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find online casinos

If you are new to online gambling, you may think that that finding an online casino to gamble at is a piece of cake. All you need to do is do a search for online casinos on Google or Yahoo. That is one way to go about it, but you are going to be bombarded with so many results that you will be left wondering what to do. What you need to do is find an online casino that is worth gambling at and that gives you facilities and features that benefit you. I am going to give you a few guidelines on how to find online casinos that give you a safe, enjoyable and beneficial online gambling experience.

The internet is a vast and sometimes is even a scary place. Online casinos claim that they have great features and facilities, but how can you know for sure? You don’t want to end up at an online casino where everything is smooth sailing in the beginning but as you continue gambling, you suddenly hit a very bumpy road. Ensure that you are gambling at an online casino that is licensed. So find online casinos that have licenses. An online casino has to be licensed for it to offer its services. Most reputed online casinos display their licensing certificates or offer the necessary information on their website.

Software is another factor that ensures that you have a hassle free gambling experience. The software is what runs the games. The games software must be fair and flawless. Safe deposit methods are a crucial factor in online gambling. Make sure that the online casino uses reputed and reliable online payment methods.

If you like bingo, then there are plenty of sites out there which will perfectly suit you and exactly what you are looking for. You could try a site like Bingo Cheers, which has everything that you might need in terms of bingo content: there are ninety ball games and seventy-five ball games, special prize rooms, promotions to give you extra cash, chat rooms where you can talk to other players, big event games which happened on a regular basis and really can get very exciting, the community section to allow you to chat with others more frequently and make some real friends, and much more. Going to a high quality site like Bingo Cheers, which focuses primarily on bingo even if it does offer a few other games such as slot machines, will always give you a better result than just going to any old gambling site and hoping that they have bingo. Most online casino sites which focus on casino games do not even offer online bingo as part of their suite of games, as it is just not the kind of thing that they are after! You have to go for the kind of site that is right for you in terms of what you want to play, since if you really do have your heart set on playing bingo then there is no point gambling at a casino that offers blackjack. Obviously you need to find online casinos that offer casino games of your liking. Most online casinos offer a list of the games they offer as well as a preview of their games. Check these preview pages to see if the games you want to play are there.

You can also try out the free online casino games offered by the online casino and get a real feel of the game. Playing the free games helps you decide whether you really want to continue gambling at the casino or not.

What’s the point in signing up at an online casino that doesn’t offer benefits? And by benefits I mean bonuses. The online casino bonuses are the biggest perks of gambling online. Sign up at online casinos that offer you generous welcome bonuses and continue to offer more bonuses as you gamble at the casino. An online casino that offers frequent bonuses is definitely the place to sign up and prove very useful in the long run.

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Best Online Casinos to Play Vegas Slot Machines

Here, we list the best online casinos to play in 2018. Top quality, trusted onine casinos with the best games and the best customer support We have reviewed hundreds of online casinos, to bring you our top list.

Choosing an online casino to play can seem very intimidating when you first start. There are literally thousands of them. Some of them are good, some of them not so good and some of them out there (unfortunately) are crooks looking to steal your cash.

We've been researching and playing at online casinos for over 10 years and during that time have seen plenty of them come and go. This is why it is so important to choose and online casino that is trusted and reputable and with a good management team.

How we Select the Online Casinos to List

When we decide on our listings we have two main priorities that we put above all other things, to make sure

  • The casino must be reputable and safe to play at. No matter how good the games are, if a casino won't let you cash out your winnings, or give you the support you need, just when you need it the most, there is no point.
  • The games must be world-class. This might sound like a dumb thing to say, but if the games are not enjoyable then again, what's the point? We like to list casinos that provide games that are identical to, or as good as the games in Vegas.

Online Casino Reputation and Trust - Why is this so Crucial?

The first point, which is our main concern is actually pretty complex and involves a lot of research into the management and the way they run the business.

We particularly like to list companies that are listed on a public stock exchange because of the responsibility that the company has to pay to the regulations (Government regulations) and also to their shareholders.

In places like the US, where you will not find a Government regulated online slots casino listed on the stock exchange (well, apart from in NJ, but that's a different matter), we generally choose to list social casinos, rather than real money casinos.

Social casinos offer a lot of fun and excitement, because when you win, you actually see some sort of pay-back, rather than just tokens. By that, we mean you get to compete against other players and also unlock new games as you progress through the levels.

If you had asked me 2 years ago whether I would be playing social games, instead of real money casino online in the US, I would have thought you were mad. But here I am two years later and I love playing these games, especially at Slotomania.

Slotomania is a great example, because it is actually run by Caesars Palace. Or to be more specific, Caesars Entertainment, which in turn, runs Caesars Palace. So, you can be 100% sure that it is legal and regulated and you get a fair game.

For other countries, like Canada and UK, just about all the casinos we list are run by companies listed on the UK stock exchange. All of these companies are Government regulated in the UK and so must stick to the (very strict) UK regulations.

This Government assurance is important - it means you always get a fair game and if you ever have a complaint or question, it will be taken very seriously. If not, you can go straight to the Government ombudsman and they will take the issue forward for you.

When it comes to the second point listed above, this is a much easier question to ask and also, to answer, because player reviews of the games quickly let us know if an online casino is doing a good job in bringing you the best games.

At the same time, though, different people enjoy playing different games. So, there might be an online casino out there where I absolutely love the games and the quality of the games could be excellent, but it might not appeal to you.

It is tue to say that different casino software producers appeal to different people.

So, what we do with our listings is give a really good selection, when it comes to the slots they offer. You will find a nive range of casino software options when you compare the different casinos.

What I personally recommend is trying a few of the casinos out and seeing which one(s) you are enjoying the most. Then after that, you can play them for real money and take advantage of any real money casino bonuses that they are offering.

Whether you are a new player, or experienced and whether you play penny slots or high limit, it is sometimes worth reminding yourself some of the basics. We've called them 'tips', but really they are general advice that we all like to remind ourselves once in a while.

The tips listed below apply to both high limit slots players and penny slot players:

The most important factor of them all. When we gamble playing online slots, we don't want to take a 'second gamble' on the reputation.

note - you can use our listings to help find a top quality online casino that you can trust. (we only list online casinos that have a very strong reputation with players)

2 - Make your first deposit a relatively small one

The banks process small first deposits much more efficiently than large ones when it comes to your first cash deposit. We usually find that $100 is just about right to start with to get playing penny slots at an online casino for the first time.

3 - Think about whether you want to play using a bonus

Most people love bonuses offers, including no deposit bonuses and free spins, but there are pros and cons.

The main advantage to taking an online casino bonus is that you get a much better chance of hitting a cash jackpot, because you get more spins.

Some people prefer not to take a bonus, though, because they like to play without the associated terms and conditions. The main one being that there is no 'play-through', so you can cash-out immediately if you get a big win on the penny slot games.

4 - Test out the customer support

Why not ask the customer support team a couple of questions before you deposit and play online casino slots games?

All the casinos we recommend have top quality support, but you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by testing this out - go for it and reassure yourself by asking support a simple question or two

The Best Online Casinos Reviewed by Experts

Finding a truly great online casino can be a tall order in 2018. While there are hundreds of casinos online, many are mediocre. What's worse is plenty of sites are downright terrible and should be avoided at all costs. Even more confusing is the fact that many top real money online casinos aren’t available worldwide. When you consider that gambling sites are supposed to be fun, why would you waste your leisure time doing research instead of playing your favourite casino games?


  • Responsive customer support
  • Established and popular with players
  • All top banking options
  • Excellent Microgaming software

  • Well over 600 games on offer
  • Plenty of online payment choice
  • Enjoy free play games first
  • eCogra verified and very secure site

  • Seasonal and ongoing promotions
  • Live dealer & other games variety
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Comprehensive mobile gaming

casino we recommend meets these standards:

A good online casino will use advanced security features to protect the data of players. In this area, we look at factors like encryption and secure account verification.

The sites that we review offer a good number of banking options and we look to see the ease and speed with which a player can access their money through withdrawals.

Malta or UK Gambling Commissions

We only review sites that operate under the strict authority of government gaming authorities. Additionally, we look for third party auditing to ensure that the games are fair.

Top casinos have to perform well in a range of different categories. To find a good casino, the overall review score should be at 85% or higher.

We're Experts And Fans Of Online Casinos

Anyone who has the time and patience can dedicate thousands of hours to evaluating the world's casinos online. Yet every member of our team is much more than just a researcher. We are all skilled players who have a passion for online casino games. Some of us have been playing and winning real money on the internet since the very first online casinos opened their digital doors two decades ago. 2018 is arguably the year of mobile, but none of us would ever turn down the chance to play live in Las Vegas, London, or anywhere else with impressive slot machines or card tables.

Our Knowledge Is Yours For The Taking

While our entire team loves online casinos, sites like ours require diverse perspectives to give you the most insight. Many of our contributors are also past and present industry insiders who have worked for the biggest names in the gambling industry. As players, fans, and specialists in the field, we take online gambling seriously, which is the first step to getting the most fun out of your games. Whether you prefer internet card games, casino online slots, or web-based poker, we’ll let you know what makes a good gambling website. We’ll help you compare casinos online, so you have a fabulous experience whenever you play. Take advantage of our truly global perspective with insightful contributors from the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and beyond.

Skip The Scenic Route To The Best Games

Even though we're here to teach you what makes a top online casino, we realize some people prefer to start playing immediately. If you can’t wait to get in the game at online casinos, your impulses don’t have to get the better of you. Check out our list of spectacular casinos online and sign up in seconds or dig deeper with our expert reviews. While everyone loves playing for real money, did you know you can also play for free? We’ll not only show you how, but help you claim real cash bonuses at a casino online when you sign up.

Online Casinos Reviewed And Rated

Whether you are new to the world of casinos online or are looking to upgrade your entertainment experience, we've found the top sites in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, Europe, and everywhere else. While perfection might be a matter of opinion, we specialize in rating and reviewing real cash gaming sites. We always dig deeper and aren’t afraid to thumb our noses or give credit where it's due when inspecting casinos online. There are dozens of amazing online gambling venues. Sites aim to please, so there's no need to settle for the second, let alone seventy-second, best casino online.

What We Look For At Online Casinos

When it comes to evaluating real cash online casinos, sites vary widely in quality. Some are strong overall but may be lacking in some areas that could be important to you. Our reviews and ratings touch on all the critical aspects that make for a truly great site. We’ll evaluate the game selection, site license, software quality, desktop experience, payout percentages, promotions, rewards program, mobile compatibility, available bonuses, banking options, cash out speed, customer service, any special certifications, and much more. We're here to help you play safely and win more often at casinos online for the best possible experience in 2018 and beyond.

Count On A Consistently Fresh Perspective

While shopping for new online casinos, sites rarely stand still and neither do we. The industry is highly competitive, which means you can find new sites online every week. Internet casinos that were once popular might lose their luster and new sites might prove their worth. When choosing great sites online, it's always critical that you rely on the most up to date info available. That's precisely why we update our comparison site every day. Whether you are looking for the latest industry happenings or want to know where a site stands, you can count on us. There's real money at stake, so there's no sense merely hoping to find the greatest gaming options on the net.

Start Playing At Trusted Online Casinos

Are you ready to start playing at truly impressive internet gaming venues? Sites are open around the clock, ready to deliver as much impressive entertainment as you can handle. Start enjoying hundreds of slots, table games, Texas hold'em poker, bingo, and more at today's leading casinos online. Just visit any of our recommended online casino websites to claim your exclusive sign up bonus and welcome package. The world's finest gambling action is already in your hand. All you have to do is log on.

Below you can view all online casinos listed by the Casino Professor. You can filter casinos by categories or bonus and also use the search to find the right casino for you. To get more information about the casino, click the casino logo and you will be directed to the casino review.

Use advanced casino filters to narrow down the displayed online casinos. You can filter casinos based on lisences, software and money transfer options.

After the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill passed in 2016, it became illegal for offshore operators to offer online casino games to Australians. While there might be some online casinos still accepting Australian players, all the reputable operators have left the market. The purpose of the bill was to specifically target the online casinos according to The Guardian. At the moment only Australian casinos licensed by the state are allowed to offer to games of chance and unfortunately, there aren’t any available.

While there are some casinos that accept players from Australia, it isn’t recommended that players do so before more information comes to available.

Future of gambling in Australia

Looking for an online casino where you can enjoy table games live with a croupier? Well lucky for you, the Casino Professor has collected a list of the best live online casinos.

Live casino games have usually less weight towards the wagering requirements. If you choose to claim the bonus, check from casinos terms and conditions how much live games contribute. Some casinos may also have a separate bonus for live games.

Online Casinos with a live dealer

Tired of playing at poor online casinos? Not liking seeing bonuses with sky-high wagering requirements? Fed up with casinos that only have a small amount of games to play? The Professor is just like you! Our old sensei doesn’t want to trouble himself with casinos unworthy of his attention—he is a strict yet righteous man.

Welcome everyone to the best casino list in the business! Just why is this list the best casino list in the business, you ask? Well, this list is the best in the business mainly because it has the best online casinos in the business listed! It’s that simple.

But who is the person behind this list? Well, our dear old Casino Professor, of course! He has a wealth of experience with online casinos and is wise even beyond his many years! This, quite frankly, makes him the very best person in the world to talk about these things. Besides, who doesn’t love a good list? The Professor sure does!

Professor’s Online Casino picks

How exactly are the casinos selected exactly?

Bitcoin is something that is very new in the casino industry. Created in 2009, this so-called crypto currency has become very popular indeed and has now made its way to online casinos as well.

In this page, we are going to be talking about Bitcoin casinos and the benefits of using bitcoins and crypto currency over your traditional means of depositing. Furthermore, you can also find a list of casinos here that allow you to use bitcoins and satoshis (1 bitcoin is 100 million satoshis).

What are the benefits of playing with Bitcoins?

Is it safe to play with Bitcoins?

Looking for an Online Casino in Canada? Well look no further, Casino Professor has listed several online casinos that accept Canadian players. View the list below on casinos that accept players from Canada.

Online casinos for Canadian players

What is a Canadian online casino?

Online casinos and Canadian Law

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Dutch online casinos are currently in extinct as the operators are waiting for the market to be regulated before returning to the market. However, there are still multiple online casinos that accept Dutch players.

Gambling in the Netherlands has been popular among people for many years. However, the Netherlands has always been very strict towards the industry. Because of this, the market is mainly dominated by big national operators. However, there are other casino options available for Dutch players as many casinos accept players from the Netherlands.

Legislation in the Netherlands

All online casinos that appear on Casino Prof operate under solid casino licenses, yet, some players prefer playing at casinos that have an EU gaming license for extra security. EU gambling licenses, the majority of which are issued by the Malta Gaming Authority in the island nation of Malta and the UK Gambling Commission in Great Britain, are slightly harder to come by. These gambling license issues are considered one of the strictest in the world and regularly monitor online casinos, that have been issued a license in the past. This means that online casinos with one of these EU gaming licenses are the most regulated and playing safely, securely and in a protected environment is guaranteed. Other EU regions and countries that issue online gambling licenses are Gibraltar and Alderney, both UK territories, Áland, autonomous territory part of Finland, and Belgium, Denmark and Italy to comply with strict regulations of their respective national markets.

Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission Licences

Casino- applicant verification process

Looking for an online casino in India? Casino Professor has collected a list of online casinos that accept Indian players. Currently, there aren’t a lot of online casinos accepting players from India, but most likely there will be more available in the near future as many operators have shown interest towards that particular market. Casino Professor will update the list as soon as new operators have opened their doors to Indian players.

The online casino market is ever expanding and that is excellent news for players, who are always on the lookout for something new. New casinos need to build trust when it comes to security and reliability, so not every new online casino is automatically a great place play. However, these casinos need to work hard to draw player’s attention and are often keen to impress by tempting you with a lucrative offering. Many new online casinos are very similar to what is already out there, but, often they offer tasty bonuses upon sign up and sometimes they genuinely bring something new to the market in terms of innovation and originality.

Aspects new online casinos might have a stronger focus on are; casino software, mobile casino, original style and web design and bigger welcome bonuses

Original casino style and website design

New Zealand has regulated online gambling long time ago and gambling is seen as a fun activity, but also a hobby. NZ players are allowed to gamble on offline operators, but the operators themselves are prohibited in setting their base of operations in New Zealand. Here is a list of casinos that accept players from New Zealand and offer NZ dollar as the currency.

NZ gambling laws - Gambling Act 2003

While PayPal might be the biggest provider of digital transactions, it is quite hard to find a paypal casino. Both Neteller and Skrill are more commonly seen as the goto choices in the online gambling world, although PayPal has been in the industry longer and many of us already have an existing account. But enough with the jargon, here are some online casinos that actually have PayPal as an option, from yours truly, the Casino Professor.

Disclaimer: PayPal isn’t available in countries where online gambling falls into a legal gray area. For example at LeoVegas PayPal is only available for UK residents, where the casino holds a license. Visit the online casino to see whether PayPal is available in your country. For UK players everything should be fine.

888 - Online casino that accepts Paypal

There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from and, like with everything, some are more popular than others. As many players, as many tastes and preferences there are, however, there seem to be online casinos that attract a large following. Discover here what makes these gambling sites so popular and get your piece of the action at these well-liked casinos.

Regular Casino Bonus Offers and Promotions

Customer support and Language Options

Here are Casino Professor’s recently added online casinos. Since the professor is always on the hunt for new casinos, this list will be constantly updated.

To view all casinos, view online casinos page.

The online casinos that appear on the Casino Professor website all operate under gaming licenses that guarantee honest and transparent operation, meaning you as a player can place your wager in a secure environment. However, some online casinos have such a solid reputation, they can be considered the most trusted in the industry. Find out which online casinos are considered as such and how they might able to offer you a great gaming environment.

There are a few aspects that trusted online casinos have in common. These include a longer history, multiple brands, great transparency, excellent customer service and a considerable amount of deposit and withdraw options.

The UK is probably the biggest gaming market in Europe and therefore there are quite a few online casinos to choose from. Luckily, the Casino Professor has done the research on your behalf and cherry-picked the best UK online casinos to gamble. See Professor’s UK online casino list below.

Besides being the biggest gaming market, it is also one of the most mature ones as well. Gambling in the UK is regulated by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005.

UK online casinos no deposit bonus

Casino Professor’s Online Casino Selection

There are a plenty of online casinos on offer and that is great news for players. However, it can be a challenge to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of quality and reliability. As you now have the research of the Casino Professor at your disposal, that separating process is being done for you. The online casinos, that appear here have been verified by the reliable source, that is the Casino Prof.

Casino Professor allows you to browse online casinos for example in the following categories:

  • EU online casinos
    • Browse the EU online casinos category if you prefer playing at a casino within EU jurisdiction, meaning the casino will have an EU Gambling license.
  • New online casinos
    • If you are keen on discovering something new, find a new addition to the online casino scene in the New online casino’s category.
  • Popular online casinos
    • Find out where most online casino players flock to in the Popular online casino’s section
  • Trusted online casinos.
    • The casinos with the highest ratings in terms of trust have their own category too.

New categories are being added on a regular basis.

Click on the arrows at the far left and right to view more casinos in the category you’re browsing in. When you click on the casino logo you find more information and the Prof’s analysis and rating for the casino in question. If you like what you see, you can click the ‘play now’ button, that leads you directly to the casino of your choice, so you can sign up and claim your bonus.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or you like to discover something new by browsing, you can choose an online casino by using different criteria. You can make your selection based on the type of welcome bonus, selection of games and payment methods on offer. Do have a look at customer support options and the availability of regular offers and tournaments if you consider that to be important to your casino game. If you like to cash out any winnings as quickly as possible, keep an eye on the wagering requirements and make sure an online casino accepts players in your country of residence, if applicable.

Finding the right casino bonus

Think of what type of bonus you would like to receive when signing up to an online casino, as there are different types of welcome bonuses on offer. These include; a percentage on top of your first deposit, free spins bonus, a combination of the two and a no-deposit bonus.

Percentage on top of first deposit

Many casinos offer a certain percentage on top of your first deposit amount. A standard percentage is 100%, yet there are plenty of online casinos that offer more. You might be keen to receive extra cash not only on your first deposit but on the second, third and fourth as well.

If you are one of those players, who loves free spins, you might keep an eye out for casinos with an attractive free spins bonus, that you can wager on your favorite games. There are online casinos, that treat you to both bonus cash as well as free spins on your first deposit(s).

In case you are a rather cautious player, you might be interested in a no-deposit bonus upon sign up. This means that when you register, you receive an amount of playing credits or free spins, with which you can win real cash* before you commit to making your first deposit.

*often terms and conditions apply

Although many players are keen on a welcome bonus of some sort when signing up at an online casino, many high rollers prefer not to receive a bonus, so that any money they play with is wager-free and can be cashed out, if desired at all times

As a player, you might have your preferred payment methods to make deposits with and it is good to check whether an online casino offers the payment method of your choice before you sign up.

At an online casino you like to play all your favorite games and perhaps you are keen to discover new ones. Whether you like to play slots or table games, make sure a casino has the games of your choice on offer. Perhaps you are keen on games from a certain game developer and you like to choose from a wide selection of games from your favorite game producer. If you like variation, you might want to ensure that the games selection is as such, that there is plenty to choose from if you want a break from your favorite online slots or table games. Nowadays table games can also be enjoyed at a live online casino.

Plenty of players seldom need to contact an online casino’s customer support desk. If you are a high roller, however, or otherwise a player that would like some extra attention, check when the support desk at a particular casino is available and how it can be reached.

Most online casino support desks are available every day of the week, yet not all are available 24 hours a day. You can contact many casino customer support desks via online chat and email, yet your preferred method of contact might be by telephone and you like to be able to call a local number, rather than an international one. Also, if you prefer to be addressed to in a language other than English, double check if the casino has customer support available in the language of your choice.

Casinos Of March 2018

The fastest, easiest way to find a top rated online casino in Canada matched to your personal preferences.

  • Get a generous free bonus that suits your playing style
  • Find the perfect site for your preferred casino games
  • See the features top Canadian casinos online offer players

Play the free and real money versions here

  • Offers both in-browser games & download software
  • Available on iPhone, Android, desktop and tablet
  • 600+ Games including Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & more
  • C$1600 Bonus for new Canadian players
  • Easy-to-use Web and Mobile casino
  • Payouts of over C$5 million each day
  • Some of the biggest progressive jackpots around
  • C$1000 Bonus for new Canadian players
  • Microgaming powered Flash software
  • Hundreds of great casino games to choose from
  • Some of the biggest progressive jackpots around
  • C$750 Bonus for new Canadian players

How we find and rank the top casino sites

  • Checked by industry bodies like eCOGRA
  • Casinos are licenced for safe, fair practice
  • Online banking levels of SSL encryption

Casinos ranked by what you need

Over 650 free slots available to play

  • Cashout within 2 days
  • More than 600 games
  • Popular deposit options

Play Smart With These Casino Tools and Top Tips

Get a great welcome bonus The first step in choosing any online casino bonus is to get the best possible deal. A bigger bankroll gives you more options and can mean the difference between leaving with nothing and cashing out big. This tool will show you the best online casino bonuses available in Canada right now based on the amount you have to deposit.

Play at casinos with a high payout % Payout is the percentage of funds returned to players in the form of winnings. Over time, you'll win more money at a casino online with a higher payout %. This map tool shows recent winners from Canadian online casinos that have been specially selected due to their above average payout %:

Choose carefully if you're after the big win Progressive jackpots work across multiple casinos online to give you the biggest jackpots possible. It's not uncommon for lucky players to scoop tens of millions of dollars on a single spin of the reels.

This handy tool calculates whether a progressive jackpot machine is COLD, meaning it has recently been won, or is HOT meaning the jackpot hasn't paid out in a while and is well above the average payout amount, which could give it a higher chance of paying out soon.

Choose games wisely Just like the payout % for the sites, online casino games also have a payout %. The amount given back to players in the form of winnings can differ significantly between games, even those in the same category. It's not uncommon to find two slot games with wildly different payout percentages, so once you've found your perfect casino, spend a bit more time finding your perfect casino games online.

We also recommend taking the time to try games for free, and getting to know their individual rules and quirks, it will save you a lot of pain in the long run. We recommend you try out live dealer games if you'd like to experience a truly immersive online gambling experience. Click on the icons below to get information on your favourite games and to try them out for free:

Play your favourite games for free or real money

Make sure your casino works on mobile We recommend using a casino that works on your mobile device, so you always have access to your account and money if anything ever happens to your home computer. Being able to play your favourite games on the go is a plus too. Choose your mobile device below to find the best Canadian casino apps that are fully compatible with it:

All our selected mobile casinos will offer you:

  • Easy banking and fast payouts
  • Free and real money games
  • Simple setup and instant play All mobile casinos

Your guide to great online casino gaming software

  • Graphics and sound quality
  • Ease of use
  • Game variety and gameplay
  • Payout %

Try free games at several online casinos to find your favourite casino software

How to sign up to an online casino for free

You've chosen a site, but how do you sign up? What information will be required? Don't panic, the whole process takes less than a couple of minutes, and we will walk you through it.

Once you have chosen one of our sites, click on the “Play Now” button. That will take you to the site's software download page.

Download the software

Download the software from the site. Casino online software is often quite small, and is quick to download. Once it is installed, run the software.

Fill up the form that lets the casino know you are a real person, that you are over the legal age to play, as well as providing them with your place of residence, etc. (as they need to know you are in a country where it is legal to play). Note that you don't enter any credit card details. That comes later, when you choose to make a deposit.

play some games

This is normally as simple as clicking on a game you want to play and letting it download. You normally need to download a game the first time you play it. This allows the sites to keep their software small (many of them have over 400 games) and it also means you don't fill your hard-drive with games you don't want to play.

You can skip straight to this step if you want to play gambling games for real money. Here you enter your payment details, and deposit cash into the casino site. With that done, you also become eligible for a deposit bonus. Again, you click on the game you want to play, download it, and away you go.

As you can see, playing at a casino online is easy. Why not give it a shot today?

Earning Great Real Money Promotions

When you sign-up to a Canadian online casino for real money and make deposits, you'll have access to generous and ongoing promotion offers. Weekly and monthly cashback offers, double player points, prize giveaways like holidays and cars, and regular deposit bonuses; all of these can be yours as a real cash player. Real money players at an online casino, Canada based or otherwise, can also take advantage of exclusive free spins on the latest slots as and when they're released.

Casinos that will accept your deposit

Save yourself a lot of hassle and frustration by making sure your chosen casino accepts your preferred payment options.

We only recommend casinos offering fast payouts, trusted banking options, and Canadian dollar support

Have questions related to gambling? Don't worry, our FAQ has you covered.

Which Online Casino Do You Recommend And Why?

In short, any of the sites featured on this page are great choices for Canadian players. New casinos pop up all the time and we spend time depositing and playing at all of them. If we had to pick three of the best Canadian casinos though, we would choose Spin Palace, Jackpot City or Ruby Fortune. They all feature 100s of games, have great deposit bonuses, excellent customer support and unrivalled levels of security.

How do I choose an online casino?

You've got two options - either spend hours doing the research yourself, trying all the sites and software out - or use an expert casino guide site like ours. You can read through tons of 100% independent online casino reviews, get the lowdown on each one and then stat playing today. Our reviews allow you to find out in advance what games are available, whether they support Canadian players, and what sign-up bonuses are available.

Can I Play At International Casino Sites?

You most certainly can. All the international sites we recommend welcome Canadian real money players. Playing at these sites is easy to do. While Canada doesn't have many home-grown sites, and some provinces haven't yet legislated for local sites to open up, you can easily play at international sites. However, your winnings are taxable, so make sure you pay the government its due when you cash in at the best online casinos.

Are All The Sites Listed Here Safe To Play At?

The early days of the online gaming industry had some bad apples, but the vast majority of today's online casinos in Canada are safe, reliable, and fair. We know that because they are certified for fairness by the well-respected gambling auditors, eCOGRA. This means that the payouts and random number generators used in their casino games, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, faro, and keno, all comply to the industry standards. They also used cutting edge privacy and encryption software to ensure your financial and personal data is protected, so you can enjoy your favourite online casino games with peace of mind.

In Canada, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the official authority which is responsible for regulating and licensing gambling activity.

Finally, our team has also downloaded the software supplied by each site we recommend to ensure it is free of viruses and spyware. That allows you to relax and enjoy your gaming, knowing that we have rated and reviewed only the very best, safest online casinos for Canadian players.

How Do I Make Deposits?

There are a huge variety of online banking methods that Canadian players can use to fund their account. They vary from credit and debit cards, to e-wallets such as Neteller, UseMyBank, and Click2Pay.

How do withdrawals work at online casinos?

Withdrawing your winnings in a quick and secure manner is simple and you can use many of the same banking methods you used to make a deposit. Because you are withdrawing real money you will probably be asked for some form of identification. Bear in mind that different payment methods take varying amounts of time until they process your withdrawal request. If you want the money fast, try using an e-wallet.

What games will I find?

All of our recommended sites offer hundreds of the best casino games online. A large number of these will be made up of slots games. There is an enormous variety of slot machines online, so whether you want 3-reels, 5-reels, progressive jackpots, or bonus games, there is a game for you. There are also traditional table games, such as roulette and blackjack, baccarat, video poker as well as variations on those games. Whether you want real money casino games online or free online casino games, our selected sites have the game for you.

Do I really get a welcome bonus?

You certainly do. Our chosen casinos all offer generous welcome bonuses that boost your starting cash. You will be given that online casino bonus after you make a deposit. However, you won't be able to immediately withdraw your money (otherwise you'd be getting free money). Instead, you will be asked to gamble a little before you can withdraw your money. But hey, gambling is why you are here!


Not at all - our best online casino Canada has to offer, along with our other top picks, let you try hundreds of games free, with no download required. Or, have a look at our free online casino games page to try your hand at slots, roulette, blackjack, and many others. Once you're happy with the game and understand how it works, you can then make your first deposit and start winning real money!


Absolutely. Mobile casino apps and games are increasingly popular, both for free, and real money. All our best rated Canadian casinos online offer either apps, or no download games, for all types of devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. All you need is an internet connection to start enjoying the best online casino games.

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