free online video poker deuces wild

free online video poker deuces wild

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Deuces Wild Video Poker Review & Experience

Basically, this game is played with a 52-card deck which has deuces as the wild card. The wild card substitutes for any other card in a hand to build up a stronger winning combination. The minimal winning hand here is three of a kind and that’s what we pay for having a wild card. It won’t be better in the case of Jokers anyways. The minimal bet is 1 and the maximal one if 5. You are dealt a regular set of five cards whenever you start a round. You can press on cards you want to hold and then draw. The goal is simply to build the best hand possible. As in lots of video poker games, the RTP is higher when playing the highest bet.

The bonus round is conventional as well. It offers to double up your winnings by guessing a card. You get four random down-faced cards and the dealer gets an up-faced one. Your aim is to pick a card which has a higher value than the dealer’s card. Not the best feature, though, but that’s the only way you can get any benefit. The design of this game is simple as hell and has nothing excessive.

To conclude, this particular online video poker is good enough to play for its rapid tempo and simple decisions to make. On the other hand, you will see no variety and get bored soon. Deuces Wild Video Poker by RTG requires no download, so it is not a problem to ensure yourself.

Deuces Wild Online Video Poker

Deuces Wild Online Video Poker Highlights

Top Game’s Deuces Wild video poker is as quick, easy, and fun as it gets with a maximum payout of 4000 coins! Lay back and get comfortable.

The pay table lights up with each win, the hold buttons are crisp and clear, and those Deuces keep on a-comin’.

Deuces Wild video poker wagering.

Has coin sizes ranging from $0.05 to $5.00, and multipliers range from 1 to 5, making your bet range from $0.05 to $25.00 per bet.

Select your deuces wild poker bet limit by toggling the “+” or “-” beneath the coin amount, and adjust your multiplier by clicking on either the pay table or the buttons on the bottom of the game.

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker by Top Game.

Once you’ve selected your Deuces Wild video poker bet, click “Deal” and let the cards fall how they may. You’ll be prompted to click “Hold” on the cards you want.

Any card “unheld” will be replaced when you click the “Draw” button (hopefully with a better card). If you have a winner, the chimes will sing and you’ll see what your winnings are in the Win column.

Deuces wild video poker game's Maximum Payouts are as follows:

  • Natural Royal Flush: 4000 coins
  • Four Deuces: 1000 coins
  • Deuces Royal Flush: 125 coins
  • Five of a Kind: 80 coins
  • Straight Flush: 65 coins
  • Four of a Kind: 20 coins
  • Full House: 15 coins
  • Flush: 10 coins
  • Straight: 10 coins
  • Three of a Kind: 5 coins.

Remember, in this game every 2 is wild—so it increases your chances of creating one of the above winning poker combinations!

You’ll have a chance to double your Deuces Wild poker bet every time you win, with the use of the “Double” button.

If the "Double" button is selected; five cards will be dealt, with one revealed to you. You’ll have to select one of the mystery cards in hopes it has a higher point value than the face card displayed. If you guess correctly, you win!

You can keep doubling as long as you keep winning. If you want to collect, just click the “Collect” button and then proceed to the next hand.

Play Deuces Wild and play for the natural royal flush for a 4000 coin win!

Deuces Wild Video Poker Game Description

Try your hand at Deuces Wild video poker from Caesars Casino! This exciting game of chance is designed just for fun. Practice your poker skills or just relax and let the chips fall where they may. Remember, “Deuces” or twos are always wild in this game, and substitute for any other card. Select cards to hold accordingly; the game automatically holds deuces on your behalf.

  • Learn how to play Deuces Wild with this free online poker game
  • Play one hand at a time or bet on up to 100 hands at once
  • Bet with virtual coins valued at $1 – $3,200
  • Engage in contests for an exciting twist on classic deuces wild slot machine play
  • Play as much as you like; Deuces Wild free online poker works on a variety of your favorite devices

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Deuces Wild Online Video Poker

Please feel free to enjoy our free Deuces Wild video poker game. If you are playing this game on a desktop or laptop, you should have no issues with compatibility at all. However, if you are playing with a smartphone or mobile device, you may encounter issues. If using a mobile device, we recommend clicking on one of the casinos above, as they offer mobile versions of Deuces Wild.

For those of you who have never played video poker before, here is a brief history of the game. Video poker came about in the early 1980’s, as the technology to host electronic versions of the game had not existed until that point. Once the technology advanced to the point where table poker games could be brought to terminals, casinos were quick to add them because of the lucrative nature of the games. Thus, video poker came to be, but designers were quick to come up with a few variations to help make the games more popular.

Deuces Wild is one of those variations. The game allows for some very unique hands to be dealt out, sometimes making five of a kind when it comes to using the Deuces. The twos in the deck really can come in handy, helping finish off a big hand or bailing you out from having absolutely nothing.

Deuces Wild is played by placing a wager (usually 1-5 credits) and hitting the Deal button. Five cards are then dealt out, and players are given the option of keeping all cards, discarding some cards, or discarding all cards. After selecting which cards you want to swap out, you hit the Deal button again. New cards are then dealt out, and the computer analyzes your poker hand. If you have a combination of three of a kind of better, you win!

There is a hierarchy of wins in Deuces Wild, which goes like this:

  • Natural Royal Flush- 800:1 Payout
  • Four Deuces- 200:1 Payout
  • Wild Royal Flush: 25:1 Payout
  • Five of a Kind- 15:1 Payout
  • Straight Flush- 9:1 Payout
  • Four of a Kind- 5:1 Payout
  • Full House- 3:1 Payout
  • Flush- 2:1 Payout
  • Straight- 2:1 Payout
  • Three of a Kind- 1:1 Payout
  • Nothing- Loss

There are also a series of tips that we feel can help budding players. These tips are as follows:

Learn the strategy! I know I just said this above, but it is the most important thing you can do. You really need to try to learn the ins and outs of this game before you will be successful at it.

If you have Deuces in your hand, keep them! The only time you will ever ditch Deuces is when you are lining up for a Natural Royal Flush. All other times you keep the cards.

Have fun! The most important aspect of playing video poker is having fun. Even with strategies, theoretical returns, and the like, having fun is the key to the game. Make sure you are having fun, and if not, take a break and walk away.

If you are a slots player you'll know that a wild symbol on substitutes for any winning symbol. When you play deuces wild video poker the two’s act as a wild card in this fun video poker variant.

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

If you are approaching video poker from a poker player's perspective, the best way of describing Deuces Wild 2's is like a Joker card. Instead of a Joker (as in Joker Poker) you can use the deck's two's to create better hands - substituting for any card.

Actually, the game is quite straight forward - if you have played a regular Jacks or Better Video Poker game before you will get the picture of the Wild cards pretty quickly. However, there are some things to consider before you jump into the game, such as the different payouts.

To play the game all you need to do is the following:

1) Make sure your online casino account is topped up.

2) Choose the amount you want to bet on deuces wild.

3) Click on the deal cards button on the screen, and select the cards you want to hold.

4) Click on deal a second time in order to discard the unwanted cards and replace them in your hand.

You don't have to "call your hand" in any way, the software will automatically calculate the strongest hand for you and, for example, substitute a 2 for a ten in order to create a straight or a full house -or whatever other card you need to create a winning hand.

Different Deuces Wild Pay Table

The advantage the player gets by having four wild cards in the deck is, of course, huge. To make up for this, the pay tables look a bit different if you compare with regular Jacks or Better machines. Single or two pairs do not even pay off; the payout starts at three of a kind at even money. Four deuces are usually the next strongest hand, only beaten by a natural royal flush.

You will need to check with the online casino you choose to play at for the most accurate payout table, as each online casino may vary slightly. At a first glance, the payouts in Deuces Wild might look a bit lower than in Jacks or Better or other video poker machines, but that is only because it's not as hard to get with the wild deuces in play. If you study the pay-table you can see that the expected value of the two games is pretty much the same.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

What your game play will be depends upon how many deuces you will get as they act as a wild card. You have to remember that you only get a payout if you have a three of a kind or higher, so you need to play accordingly so your bets are actually worth it. As deuces are the most important cards in this video poker version, if you are handed a deuce you hold on to it. What you do with it depends on how many deuces you have in your dealt hand.

If no deuces show up then you have a few options depending on the cards you are given. If you have absolutely nothing to work with then draw five new cards. Then keep whatever else you may have in your hand, be it a pair, a straight, a four of a kind, etc, and draw new cards with the cards that are not in use.

If you have one deuce, but no other winning combination of cards, or cards that could make up a winning combination, then keep the deuce and draw four more cards.

If you have four cards to a straight flush; four cards to a wild royal flush, a four of a kind, straight flush; a wild royal flush; or five of a kind, then keep your cards. If you don’t have any of these combinations then hold on to your two deuces and draw three new cards.

If you have a wild royal flush or a five of a kind then keep these. If you have a pair, the three deuces will act as wild cards to make the five of a kind. In all other circumstances keep the three deuces and draw two new cards.

All you have to do here is replace the card which isn’t a deuce.

Deuces Wild Multi-hand Machines

Just as with many other video poker variants you can also play in multi-hand mode. This means that you are dealt up to fifty hands at the same time.

Have a Deuces Wild Time by Playing Online!

This exciting variant of Deuces Wild is available to play at the online casinos featured in our Video Poker toplist above. Just click on your favorite one, or have a browse if you are not sure which one, and start playing deuces wild video poker in order to maximize your payouts.

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