caribbean stud online

caribbean stud online

Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino table game that can be found in Macao, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Aruba, Tunica and all other casino towns. While it doesn’t have the same appeal as blackjack, roulette and craps, this is mostly due to exposure. Those other games have been around hundreds of years, while Caribbean Stud was only invented in the 1980’s. Our website is a comprehensive guide to playing Caribbean Stud online, and it’s our goal to increase the game’s exposure.

Why not try out our free to play game below? There’s no need to register, no email address required, no downloads and of course, no deposit needed. Simply click and enjoy our free Caribbean Stud game.

Best Caribbean Stud Online Casinos

If you’re already familiar with how to play, than you’re probably also aware Caribbean Stud is a game where you most often lose slow, but in the times you win you’re paid big. In other words there isn’t as many small winning and small losing sessions as there are in say blackjack or baccarat. The strategy most use is to deposit a fixed amount and play until it’s either gone or a progressive jackpot is hit. Using this strategy, the best casinos for playing Caribbean Stud online are those with a large jackpot and a considerable bonus. Our suggestion is to sign up at each of the online casinos listed below. When you’re ready to play deposit at whichever has the largest jackpot that day.

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  • 1 Royal Vegas

Increasing Your Chances at Jackpot Win

Other than using the strategy of downloading multiple casinos and then taking advantage of the bonus offer at whichever has the largest jackpot, it’s also important to know strategy for optimal play. The leading expert on this topic is Michael Shackleford. His easy to follow strategy is covered below.

Raise with a pair or higher, fold with less than Ace-King and for Ace-King hands follow these four rules:

  1. Always raise with A-K-Q
  2. If the dealer’s exposed card is an Ace or a King and you have a A-K-J also raise.
  3. If the dealers exposed card is Deuce to Queen and one you have A-K and a match to his exposed card, raise.
  4. In all other circumstances fold your Ace-King hands.

Following this strategy you’ll on average raise about 52% of the time, and your element of risk is just 2.56%. This is of course the risk on your ante and raise bets.

Best Caribbean Stud Online Jackpots

Casino math experts such as Michael Shackleford and Robert Hannum perhaps might advise players to not even make the $1.00 progressive jackpot bet. I’ve never heard either suggest this, but it seems logical based on the high house advantage. The bottom line is – the entire reason most play Caribbean Stud is for the hope of hitting a jackpot. It’s also therefore logical advice to simply play at whichever casino has the highest jackpot and then leave it at that. However for those who are math-minded I’ll continue briefly.

In order for $1 side-bet to have positive expectation the jackpot needs to exceed $217,900. This assumes standard odds of 100% Royal Flush, 10% straight flush, $500 four of a kind, $100 full house and $50 flush. At RTG casinos such Lucky Red and Aladdin’s Gold making a flush pays $75 instead of the standard $50. This reduces the breakeven point for RTG jackpots to $201,071.

To illustrate why this of minor importance here are the true odds of being dealt a winning bonus bet hand in Caribbean Stud Poker:

While the math experts might encourage players to stick to RTG casinos for the extra $25 that comes an average of once every 508 hands, most playing real money Caribbean Stud don’t want to get too hung up on this. Jackpots rarely if ever exceed $100,000 online. Again, the reoccurring theme here is to find the highest jackpot possible. This is done by having many casinos downloaded, opening several and taking a looking. On the day you’re playing deposit with whichever casino happens to have the highest jackpot. If it’s RTG casino that day, great the $75 instead of $50 decreases your expected loss by 4.9 cents per hand.

There’s a silly myth that Caribbean Stud has too high of house advantage to catch on as a mainstream game. Tell this the cruise ship companies with packed tables, or Atlantic City casinos that have massive pits. The only reason Caribbean Stud isn’t well spread is because casinos in many towns haven’t done enough to market it. Games like blackjack have movies made about them, and celebrity stories such as Charles Barkley losing an estimated $10 million playing such games. Sir Charles would have been far better off playing Caribbean Stud online.

The idea the game has a high house advantage is also a myth. Caribbean Stud is an ante game, so while initial bet has a 5.2% advantage to the house, there’s a player advantage on the raise. This assumes you’re playing optimal strategy, where you only raise when doing so is a smart bet. As mentioned earlier the element of risk factor playing properly is 2.56%. This is better than Let it ride (3.51%), European roulette (2.70%) and Pai Gow Poker (2.6%). Also at most online casinos the bonus clears at 100% rate at Caribbean Stud while usually far lower rate at Roulette and Pai Gow Poker.

With all this considered, there’s no reason at all to avoid Caribbean Stud Poker. It’s all a matter of opinion. If you’re looking for more small losing and small winning days, sure stick to baccarat, blackjack or craps. If you’re looking for the best lottery ticket on the net, while having some fun, no doubt playing Caribbean Stud online is the best choice. If that fits your profile, get downloading! Smart Caribbean Stud Poker players have dozens of online casinos downloaded and each time they play, they deposit at whichever has the highest jackpot. All this said, we wish you the best of luck and encourage you to navigate other pages of our website to learn more about this awesome game.

Caribbean Stud was invented in the mid to late 1980's. Since then, the game has been a favorite in land-based casinos. With the advent of the Internet, Caribbean stud became a standard inclusion among the table games menu of most online casinos. Here in 2018, the real money online casinos offer Caribbean stud for both dollar-players and high rollers. Today, I want to talk about where you can play Caribbean Stud for free online.

Free Caribbean Stud Casino Games

Players can play for free on many of the real online casinos. Just about every casino offers freeplay versions of their games for promotional purposes. If you play and like what you played, then it's likely you might make a deposit and start playing for real. This is a good way to test out software, learn how to play a new game, or just enjoy the freebie version of a cutting edge website's games. The information below shows that these aren't always perfect options for the non-gamblers, though.

Play The Free Game Here - No Download Required

Real & Win Real Money!

Microgaming Casinos - The free option on Microgaming casinos only works for those who haven't played for real money on that particular Microgaming site before. Players who start to pay real money for gaming won't be able to go back and play the free games anymore.

RealTime Gaming Casinos - If you're from the United Kingdom or most other places in Europe, then Microgaming or Playtech casinos are likely going to provide all the gambling opportunities you need. If you live in the United States, then the field of options is much more limited. That's where RealTime Gaming helps. RTG casinos offer Caribbean stud for freeplay or real money, so American casino game enthusiasts should be able to enjoy free gaming on about 60 to 65 different RTG sites. Seven different Rival Gaming sites offer similar play opportunities for American non-gamblers. Those are the best options for casino-style gaming for American and UK players, but let's take a look at some free options for people who don't want to register with a casino site.

Caribbean Stud Poker by Bob Stevenson - Bob Stevenson's Caribbean stud poker app as a beat the dealer mode, tactile buttons, and a progressive jackpots. Stats also show the total hands you've played and a best hand option. This free installation came online in 2011 and works for Android 1.6 and up.

22-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook - GApp Technology has a 22-in-1 Casino and Sportsbook application which includes a number of classic games, new games, and oddball options. Video poker, slot machines, and blackjack dominate the list, but players also get the option to play Caribbean stud, keno, baccarat, and red dog. Sportsbook betting is also available, with authentic odds and smooth gameplay. The current version is for Android 2.2 and up.

Grab's Caribbean Stud App - The mobile application design company Grab's marketing slogan for their "Caribbean Stud Poker" app states it's the only official app for the game. That might be the case as far as Facebook gaming goes, because users of this app who connect to Facebook receive VIP bonus chips and gifts for Facebook friends. The game itself has a 200:1 payout. Players need a 2.2 or later Android OS.

Classic Caribbean Poker - Classic Caribbean Poker is a creation of QiYo Creative Network Technology Company Ltd. This 6-deck game offers a 20,000 max chip stack and is available for Android 2.3.3 or later devices. Payouts in this version follow the standard pattern, with a royal flush paying 100:1 on the main game. Downloading the app is free.

I should warn players that not all casino applications are the same. I found reviews for one Caribbean stud app where multiple players suggested the designers didn't know the hand ranks. Several complained they had winning hands, only to find they were losing. Another mentioned they won with 10-high against a pair of aces. Though you'd be more offended if this were a download you paid for, you have to be especially careful when choosing free apps, since the developers might not pay quite as much attention to detail. Read the reviews before downloading and go with the weight of the opinion--not just one well-written review.

More Free Caribbean Stud Games / Apps

Playing on Facebook, with mobile gaming devices, or at the real money casinos aren't the only options. Many gambling sites offer tutorial programs and Java script instructional tools to help new players learn the game. Money is on the line in a land-based casinos, so don't learn while you're playing for real money. Get an idea for the bets and what kind of return you can expect before stepping up to the Caribbean stud poker table at the live casino. The same goes if you're playing for real money at an online casino. Practice and learn for free, then decide whether Caribbean stud is the game you want to play.

The payouts on the Caribbean stud main game include 100:1 for the royal flush, 50:1 for a straight flush, 20:1 for a four of a kind, 7:1 for a full house, 5:1 for a flush, 4:1 for a straight, 3:1 for a three of a kind, 2:1 for two pair, and 1:1 for any one pair (which qualifies).

Caribbean stud offers a progressive jackpot payout, if you make the side bet. This bet is quite similar to the progressive used in Let It Ride (or it's Microgaming equivalent, Poker Pursuit) these days, if you're familiar with that game. The royal flush pays 100% of the progressive, while the straight flush pays 10% of the progressive jackpot. If you get a four of a kind and the side bet is activated, then you receive an additional $500. A full house pays $100, while a flush pays $50. Keep in mind that most side bets in gambling have a higher house edge than the main bet. Sometimes, the house edge is much higher, which is the case with Caribbean stud. Of course, that might not matter much to you, if you play for free. Let's talk about where you can play for free online.

Online Caribbean Stud 2018 Guide - Rules and Strategy

Online Caribbean Stud (sometimes referred to as Casino Stud Poker) is a poker game, similar to 5-Card stud Poker. It differs from other poker games (with an exception being Pai Gow Poker) in that it is not played against other players but against the house. It is, more or less, Poker for a casino table setting. Since players play against the house and not against other players, there is no bluffing involved. What you are dealt is what you’ve got and it’s placed in contention with what the dealer’s got in hand. The only decision there is to make at every hand is yours, as the dealer is always set in Caribbean Stud’s ways. You decide, upon having placed an ante and looking at your cards – as well as one of the dealer’s cards – whether to contest the hand or fold. If you decide to fold, you lose the ante. If you want to contest the hand, you have to place a bet to the value of twice the ante. The origins of Caribbean Stud Poker are not really known. There are contrasting stories and allegations typically thrown about in this regard in several online forums and game guides. What is sure is that the game is a relatively contemporary one, with origins in the mid- to late-1980s and that it’s strongly associated with Aruba, an island country in the Caribbean, allegedly because it was first played by American tourists on cruise ships headed to Aruba.

What should you know about Online Caribbean Stud?

Caribbean Stud is a very simple game. It's extemely exciting and entertaining in comparison to other casino games.

You can often find Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud games to play.

You can learn a Basic Strategy which can help you decrease the house edge to 3%.

Why play Online Caribbean Stud?

Firstly, having been created to be played in casinos, specifically for table settings, Caribbean Stud translates well into an online game. It is also far more convenient to play online. There’s no travelling arrangements that have to be made, as players may play from the comfort of their own home. There are no time restrictions to abide by either, with players being able to log onto an online casino account and play at any time of the day or night. Those who choose to play on a mobile device may also play while on the go, as well as in tedious situations such as waiting in line. Playing online is more cost effective too, with no extra cab fares, hotel costs, drinks costs and the rest. Online casinos offer tables with a much lower minimum bet too, while others offer sign-up bonuses for no other reason than players creating an account for free. Online casinos offer many other player bonuses too, including recurring and featured bonuses. Additionally, high-rollers don’t have to worry about showing off their chip stack when they play online. Banking with a trustworthy online casino is certainly safer than walking out of a land-based casino with pockets full of cash. And finally, playing online allows beginners to play for free to practice and up their game while learning the rules and gameplay. Casino Toplists allows just that with our Free Caribbean Stud flash game.

Where can I play Online Caribbean Stud?

Due to the game’s widespread popularity, there are many online casinos offering Caribbean Stud to their patrons. Choosing one however, may prove to be quite a feat. Online casinos differ on many fronts and offer diverse experiences. To discover which casinos are the most suitable for Online Caribbean Stud enthusiasts, simply visit our Casino Reviews page. Here you will be able to discover which online casino best suits your needs and desires, as we evaluate casinos along several different criteria including bonuses, software quality, game variety, house edge, banking options, withdrawal speeds, security, customer service and much, much more. You may try your utmost to play in accordance with a suggested strategy in order to lower the house edge and maximise your winnings, but making the right choice as to the right online casino to play at may prove just as lucrative.

How do I play Online Caribbean Stud?

As we said earlier, if you’re confident about your dealt hand, raise by doubling your ante. If you’re not feeling too good about your hand, just fold and forfeit your ante. To win, you are simply required to reveal a hand stronger than the dealer’s. But the dealer must qualify to play in the first place and to do this, he must hold an Ace and a King. If he doesn’t, you win at a ratio of 1:1 to your ante, but your raise is pushed back. If the dealer qualifies to play and is beaten, you are paid 1:1 on your ante and a ratio determined by the quality of your hand on your raise. If the dealer wins, you lose both your ante and your raise. The rules to Online Caribbean Stud are quite straightforward, but it is always recommendable to carefully study the rules to any casino game you play. Take a good look at our Caribbean Stud Rules for more in-depth information regarding the game, including gameplay instructions, hand rankings, pay-out ratios and how to win progressive jackpots.

Online Caribbean Stud Strategy

It is always smart to play a casino game with a sound strategy in mind; doing otherwise is rarely profitable and almost always leads to an augmented house edge. Yes, you’ve only got one decision to make when playing Online Caribbean Stud and that is whether to fold your hand or not. But when is it a good idea to fold? When should you choose to raise and continue? And what of the side bet that’s got to do with the progressive jackpot win? Have a look at our Caribbean Stud Strategy page to obtain answers to all of these questions. You may also learn something about the game’s history as well as the house edge associated with Caribbean Stud Poker there too. Some players like to harp on about using complex probability charts to reduce the relatively high house edge typically associated with Caribbean Stud Poker. Remember however, that basic strategies are very easy to learn and are most of the time, just as effective.

It was first played in Aruba and on cruise ships circling the Caribbean islands. The game was clearly invented with profit in mind, since it has a rather hefty house edge. That said, the game quickly became popular, possibly thanks to the simple rules and the similarities with poker. Other than sharing the five-card hand and same hand ranking as most poker games, the game itself is not really a true poker variation, but more of a blend of poker and casino blackjack thanks to the fact that you play against the dealer instead of other players and there is no bluffing involved. With the popularity of the game growing, it was soon adopted by Las Vegas casinos. Thanks to the large house advantage, Caribbean Stud did not have a huge following when it was first introduced, this led to some casinos adding a progressive jackpot with an optional side bet in an effort to attract more players to the game. This version was more widely accepted and has become extremely popular.

Caribbean Stud has become one of the most popular games on the casino floor, but with a house edge of 5.2% this is a game where you get out as soon as you get up. With potential payouts as high as 100 to 1 on a wager, Caribbean Stud appeals to just about every type of casino player.

It’s become so popular because it’s a very easy game to play yet there is still player involvement in the game play. Players must make the decision to stay in a hand or fold out, leaving your ante bet behind if you fold. Dealers must qualify for the hand by making at least A-K or higher, otherwise the hand is dead and the player wins even money on the ante bet.

Once the dealer’s hand qualifies, the player has to beat the dealer’s hand in order to get paid on their bet. If the player wins against the dealer they will be paid odds based on the strength of the hand. This will vary in each casino, but most payouts for Caribbean Stud are as follows (and you can see by the difference between the payout and the probability why this game carries such a big edge for the house):

  • One Pair pays even money (1 in 2 hands probability)
  • Two Pair pays 2 to 1 (1 in 21 hands)
  • 3 of a Kind pays 3 to 1 (1 in 47 hands)
  • Straight pays 4 to 1 (1 in 246 hands)
  • Flush pays 5 to 1 (1 in 526 hands)
  • Full House pays 7 to 1 (1 in 694 hands)
  • 4 of a Kind pays 20 to 1 (1 in 4,167 hands)
  • Straight Flush pays 50 to 1 (1 in 72,202 hands)
  • Royal Flush pays 100 to 1 (1 in 649,351 hands)

Caribbean Stud has one simple strategy rule to follow to lower the house edge as much as possible: The golden rule of Caribbean Stud is to raise the hand if you’ve been dealt a pair or higher. Experts have fine-tuned this strategy down to when you’ve been dealt A,K,J.8.3 or better, anything less should be folded. When following out properly other odds can be determined.

If you fold your hand every time you have less than the above you should, on average, fold your hand 47.5% of the time. That leaves you with 52.5% of the hands you are dealt as raising hands. Dealers will always keep A,K, so they will qualify for the hand a little more than 53% of the time. The dealer will not qualify 23% of the time that you raise, or one in every four hands.

Caribbean Stud odds, if you have raised correctly, will predict that the dealer will win, on average, 13.5% of the time and the player will win 16% of the time that they qualify to play the hand. The dealer will also not qualify on hands that you raise 23% of the time. A push hand will occur on average every 62,500 hands, or roughly 0.0016% of the time.

The house edge in the game of Caribbean Stud will differ based on how the player plays the game. If a player folds everything less than A,K,J,8,3 they can expect to give up a 5.3% house edge. Other common strategies include raising when one of the dealer’s up cards matches (5.35% house edge), raising on a pair or better (5.4% house edge), or raising on A,K or better (5.7% house edge).

Some players employ a strategy that sees them raising with every hand, but we don’t recommend that practice as it gives the house a whopping 16.5% edge. Even worse, Caribbean Stud odds can be found by betting on the jackpot. This bet can give the house as much as a 26.5% edge. Stick to the optimum strategy for the best chance to get ahead of the game, and walk away when you find yourself up 10 winning hands or more.

Online Caribbean Stud offers the chance for players to get together and collude against the house. If all the players at the table shared their hole card information they could increase the chances of predicting what the dealer is holding. However, even with an edge like that the house will still hold an edge over the players, somewhere around 0.5% at a six-player table. Most online tables will not have that many players seated.

The game may sound a bit complicated to a new player but the reality is that it is very simple to play and takes only a few hands before it all becomes clear. New players should take the time to play a free version of Caribbean Stud online to get used to the game before investing in real money action.

Caribbean Stud is a popular card game that is played against the house (casino), and not against the other players at your table. This is a variant of poker that is played in brick and mortar casinos as well as a growing number of online casinos, and is sometimes referred to as ‘Caribbean Stud Poker’. To play Caribbean Stud online you will need some basic rules and strategic information if you hope to play like a pro and have a chance at winning some money in the process of having fun. Oh, and feel free to play our free online Caribbean Stud game here.

Caribbean Stud has been around for some time despite the fact that many players are just now discovering the game. It is said to have been developed by a man by the name of David Sklansky. Caribbean Stud has been around since the early 1980’s and was known as Casino Poker for some time, but this name could not be patented. The game had different rules than any other variant of poker at the time, which drew many people in who had tired of the same old poker game.

Caribbean Stud finally got its current name when Sklansky was invited to play the game in Aruba, where it was finally patented. The rules were changed once again to make the game even more engaging and those rules have remained the same up until the present time.

There are many stories as to how the game of Caribbean Stud actually came to be and who invented it. The Sklansky story is the most well accepted, although some claim that a man by the name of James Stuttle invented the game when he was visiting the Caribbean while going through a truly difficult time in his life that corresponded with a poker losing streak. No matter who invented the game, you can now play Caribbean Stud online, to the joy of many people around the world.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Online

The game of Caribbean Stud has some hard and fast rules that are generally unique to the game. Most casinos follow the same basic game, so that you can easily go from website to website and expect the same general flow and rules of the game.

When you play Caribbean Stud online for real money you and all of the other players will need to place your ante on a marked area of the virtual table. The dealer will then say “no more bets”. At this point the dealer and all players will receive five cards, all face down. The dealer will turn over one of his five cards and the players will be able to look at their cards. Players are only permitted to look at their own cards.

At this point players have to make the choice to play or to fold. They will place their bets, which will be twice the amount of their ante in the bet box if they would like to play. Players who fold forego their ante. After all of the players have chosen to either play or fold, the dealer will reveal his hole cards. The dealer will only play with an ace/king or higher. At this point the dealer will compare their card with the player’s cards from left to right. The player’s hands that are more valuable than the dealer’s card win the game.

Important Caribbean Stud Rules

When you play Caribbean Stud there are some specific rules that you must be aware of to play the most etiquette friendly game possible. Even when you play Caribbean Stud online you need to be aware of these rules so that you do not impede the flow of the game or the play of those that are also involved in the game.

First and foremost, there is only one hand per player. Players cannot communicate whatsoever about their hands or the hand of any other player in the game. Players who break this rule will forfeit their ante and they will be out of the game. If the dealer deals the wrong number of cards to a player it is considered a dead hand. If the dealer is dealt four cards in a five card hand, they must deal another card to complete the hand. If any other misdeal is experienced the hands are all void and the cards must be shuffled again. Each player is also required to keep their five cards in view at all times. Once the cards have been viewed they have to be placed face down on the table and cannot be touched again. If a dealer shows a hole card before the no more bets call is announced, all hands are void.

There are a number of strategies that you can consider when you play Caribbean Stud online. The goal of any strategy is to reduce the house edge. A good strategy to remember every time is to avoid folding any pair or higher and you should always fold anything less than and Ace King hand. This is one of the simplest Caribbean Stud strategies but works quite well in most games. So, to reiterate you should always play any pair and you should fold hands that have less than an Ace and King.

When you have an Ace and King hand you are really helping to erode the house edge. That being said, you need to make sure that you play this combination in the best possible manner, and this is a Caribbean Stud tip that you should keep in mind at all times. If the dealer shows an Ace or King as their face up card, you should raise Ace, King, Jack and Ace, King, Queen. You should also raise if the dealer has a face up card is a deuce through queen and you happen to have the same card in your hand. If the dealer has a deuce through a five as their face up card, you should raise Ace, King, Queen or Ace, King, Jack. The best combination when you play Caribbean poker online is the Ace King combination, so always keep this in the back of your mind.

Generally the house edge is about 5.2% on the ante bet. When you use the Ace King combination you can lower it to as much as 2.3% and the house edge can be as high as 5.5% depending on your cards, the rules, and the other players and their hands.

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