bingo games bingo games

bingo games bingo games

Key Points of Bet365 Bingo

- No Deposit Bonus of ВЈ10

- 500% bonus on every 5 pounds you spend

- First Deposit bonus of 200%

- English, Spanish, Swedish Language Supports

Key Points of Ruby Bingo

- ВЈ16 FREE - No deposit required

- 300% first deposit bonus

- 10% Cashback Bonus

- Games Supports 72 ball, 90 ball, chat games, slots, instant cards

Bingo Fans At Biddeford Have Something To Cheer For Posted on Nov 3

There is big news for all those waiting for their bingo prizes of Wednesday afternoon. The State Investigations Unit took back its decision about the explanation of a statute. This week, members will be able to resume their cash prizes. This news was given by the investigation team to the club members on Thursday. After [. ]

Drag Queen – An Amazing Element of Christian Bingo Posted on Oct 13

Drag queens have always attracted the attention of viewers around the world. And, the stage of bingo is no different from it. Recently, in a exciting event the host of the popular bingo hall, who is more popular as a drag queen organized the Drag Queen Bingo Event. Yes, we are talking about the Christian [. ]

Bingo Clubhouse- A New Site Is Coming Soon Posted on Sep 19

When anything new emerges in front, and when it seems good, there’s no single way to avoid the resistance towards it. Similarly, there is no resistance towards the new software of Bingo called Bingo Vision. This week there is an opening of a new bingo website- Bingo Clubhouse. This website would have brand new software [. ]

Refer A Friend Of Online Bingo Goes Beyond Expectations Posted on Sep 8

An online bingo websites- has recently launched a scheme known as Refer a Friend. The result was found that the response for this scheme jumped over anybody’s expectation; however this event was not at all surprising for many regular players. This site is actually known for its great customer service, thus it introduced refer [. ]

Pechanga pacing up summer bingo with a bang Posted on Aug 16

The Pechanga is organizing a bingo session at Thursday to wrap up the summer bingo series held in celebration of 10th casino anniversary. The last session will witness $45,000 in “must go”, together with $10,000 Pick 8 with $5,000 door prizes told as per casino press release. Bingo is among the earliest tribal draws while operating [. ]

How to Play Bingo On Facebook? Posted on Sep 24

There are 2 most popular things going on in the world, one is the game- Bingo, and the other one is the social networking site- Facebook. Now, imagine the outcome after combining these two hits, naturally the combination will be a smash hit among the players. When many activities such as throwing parties, finding troubles, [. ]

How To Figure Out A Good Bingo Site? Posted on Sep 12

These days, there are plenty of choices left open for the followers of online bingo games. In that case, it certainly becomes somewhat difficult for most of the people to distinguish between the good places and the unfavorable places to play bingo games online. Well, you do not have to worry about as we are [. ]

Future of Online Bingo Posted on Aug 22

Bingo- the most popular game since a very long time, however the online bingo is also gaining a similar ground due to the availability of World Wide Web in almost all the places across the globe. There are many other reasons of its popularity too; they are crowd issues, weather issues as well as troubles [. ]


Before you can start having fun playing bingo at a website, you first have to find a good and valid website. There are many promotional offers which will lead you to good websites but hardly any promotional offers tell you about the licensing status of the casino. That is something you should find out on [. ]


There are many bingo callers who do not use a timer to make the calls. Callers who have been doing this for a very long time has got a great hold of it but then also not using a timer can only increase the chances of calling inconsistently. Bingo is always punted as a really [. ]

While it is surely possible to play free bingo games throughout the day, your exposures and opportunities of becoming a real winner will keep on changing on the basis of the bingo sites with which you are associated.

If you are familiar with the three main types of Free Bingo, and select the most suitable one, then nothing will possibly go wrong as you will know the right thing to expect and the anticipated rewards that are related to the game of bingo. The three types are:

  1. Free Bingo Sites that are sponsored by Pay Bingo Sites.
  2. Free Bingo Sites that have Pay Bingo Rooms.
  3. Pay Bingo Sites that have Free Bingo Promotions.


These kinds of sites offer bingo games for free that are played just for fun on the whole. They are prone to having a “fake” currency, such as points, stars or free bingo pounds. You can win real prizes frequently in chat games, tournaments, prize draws or other prize structures such as point’s exchange. For example, on you can win £100 in cash vouchers every Sunday simply by winning the greatest number of free games in seven tournaments of one hour duration that are spread throughout the day. They also have a system of monthly prize draw in which they will usually give away prizes that carry high value and appealing enough such as an iPod Touch, Nintendo Wii or Prada Handbag.

In other sponsored sites, such as WooHoo Bingo, you can exchange stars earned from winning the free bingo games for small prizes, but they are intelligent enough for making it difficult for the players to win the game. Due to this reason, it could take several months and hundreds of hours of playing free online bingo games that can take you closer to the eligibility to exchange a prize.

One of the most common features of these sites is that there is no direct cash component in their games. While you are not required to provide your card details, details you are able to play as long as you wish to and without paying any charges. This is because their ultimate objective is to inspire you to visit their sponsor sites (who are responsible for paying the running costs of the sites) and they will do so by displaying banners around the site and game, during the intervals or they may also send regular offers and promotions via email.

These sites are largely dependant on players to visit the sponsors occasionally, but they will not penalize you for not doing so. Therefore, if you are intending to have fun and win a prize sometimes, these sites should be your perfect companion for playing bingo.


This category of free bingo site belongs to those who advertise on their homepage with the slogan “play for free, win real cash”. Technically this message is true, if you join them and while you enter a room, you will find free games being played for small jackpots with real money. These amounts are generally smaller, and range from £1 up to £50, but generally it is being played with the smaller amounts for most of the times.

The disadvantage of these sites is that, it is popular with players that are trying to make a free buck. I have played in such sites before with over 400 players all competing to win a ВЈ1 full house game. The odds are therefore against you, and when you do win, the amounts are so small that it is not even worth considering or accepting even. In fact, it is this strategy that makes these sites a reasonable business model, as they are relying on the fact that you will get bored of playing for such small amounts and will then try the pay-to-play rooms on the same site.

The pay games on these sites can be really good, and you can win lots of money, but unless you are using the money you won in the free rooms, you are essentially making a deposit and risking your own money. If you are happy with this risk, or if you are prepared to spend a very long time playing for small cash jackpots against hundreds of players, then these sites, such as Cheeky Bingo and Posh Bingo could be best for you.

However, you are required to be careful enough and read their cashout rules properly, as some sites won’t let you withdraw your free winnings unless you have made an initial deposit.


The last and the final category are basically suitable for every other bingo site that exists. Bingo site owners do not want to give away too much free money because it can prove to be expensive for them. Some of the sites like Cheeky Bingo can afford to run on their own model because they have a huge budget behind them and large databases of players to make it an attractive business proposition.

However, “free bingo” is the holy chalice in marketing, and nowadays every site must have the inclusions of some or the other components of bingo with them, even if it is just meant for a few hours each week. Some bingo sites will have regular free games throughout the week, but these are used as a reward for their players who have a deposit, rather than a straight up freebie for everyone.

While this can mean that you have to make a deposit at first, what it does exemplify is that the site tries to offer rewards to its loyal players, which is a good trait for a bingo site. If you can afford to make deposits, then these sites could be a better choice for you, and when the free bingo games come around you can make the most of them to increase your balance or play without any risk. This is the best point perhaps that you are a valuable player for such sites and you are less likely to have trouble for making a withdrawal. In conclusion, it can be said that this is one of the most comprehensive account of playing online bingo games for free.

Bingo sites accepting VISA Card

Payment option through VISA is considered to safe, secure, simple and easy in any online transactions made. It is no exception when it comes to transfer of funds for playing Bingo. Most of the online Bingo sites use VISA payment options to deposit and withdraw funds. If you opt for playing online at Bingo sites accepting VISA Card, you need not wait to for the funds to get transferred since they are instantaneous. You can either do fund transfer to the Bingo accounts using VISA credit card or debit card. When you use VISA debit card, the fund gets transferred directly from your bank account to the Bingo account whereas on using VISA credit card, you can make the payment later depending on your bill period. When you use the VISA credit card option, you can opt for a higher deposit for playing. Few of the prominent Bingo sites accepting VISA Card are Smart Live Bingo, Bingo Hall, Bet365 and more.

Bingo Sites accepting MasterCard

When it comes to funding online bingo game accounts, MasterCard’s are very popular, as the bingo sites accept payments through MasterCard’s. By using the MasterCard one can easily make deposits and also do withdrawals for the winnings, this is quick, easy and also safe. You can do it through a reliable source. Most of the time players will have trouble in depositing the fund, but when it comes to MasterCard Bingo sites you can now easily do it through the tips gives by the Customer Care people. Using the MasterCard you can now do monthly billing too. So if you are looking forward for safe transactions then search for the MasterCard Bingo Sites and have a secure payment mode.

Bingo Sites accepting My Wallet

Are you looking for a safe way to transfer funds for playing Bingo? Use My Wallet is among the safest portal for electronic fund transfer and cannot be used without an invitation. You can only avail the services of Use My Wallet only if you have received an invitation from any of the registered users of the portal. Getting an invite is not that difficult since most of the bingo sites using Use My Wallet services automatically issue invites to their registered users. There are many Use My Wallet Bingo Sitesavailable online and the registration process can be completed in few steps. A mandatory sign up form has to be signed by you which include personal and financial information. Bank Wire, Debit Card Transfers and Credit Card Deposits are the three modes of depositing funds in Use My Wallet. You can choose from any of the three channels to make the deposit.

Once the funds are electronically transferred to the portal, you can transfer the same to your bingo account and buy bingo or casino tickets. With no worries about fund transfer, you are sure to enjoy playing bingo at Use My Wallet BingoSites like Bingo Hall, Vices- Bingo etc.

Bingo Sites accepting Neteller

Online gaming is the options which is opted by many players who prefer to spend their time enthusiastically. Neteller is the reputed company, which is renders attractive online bingo games which makes the player get involved in the game. Neteller Bingo Sites has created such a great demand that it has gather optimistic reputation with adherence of many other branded companies. Neteller Bingo is completely behind the growth of achievement and the rules with regulation drawn according to the mutual benefit for the customers and the company. The company maintains a rule that it permits the player from the non- natives of United States and their payment option vary from the natives of the mentioned country. At the beginning level it is also mentioned thatNeteller Bingo sites provides required benefits for the player which is all considered to be the better service and mere concern for the customers. The company literally aims at the player’s satisfaction and it also still provides the same. It is easy to create an account with Neteller and for updated information about Neteller log on to the site immediately.

Bingo Sites accepting Click2Pay

Not many are aware of the click2pay bingo sites which offer the players to transfer fund to the online bingo account so that they can make their payments through online. Transferring fund through this is reliable and safe. You can register in click2pay at ease, as you just need to fill the registration form which is simple by agreeing to the terms and conditions mention in the payment system.В Once the registration process is over you will get a call from the click2pay bingo sites to verify whether the given details are right or wrong. The click2pay is an alternative for the players who find it difficult to pay through debit or credit cards. The clck2pay bingo sites provides you with the best customer care option, so you can approach the help desk to clear all your doubts regarding the payment.

Bingo Sites accepting Moneybookers

Moneybookers is the best online wallet service which helps more than 14.7 million users. Most of the bingo players go for Moneybookers bingo sites as they help in instant transfer and also the cost for transferring the fund is affordable. You can sign up for free; accept the check deposits from more than 100 payment channels. Here mutli-currency support is also possible which reduces the cost of the transaction for the players who are from Euro and non-USD nations.В The process is simple, you just have to give your personal information, financial details and then sign up.В Once the process is complete one can transfer the funds safety through the Moneybookers bingo sites.

The main reason why the players choose to play is the security, fair game and then the convenience.В Not only that there should be proper procedure and security when it comes to transactions as transferring the funds play a major role in bingo games. To make you feel secure there are lot of PayPal bingo sites available which helps in having safe and secure transactions. This is an online firm which helps to transfer the money online, reducing the risks that are possible while transferring online.

Bingo players feel comfortable transferring the funds through PayPal than through the other methods.В PayPal bingo sites are a hit among the players online. PayPal is known for its reliable services rendered using the best software and provides the users with the best security services when it comes to transactions. So if you are a bingo player searching for a reliable site then try these PayPal bingo sites.

Bingo Sites accepting EWalletXpress Bingo Sites

Like other payment options eWalletXpress is also a great method for the bingo players who have trouble using their credit or debit cards for transferring the funds. By creating an account in eWalletXpress you can use it for funding bingo games and withdraw money from it. The registration is free. EWalletXpress is known for its reliable service and is secure, quick and safe; the bingo players can be assured about the financial details. All you have to do is search for the eWalletXpress bingo sitesand start your transaction. You will be able to come across lots of eWalletXpress bingo sites.

Like other payment options eWalletXpress is also a great method for the bingo players who have trouble using their credit or debit cards for transferring the funds. By creating an account in eWalletXpress you can use it for funding bingo games and withdraw money from it. The registration is free. EWalletXpress is known for its reliable service and is secure, quick and safe; the bingo players can be assured about the financial details. All you have to do is search for the eWalletXpress bingo sites and start your transaction. You will be able to come across lots of eWalletXpress bingo sites.

American Express is the brand name which concern specifically for the transaction of money between online players and the game providers. Generally, the term is abbreviated as AMEX Bingo Sites, where it is specifically meant for bingo players. The game adorers are required to perform the task to get into AMEX Bingo Site is to fill the application form online, in which the players are asked to mention their name, address to contact and account number for their entry into game. With all which they also requested to complete the filling details that are mandatory for the safe transaction. AMEX ensures safety and maintains details provided by the enroller confidentially. To know more about AMEX, get into the site which renders sufficient information any time.

American Express is the brand name which concern specifically for the transaction of money between online players and the game providers. Generally, the term is abbreviated as AMEX Bingo Sites, where it is specifically meant for bingo players. The game adorers are required to perform the task to get into AMEX Bingo Site is to fill the application form online, in which the players are asked to mention their name, address to contact and account number for their entry into game. With all which they also requested to complete the filling details that are mandatory for the safe transaction. AMEX ensures safety and maintains details provided by the enroller confidentially. To know more about AMEX, get into the site which renders sufficient information any time.

Bingo Sites accepting Instadebit

Being the best payment mode for online transactions Instadebit can allow you to safe online transactions. Registering in Instadebit bingo sitesis easy and will take only few minutes. Here you can transfer the funds safely and securely. The service is free once you are registered you can use it like how you write a check or use a debit card. Most of the Instadebit Bingo sites will have a secure way of transferring funds. So people who are looking forward for instant transfer of money can choose any of the Instadebit websites for money transactions are it transferring or crediting.

Jackpots are certainly the best part about the online bingo games. Each and every online bingo room tries to lure the players by offering tournaments with huge jackpots. For this reason, online bingo jackpot games have turned out to be the attraction of online casinos. And, if you do not have much idea about them, you may not be able to utilize your skills to win the jackpots. Therefore, let us first understand the meaning of jackpot in a deeper way.

  1. A cash prize pool which mounts up until the situations arises when it can be won.
  2. A big cash prize.

The first definition is more precise for the progressive jackpots in online bingo games. On the other hand, the second definition is basically a general one and applies to the terms like ‘guaranteed jackpots’, ‘guaranteed minimum prize games’, or ‘guaranteed prize games’. Each of the term can be defined and jackpots can be classified into various types. But, as of now, you can picture jackpot as a special huge prize, which is bigger than the normal prize in bingo games. In a normal bingo game, the amount of prize is basically determined by the amount of sold tickets for that particular bingo game.

Therefore, it means that the prize money of a normal bingo game is a variable figure, and it is determined by the total sum accumulated after the selling of tickets. On the other hand, a jackpot prize in bingo will be much higher than the normal prize. There are mainly two reasons behind the huge amount of bingo jackpots. Firstly, the bingo room themselves add some extra prize money as an incentive; in the anticipation that the jackpot will certainly attract large number of player. Secondly, when little amount of each ticket price is added to the jackpot prize pot; and, players continue to buy tickets and play the game until the jackpot is won. So, the prize money gets bigger and bigger with the passage of time.

You can certainly suspect some kind of catch related to the huge prizes in a bingo jackpot game. And, it makes the jackpot more complex than the regular bingo games. The rare occurrence of jackpot games makes it tougher to win. Either the number of players taking part in the jackpot bingo games is too high or the event must be a rare one. For these two reasons, the possibility of hitting the jackpot turns out to be quite low. By including the elements of card cost, number of bingo tickets or cards you can purchase for a bingo game, you will be able to come up with the idea of selecting a jackpot game to participate in.

So, let us summarize the types of jackpot bingo games available these days:

Guaranteed jackpots are also known as guaranteed prize games, and they are usually categorized into two types. In the first category, the amount of jackpot remains the same, i.e. fixed prize money. It does not matter how many players participate in the game, the pool amount will remain the same. On the other hand, the second one comes with a minimum guaranteed amount, below which the amount cannot fall. But, the jackpot amount can be higher on certain conditions, like high number of participants in the game. This type of jackpot perfectly fits into the category of definition number 2. Usually, the condition that set off the jackpot is regular winning of the bingo game, however, there are also some rare conditions that triggers jackpot, such as cover all within a definite number of calls. So, it is definitely wise to check out the rare conditions before joining the online bingo jackpot games.

In the case of progressive jackpots there is only one special trigger situation, but significantly the jackpot bingo prize is an exceptional separate pot of prize money. In case, the condition for the trigger is not met, the prize money is carried over to the next round and in this way it keeps growing with every stage. This type of jackpot falls into the category of definition number 1. Progressive jackpots are relatively tougher than the guaranteed jackpots.

The terms used by the online bingo rooms to represent the available jackpots are somewhat different. Some of the bingo rooms offer guaranteed minimum prize on all their games. Therefore, carefully check the type of jackpot available in the bingo room, before you join the game. Otherwise, it might get difficult for you to understand the rules of the jackpot, once the game set off. Along with, learn about the types of trigger conditions in bingo jackpot games, and how to set them. Familiarize yourself to the bingo jargons and acclimatize yourself to the situations which can help you to take better decisions to win the game.

When you sit down to play the game of Bingo, it is essential to know the objective of playing this game. Before you start playing you should read the bingo tips at and familiarise yoursef with the rules of this exciting casino game. Well here, the player needs to obtain a pattern on bingo cards after marking out numbers being called by host during the game. This is the foremost rule of the game and you should be well versed with it if you want to know how to play bingo.

  1. To begin with, the game of bingo you need to take a card from the host and take seat on the table. Once you have the card in your hands you are ready to play.
  2. You should have a look at the card in order to find whether any free space is present in your card or not. If you find any free space then it would be better to cover it with the help of marker. As mentioned above the host calls out numbers and players have to mark them out.
  3. If you do not know how to play bingo then you might find it difficult to mark out called numbers.Here is presented an example that helps in knowing how to play bingo.
  4. Consider a situation in which the host calls out number such as B-3. In such a situation, the players should search for column B in their card. Now they need to check for number 3 under column B. if you have number 3 in column B then place a marker on it. However, if 3 number is not present in column B then you do not need to make any changes to the column.
  5. In this manner, the host continues calling out numbers and players keep placing markers on them.
  6. Once you see a winning pattern made from markers, you can shout BINGO.
  7. The winning patterns generally vary from one place to other but the most common ones are straight line. The orientation of the straight line can be diagonal, vertical, or horizontal.
  8. Afterwards, the host asks the winner to call out marked numbers so that he can verify them. If all the numbers are correct then you are announced the winner of the game. You can collect the gift from the host.

TIP: In bingo, players should pay heed to every instruction being given by the host as it increases the chances of winning the game.

WARNING: Starters should always play with one bingo card at a time.

The question of the origin of free online Bingo games have not been answered, but it remains an undoubted fact that the game has taken an assured place all over the globe. In the UK and US especially, the number of people who play bingo games as in free online Bingo games is quite staggering to say the least. The game is of two major kinds based on the region in which it is being played; these are the 75 ball bingo games played mainly by the Americans (USA) on 5 by 5 cards (i.e. 5 rows and 5 columns) and the 90 ball bingo games played on 9 by 3 cards in the UK and other European countries. Both bingo games are possessed of slightly distinct calling methods, but are of more or less the same objective ultimately which is to mark off numbers in order to arrive at a suitable line of numbers which will make such a person a winner in the game.

The stage or floor on which people play bingo games have long since evolved from church halls and such to more and more sophisticated bingo clubs and now the internet. Thanks to the internet the number of people playing the bingo games has been on such a rise as to be mind boggling. People playing the free online bingo games have reached hundreds of millions. The game being a gambling game has been found to possess a certain pull to the hearts of people since it is usually free online. Another interesting attraction to the game lays it its simplicity to understand and compete or play.

To play bingo games, one should determine which one he would rather play in either of the 2 that is the 75 ball or the 90 ball as they have different calling methods as already mentioned earlier. We will now examine briefly the types of bingo game in details so as to foster a proper understanding of what the game is all about really. This particular piece will examine only the 90 ball bingo games.

In the UK version of the bingo games there are the 9 by 3 cards, this implies that there are 3 horizontal rows and 9 vertical columns. There are only 5 numbers per row leaving 4 empty boxes on every row on the card. The first column will have numbers from 1-10, the second column consists of numbers ranging from 11-20 up till the final column which is on a range of 80-90. These columns are usually filled one or two numbers per column with a rear 3 number column. Winning combinations include line this is a cover of five numbers horizontally. Two lines imply there is a cover of two lines on the same card; it has a higher winning than that of the one house win. Full house is the highest level of winning on the floor it involves a cover of all the fifteen numbers on the card. The record full house game of the national bingo games over there is about 1.1 million GBP.

The free online bingo games are quite the rave these days as all it requires is to download the game interface software for some providers or log in through the site for others. They are available to both USA type games and English type games allowing you to play bingo games from the comfort and with the convenience of choice relative to individual preferences. The record is such that close to $1 billion has been made in revenue and payout over the last 4-5 years. To play bingo games online now, simply search the web for the numerous free online bingo games service and pick a choice.

The game can be harmful in away that it can give you a lot a problem as you may have the habit to play regularly. Then you can have a problem with your family and with the relatives. The people don’t think you are good, because it’s just like an addiction. You can’t leave it. The more you play the more the mind want. So I think it’s a bad thing because it can hamper the personal life of someone. If you don’t want to get it done then please don’t get yourself addicted in it. As a result you will feel so much pain in it. The game is really devastating. It will make you feel as you have lost everything if you just don’t play it for one day.

If you download the casino software at any bingo website you can play with practice play money. Many people go with this option as they prefer not losing real money to the casino. The drawback of this option is that you get no casino bonuses. However, if you are a gambling spirit, you will go with real money deposits.

To play a game is not bad, but this game requires lot of money. So if you don’t think that you are getting this bad habit then the better way to deal with is back off. Other way you may lose money with your family. The decision is yours.

For all the Bingo game players, for all the gamblers who cannot go without the Bingo game hall and their Bingo game comrades we have got a wonderful surprise for you! Today, one of the most amazing casino games is already available on the Internet offering great multitude of its permanent lovers an opportunity to gamble without the demand to leave home. At this point you can play bingo right from your home.

One of the biggest fears that online casino games players suffer is that they are not playing at a secure online casino. As the top no deposit online casino in the industry Platinum Play shares your concerns regarding secure online casino games and has implemented measures to provide ensure that we are the safest online casino promotion in the business.

Bingo is one of the most famous and widely played games of chance. It is not very old, like other popular games like roulette or different card games, but it has very interesting history. Ask you grandparents or parents – they probably have played the bingo games once. And of course, the game has some featured episodes and facts, which make it even more interesting to play.

  • Bingo is often player by women-players – about 2.5 mln women prefer bingo games
  • Bingo is considered to be the game of older generation – 70% of all the players are more that 35
  • The winning chances are very high at bingo – 96% of players have won at this game
  • There are about 1.5 mln of possible bingo cards

If you’ve just started playing bingo games, you may be surprised with number of varieties this game possess. Great choice of different bingo games online casinos offer and you may find that type of game, which you like most of all. Usually, some of the games also offer jackpots, both progressive and non-progressive, so pay attention to this point while choosing bingo game in order to know how much you can win.

  • Neverminding the geographical location, the weather, the hour of the day the Bingo hall is constantly by you. Due to the Internet variant, now any player can gamble for as long period as he desires just from his or her home. The online version of the Bingo game is a lot faster than the common game and permits the gambler to sit back as all he or she has to do is to buy in Bingo the game tickets. Great deal of online Bingo halls allow new players to gamble in the flash version to find out what the game is and to try their abilities, while other online casinos offer the free no deposit bonus for all the newly registered players to test Bingo the game in an actual mode and find out the level of their game. The Internet version of the Bingo is the same as the common game, except some features. Also keep in mind that it's useful to swap some games, try our some online pokies for instance.

    For example, any player chooses up to 90 tickets earlier than each Bingo game begins by clicking on the selected tickets and then clicking on the “buy9rdquo; button. When Bingo the game starts, every gambler has a chance to choose the Auto-daub ability that will mark all the called numbers as they appear. What is more, this option will sort in Bingo the game cards according to the quantity of daubed numbers there are, for example the tickets with the most balls will appear on the left of the gambling window and those with the least on the right. The numbers appear quicker than in the actual gambling hall that makes the game last for 8 minutes top. As well, the top feature that differentiates web Bingo game casinos from the ground-based ones is the possibility to communicate online. The regular Bingo game casinos are against talking as it disturbs other players’ focus while in the web Bingo game casinos the talks are a vital part, as the auto-daub feature does all you should do instead of you, you may sit back and chat with your Bingo casino buddies on any subject you wish. Also, whilst you are waiting for the Bingo results, you may gamble the online immediate games in the same window and earn more club points. After all, web Bingo game halls entered a new period of the Bingo game making it more attractive and providing it a definite next of one of the most favourite web casino entertainments.

    BingoMania has been the go-to place for American and Canadian bingo fans for two whole decades, and once you’ve seen the extraordinary variety of games, jackpots, special events, promotions, and loyalty rewards that we offer, you’ll quickly understand why.

    Whether you’re looking to get your hands on a juicy jackpot while you’re curled up on your couch at home or you’re hoping to hook a full house prize during the interval at a big baseball match, you can enjoy the very best of BingoMania’s slots, video poker, table games, lottery games, and online bingo games on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

    To-date, we’re home to more than a million players, some of whom have skyrocketed to stardom in the BingoMania Hall of Fame. For example, Candyapple777 took home a haul of $10,000 after playing one of our popular jackpot games while tkboyce scored a mammoth win of almost $13,000 in one of our prize-packed bingo rooms.

    So, if you’d like to become one of our next big winners, it’s time you found out more about the different kinds of bingo games we offer…

    Types of Bingo Games You Can Play at BingoMania:

    • Guaranteed aka Fixed Pots;
    • Coveralls, aka Blackouts;
    • Fair ‘n’ Square;
    • Free Games;
    • Jumping Pots;
    • 4-Part Games;
    • 3-Part Games;
    • 2-Part Games;
    • 2nd Chance Games

    At Bingo Mania, you can enjoy the web’s biggest cash bingo games at home or away. With seven unique rooms to choose from and a minimum of eight games per room per hour, there’s always an electrifying event for you to participate in.

    Naturally, we know that many of you appreciate a bargain, which is why we offer a generous helping of free and cheap games that’ll help save you money while simultaneously boosting your winning potential. So, keep an eye out for our special monthly promotions where you’ll frequently find unbeatable free bingo offers to take advantage of. Plus, our budget-friendly dime and nickel games allow you to get even more bang for your buck.

    BingoMania’s unrivaled range of side and mini games means that you’ll also have stacks of opportunities to grab additional prizes while playing in our bingo rooms.

    At BingoMania, you’ll find some of the web’s largest coverall games in the Money Pot Room. The Money Pot Room is home to a mouth-watering selection of jackpots including $25,000, $15,000, and $10,000 Coveralls. Could you be our next jackpot winner? The only way to find out is to dive in!

    Themed rooms for all tastes and requirements

    You can play a variety of themed and unique online bingo games throughout each daily session.

    The Loony Bin is our standard 75-ball room where you can pick up cards for as little as 25¢ each while playing for prizes as high as $10,000. The Nut House Room offers equally exciting prizes at super-low card costs. But that’s not all! As a BingoMania member, you’ll also have access to specialty rooms such as the Party Room, where we host Free Bingo sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. If you’re a night owl, make sure you pay a visit to our Naughty & Nice and Pajama Rooms for some twilight fun and gossip, and you might just get to wake up the next morning with a winning grin on your face.

    No Networked Games = More Prizes for BingoMania Members

    Unlike many other online bingo sites, none of our rooms are networked, which means our enviable pool of prizes are only awarded to members of our loyal community. It also means that our site has a more homely atmosphere, which means there are more opportunities to form friendships for life.

    Never Miss a Game with our Mobile Site

    Thanks to the Puffin Browser app, you can log in to your account and enter any one of our rooms through your iPad tablet or smartphone device. Find out more about how to play on your phone.

    Here at America and Canada’s number one online gaming site, you can play multiple real money bingo games at the same time, pre-buy cards for future games, and take part in fun-filled chat games for a chance to earn extra free bonus prizes with your fellow roomies. We also have a stash of helpful information for bingo newbies who want to familiarize themselves with all the lingo and rules, as well as get tips on how to be a good player.

    So, what are you waiting for? If you’re eager to experience the excitement of online bingo and win big cash prizes, make sure you sign up today to become an instant part of our crazy community that lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps bingo. Don’t forget, you can claim $30 free with no purchase necessary when you join BingoMania today!

    Bingo Billy is one of the most popular bingo sites online, with great games and a real friendly atmosphere.

    Check it out and you will soon see why..

    It actually feels like a real bingo site - Many online bingo sites seem to be more like modified casinos, with a few extra bingo games tagged on!

    TRY IT OUT HERE - there are some cool new bonus features this month, with many cash prizes up for grabs..

    Including Crazy Hour promotions where instant cash prizes, up to $10,000 in total are to be given away throughout the month, as well as a 20% deposit booster bonus!

    Full details of the weekly competitions are in the newsletter you will receive when you join.

    If you're lucky, you might hit one of the progressive bingo prizes that gradually build up in some rooms until one lucky player scoops the jackpot.

    Lucky member InfiniteBlonde recently won a cool $61,000 in the high rollers room - on the Willow pattern. Check out the winners pages to see who is listed each week..

    Regular and new players can now enjoy some special new features: new and improved graphics and sounds, better social interaction, new rooms, more user-friendliness and customization options. The site is now also mobile friendly. It's easy and convenient to have a few quick games on your ipad or tablet.

    Check out the modern and fresh design !!

    Make new friends in the Live Chat games - there are some real characters here!!

    You can post your photo on the players board if you want..

    Players can also share photos and stories on the bingo blog :)

    Over 300 patterns are available!

    Progressives, CoverAlls, and Tournament games.

    eg Monday at the Movies - The Projector, Chair,and Popcorn patterns

    have big surprise jackpots, every hour between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m.

    There are always plenty of great games according to your budget..

    Jackpot games are available every hour, week and month.

    The biggest jackpot is in the Dollar Room - currently over $60,000

    Everyone gets the same amount of cards for a fixed price.

    This way everyone in the room has exactly the same chance of winning :)

    Once those numbers are called type 'Blackjack' as quickly as possible. First player to do so wins.

    Similiar to the chatgame GIN, played with the G,I,N balls

    After one hour, the chatter holding the lucky dauber wins the total prize.

    Lots of promos and daily deals to win cash prizes or gain bonus cards.

    Shining Gold Nuggets - Ladder game with every increasing prizes

    Magical Gold Fields - A hidden prizes of $400 given away each night

    Gold Panning Chat Game - Fun chatroom game with spot prizes.

    You can play fun online games, and make new friends at the same time.

    Highly recommended for Canadians.

    Popular games include Ocean Fantasy, Double Diamond, Trolling for Treasure, New tales of Egypt, Lost Inca gold, Carnival of Venice, Sugar Rush Summer, Jacks or Better, Great Reef, Fire and Ice, Hole In One, Monster Bucks and Lucky Fishing.

    All new players at are automatically enrolled in the best rewards program online. Basically the more you play, the better deposit and chat bonuses you get.

    Whenever you play at BingoBilly, whatever the games, you start accumulating points that take you up the VIP levels. Whenever you hit the next level you will be informed by email and any future purchases are automatically increased.

    • Great Themed games continuously running, so you never have to wait.
    • Multiple chat rooms to talk with other players all over the world.
    • Flash and Download (recommended) versions are available.
    • Mobile friendly for ipads and tablets.
    • Optional Auto Daub feature, so you don't miss any numbers.
    • Winnings are always credited to your account if you get disconnected.
    • Cool slots games and videopoker also available with 98% payout.
    • High security, with the reputable Parlay software.
    • VIP bingo rewards program for regular players.
    • 24 hour live support if you need any help.
    • GREAT FUN.

    150% Sign up bonus for all new players.

    Plus competitions and bonuses for regular players.

    2. To get started, simply enter a username and choose your password.

    3. Automatic 150% Bonus for new players - eg deposit $50, get $75 free.

    Quarters Room: sports nut 48 - $10,103.40 , Nancyhayden - $3,388.00

    Dimes Room: cindychgo - $20,265.50

    Nickels Room: trickordrink - $2,277.90

    Fair and Square Room: cdk8897 - $4,601.30 , prettysmartgal - $878.90

    ENTER - Bingo Billy

    UK 90 ball games

    (previously known as BingoLiner)

    You pick a table to sit at and chat through speech bubbles above your character!

    A nice new immersive and rewarding approach to online bingo. Check it out.

    UK 90-ball bingo with cute cartoon characters at sea.

    Go on a virtual cruise with JackpotLiner !!

    Note - This site is focused on British players. There are lots of regular players from England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. If you are in the US then check out our recommended online bingo USA pages.

    The software has been updated recently and now offers a slick and enhanced experience, with easy to navigate features. The previous version had unique software with 3d cartoon like graphics, but it was starting to feel a little dated. We think the new software isn't as 'cutesy', but is far more practible and enjoyable to play with.

    You can chat to people in the whole room, or just at your table. There is also a traditional chat window for chat with the whole room.

    The overhead table shot makes for a great approach to online bingo. You can also see by the colour of the players cards who is close to calling..

    You will also get 15 FREE cards to try the games out for yourself!

    * Huge progressive jackpots and minimum £350 regular jackpots

    * Manic Monday brings you loads of fun and table games!

    * Jackpot Jive - £400 minimum jackpots!

    * SpeedBingo every Wednesday

    * 50% back on all purchases once a week.

    Bingo or Slots players will love this site.

    New slots added - Monopoly and Cluedo, Blackbeards Booty, Posh Life, Lost City of Atlantis.

    Hi there! Are you looking for the high ranked online bingo games? You’ve come to the right place. Pick and choose from the top-ranked online bingo sites & games. has some of the best offers and deals, super-exciting bonuses and everything else that leads to a super-awesome online bingo experience.

    Players must be 18+ to play. New players only. The offers are subject to T&Cs. Please gamble responsibly. For further details, see the official website by clicking on the ‘Play’ link.

    £70 Bingo Tickets plus 10 Free Spins.

    Deposit £10 Play with £50 + 150 Free Spins.

    £5 Free Bonus, No Deposit Required.

    $60 Free No Deposit + 2500% Deposit Bonus.

    Deposit £10 Play with £50. Use code: POSH50.

    Featured Casino Slots Deals – Try Now!

    Get up to $1500 Welcome Bonus Package.

    Win up to 500 Free Spins.

    $25 Free plus 500% 1st Deposit Bonus.

    Deposit £10 & Get 25 Free Spins.

    Win up to 500 Free Spins.

    Over here on, you can always find out all that is happening in the world of online bingo. Part of our job is to bridge the gap between great bingo offers and you. That is why we go the extra mile to bring you the latest bingo news that matter.

    New UK bingo sites of 2018, latest promotions, top bonus offers, deposit specials, bingo raffles, tournaments, new bingo games, site enhancements, bonus updates, player concerns and everything else that matters, we cover it all to keep you updated about the world of online bingo.

    With us, you will always have the latest news and inside scoop.

    6 Fun Facts About Online Bingo That Will Shock You!

    Bingo is at a new era right now when it comes to the games that people play to win. read more

    Top 5 Interesting Reasons People Love to Play Bingo Games Today

    Ever wondered why people love to play the game of bingo so much? Well, here we’ll share with you. read more

    How Playing Bingo Games Sharpens Your Brains Decision Making Skills

    Did you know that playing bingo can sharpen your brain and improve your cognitive decision-making skills? It’s true, and. read more

    7 Real Life Tips to Winning and Making Money with Online Bingo Games

    If you want to learn to win at bingo, well that’s not really super easy! Actually, in fact, there. read more

    The Complete Guides for Beginners (Don’t miss out)

    With hundreds of operating sites, you may find it overwhelming when trying to choose the perfect bingo site. Here at, we make that task much easier by providing you with access to the top rated bingo sites that offer the best possible games. With these recommended bingo online sites, you will always enjoy complete player protection, legal gambling environments and some of the best paying bingo bonuses offered anywhere online.

    We have taken much time to develop a complete list that will be sure to meet your bingo needs, and within just a few minutes of registering at any of these sites, you will be off enjoying one of the most amazing bingo experiences online.

    We also want to make sure that you as a player have all the information you need to enjoy a great bingo experience. Some fantastic tips and guides can help you choose the best site, select a bingo game variation and find out how to increase the chances of winning.

    With our complete site reviews, you will have no problem comparing various bingo sites and choosing the one that meets your specific gambling needs and profit goals.

    One of the reasons players continue to refer to our list is because we provide information on the best-paying bonuses for bingo fans. Many of these offers are exclusive bonuses that may be difficult to find through regular searches. We have done all the legwork and have compiled a fantastic list of sites that present superb bingo bonuses, just waiting to be claimed.

    What are you waiting for? Choose one of our recommended sites and get started with free bingo cash that can lead to the collection of massive real money payouts!

    Enjoy the Different Bingo Variations for Added Excitement

    Any of the sites provided here will lead you to a great experience playing online bingo. These sites cater to gamblers from all over the world, offering an array of real money bingo games to those from the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK. With a great selection of games offered at TheBingoOnline, you will be able to find a bingo variation that will not only provide endless daubing action but can also lead to some generous payouts.

    With our great lineup of trusted sites, you will easily be able to find where to play the hottest game variations online. By learning a bit about the different bingo games that can be accessed, you will be prepared to make a selection, purchase cards and start marking those spaces to collect payouts!

    75 Ball Bingo is perhaps one of the most popular, and it is favoured by those that live in the United States and Canada. This form of the game is played using 75 numbered balls, and the cards contain a 5×5 grid. The centre square is a free space, and with standard 75 ball games, you will have to complete a single line, horizontally or vertically. There are also pattern 75 ball games, where you will have to complete a provided pattern to claim a bingo.

    90 Ball bingo has become quite popular online, and with this game, you will have a card that contains 3 rows and 9 different columns. Each row has 5 numbers, and three different prizes can be won with every game played. These include a 1 line bingo, 2 line bingo, and a full house, where all spaces on the card are covered.

    There are two newer versions of bingo that are offered at online sites, and these are 80 ball and 30 ball games. With 80 ball bingo, players will play on a 4×4 card, and the game is known to be fast paced. The 30 ball bingo game is very new and may not be offered at all sites, but it is an exciting game to enjoy. With this game, there is a 3×3 card, and you will have 9 numbers printed at random. Since there are just 30 balls used in the game, it is very fast, so this is a great option if you are looking for quick ways to win!

    The principle of playing bingo online is just like playing in a bingo hall or a casino setting. To play this great game online, you will start by selecting a recommended bingo site that has a positive reputation, such as any of those on the list at Some bingo sites will provide new players with some free games that can be enjoyed as a way to test the site and see if it meets the gambling needs of that player. Free games are an excellent way to start if you are new to online bingo. If you are then happy with the experience, you can create a real money account at that site and start purchasing bingo cards that can yield real money payouts.

    Once you have registered and made that first deposit, you will select a bingo game. Many sites will have various rooms available, offering different game variations and bet amounts. Choosing a room all comes down to selecting the game variation you wish to enjoy and selecting how much you want to spend on card purchases. After a room is chosen, you will determine how many cards to buy. The limits will vary per room, but most sites offer the chance to play multiple cards at once.

    When the game starts, you will mark off spaces on the bingo card based on what numbers are called. The rest of the game is played just like any other bingo game. You will have to complete the pattern before other players to receive the top payouts from the game. The beautiful thing about playing bingo online is that you will have the opportunity to interact with other bingo players before and during games, creating a great social setting.

    Take Your Favourite Bingo Games with You!

    If you are a real bingo fan, you will want to select a bingo site that offers a mobile platform. With this, you can access your account, purchase cards and play on the go, using a supported mobile device. With many players using tablets, mobile bingo games have become quite popular. The screens allow enough room to view the cards and numbers clearly, and all of the game features and controls are active.

    Mobile bingo games work just like their online counterparts, and some sites will offer special bonuses to those that play the games on their smartphones or tablets. The suggested sites at TheBingoOnline will lead you in the direction of enjoying great mobile options.

    The one thing to consider is whether there is a software download required at the site. You may prefer choosing a bingo site that offers instant play bingo games, eliminating the need for any software download and providing instant access regardless of the operating system being used.

    Want to enjoy bingo on the go? Just choose from our recommended sites and start daubing on your mobile device for the chance to win incredible payouts.

    There are many benefits to playing bingo online at our recommended sites, and one of the great advantages is the offering of bingo bonuses. One of the better types of bonuses, if you are a new player, is a no deposit bonus. With this, the bingo site will offer a small amount of free money that can be used to purchase a few bingo cards.

    This is an excellent way to preview the site and try a few of the different games that are supported. If you win, you will have to make a real money deposit to the site to meet wagering requirements and withdraw those winnings. However, if you lose or only generate small payouts, you are under no obligation to remain at that site. You can just redeem the no deposit bonus, play a few games and then choose a different bingo site that may meet more of your needs.

    Sign up bonuses are very popular and these are featured at all of the major bingo sites online. With these bonuses, you will create a new account, and upon making the initial deposit, the site will offer a match bonus based on the deposit amount. These bonuses are only offered on the first deposit, though some sites have welcome packages, where the second and even the third deposits can earn match bonuses as well.

    To keep you coming back for more bingo action, leading sites listed at TheBingoOnline will present ongoing offers in the form of reload bonuses and loyalty rewards. Reload bonuses are similar to match bonuses, providing a small percentage of the deposit amount. Loyalty rewards will differ per site depending on the loyalty scheme in place, but these programs are almost always beneficial to real money players and can offer free bingo cards, special tournament invitations and more.

    Ready to start enjoying the online world of bingo? Choose any of our recommended sites to begin a safe and rewarding experience and start enjoying some of the most exciting bingo options online.

    More Gambling Options Outside of Bingo

    While you may prefer to just play bingo at the sites offered through, there are also some other great gambling options. In fact, some these recommended sites also offer other types of games, such as slots or instant win scratch cards. Those sites allow you to wager on these games using the same money in the funded bingo account.

    Here, we do focus on offering information on playing various bingo games online, but some online casinos gladly accept players from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, each offering an excellent array of games. These sites are home to classic casino games, including slots, table games, card games, lottery games and more. Many of them also feature some bingo games so that you can have a complete gaming experience.

    Some our preferred sites will also offer you the ability to play video poker games, which are great if you are looking for real money payouts. When it comes to casino games, video poker often has the highest RTP, offering players the chance to create winning hands frequently. Video poker is an easy game to play, and with some basic strategy, you can find yourself quickly boosting the bankroll. Those winnings can be used to play more video poker, or you can switch back to the bingo action and purchase some cards.

    The sites that are mentioned on will bring you great entertainment and will offer multiple ways to place wagers and generate payouts. Bingo is not the only game that can offer great rewards, so be sure to check out the other game offerings at some of our sites to see what you can play when you register an account.

    We know you love bingo, but why not try out some other games to earn more payouts? With the offering of standard casino games, you can benefit from a well-rounded experience at some our sites and be well on your way to collecting those high payouts you dream of.

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