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Craps basics : Craps is a dice game taken part with dice. It is a game of probability! There is no skill in playing Online Casino Craps. ( Play Craps Online )Each time the dice are rolled, the probabilities of any set of numbers coming out are always exactly the same.The game is divided into two separate parts, acknowledged as the coming out phase as well as the point phase.

The coming out phase : During this part, the player’s intension is to roll either a 7 or an 11 as betting over the pass line. In case a Craps is rolled, indicating a 2, 3 or 12, this bet loses. A point is set once a player rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.

The point phase : During this part, very similar number like the point is required to be rolled sooner than a 7 is rolled.

Craps betting strategy : This will take a moment to learn however as soon as a fresh player grabs the reason following the strategy, the game is simple to play. An option is to bet over the ‘don’t pass’ bet. This indicates that over the initial or else ‘come out’ roll, the player will win over a craps and lose over 7 or else 11 roll. In case a point is set, this would win in case a 7 is rolled sooner than the matching number. At both parts of the game, diverse side bets can be made which will enlarge the player’s odds of winning.

Craps Variations : The terms exercised in Craps possibly will be different from one casino to a new. Mostly, the player who is rolling the dice is known as the “shooter”. A 7 or else 11 roll is known as a ‘natural’.

Craps Tips : One of the excellent strategies usually applied is to lay ‘pass line’ bets or else ‘don’t pass’ bets by placing the true odds bet as soon as the point has been set. You perform this by clicking toward the right of the point chip, and your next true odds bet will be laid. One better bet is to lay the 6 or else 8 to win bet.

Proposition Bets - These bets can be laid whenever you like. Barring the Hardways, they are entirely one-roll bets.

Any craps: You win in case a 2, 3 or else 12 are rolled. Pays 8:1

Any seven: You win in case a 7 is thrown. Pays 5:1

Eleven: You win in case an 11 is rolled. Pays 15:1

Ace deuce: You win in case a 3 is thrown. Pays 15:1

Aces/Boxcars: You win in case a 2 or 12 are rolled. Pays 30:1

Horn Bet – These are bets placed over 2, 3, 11 and 12 moreover placed suddenly. A player wins in case one of these numbers is thrown. The pay-off is decided by the number tossed. The remaining three bets are subsequently lost.

Hardways - The bet over a Hardway number wins in case it is rolled the ‘hard’ way sooner than the ‘easy’ way or else a 7 are thrown i.e. like a double. A Hardways bet over 8 will win on 4-4, also lose over 7, 6-2 if not 5-3.

Learning how to play craps is quite simple; however it can appear a bit problematic at first though. In case you hold dreams to join a gambling net of craps players or you simply desire to play craps on a lark, there are definite essential craps rules as well as craps strategies that you need to learn before.

Besides pure casino gambling amusement, the point of playing the craps game is

  • Rolling a precise number sooner than rolling a 7. The initial roll – known as “coming out” decides which number is required to be rolled once more ahead of a seven.
  • This number is termed as a point. A point can be a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or else 10.
  • In case a 7 is thrown sooner than the point, (return); your bet is lost, (the game is ended.) then the process begins yet again.
  • The pass line is perhaps the most essential as well as the very foremost bet you must learn. This is the primary bet in the craps game and is laid ahead of the come out roll. This bet
    • Wins in case a seven or 11 is thrown over the come out roll.
    • Loses in case a two, three, or 12 is thrown over the come out roll.
  • In case a point is thrown over the come out roll, the pass line bet wins in case the point is hit sooner than a seven.

The don't pass line - is the contradictory of the pass line bet. This bet

  • wins in case the pass line loses
  • Loses in case the pass line bet wins.

The come - is laid following the come out roll. Also very similar rules relate to this bet like the pass line bet.

The don't come - is the contradictory of the come this bet

Bet that a specific number will be thrown sooner than a 7

Bets like this are known as "place" and "buy" bets, which indicates that diverse numbers have diverse house advantages as well as payouts. Here are a few further odds:

  • 7 rolling: 6 in 36
  • 6 rolling: 5 in 36
  • 8 rolling: 5 in 36
  • 4 rolling: 4 in 36
  • 10 rolling: 4 in 36

Bet that a seven will roll ahead of any specific number - bets like this are what we call "place loser" as well as "lay bets".

This was a bit craps game basic coverage. Apply these rules by playing it over the web for a moment and get used to the bets. After that you are geared up to learn further on the craps casino card game.

Talking on online craps rules, there is pretty a little to memorize. The toughest piece on craps is the betting. The real game alone is rather simple and as soon as you settle the betting deals you will have no troubles in learning how to play the game.

Craps is usually a game wherein numerous people are occupied, though, with online craps, you are playing by yourself, and thus, it is significant to know the online craps rules of play.

There are two dice caught up in craps. There are numerous diverse roll variations, a few of which have significance whereas others do hold a specific position in the game. As rolls of two, three, seven, eleven, and twelve are important

The places comprise rolls of four, five, six, eight, nine, as well as ten. Among the entire diverse rolls in craps, seven is the central. Lots of people place bets over seven only, winning or losing in case it is thrown.

The player is acknowledged as the shooter, the shooter is the one who will roll the dice. In case the shooter throws two dice having very similar value result, the roll is in that case acknowledged as a hard roll.

A soft roll happens once the rolled dice vary in values. For example, in case the shooter throws a two with two, this is acknowledged as a hard four. In case the shooter throws a two along with five, this is acknowledged as a soft six.

Craps acquire the play once the shooter throws a two, three, or twelve.

Online Craps Rules: Betting

This is where the game of craps happens to puzzle. Two bets acknowledged as don't pass line as well as pass line bets are two of the most essentials within the game. By means of online craps rules, you are supposed to bet by falling chips over either line, by means of your mouse.

Winning by means of these betting in craps are comparatively easy. They give even money also in case the don't pass line wins, the pass line will lose, and as before is valid back to front.

Online Craps Rules: Game Play

The shooter have got to place the bets over the don't pass or else pass line. The come out roll is the first roll placed by the shooter. In case the shooter throws a seven or else eleven over their come out roll, the pass line will be the winner.

In case the shooter throws a two or else three, the pass line will lose, moreover the don't pass line will win. In case the shooter throws a twelve over the come out, the don't pass line will be considered as a push, also the pass line will win.

A four, five, six, eight, nine, or else ten over the come out roll, is acknowledged as the point also a white puck will be sited on top of that number.

At this time the bets can follow once more by means of free odds betting, this will be a support to the original pass or don't pass bets you laid before. These are wings of the original bets, not fresh bets.

There is so a great deal further to learn on the online craps rules, please take a jiffy to do your homework also learn on the subject of the diverse betting as well as shooting strategies. ( Refer Casino Betting Guide )

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If you have never played craps before then the articles below are the place to start. We cover everything from the basics of the game and terminology to to more advanced topics such as the house edge, probabilities and strategy and systems.

Learn the basics of the game and some important bets.

Find out what the odds are for the individual rolls of the dice.

Tips for winning and reasons why there is no sure fire system.

We outline all of the possible bets on the craps table.

Learn what the house advantage is for the various bet types.

A guide to all of the terms used on this web site and at the tables.

Playing on the Internet

If you already know how to play craps or have just learned to play the sections below cover playing on the Internet. Find out about the various game types online as well as information on choosing a casino the pros and cons and some suggestions on how to play for free.

Learn about the various craps games found on the Internet.

We look at the advantages and disadvantages of playing online.

Learn about online casinos and how to get started gambling online

Find out how you can play craps without risking any money.

In addition to the information listed above we also cover the History of Craps where you can learn the origins of the game. If you do not find what you are looking for we also list some extra Craps Related Resources. Alternatively check out Craps at Wikipedia or search Google.

Craps Online Guide 2018 - Introduction, Strategy & Tips

Craps is one of the most exciting casino games around. Even though the table may look a bit confusing at first, it isn’t as complicated as you may think. Craps is offered by most, if not all, online casinos both in download and no download versions. However, it's important to choose the right casino to play at before you leap in to playing the game.

Different factors are important to different people when it comes to choosing a casino, so to help our players find the right casino for them our team of gaming experts have personally reviewed each of them. Use our craps online casino toplist above and read our online casino reviews to find the best craps casinos and pick the best online casino bonus or casino for you.

Craps Online Play Rules – How to Place Bets at the Table

The craps table looks a bit complex when you first take a glance at it. There are many different bets in craps, and the table is marked up with all the different betting possibilities. The table looks the same online as it does in a regular casino and the game play is the same. All players (also called ‘shooters’ in craps lingo) place bets on the final number which is rolled on the two dice. The game play is as follows:

1. Choose which bet you want to make, and place your chips on the bet you want. The shooter must place at least the minimum bet on the pass line, or the don’t pass line. Other players at the table can also make a bet.

2. The players take turns in rolling the two dice. The shooters first roll is a ‘come out roll’.

3. The shooter keeps rolling the dice until they get a losing combination:

a. If the come out roll is a 7 or 11 the pass line bet wins, and those who bet the don’t pass bets lose, and then round ends.

b. If the come out roll is a 2,3, or 12 (called ‘craps’). Then the don’t pass line wins, the pass line loses, and the round also ends.

4. If the shooter rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 on the come out roll then the number rolled becomes the point number.

5. The shooter continues to roll the dice until he or she rolls the point number or a 7.

6. If the point number is rolled, then pass line bettors win and don't pass bettors lose. If a 7 is rolled, pass line bets lose and don't pass bets win.

7. Once a shooter loses out then players change and a new shooter takes his/her turn at the table to roll the come out roll. Then all players once again place at least a minimum bet.

There are a number of bets available that you can place after the come out roll. If you want to know all the different Craps bets read through the Craps rules guide in order to learn how and when to place all the individual bets.

Craps is an exciting game using dice and a craps table;

This casino game possesses unique rules;

There are a lot of different craps strategies to choose from;

The casinos presented on our top list offer the best experience to play online craps.

Craps Strategy- How to Win at Craps Online

Online craps game is a game of chance - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The edge is built in into the game to benefit the casino. It's a game where the player has to rely on luck, play for excitement and enjoy a good time. That said, online craps is one of the better casino games from a player's perspective. If you make good bets (there are also a number of bets with huge house advantage) you'll have a decent chance walking away from the craps table with a profit.

Unfortunately, there are no craps strategies that can give you the edge against the house. What you can do, however, is to reduce the house edge to a minimum to maximize the chance of winning. Among all the bets that are available in craps, some offer worse odds than others, some much worse. On the other hand, some bets give you odds that make you more or less even money against the house. If you can find these bets and stick to them in the midst of chaotic craps action, your money will last longer, and you may very well leave the casino a winner.

The field bets are placed on the very large sections in the middle of the table. This is a one-roll bet and you win if the next roll is a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. You win 1 to 1 if a 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11 is rolled, and more for the 2 or 12. You lose your bet if a 5, 6, 7 or 8 is rolled.

The Big 6 & 8 Bets are paid even money, yet they are the same as the place bets just with worse odds so it’s better to play the place bets.

The horn bet is a proposition bet which works as four bets in one, and you bet one unit on each number. However the horn high is played more often and with five units instead of four. If you are betting $5 for example, one unit would go towards the 2,3,11 and 12, and the fifth unit would be an additional unit on one of these numbers. The pay-out is 4 to 1 for the 3 or 11, or 7.5 to 1 for the 2 or 12, and you lose with any other number.

Both these bets pay 30 to 1. Aces wins if a 2 is rolled, and Boxcars wins if a 12 is rolled. You lose when any other number is rolled.

You win if you roll a 7 and lose with any other number, and the payout is typically 5 to 1.

The best bets to make in Craps are luckily also the easiest ones to remember, and also the most popular ones to make. They are safe and easy bets to make with a low house edge, and are marked on the table (as shown below) making it easy for the player to place the bet, as opposed to some of the more obscure bets which involve knowing the game etiquette.

This is the most common and important bet in the game. With a house edge of only 1.41% it’s also one of the best bets in all casino games. The pass bet is made on the come out roll, and are made on the area of the table marked Pass Line. You win the bet if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, you lose if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, and if a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 is rolled the point number is established and the round continues. If the point number is rolled before a 7, the pass bet wins, if a 7 is rolled before the point number, the pass bet loses.

The don’t pass bet is the exact opposite of the pass bet. Instead of betting that the shooter will win, you’re betting that the shooter will lose. At a live casino this is called betting against the table, and you’re normally betting against the other players. You place your chips in the sections marked with the 2 in the image above. You win the bet if the shooter rolls a 2 or 3, it’s a stand off if the shooter rolls a 12 and nobody wins, and you lose if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11. With any other number the point number is made, and the shooter needs to roll a 7 before the point number to win the bet. If the point number is rolled before the 7, you lose.

A come bet works in a very similar way to the pass bet, but it’s made when the round is in progress and after the pass bet point number has been made. You place your bet in the come section on the table, the next roll after you place your bet then becomes your individual ‘come out roll’ where you can win or lose, or a point number for the come bet is established. If the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11 with the come out roll, the bet wins. If the shooter rolls a 2,3, or 12, you lose the bet. If any other number is rolled the point number is set. This point number is completely independent of the pass bet point number and pass line bets. If the shooter rolls the come bet point number before the 7, the bet wins. The payout for the bet depends on the point number which is rolled.

Just like the don’t pass bet works in the opposite way of the pass bet, the don’t come bet also works in the direct opposite way of the come bet. It’s made while the round is in progress after the pass line point number has been made. After you place your don’t come bet, you win, lose, or the point number is made with the next roll, the come out roll. You win if the shooter rolls a 2 or a 3, you lose if the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11, and the bet is tied if a 12 is rolled. With any other number the point number for the bet is made and if a 7 is rolled before this number then you win the bet.

Combining Good Bets with Better Bets

The house edge of the simple craps bets is already very decent for a casino game. But don't run off to the table just yet, you can actually do even better than that. There is a bet that you won't even find indicated on the table: the odds bet.

The odds bet is a side bet you can make in addition to your original bet at any time once the point number has been made. You can ‘take odds’ when you have already placed a pass, or come bet, and ‘lay odds’ when you have placed a don’t pass or don’t come bet. The bets are not marked on the table:

The bet is placed behind the pass, don’t pass, come, or don’t come bet, and you are placing your money on whether the point number or a 7 will be rolled first, depending on your original bet. You win if the original bet wins. You can increase, remove, or lower the odds bet at any moment in the game.

Odds pays 2 to 1 on points of 4 and 10, 3 to 2 on a 5 and 9, and 6 to 5 on a 6 and 8. Usually odds bets are limited to two or three times your original bet. For example, if you have made a $10 pass bet, you could bet another $20 as a 2X Odds Bet. This reduces the house edge to 0.6%. However, once in a while online casinos run promotions that allow much higher odds bets, which then bring the house edge even closer to zero, as you can see in this table:

A craps online strategy that will reduce the house edge to an absolute minimum is to play simple pass or don't pass bets and always follow up with as high odds bets as possible. There are many kinds of craps players out there - those who enjoy to play it safe and slow, the high-rollers, and players who like to place risky bets for the thrill and excitement. If you would like to learn about every possible craps bet you can make at the table, read our in-depth craps strategy article.

If you prefer to adopt a betting strategy when you play craps online, there are various options for you to choose from which can be applied when placing your bets at the craps table. Knowing the best and worst craps bets and how to play them makes a big difference, or using specific online craps strategies such as the 5-count craps strategy which was developed specifically for this game. To read more about craps betting strategies take a look at our craps betting strategies guide which outlines the best strategies to play successfully.

You won’t have much time to think about which bets you want to make as this game moves incredibly fast – you may get ahead of yourself and place bets you don’t really want to make, or forget your bets that are still active on the table simply because you get caught up in the moment. It’s important to establish before you start playing how much you are willing to risk. If you are a regular player there are also different ways to build a craps bankroll, such as playing with particular bonuses and practicing playing free online craps first. Read through our craps money management guide in order to increase the amount in your account.

Practice Your Craps Skills By Play CasinoTop10's Free Game

Playing free online craps is a good way to learn the game and improve you gaming skills before you play for money. A craps session at a live casino can be quite an exhilarating experience if you come prepared, and to play craps online is a good and exciting way to do so. This game has very particular lingo used whilst playing the game, so it’s useful to brush up on the craps terms in order to fully understand what is happening at the table, and if you end up playing at a live casino it will also help immensely.

Craps is essentially a simplified version of the old English dice game called Hazard, which dates back to the 14th century and was referred to in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. It became popular in France throughout the middle ages and was brought to the USA by a French aristocrat in the 19th century. At this stage the game was known as crapaud ("toad" in French) and became extremely popular in the African-American community.

Now known as craps, it grew in popularity further with the advent of casinos throughout the 21st century. Today, craps online is loved by a whole new generation and it is now played at craps online casino sites by millions around the world.

What are the best online casino craps real money bets?

The best online craps play you can do is to bet on the Pass bet, Don’t Pass bet, the Come bet, and Don’t Come bet. You can also add the odds bet to reduce the edge further.

Is there a craps strategy to follow?

There is no particular strategy that will have you the edge over the house, however you can play smartly and pick bets with good odds, and reduce the amount of time you place bets with terrible odds.

What are the worst craps online bets?

The Field bet, Big 6/8 bet, Horn and horn high bet, Aces or Boxcars, and Any 7 are the worst online craps game bets.

When can I play the odds bets in craps online?

The odds bet is a side bet you can add to any of your original bets once the point number has already been established. You put this bet behind the pass, don’t pass, come, or don’t come bet.

Can I practice online craps for free?

Online craps practice is great for players to try before playing for money. Play craps online for free here at CasinoTop10.

Pick a Craps Online Real Money Casino to Play At

If you want to spice up the action when playing online, you should play craps for real money at an online casino for desktop or a Mobile Casino. It doesn't have to be much; just a few dollars will make the game a lot more interesting. All the craps online sites listed above and below offer real money craps games. If you try to stick to the basic craps strategies - and avoid the risky bets like Big 8 and Any 7 - the house advantage will be close to zero and you'll get a lot of craps entertainment for a modest first deposit.

Craps Online #1: Canadian Online Craps Guide 2018 and Free Games

Craps online, through our site is offering so much more now than free casino games.

We have another trainer for you right here and it’s one of two dice games you’ll find in online casinos. Craps online is for those that like pulse racing games that come with varied betting and payout options with nice rewards when you roll the perfect dice.

Throughout this craps online article you’ll learn of the pass line, the come out roll, the house edge and the types of machines you can play for crap money and for free! Welcome to your craps online guide.

Before trying play craps online free, you have the best source for craps strategies to read

So we have put together a little selection of ‘craps free’ games to experience for yourself what casino craps is like, whether you play for fun or online craps real money you won’t need luck as it’s just for practice, look at the game and assess the betting that comes with it and today you’ll be a beginner, in a few days you’ll be a pro. Wins and real payouts will come but for now, we would all expect loses if you are beginning, thankfully the free gaming makes it less impactful. So what better way to begin by playing free with a craps trainer, it is the only way of making it forward and keep acquiring the skills in a safe free environment? Crap gambling hits all the marks and this internet experience can see you racing towards big win by playing for real money with craps online and huge numbers between the various casinos we hold in our top 10.

Our guide will discuss some key point through the article from the game’s beginnings to how you can benefit from playing free games before heading directly to the casino to try and win the jackpots. It’s realistic gaming, one to share with your friends that have never played it. What’s more important is that these games actually reside in the casinos online, so you get the full effect no matter what.

The craps online game you play for free carry the same option, features, odds as the craps online do for real money, there is no change, so if you are having a great run of wins in a practice game of craps online, imagine what you could be winning if you played for real money in a live craps game or tournament. Just don’t kick yourself should you land one hell of a prize in practice mode. We have a lot to go through and discuss regarding craps online so you may wish to commence note taking because not only do we cover a vast amount about the game but we also have a large stockpile of information in our Craps online section found within our website but we will come to this at the end as a reminder.

With a basic ‘craps simulator’ demo game, you can master the most important strategies to win

Although craps online began as table game at a Las Vegas Casino, it has since moved its way over to the Europe continent and has become increasingly popular and more widespread in recent years. There’s usually a great atmosphere and lots of excitement around a craps table, with all eyes on the shooter as they roll the dice! You can find as many as twenty players around a craps online table and the casino usually has multiple tables each with its own dealer, stickman and boxman.

Craps online is an adrenaline-charged dice game with a devout army of players and there are numerous advantages to playing online craps for free when you first start out. Firstly, it involves no risks, so that means no real wagering or stake money and most importantly no loss of real bankroll. Craps has a lot of different bets available to you as the player so it’s understandably better for you to be totally familiar with the rules of craps before playing online at a real casino. You’ll thank yourself for heeding our advice because no player goes into craps online and makes a huge profit with so called beginners luck. There are tactics to behold and use, and thusly you’ll need to learn the craps game rules before you play craps online.

100% online craps that is free to play 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at no cost and no download

Learn to play craps online with a free craps practice table at Casino Bonuses Index are exactly that… Free. This means you can play craps all day long, with no obligations or downloads needed and we offer the same great software that you’ll find at the casino, free online versions by developers such as Microgaming, Betsoft, Realtime Gaming and 1x2 Gaming. Similarly, you can play free versions of other popular types of table games and live casino such as Holdem Poker, Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack from other top software providers like NetEnt and Playtech here all in one place.

This is a very good way to practice all the strategies that we offer you through our strategy guides and craps tutorial, think of them as a craps strategy simulator. It’s also the best way to learn the game rules and how to place the correct types of wager that’s used as you play the game of online craps online real money is there to be won.

This is your ‘free online craps’ article and we’ll update this regularly with new tips and free games

There are many methods you can use when gambling like this, playing free games is like using a craps strategy simulator but in real time and also craps online has a very simple theme for a game full of chance, you bet on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice in the hope you win. Where it becomes more difficult is knowing about all the different betting that’s available, even down to proposition bets. Luckily this is laid out on the table where all the bets are placed before rolling the dice. You make a bet by placing a chip or multiple chips on specially marked areas of the table, of which craps online has many. Depending on how much of a gambler you are, you can choose from a number of bets, all with different odds on your payout or winnings. Craps game rules dictate that the shooter must throw the dice with one hand and that they must hit the end of the table to count as a valid roll. If the player fails to hit the point number after a few come out rolls then the current craps online round will end. Time to for a craps tutorial and start shooting dice with a 100% free craps game?

You wanted craps for free so we gave it to you and there’s a lot more to come from us for you

With nearly 10 years of specialized experience with online casino games, we bring you some of the best free titles in the industry to date. They have been developed by some of the biggest casino software developers and give you the chance to exclusively test out the games before taking your experience online for real. All this and more is available to you for free and from the comfort of your own armchair, there is nothing to download and you only need an internet connection to play.

When you begin playing on our site you will find strategy guides and articles detailing strategies and techniques for the game of free craps. This exclusive material can help teach you anything from the basics of the game, i.e. how to play craps, to advanced strategies and a lot in between as we prepare you for your journey from free games to playing for real money.

Professional gamblers go through years of highs and lows mastering the game and practice craps online, all started with free gaming and if you think about it it’s not a bad way to start. Those playing real money games are behind if they have a loss, here you are always ahead. The website will always be updated with new news, so you may find the odd random game added now and again, so the original page will change from time to time.

When you’re ready to play casino games for real and to aim for the jackpot prize we also recommend you make use of some of the exclusive bonuses available from our list of Top 10 online casinos which can be found on our homepage, another free gift from us to you! Here you’re sure to find table games deposit bonus designed to inflate your wallet and hopefully help you with winning a big stack of chips.

With all this we hope we’ve spared you from having to buy a book on craps rules for dummies

There you have our craps online guide, well, part of the guide. We have many more words of advice, tips and hints in our specialised craps online section of the website found in the white menu bar, there you will find the rules of craps online, craps online pro strategy, the craps sharpshooter technique, craps online the patient field technique. If you wish to take the craps online action further into tournaments then we have a winning at craps tournaments advice and lately an analysis of the craps online player profile. Everything to help you learn to play craps.

Laced with specialized links you can navigate comfortably from one subject to another to learn more about craps online so that if you truly want to become a craps online player, you will not be short changed. See for yourself and discover a lot more about craps online than what we could even fit into this article.

You’ll also have a number of places to join once you feel ready to progress from the craps practice table to real money craps online for big fortune wins, instead of searching endlessly online, our selection rounds up every single bonus from all reputable casinos, so you won’t need to go anywhere else. It’s going to be exciting! Enjoy the ultimate experience from our craps online section.

Found out you’re not compatible with craps online? Why not try out another exciting free to play casino game from the list below:

Welcome to This site is an online Craps guide designed for all types of Craps players. As you can see from the navigation on the left hand side of the page, our Craps guide offers a wide range of information.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, playing Craps online is quite different from your typical Craps game. For example, many of the best Craps casinos will allow you to play free, giving you the advantage of learning the game first before ever placing a single bet. In addition to this, online craps games run much faster then those at your local casino. Much of this has to do with the software and not waiting for the dealer or other players to post bets. Some online casinos will provide you with two options for playing Craps online. The first is the standard single player game, while the second is the live Craps games offered by a handful of Craps casinos. These games use a web cam to video stream the games to players via the internet and give you the feel of playing in a real casino. Whatever way you choose to play Craps, one thing is certain, and that’s to know your limits and stay within it.

Our site covers multiple topics for learning to play Craps online including the basics of the game, strategy and online casinos offering Craps tables. Good, solid craps strategy is key to winning at Craps, and you must have a solid grasp on the rules and the various bets.

In recent times we have seen a distinct transition from the land based casinos to the online world. As technology has evolved, it has given us the opportunity to play Craps online. In 2010 it has reached a point where the casinos are bound by the strictest levels of fairness and honesty. Their transparency is better than ever and players can feel safe that they are playing a game with fair odds. In fact, these days most online casinos and poker sites are legal and safe. If your interested in playing poker and casino games, you can check out this sites legal us poker sites page.

When it comes to playing online Craps, I have carefully selected the best casinos, specifically for Craps players. Unlike blackjack, where you can play at a number of poker sites, the game of Craps is only available at casinos. They are ranked in order of what we feel provide the best levels of fairness, customer service, software, bonuses and entertainment value. Everyones tastes differ according to what they are looking for. You can be rest assured though, we have done the testing and research. The casinos we have listed are the pick of the bunch.

If you are anything like I was when I first began to learn how to play Craps, then you might think it’s all a bit daunting. No to worry though, we have everything you need to learn the rules and provide excellent tips on the best ways to play.

The most popular bet to make is called the Pass Line bet. With this bet, it starts on the shooter’s first roll of the dice. This is called the come out roll. On this roll to win we need the shooter to roll a 7 or 11. If that happens that is the end of the round and we have doubled our money.

If the shooter happens to roll a 2,3 or 12 though, that mean we lose. Funnily enough this is actually called “Craps.” This ends the round and a new shooter is selected (online we are always the shooter).

Now for the fun part. If a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 is rolled, we have now established the “Pass Line Point”. To win the round, that same number must be rolled again before a 7 is. If that happens we win, if a 7 is rolled first we lose. That wraps up the most important bet that you have to learn. You can of course read more about the different types of Craps bets if you wish.

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