

4) If both Player and Banker have the same amount of points, tie bets win.

5) If nobody has a natural or a tie, the value of the player’s hand dictates what happens next:

o If the player has 7 or 6, he stands.

o If the player has 5 to 0, he’ll get another card added to the total hand value and this finishes the player's hand.

Player’s Third Card Rule Table

Dealer’s Third Card Drawing Rule

This is where it gets a bit complicated. But hang in there, once you’ve started playing it will get clear. These rules are pre-determined, but they will help you understand why you have lost or won a bet. Whether or not the dealer draws a third card is determined by the following rules depending on which cards the Banker received in their first two cards:

• If the dealer has 7, 8, or 9 he stands

• If the dealer has 6 – and the player’s third card was 6-7– he takes another card

• If the dealer has 5 – and the player’s third card was 4-7– he takes another card

• If the dealer has 4 – and the player’s third card was 2-7– he takes another card

• If the dealer has 3 – and the player’s third card was anything but 8 – he takes another card

• If the dealer has 0-2 he takes another card

Dealer’s Third Card Rule Summary Table

N= Player Draws No Card, D= Draw Card, S= Stands. No Third Card is Drawn

Now the hands are over you can compare who won. The one closest to nine wins the hand, and if there is a tie between Player and Banker no hand wins or loses. But who actually won bets? Well, that depends on where you put your money.

In contrast to blackjack and similar games, you don’t play “against” the dealer. Instead you bet on either the Banker or the Player to win (or that it will be a tie.)

How to Play Baccarat in a Live Casino

If you are going to the casino to play baccarat you need to be aware of certain etiquette and regulations. At the largest casinos on some evenings millions of dollars can be exchanged at this table within a few hours. Because of this there are certain levels of protection for these rather well-to-do players, and slightly different Baccarat rules at the table. As can be expected there are much, much higher minimum bets, and a rather expensive and glamorous dress code.

At the table there are three members of the casino staff monitoring the game, two dealers and the callman. Yet the cards are actually dealt by the bettor holding the shoe with the cards, and are only turned face up by the callman. The shoe is passed around from player to player for each new round of the game. The two dealers sitting on either side of the callman are the ones responsible for taking care of the bets.

On Baccarat tables in smaller casinos, or in larger casinos on tables outside the exclusive zone much lower minimum bets are allowed. Mini-baccarat is played more frequently particularly because it is more low key and allows for low minimum bets. There is also only one casino staff member at the table, the dealer, who does all jobs together including dealing the cards himself, calling out points, and managing the bets.

Start Playing Online Baccarat Today!

Although learning how to play baccarat is quite easy – when you’ve placed your wager you’re done – it’s good to have an understanding of the rules, basic baccarat strategy, and most common baccarat terms. If you do, you can follow what happens and you can make sure that you’re not getting short changed when the dealer takes out the commission from a winning bet on banker. Playing online removes all the barriers of playing in the live casino – there are much lower minimum bets and you won’t need to purchase an Armani or Vera Wang outfit in order to join in. Pick from one of the best online baccarat casinos in our toplist to start playing!

Online games have been on the rise since the creating of online casinos, these games differ slightly from those played in real casinos but are still fun and entertaining. Every casino online have their own games as well as all the standard games and slot machine.

These standard games will however differ from site to site to make them stand out from the pack. One thing that stands out from real casino games and online ones is the ability to play games for free, these games require no deposit bonus and have specific code geared to attract new players. This is good way to try games out without spending any money, casino news online.

One such game is Baccarat which is a very enjoyable and interesting card game. Baccarat is an ancient card game which has risen in popularity ever since the 15th Century. On site you will be able to get the best information on the game, find out more about the history as well as tips on improving your game.

If you want to learn how to play baccarat online then this is place to be, with our online casino strategy guides you will be able to pick any variety of the game and play it with confidence. There are currently around 5 different versions of the game available, though more will be produced in years to come.

Some of the games are as follows:

American Baccarat (Punto Banco) this version of the game is popular in the America as well as countries such as Australia and Sweden to name a few. It is usually played as an 8 deck in a shoe and is the more common of the versions to be played.

Baccarat chemin de fer – is the French version of the game and has retained it French name. This game is hard to find especially outside of France. This game has fairly primitive rules which helps it to stand out amongst the other version whilst still maintaining its historical identity.

Introduction to Baccarat Online:

There are many online casino games floating around right now, but I think one of the most favorite is online baccarat! It seems to be the simplest game to learn to play with easy rules.

Here are a few basic baccarat rules and some suggestions on how to play baccarat online.

Baccarat uses eight decks of cards. Each player is able to bet ahead of dealing each hand. Playing online baccarat you have the choice of using a single deck and this is the best baccarat strategy simply because it holds the best bets.

Overview of baccarat rules:

Baccarat can be played with as many as 14 players.

Three bets in each game: Player, banker and tie/ standoff. Betting on a tie is usually not advised since the odds for a win are virtually slim to nothing.

Player must make a bet on what hand he/she feels will win before the hand is dealt. You may also pass on the bet.

When counting hand value, any double digit hand the first number is dropped so that the second number is the only number counted. Lets say you hand total is 22, you would drop the first 2- and that would leave your hand total as a 2. The baccarat strategy is to get your hand total the closest to 9 points.

  1. Cards range from 2-9 retain face value
  2. Tens, Jack, Queen, King is 0 value
  3. Ace counts as 1

There are three hands that are dealt two cards in each hand. Many players tend to bet on the house hand simply because the edge for the house is low. Many online baccarat games charge a percentage of a win if betting on a house hand, but even with paying out the charge, most come out ahead on the win.

If you are dealt nine points in the first two cards dealt. You will want to stand. This is considered a natural winner unless there is a tie by another player. If no player has bet on a tie, then all bets are void and the game will start over. You will want to have a hit if your hand is anything below a 6.

Playing baccarat online can be very rewarding if you are just wanting to have a little casino atmosphere. Many play online baccarat as practice play in order to get ready for the big land based casinos. This is an excellent training too on how to play the game and gives you the option of perfecting your betting strategy.

Many time online baccarat casinos will offer web cams as a way to see the other players in the game. Playing baccarat online usually has the dealer betting on the banker but you still could chose to pass. Also, online casinos offer free games to be used as lessons to learn the game before real money is wagered.

This short overview of baccarat rules is about all there is to playing the game. To truly experience online baccarat you must just jump right in and play. Try out the three different types of betting to get the real feel for the game. Baccarat rules are simple and easy to learn the baccarat strategy.

When someone is looking to get into gambling, the first thing on their mind is to play something that is simple, yet interesting, as well as something that can give them the opportunity to make some cash in the overall process. Well, baccarat has all of the above. This gambling game is mostly popular in Asia and is considered one of the most highly respected casino games in the world. It is well known card game that has been introduced to casinos worldwide as well as online gaming sites. It even has its role as a game that is played in a James Bond movie! That pretty much tells you how popular the game has become over the years!

The history of baccarat goes back to the 15th century, when it was thought up of. It’s roots trace back to Italy where the name originated. ‘Baccara’, which in Italian means zero, was the original name of the game. The reason why it has been named after the number zero is because it is the value of the face cards. It evolved from Italy and France, eventually becoming one of the most prestigious games among high rollers. There are many variations of the game but the most frequently played version is the Punto Banco, or the Player Banker version. This version is considered to be the easiest to learn.

Although it may seem confusing at first, online baccarat is fairly easy to learn. The thing that confuses people the most is the card values. They are different from a lot of other card games and if you are a poker player for instance, they may confuse you easily. Although they seem odd at first, they definitely aren’t hard to understand. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a routine thing.

In order to play the game and understand it better, you have to know the card values, so here is a brief explanation on how everything works in baccarat. The ace is considered one ‘point’. All cards between 2 and 9 are worth what their face value is, 2 is worth 2, 3 is worth 3, 4 is worth 4 etc… All face cards are worth zero, meaning that 10, J, Q, and K are worth zero points. You calculate your hand by adding up your cards and comparing them to the banker’s. Now, here is the tricky part which usually confuses people. When you have two or more cards that add up to a two digit number, the first number is erased and the value of the hand is calculated by the second number. For example, if you get a 5 and a 7, your total is 12, and since the first digit is erased, your hand value is 2. But, if those two numbers don’t add up to a two digit number, you just add them up. For instance, if you get a 2 and a 7, your hand value amounts to 9, but if you get a 4 and a 6 for example, it adds up to 10, meaning that your hand value is zero.

Here are some variations of hands so you can understand it easily:

An ace and an 8 amounts to 9.

A King and a Queen amounts to 0 because both are face cards and all face cards have a value of zero.

A Jack and a 6 amounts to 6.

A pair of eights amounts to 6 because you get 16 when you add them up and 6 when you remove the first digit.

So, now that you have a better understanding of the card values, you can play the game with ease. The goal of baccarat is to get as close to 9 as possible with the cards you are dealt with. A hand with the value of 9 is called a “natural”.

Now, the Punto Banco version of the game is played with four, six, or eight decks which are shuffled together. The game can be played with up to 12 or 14 players, and even one player can play against the dealer or the banker if there are no other players involved. You can place three types of bets. The Punto bet or the player bet, which means that you are betting on your hand, the Banco bet or the banker bet meaning that you are betting that the dealer or the banker is going to win, or a tie which means that you are betting on a standoff. The tie is usually not a recommended bet as the favor is greatly on the dealer’s side.

Before the cards are dealt, you can either place a bet on the player, the bank, or the tie. A bet on the player or banker pays off 1:1, but if you win a banker bet, the casino takes a percentage from your winning which usually comes at around 5%. The winning of a tie bet comes out at around 9:1 or 8:1 depending on the casino’s rules.

After all bets have been placed, the dealer deals two cards to each player, as well as himself. There are situations in which a third card has to be dealt and they have specific rules. After the player has drawn his or her third card, the rules become slightly different. Here are the standard third card rules:

If the player has a value which is a total of any number less than 6, or 0 to 5, the player draws another card. Depending on the players hand, the dealer draws a third card. Here are the rules:

If the dealer has a total which is 2 or less than 2 he or she draws another card.

If the dealer has a total of 3 he or she draws another card, unless the third card that the player has drawn is an 8.

If the dealer has a total of 4 he or she draws another card unless the third card that the player has drawn is between 2 and 7.

If the dealer has a total of 5 he or she draws another card unless the third card that the player has drawn is between 4 and 7.

If the dealer has a total of 6 he or she draws another card unless the third card that the player has drawn is between 6 and 7.

If the dealer has a total of 7, he or she stands. This is always the case.

After this, the cards are all totaled and the winner is determined by the hand that is closest to 9.

It is highly recommended that new players start out by playing the game on free online sites just so they could get the hang of it. The online versions are the same as the casino game and you can also play them with real money. There are versions with a live dealer that you can play if you are up for a different experience!

So, as you can see, there aren’t a lot of rules that are confusing in the game. The main thing is to learn about the process of playing and get used to it. Once you get that in check, there will be nothing confusing about it anymore! As you can see, the game is incredibly fun, and it comes as no surprise that people consider it as one of the most prestigious card games in casinos worldwide.

In order to simplify the rules, here is a brief explanation of the game to summarize the rules.

In online baccarat, the player can place three bets before the game begins. He can either bet on himself, the dealer, or on a tie. After bets have been placed, the dealer deals two cards to all players including himself. After the cards have been dealt, the value of the cards of each player is looked at in order to determine the winner. The winner is the one that is closest to a value of 9. All face cards including 10 have the value of zero, and cards from ace to 9 have the value their face value. The hand value is calculated by adding up the values of the individual cards. When a score of a hand becomes a two digit number, the first digit is dropped and the second one is valued. If there is a tie, a third card is dealt according to third card rules. The winning amount comes to 1:1 when betting on a dealer or player, and 8:1 or 9:1 when betting on a tie. If a player bets on the house and wins, the house takes a percentage of the winnings for itself.

The game of baccarat has a rich history and is definitely a game worth playing and exploring! It’s easy, fun and can make you some serious money if you’re good at it!

Baccarat still remains one of the most elegant casino games that at one time was only associated with high rollers, private rooms and well-dressed players. While there are still a lot of private baccarat rooms at the larger casinos, the game is now widely accessible online and at some land based game houses.

The game is really simple to learn and involves a play around a baccarat table with a croupier, two dealers and as much as 14 players. The croupier stands mid table where he calls the hands and directs players. The dealers manage the chip rack where they pay and take players’ bets.

As simple as the game might be, it’s important for you to prepare yourself before you start placing big bets. It’s a game of 100% luck, but you must do all you can to ensure that luck swings in your favor. Here are some tips on how to play baccarat and increase your chances of winning.

Know your limits before you begin play

Always determine your bankroll before you sit down to play baccarat. As with any other casino game, the thrill of winning could draw you in and before you know it you would have spent more than you planned. For both online or land based play, figure out how much you’re prepared to lose before you begin.

Baccarat is not complicated as most card games, but you must spare some time to develop a solid understanding of the baccarat rules before you start playing for money. When you know the rules, you can spot mistakes that the croupier or any other player makes during the game. Although mistakes are rare, you want to spot them if and when they happen.

So many players get sucked in by attractive bonuses or promotions that they forget to check the casino’s reputation before they begin play. Always check the payout reliability, reputation and terms and conditions of bonuses before you frequent a land based or online casino. Search for reviews online or chat with seasoned gamblers if you want to know more. The time you invest in research will ensure that you have nothing less than a pleasant experience when you’re at the tables. We did the research for you and you can find reputable casinos offering free bonuses or live dealer baccarat on this website.

A number of online casinos provide free play modes with free baccarat for virtual money where new players can log in and learn the game. With a few practice sessions, you’ll learn the idiosyncrasies of the game and get all you need to know before you begin playing baccarat for real money.

Look for games with less than 8 decks of cards

Baccarat games normally involve eight decks of cards, but sometimes you can find games with fewer decks. Increase your chances of winning through the banker’s hands by betting on games with less than 8 decks.

Mini Baccarat is good when you’re just starting out

The rules for mini baccarat are the same for classic games. Beginners benefit from playing mini baccarat because of the lower table limits and players at the table. When you’re just getting into the game of baccarat, this is a good place to start.

Leave tie bets or “standoff” to the high rollers. The payouts are bigger, but the house edge increases. With usually poor outcomes, this is not a risk that you should be willing to take. Instead of a tie bet, bet on the banker’s hand, as this has a lower house advantage and a higher chance of winning. Even with a 5% commission you’ll still gain a lot more by betting on the banker’s hand.

Again, baccarat is a simple game, but you must learn all you can if you want to succeed. Steer clear of so called strategies and systems because once you learn the rules and odds it all comes down to luck. Strategies rarely influence the outcome of the game, so don’t depend on them.

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