free games with bonuses


free games with bonuses

Slot Machines With Bonus Games

If you’ve stumbled upon this page having only played classic fruit machines in land-based or online casinos, you’ll know how to play the free slot machines with bonus games & rounds. It’s safe to say you’re going to open a whole new world to yourself by starting to find free online casino slot games with bonus rounds where no download are claimed. Most Vegas-style emulators don’t have any bonus features at all, and if they do, they’re very basic, like nudges or spin stops.

Technology has come a long way since the age of those simple three-reelers, filled with little more than blinking lights. Nowadays, you can play free gambling that is all the rage, and we’re going to tell you everything you may need to know about them.

What Are the Free Slots With Bonuses?

Slotozilla boasts an incredible choice of free slots with bonuses, so once you’ve done finding out more about them, you’re welcome to go and play anyone you choose. We don’t ask for deposits or your personal details, in fact, you don’t even need to sign up! Just hit “play” and you’re ready to immerse into the fantastic world of positive emotions and adrenaline of free casino slot games with bonus rounds and no download.

When you play free video slots or other machine games with bonus rounds, it comes to you with hundreds of excellent titles. Most of them are sheer adventure types of innovations.

Some of the good games available include ‘Yggdrassil The Tree Of Life,’ ‘Winstones Resort and Casino,’ ‘Time Voyagers,’ ‘The Naughty List,’ ‘The Elf Wars,’ ‘Spirit of the Inca,’ ‘Small Fortune,’ ‘Ski Jump,’ ‘Shark School,’ ‘Robyn,’ ‘Regal Riches,’ ‘Ragnarok,’ ‘Prowling Panther,’ ‘Orc vs Elf,’ ‘Hen House,’ ‘Gingerbread Lane,’ ‘Deep Sea Driver,’ ‘Carnival Royale,’ ‘Apollo Rising,’ ‘Miss White,’ and ‘The Invisible Man’.

These are, but only a few of the other fantastic machines with bonus games that are free.

Some of the free slot bonus games such as ‘Yggdrassil The Tree Of Life’ offers you five reels and 25 pay lines. The symbols include letters, figures, and creatures. The game theme logo is the ‘scatter’ and appearance of about three of them will gift you Yggdrass.

It includes three sections called roots, trunks, and branches. Each of them provides you with ten items, and you can select from them one at each time. The items on Roots and Trunk sections offer you coins or takes you to the ‘next’ option. The Branches provide you with coins or ‘collect’ option. But selecting the ‘collect’ means the ends of the round. The minimum wager required for playing Yggdrassil is 0.01, and the maximum is 250.

The bonuses offered by the manufacturers are so different and creative that we could discuss them to no end and still there may be something surprising and innovative around the corner. We’ve come a long way from just bonus spins – now there may be whole games hidden inside the emulators, some of them on par with the top of the line video games.

Shooters, arcades, hidden object games – here’s just a tiny glimpse at what the software developers may be offering you. And, of course, any imaginable theme is covered as well – action, adventure, romance, humor, you name it.

If you enjoy playing just for having a good time, you’ll appreciate the great choice of free slots for fun with bonus rounds and games that we offer. The detailed information about those special features will be included in our reviews, so make sure to check them out if you have specific preferences. If you hate spoilers and enjoy surprises, by any means, dive right in and let our offerings fascinate you!

When a player wins, he or she may get an ability to play slots with a bonus round. Usually, the bonus rounds offer the player fabulous wins but the stakes may be large, and the round may be tough. It necessarily does not include different features from the main game, but it may differ from the main or front game though it keeps the unification of the main game intact.

Players get a set of free spins which are the most sought after bonuses. Modern free casino websites provide players with slot games with bonus spins rounds.

The whole number of reels of such games shows the scatter symbol.

A player gets a ‘spinning’ sign on the screen while they are playing a selected game with a number of Scatterers. These positions, which may come anytime, indicate a certain number of free spins. Most provide multiplier values for free spins, and those multiply the winning jackpots as well.

The Advantages of Slot Machines with Bonus Games

Free online slot machines with bonus rounds & games aren’t just more fun, and they’re way more rewarding as well. So if you like to play for real money and aim for the huge jackpots, you absolutely must be aware of what they can offer you.

At first, play some free slots with bonus rounds to get a good taste for them, and then place a bet if you’d like – a good extra feature can multiply your winnings by tens or even hundreds!

Plus, they’re usually way easier to win at, since you’re more in control here and don’t just depend on Lady Luck. You can implement strategies and use your brain to devise an optimum way of gambling, which will lead you to that coveted jackpot. By the way, we also have a great “tips and tricks” section here on Slotozilla, so please give it a glance as well – it might just help you hit the big one!

By now, you must agree that when you play free video slot machine games with bonus rounds, you are where the future of gambling lies. The biggest and most reputable developers have stepped on this path in a bid to satisfy the gamblers’ cravings for a good, new, fascinating game.

The technologies they use are staggering, with the images coming alive in sophisticated animations and the sound enveloping you as you wander the magic worlds, invented just for you. We are not even going to start on HD – every modern machine looks equally great on the biggest of monitors and the smallest of smart phones. Plus, did you know that you can play free bonus slots in full 3D now, using the special glasses? So make your pick and don’t waste a minute!

Free slot machines flash a range of bonus rounds and symbols. They mean different actions and their stakes and prices differ too. Some of the common bonus symbols of slot games include Scatter, Wild, Coins, Expanding Wilds, and Stacked Wilds.

Slot players have chances of winning more money than what they are supposed to win when they see a Multiplier Symbol on the screen. Novices may get confused when they see a Multiplier Symbol, but after awhile, they get used to them quite fast.

A Multiplier symbol usually appears with an X letter and number. The number indicates the amount that multiplies the first win. Typically, it may appear starting from 2X to 1000X or more. If one gets 1000X, he or she will get enough money for a lifetime. However, there are many other types of Multiplier symbols as well.

Base Game Multipliers come in the base game and give the result themselves. Here a player is automatically provided with many free bonus rounds. But modern slots notes base multipliers in the reels.

Then the player in such a game will get the usual price, and the line gets increased by the number of the multiplier. Players also get free spins with multiplier symbols in reels. For example, an X5 multiplier will give the player 20 free spins.

Then there are wild multipliers. Any symbol with a wild multiplier creates a winning line. For example, if a player gets a symbol in many lines and a wild multiplier indicating that symbol, he or she wins. If the wild multiplier has a number too, the winning price gets multiplied by that number as well.

Furthermore, there are also multipliers that increase the bet of a line. Another type of multiplier increases the total bet of the game. As there are many such symbols that increase the game wins, giving advantages to its players, it is advisable if players check the rules and regulations of a slot game before they start playing free online casino slot games with bonus rounds and with no download.

Popular Slot Machines With Bonus Games

Many famous software developers keep introducing a range of slot games annually. They also update the existing games as well. Microgaming, WMS, Playtech, and IGT enjoy the patents on many of the current slot games.

  • Microgaming. Based in the Isle of Man, Microgaming started its business of creating casino games in 1994. Up to date, they have produced more than 850 unique casino games and over 1200 variants of them. Some of the favourite games from Microgaming are ‘Win Sum Dim Sum,’ ‘Bar Bar Black Sheep,’ ‘Wild Orient,’ and ‘Sun Tide’.
  • William Interactive.

WMS or William Interactive have produced many fantastic games over the years. ‘Aftershook,’ ‘Mad Tea Party,’ ‘Amazon Queen,’ ‘Bruce Lee,’ and ‘Cool Jewels’ are but a few of their fantastic products.

  • Playtech.

    It is the world’s largest casino game developer. The company established in 1994 have ever since crafted hundreds of favourite games for the online and brick and mortar casino industry. Wacky Waters, Ace Ventura, Top Gun, Foxy Fortunes, Ice Run, Cat Queen and Battle of the Gods are some of the highly popular games produced by Playtech.

  • IGT.

    International Game Technology PLC headquartered in the United States of America creates lottery and gaming software products in the thousands. The company, established in 1975, have deivered a significant number of slot products. Golden Goddess, Cats, Double Diamond, Ghostbusters and Jeopardy are some of them to mention a few.

  • Why are the Slot Machines With Bonuses Better?

    Slot machines with bonuses offer additional chances for players to win fabulous prices which they cannot win by playing with normal. With free online casino slots with bonus rounds, players get various types of symbols which indicate the types of bonus they get while they are on the play.

    Almost all of them provide players with bonus rounds, free spins, multiplied prizes and so on. Classic and five reels machine, also offer their players bonus prizes and free rounds.

    Because of these valid reasons, nearly every casino player prefers playing slot machines with the bonuses to gaming with other standard fruit one. They know by experience they get a high range of chances to clinch a jackpot or any other similar wins within their playtime if they play with bonus slot machines.

    Slot machines with bonus flash free spins, automate free rounds, flash wild symbols and many other multiplier symbols from time to time. Since winning is easy with bonus slot machines, they attract players by the millions.

    If we are talking about features, each online casino is the best space to play free slot machines with bonus games & rounds like Dolphin Reef free slot with no deposit bonus – some of the machines make it easier to land a winning combination as they work with no download at all. Some of them simply offer extra credits. This particular quality belongs to the second category, you can win privileges, free spins and even multiplier values in additional circles. They can be seen in almost all video slot and 3D variations, but the content of the premium lap depending on the gaming house you’ve picked.

    How to Play Free Slot Games With Bonus Rounds?

    The mechanics of it vary among games, but, in general, several principles can be found in most of the parties. By acquiring necessary symbols, you proceed to the next step, depending on which prize circle you enabled. But, are they predetermined?

    In these cases such as selecting hidden prize objects, your choices actually have a real influence. In slot machines, there is a microprocessor that runs a program called “Random Number Generator” (or shortly, RNG). The RNG can generate approximately 100 combinations per second. This soft impacts whether a winning spin will be granted.

    How to Activate Bonus Games/Rounds in Slot Machines?

    Each online casino where you play free slot games with bonus rounds in no download mode proposes an ability to activate it. To do this you need to land at least three scatters anywhere on reels. They don’t need to land on a pay line, anywhere is fine. In diverse slots, there is a separate sign for the activation of this attribute, called the “bonus symbol”. It’s look also differs each period, but you still need to land at least three of them on reels.

    The games in the casino to play free online slots with bonus rounds may require landing of a special combination in machines of specific reels to trigger it but mostly are done with scatters and certain symbols. So, what do they consist of? Let’s give some examples:

    1. Mini games: It can suggest you a mini-game based on its subject. Each is inequitable; for example, you can play a short FPS game with advanced graphics during this particularity. Or, it may be a simple platform, where you must jump and hit some brick boxes! Again, there is a multiplicity of opportunities and sky is the only limit.
    2. Pick Me Feature: This is the “meh” version. You are taken to an instance and interactive screen, it is filled with closed boxes. (Or any other thing, depending on the theme.) You start to click on these and collect arbitrary rewards. Commonly, the round ends when you find “collect” in one of these boxes.
    3. Choose The Right Door: A rare one, but you can see it in many of the ancient Egypt devoted slots. Basically, you try to guide your hero to the exit of a pyramid (or any other crypt) by choosing the doors he/she should enter. Some doors release mummies – be careful where you click. This type usually rewards only if you manage to find the exit.

    So, what are your rewards? As we mentioned above, it can be extra coins, multipliers and/or more free spins. In some, complementary circles are the only way to win the jackpot amount. You don’t need to be successful each occasion, they reward you according to your progression. One deal is for sure: they all are fun and filled with victories of all kinds.

    There are thousands of different slot machine games of which I will introduce you only to a few of the most far-famed ones (according to other players’ experience). Some of them are:

    • Wizard of Oz. The thematic was taken from the namesaked movie. With its 9 sundry prize circles including the well-known Emerald City, Glinda Good Witch, Oz Pick Feature, Tin Man Apple Orchard and more, it represents a purely enjoyable gamble for both, rookies and pros.
    • House of Fun. This horror-themed amusement with its top-notch drawings brings considerable winning amounts and is widely known for its “Jack Free Spins Feature” which is the most rewarding sign, next to the “Mad Click Me Feature” and “The Escape Bonus Round”.
    • Monopoly Slots. This name rings a bell, the all-too-familiar Monopoly was brought to slot gaming with its specific extra circle “Big Bet Game”, and let’s not forget the “Big Event”, which requires at least 3 designations of the same kind. The maximal possible payout is 250.000 coins.
    • Cleopatra. Travel back to the ancient times of Egypt with the Cleopatra machines. It involves autoplay mode, wild, scatter symbols and various interesting award.
    • Sizzling Hot. With its classy interface, it brings all the entertainment and the cash you can only imagine. The learning process is further smooth and its award tours are more than mouth-watering.
    • Wheel of Fortune. The warp of Wheel of Fortune is centered on the worldwide known TV show. It may not have the most impressive appearance but entertainment is guaranteed. It includes free spins like Wild Multiplier, Bonus Jackpot Symbol, Double or Nothing Wheel and the spotlight – the Wheel Bonus Feature. Read here about one of the popular slots How to win Quick Hit slot machine game & get no deposit bonus – there you will find all answers to the questions on example of the Quick Hit slot machine.
    • Quick Hit. It might have a lousy interface, but if you are interested in large winnings, this is a place to be. Some of Quick Hit’s special character involve Wilds with “Wild Jackpot” signs, Scatters shown as “Bonus Games” signs and the most important ones – “Quick Hit” and “Platinum”.

    Are Free Slots With Bonus Games & Rounds Better?

    Games in the casino to play there free online slots with bonus rounds are undoubtedly better games because not only are they more fun and interactive; they also increase the player’s chances of winning. Without prizes, one would get a feeling that the slots are plain and independent of our choices.

    That’s not all. They enrich itself by giving the player multiple outcomes, rely on the symbol combinations.

    How To Play For Real Money? To outbreak playing slots for real money, firstly, you ought to accomplish several steps before you keep on gambling. Those stages include:

    1. Knowing where to start. When entering a certain online slot machine game site, it is a difficult decision to select the “right” game, because no one wants to throw away his funds, sure? Rethink twice before deciding where to invest your coins, whether you want to go for the high payout ones or something else.
    2. Test running. The next stage involves testing (or several of them) free of charge. Find out if it is interesting enough, if the return rates are decent and, ultimately, if it is the correct one to put your money in.
    3. Winning without paying. There are even possibilities of acquiring a $5 gamble, 20 free spins or similar model of gifts that could potentially fill up your wallet – without giving a dime! So, be watchful when searching throughout the internet and it might be your lucky day.
    4. Playing for real money. If you have found your lucky gambling “refuge”, ran a few trial runs, and are satisfied, in general, it is the appropriate time to put some money in and – roll the spin.

    So to play free slot machines with bonus games & rounds you don’t need to download them as all games are available online. The odds to get any benefit are rather high. Otherwise, you always have an ability to go for playing just for fun without any refill.

    Free bonus for online casino

    Free bonus gives us all a chance to win at online casinos without making a deposit. This means that you can play and win for real without risking any of your own money. Many online casinos let new players try the casino for free before they make a deposit. They are doing this by giving away either free spins or a no deposit bonus to all new members who signs up. When you get a free bonus like a no deposit bonus or free spins we recommend you to first read through the terms and conditions. The information in the T&Cs is good to be aware of before you start playing. Some casinos have certain wagering requirements connected to their free bonus. This means that you have to play the no deposit bonus through a couple of times before you are able to make a withdrawal.

    Another kind of free bonus at online casinos are free spins. Free spins are just like a no deposit bonus with the difference that you only can use your money on a certain game and that you only get a limited amount of rounds to use. Often you get these kind of offers when a new casino slot is released or during certain holidays. Then the online casino may give both new and existing members a couple of free spins to give them a chance to try the new game with for free. With your free spins you get the chance of winning real money without risking a cent of your own. You can read more about free spins at When you are done using your free rounds you can take your winnings and play on some other slot. Just like with a no deposit bonus free spins also has certain terms and conditions. We recommend you to read those through before you use your free rounds and win at online casino . This way you don't get disappointed if it shows you have to wager your winnings before you can make a withdrawal. Some casinos also have a maximum limit of how much you can withdrawal when you have claimed a no deposit bonus. But this is not the case when it comes to free spins, at least not at the reputable casinos where you always can withdrawal as much as you want from your free spins winnings.

    Lately it has become more common for casinos to skip wagering requirements connected to free spins. This means that you can win real cash instead of bonus money that needs to be wagered. When you get free spins without wagering requirements you have the opportunity to make a withdrawal instantly. That is why these kinds of free rounds definitely are preferable when comparing different offers. Hopefully this will become standard in just a couple of years and we can already see that casinos that give away free rounds without wagering requirements are more likely to get new members. So this is actually a win-win situation for both the players and the online casinos.

    If you want to keep track on when different online casinos gives away no deposit bonus and free spins we recommend you to visit sites that writes about these offers on a daily basis. provide their visitors with free spins and no deposit bonus offers on a daily basis. They never forget to write about a good offer. If you don't find what you are looking for visit and we can promise you that you won't be disappointed. How crazy it may sound a lot of online casinos are giving away free spins totally free, just see for yourself: Examples of these casinos are MrGreen , Leo Vegas and Vera&John. Some offers are only valid for players from certain countries. Always make sure your country is included before claiming a bonus.

    It's not only online casinos that gives away free bonus to their players. You can also find loads of free bonuses on both bingo sites and poker sites. This gives you a chance to play on either bingo or poker without feeling worried about losing your own money. You can also use your free bonuses at mobile casinos as most actors also offers a casino client that works on both mobile and tablet.. If you have decided to start playing for real money on casinos a free bonus is a good start. You get a chance to play the games, learn the rules and get to experience other important factors before you start to play with real money. You can also use this as a method when you're about to choose which site you're gonna play on. By playing for free you can easily try different sites and see which one that will suit you the best. There are hundreds of different online casinos to choose between today and they all try to offer you something special. Our only advise to you is to stick to reputable casinos with approved licenses. There are loads of casino guides online where you can find good information about most casinos online. Always try to read one or two reviews before you decide which casino you're going to play at.

    If you make a first deposit to an online casino you can get much more valuable bonuses than you can when you just play for free. Players at online casinos usually get rewarded with a generous deposit bonus when they make their first deposit. This deposit bonus can more then double your deposited amount and you will get twice as much to play for. This means that you will get loads of extra free money to play for on games like Gonzo's Quest and Starburst which will increase your chances of winning big. There are also casinos that gives away more than one welcome bonus and sometimes you can get up to four bonuses in connection to your first deposits. In the welcome package there are most of the times both a ordinary bonus and a bunch of free spins included. But the welcome packages varies between different casinos so make sure you choose a casino that really give you what you want in terms of bonuses.

    As a depositing costumer you can also get in hold of reload bonuses from time to time. A reload bonus is an occasional bonus that will give you around 50% extra or more to play for in the casino. You can often find these offers in either newsletters or on campaign sites at your favourite casino or bookmaker . Reload bonuses can come in many different shapes and sometimes you get a predetermined amount while other times you get a bonus based on percentage. Sometimes you need a bonus code and some other times you just need to check a box in order to claim the reload bonus that the casino is offering you.

    Below you find updated articles about free bonuses for online casino. We aim to always provide you with the latest information about free bonuses, free spins and other campaigns that include free casino. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a special casino or offer that you want us to write about! In our weekly articles you will also find current information about game releases and other online casino news that you might find interesting.

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    Collect 120 free spins at PlayFrank this week

    Things just got hotter at PlayFrank casino this summer and they are again offering a promo that could significantly increase the size of your wallet. Yeah, you guessed it….free spins. Feel like you’re up for another drilling for spins promo? Well, PlayFrank heard you and this week, the promo is now bigger and better. You could &#&1;. &#&3;

    Ever wanted to go on a holiday with your loved on to Barcelona or Canary Islands? Barcelona city is perhaps the world’s leading tourist and cultural center, well known for its art and architecture. Canary Island is also another awesome treat with temperatures averaging 22oC all through the year. The clear skies and amazing climate make &#&1;. &#&3;

    Win an oversea trip at Rizk Casino

    Wanna travel overseas to one of the best destinations in Europe including London, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Athens? Does the thought of visiting any of these areas drive a dash of joy in your heart? Well, what if you got to travel to any of these destinations in an all-paid trip? Awesome right? That’s what Rizk Casino &#&1;. &#&3;

    A free bonus can come in different shapes and forms. On our site you will find information about the two most common free bonuses. You will also get exclusive offers that don't require any deposit. You can also take a look in our blog where we write about ongoing campaigns including either no deposit bonuses or free spins. Keep in mind that some offers are time-sensitive and can only be used during a specific period.

    Try the new innovative online casino VoodooDreams. At VoodooDreams you will find a unique loyalty programs with free spins, free money and bonuses. As a new member of VoodooDreams you get 20 no deposit free spins right upon sign up! Then you can claim additional 180 spins upon your first deposit to the casino.

    If you want to get free bonuses faster we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter. In this newsletter you will get exclusive offers and always be the first one to know when there's a new free bonus!

    At BGO you get 20 free rounds with no deposit required just by signing up. When you make your first deposit you will be rewarded with 180 additional free spins and £200 extra to play with. On top of this you get 20% cashback every month!

    If you like what we are doing we appreciate if you like us on Facebook. This gives us motivation to hunt for more free bonuses and good casino offers for you!

    Don't forget to follow our free bonus blog where we every week write about on-going campaigns and offers. Keep in mind that some offers are time sensitive and are only valid for a specific period.

    A no deposit bonus is a common phenomena in the gambling world. There are people out there spendning their days looking for a good no deposit bonus. This kind of free bonus give you a chance to win on online casino without having to risk any of your own money. You often get a no deposit bonus in connection with your registration to an online casino. The no deposit bonus consists of an amount you get to play for for free. When you use your no deposit bonus you get a chance to win real money. It's also a good opportunity to try out all the exciting games the casino offer it's players.

    Guts' free offer is only valid for players from UK, Austria, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

    When you get a free bonus or free spins you will probably have to meet some wagering requirements before you can withdrawl any winnings. In each offer you are going to find some terms and conditions that we recommend you to read through. Not all free bonuses are connected to wagering requirements but most of them are. A wagering requirement means that you have to play through the bonus amount a certain amount of times before the money are available for withdrawl. For example if you get €10 for free and the bonus have a wagering requirement of x30 you have to play €10 through thirty times to meet the requirements. This give you a total of €300 that you have to play before you can make a withdrawl to your bank account.

    Om du föredrar nya svenska casinon så finns det även free bonus att hämta hos dessa.

    Here you can see and play all our free slots online with bonus games for free, no money required. Basically, any slot game that features any types of bonus symbols or feature is listed on this page.

    Our free games online offer a wide range of different bonus games, each make a real difference to the games. From the simple pick an item type games to much more sophisticated and entertaining games, which are mini games in their own right. Some of our slots even have skill-based bonus rounds where the player may have to use speed or accuracy to win more credits.

    Ancient Egypt Slot

    Journey to Ancient Egypt and battle the Gods in this stunning 9 payline slot with 3 different bonus games featuring Anubis, Horus and Isis.

    Help Cupid match up the love struck couples, find your soul mate with a dating app & open love letters to reveal bonus wins in this ultimate Valentine's slot game!

    American Football Slot

    Collect Touchdowns to upgrade your players and take part in 3 bonus games to power your way to the top of the league in the ultimate American Football slot!

    Fairy Tale Slot

    Cast spells to defeat the Ogre, unlock treasure chests to reveal Cinderlla's slipper and pick a Genie lamp to eveal bonus wins!

    Cool Wheels Slot

    Pick your illegal street race but watch out for the cops! Plus wager on the world's best street racers!

    Battle the zombies in 3 exciting bonus games feauring close combat, sharp shooting and air strikes!

    Creature from the Lagoon

    One of our best looking games yet! Join Rick Danger on a quest to track down the mysterious creature from the lagoon!

    Play our stunning Blackbeard's Bounty slot game - collect doubloons and build up your pirate crew to activate special features then set off in search of treasure but watch out for the mutiny!

    Lottery Slot Game

    Get lucky with our exclusive 12 payline Lottery slot game. One bouns game lets you buy scratch cards an anoher sees you playing cards with Lady Luck!

    Triple Diamonds Slot Game

    New and exclusive slot game bursting with gems! Play 2 special bonus games and watch out for the sp[ecial Wild Multiplier that rebles your wins!

    Triple Red 7s Slot

    New for July 2017! Get Lucky with our brand new Triple Red 7s slot game featuring 2 bonus games including a classic "Pick me" style game.

    Horse Racing Slot Game

    New and exclusive video slot game set in the world of horse racing. Play 3 bonus games including a brilliant horse race gambling game - can you pick the winner?

    Viking Gods Slot

    New and exclusive video slot game starring Odin, Thor, Loki and Hel in a feature packed Viking quest with incredible bonus games!

    Romeo and Juliet Slot Game

    New and exclusive slot! Romeo and Juliet star in this 5 reel bonus slot with Romeo Free Spins and Juliet Free Spins features.

    Liberty Slots Slot Game

    Our brand new Liberty Slots Game features a Big Apple bonus game and an American Football bonus game.

    Robin Hood Slot

    Our 5 reel Robin Hood Slots Game features an exciting archery game plus a pick item game.

    Merlin's Cave Slot

    Our brand new Merlin's Cave Slots Game has a magic and mystery theme with two spellcasting games.

    Super Fruits Game

    Launched in March 2016, our new 20 payline slot game features exciting bonus games, a progressive jackpot and a loyalty feature.

    Casino Cruise Game

    Our new and exclusive Casino Cruise slot game features three brilliant bonus games, a progressive jackpot and a loyalty feature.

    Free Fireworks Slots Game

    A cool Build Your own Fireworks Display Game: buy and win fireworks to put on a display to please your fans.

    New Year Party Slot

    Our New Year Party Slots Game let's you put on a fireworks display in London, New York, Sydney or Paris in a fantastic firework themed round.

    Our new and exclusive Mr Green slot game features wild symbol, scatter, two bonus games and a loyalty feature.

    Chinese New Year Slot

    Our Chinese themed slots game has a gamble feature with a 50/50 bet that allows you to double the winnings (or lose it all) for every 8th winning spin.

    Free Bingo Slots Game

    Get 3 Bingo Bonus symbols on the reels to activate the Speed Bingo Game. This is a 30 ball version of bingo where you have to get 9 numbers daubed off your card before all 30 numbers are called.

    Cleopatra themed Slots Game the eye symbols is the bonus symbol. Get 3 or more Eye symbols to play the Pick a Block bonus game. Start at the bottom row of the pyramid & try to reach the top.

    Christmas themed slot. The sparkling Christmas gift symbol is the bonus symbol get 3 or more on the reels at any one time to activate the pick a gift bonus game.

    Free Easter Slots Game

    Easter themed slot. Play our 5 reel Easter slot - get 3 or more Basket of Easter Eggs symbols to play the Pick Easter Eggs Game.

    Make your fortune on the markets in our Monopoly Slots Game. The bonus game is activated by getting 3 or more Light Bulb symbols anywhere on the reels and is a Pick an Item type game.

    Free Fast Slots Game

    Cars, bikes and planes feature in this fast slot game. The vintage car scatter symbol triggers the bonus round in which you pick cars and win the cash stored in their trunks.

    Free Pirates Slot Game

    The Treasure Map symbol is a scatter symbol and 3 or more visible on the reels at any one time activate the Hidden Treasure Game - choose up to 6 spots to hunt for the treasure.

    Summer Holidays Slot

    This slot has a gamble bonus game activated on every winning spin. You will have a choice to collect or gamble you win. If you gamble you must predict either the colour or the suit of the next card.

    Football Fever Slot Game

    Launched to celebrate the World Cup 2014, new Football Fever slot game features Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins.

    Our Video Slots game was our first to have a video intro! This slot game has 20 paylines, a wild symbol and a bonus game.

    Vegas themed slot with a gamble bonus game and a brilliant loyalty bonus feature; collect four chips to play the loyalty bonus round. There are 3 levels with extra point for each level completed.

    Girl's Best Friend Slot

    Hit the high street & treat yourself to the finest jewels in this glamorous, 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with free spins and loyalty feature.

    Free Slots UK Game

    Our UK themed slots game has a bonus gamble game triggered after every 3 wins. Guess the card colour or suite to win.

    Aussie Pokies Slots

    Australian themed slots game. The Gamble Feature is triggered after every 3 wins. The Gamble Feature is a pick a card colour or suit gamble game.

    Free Canada Slots Game

    Fun Canadian themed game. Get 3 or more of the Jumping Fish scatter symbol to trigger the pick a fish bonus game. Each fish hides credits, the number of scatter symbols dictates how many picks you get.

    Our patriotic USA themed slot has a Gamble Game that is triggered after every 3 wins and is a pick a playing card colour or suit gamble Feature.

    Snow Ball Slots Game

    The evil faced Snow Ball symbol is a bonus scatter symbol. Two or more on the reels activate the multi level skill based bonus game where you get to have a snowball fight with the evil snowmen!

    Video Poker Slots

    If you like playing video poker then our Video Poker slot will be right up your street thanks to its 2 video poker bonus rounds; play Deuces Wild Multi-hand Video Poker and Jacks or Better Video Poker for extra points.

    Eight is a lucky number and we launched this site on 8/08/08 so we thought a Lucky 8's game would be nice to mark the occasion.

    Slotastic Slot Game

    Slotastic Slot has 3 bonus games to play; Pick The Envelope to find the credits, test your skills in the Catch the Oil Spill game while in the Honey to the Bee game guide the Bee to collect honeycombs

    The Beijing Olympics started the same day we launched this site so we thought why not make a sporty slot.

    The Big 5 Gamble

    Our first big gamble game 5 payline's and a gamble game, hear the lion roar when you win!

    Free Classic Gamble Slot

    The second in our 'Classics' range of free slots games, with a gamble bonus game that allows you the chance to double your credits after every win!

    ComeOn! Slot Game

    Football, Hi Lo and Poker are the bonus features of this brilliant slots machine game which has also has a loyalty feature, progressive jackpot & 243 betways.

    Sloto'Cash Slots Game

    In this slot you get to build the ultimate casino in an awesome 6 scene bonus game feature in which you must build the ultimate casino complete with blackjack and slot machines!

    Treasure of Atlantis Slot

    Our exclusive Treasure of Atlantis game has 5 reels, 20 paylines and features 5 bonus round plus free spins and a hidden bonus code.

    Slots of Vegas Slot Game

    Our Slots of Vegas slot has two awesome bonus games. Test your reflexes in two skill based bonus games: Photograph Nessie on the reels and play the board of horror plus win cash in the Loch Ness Loot bonus round.

    Jackpot City Slots Game

    Try to light up the city in the City of lights bonus game and if you get 2 or more key symbols anywhere on the reels it will trigger the pick an item style bonus round plus there's a Jackpotcity Gamble Bonus!

    This slot has a Gamble game, a skill based Mr Slotsjam Cherry Fall Game in which you must catch the falling cherries in your tub to earn extra credits and a Pick Mr Slotsjam Game plus gamble bonus game and loyalty featue.

    Treasure Mile Slot Game

    This slot has a brilliant Shooting Game to test your reflexes, a racing game and an exciting hidden loyalty bonus game.

    Fruit Slots Game

    Fantastic fruity slots game - get 4 blackcurrant symbols anywhere on the reels and one of the blue berries in the logo will turn purple, turn all 4 purple to access the brilliant skills based Berry Good game.

    Royal Vegas Slot Game

    This super slots game has a Vegas Winning Streak bonus game, a Gamble game and the Vegas Jackpot Wheel bonus round in which every spin wins!

    This slot has 6 Bonus games featuring some of the most popular casino games: Video Poker, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Monopoly Slots & Cleopatra Slots.

    The Red Free Craps 4U Dice symbol is a scatter symbol and 2 or more on the reels gives you access to the superb Craps Game.

    Our roulette slot has 3 different versions of roulette to play in the bonus rounds; French Roulette, American Roulette and European Roulette.

    Summer Games Slots Game

    Our super Summer Games slot has 5 sports themed Bonus Games including skill based basketball game and archery games, a football gambling game and a Pentathlon pick an item bonus game.

    DomGame Slots Game

    The Archery Game is activated by getting 3 or more Robin Hood symbols. The Hidden Treasure Game is a brilliant twist on the usual pick an item type bonus game.

    Snakes & Ladders Slot

    Paddy Power Casinohave sponsored this fun slots game that features wilds, scatters, free spins feature & 2 bonus games including a snakes Charmers Game.

    Leo Vegas Slot Game

    This wild 25 payline slot game features 3 bonus games, free spins, Loyalty Feature, and a progressive jackpot!

    Santa's Super Slots Game

    Santa's Super slot features 5 bonus games including an exciting Santa presents drop game, pick item game, Elf race and a gamble game!

    Cops 'n' Robbers Slot Game

    Three or more bonus symbols on the reels gains access to the Pick X Game - six characters will be presented for you to choose from but who has the big bonus? In the Loyalty bonus round you can win a progressive jackpot.

    Roxy Palace Slot Game

    Our Shooting Star bonus game is a test of your gaming skills while in the Palace Treasure bonus round simply pick treasure chests to reveal prizes. The Palace Goblet round will test your memory!

    Superior Slots Game

    Our Superior Slots game has a marvellous iSlots inspired Mafia bonus game in which your choices affect the story.

    Enchanted Garden Slots Game

    Enchanted Garden slots game has two bonus rounds. There's a bingo game and a classic pick an item style bonus round - select 3 treasure chests from the 9 on offer to find and win bonus amounts plus an attractive gamble game.

    Royal Vegas Slot Game

    This super slots game has a Vegas Winning Streak bonus game, a Gamble game and the Vegas Jackpot Wheel bonus round in which every spin wins!

    Free Blackjack Slots

    Our blackjack slot has 3 blackjack bonus games: Hi Streak Blackjack, Blackjack Switch and European Blackjack.

    Slots Jungle Slot Game

    3 brilliant bonus games feature in this slot. The Toucan and Monkey games test your skills while in the Briefcase bonus game the jungle animals will open briefcases at your request to reveal your prizes.

    Riches of Wonderland

    Our Riches of Wonderland slot is a fantastic looking video slot that features 3 bonus games including a Bingo Game triggered by the Alice symbol, Madhatter's Hat triggers the pick item game and there's a gamble bonus game too!

    In our games you will find a great selection of bonus features. Some of them are completely unique, to our knowledge they have never been used in an online casinos slot game. Others are the same as the features you would find in popular slots games in a casino.

    This bonus feature is in many free casinos slots games, both in our own games and in the slots you will find in casinos. It is pretty much what it says it is - you get a number of free spins awarded to you.

    Pick an item is also a pretty common bonus game in slots games. You're shown a selection of images to pick from.

    Another common type of bonus, the gamble round or 50/50 feature has a few variations. You gamble the credits won by the spin that activated the bonus game. You can either keep your winnings or gamble them all for a 50/50 chance of doubling them.

    Although this type of bonus round is pretty common on our site, they are not so common if at all on slots games in casinos.

    A race game is where you bet on the winner of a race, like horse racing or greyhound racing. This is another unique feature that is common on our site but not so common in slots games at casinos.

    This is another game that is unique to Free Slots 4U. Our fireworks round features in Fireworks slot and New Year Party slot.

    The Photograph the Reels or Shoot the Reels bonus game is pretty unique and fun type of bonus game. In this bonus game, the reels will spin up and down randomly both fast and slow, the aim is to click on a specific image as it whizzes past on the reels. The more you manage to click the more points you earn in the bonus round. This game is very much so a skill based game that relies heavily on a keen eye and quick reaction time.

    This bonus game is similar to ones found in fruit machines in the form of a Cash Ladder and Bonus Trail or Bonus Board. The stop the flashing light type bonus game is pretty much what it sounds like. There is a set of images that are darkened out and flash bright one at a time randomly, as they are flashing you have to click on a stop button to stop them on the correct image. Some bonus games such as the one pictured to the left shows you which image you need to stop the light on, in other games each position has a different bonus amount, where the image you stop the light on dictates the bonus amount you win.

    Both our Slots of Vegas Slot and Leo Vegas slot have the type of bonus game shown in the image, our fruit machines games have the type where the image you stop on shows the bonus you win.

    Bingo is very popular, although we don't know of any slots games at casinos that have a bingo round. So we made one!

    There are many video poker games in casinos but again to our knowledge none feature as a bonus round in a slots game.

    Like video poker, roulette is another game that tends to be a game in its own right.

    Blackjack Bonus rounds can be found in our Blackjack Slot and also our Casino Slots Slot.

    This game is very much like the Wheel of Fortune. Simply spin the wheel and watch to see where it lands to show what you've won. Our Royal Vegas Slot features this type of game.

    Free Slot Machines with Bonus Rounds (Games)

    Isn’t it just great when you receive an unexpected surprise, a very useful reward for something you do? When playing free online slot machines with bonus games the only problem you might have is the things with the “unexpected” part – you’ll definitely be expecting to get a bonus with every spin you make! But once you get a little lucky and your bonus round starts, you’ll see it’s actually worth waiting for.

    A bonus game or round (the names may differ, but the idea is always the same), unlocks during the regular gameplay after you have spinned in a certain combination of symbols on your reels. Check out the game’s paytable to see the winning combos for your current game.

    Video slots, especially 3D slots, are the geniuses of entertaining bonus games, for they often make them bright and animated, or give them a shape of mini-games featuring video parts with storylines following the game’s plot and theme. Nevertheless, there are some free casino slots with bonus rounds where the actual bonus game is much simpler. For example, to collect your bonus payout you have to pick one of the several treasure chests or other items on another screen. Each item hides a set number of coins or credits behind it.

    Even though it’s all about luck whether you get to play a bonus round or not, some rounds require a skill element, whilst others are wholly random. Playing bonus game very often gets you the typical awards, which are the bonus spins, but it also depends on the particular game you’ve chosen.

    On you can find the list of best online slots with bonus rounds, thoughtfully completed by our team. And we add new games as soon as they appear! We offer you to play free slots with bonus games with no download and no registration. You just browse our gallery, pick the games that are most appealing to you, and start playing. It’s the best option for those who would like to get a little practice before risking the precious coins in real online casinos.

    If you’ve decided that playing free slot games with bonus features for fun is no longer an option for you, then click the “play for real money” button provided under every game with bonus rounds. This will take you to the trusted online casinos, where you can play your favorite free bonus slots for real money and feel much more excitement!

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