game of dice guide

game of dice guide

Game of Dice Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You can get characters by drawing or combining characters.

2. Tap [Character Draw]

3. Tap [Premium Draw] or [Normal Draw]

4. Tap [x1 Draw] or [x10 Draw]

* Normal Draw x1 - 10,000 Gold / x10 100,000 Gold

* Premium draw x1 - 30 Gem / x10 300 Gem

Enhance characters to increase stats.

3. Select a character to enhance

* Enhancement cost will increase as the character's level and grade increases

Combine characters for a chance to get new characters.

2. Tap [Combine Characters]

* Character level must be MAX in order to combine

3. Select characters you want to combine

* You can sell the character by selecting [Sell Character].

Sell owned characters and receive Gold.

2. Tap [Sell Character]

3. Select the character(s) you want to sell

4. Tap [Sell Character]

Acquired character must be equipped to use that character.

3. Select the character you want to equip (play)

4. Compare stats with the previously equipped character and Tap [Change] to confirm

Draw and collect fragments to create dice.

2. Tap [Draw Fragments]

3. Tap [Premium Draw] or [Normal Draw]

* Normal Draw x1 - 20,000 Gold

* Premium Draw x1 - 30 Gem

Enhance dice to increase stats.

2. Select the dice you want to enhance and Tap [+]

* You must have the dice fragment of the dice you want to enhance.

3. Tap [Enhance dice]

* The number of dice fragments and Gold to enhance will

vary depending on the enhancement progress.

Acquire more skill cards and create your own strategy.

2. Tap [Draw Skill Card]

3. Tap [Premium Draw] or [Normal Draw]

4. Tap [x1 Draw] or [x10 Draw]

* Normal Draw x1 - 30,000 Gold / x5 150,000 Gold

* Premium Draw x1 - 50 Gem / x5 250 Gem

Combine unnecessary skill cards to get new ones.

3. Select the cards you want to combine

4. Tap [Normal] or [Special]

* [Special] will guarantee you a higher grade Skill Card, but will cost 100 Gems

1. Game lobby [Practice] U&4; [Solo]

2. Select character from [Select Opponent]

※ You can play against characters such as Ion, Mary, Stella, Lynnway and etc.

1. Game lobby [Practice] U&4; [Singles Match]

2. [Invite Friend] / [Random]

3. Choose number of players when you [Invite Friend]

4. Buy Boost Items.

※ Gold will not be deducted by purchasing boost items in practice mode

5. Select [Invite Friend], and invite friends who are online.

※ You can only invite friends who are online at the moment.

6. If your friend accepts the invitation, you can start the game!

1. Game lobby [Practice] U&4; [Team Match]

2. [Invite Friend] / [Random]

3. Buy Boost Items

※ Gold will not be deducted by purchasing boost items in practice mode

4. [Team Match] is played by 4 people so you can invite 3 more friends.

※ Only the room manager can invite friends.

※ You can only invite friends who are online.

※ The teams will be formed by the order of entry.

JOIN A TABLE records will be reflected on your season ranking,

and you will be rewarded according to your rank.

- Professional (Intermediate) Channel : Must own at least 5B JOY / Entry Fee: 300M

- Master (Expert) Channel : Must own at least 10B / Entry Fee: 400M

- Grand Slam (Unlimited) Channel: Must own at least 10B / Entry Fee: 400M

Game of Dice Cheats: What is Joy and Game Mechanics Tips, Guide and Tricks

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

It is the currency we use in Game of Dice.

betting or paying the toll fee during a game.

This JOY is called Play JOY.

Play JOY will be deducted from Total JOY you own,

You will win the game once your opponents go bankrupt

and has no Play JOY left!

First come, first served! And it’s for free!

The more tolls you collect, the closer you will be to win the

The building colors will match you" color, so don’t

forget your color to see who owns which property,

paying a small fee.

by rolling the dice.

But you will need to roll a dice double to escape.

in the early stage of the game, Because you will need to

take as many properties as you can early on.

Tolls for vacation spots will increase by the number of

vacation spots claimed!

of your properties! A huge advantage!

But be aware, if an opponent takes over the Golden Ox,

you will lose all buffs!

Total Bet Amount at the top of the screen.

And the final winner takes all!

Road blocks have effects that fit the road's names.

Guide Missions are step by step missions for every account that rewards players for completing tasks to grow their account and learn the gameplay.

There are two sections: Growth Guide Mission and Game Guide Mission.

Growth Guide Missions is the default tab, with missions that guide you to improve outside of matches (via setup improvements in Characters, Dice or Goods).

The description of Guide Game of Dice

Use the cards to tide traps or escape from the moment certain.

Available multi-language services. Supported emoticons and chat system for smooth communication.

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