best free online games no download

best free online games no download

The best free online browser games in the world, from Doom to RPGs, smart text adventures and great horror games.

Welcome to our round up of the best free online games. You can easily play these in your browser without waiting for them to download and install, as such, they provide instant delight and hours of entertainment.

Free online games can deliver a quick thrill and a punch line and then let you get on with your day, but there are deeper experiences out there as well. Did you know, for example, that you can play Doom in your browser, or hundreds of classic PC games? You can play whole RPGs, explore intricate works of interactive fiction and wage space-war against your friends. Play some of the best boardgames of all time online for free. Here's our curated list of the best free online browser games. Enjoy!

Compiled by Phil Savage, Tom Sykes, Tom Senior, Wes Fenlon

This recommendation exists outside a genre, because it's a collection of thousands of classic PC games playable in your browser. The MS-DOS collection on contains more than 4000 games, all emulated and easy to play in just a few seconds. Wolfenstein 3D, Prince of Persia, Jazz Jackrabbit, Carmen Sandiego. you could spend a lifetime of lunch breaks playing these games alone.

Thanks to its shareware past, the entirety of the first (and best) episode of the first Doom is playable in your browser. I shouldn't need to give you a rundown of what to expect here: it's Doom. There are demons, doors, switches and keycards, all placed around a sprawling Mars base full of corridors and secrets. The only downside to this browser-based resurrection is that it doesn't support mouse-look, so, on top of a quality FPS, you're also getting a history lesson in how cumbersome shooter controls could be.

The Seven Day FPS competition was created to keep first person shooting interesting. Entrants were given a week to create eccentric, experimental, and high-concept ideas, without a theme to restrict them. It was the perfect breeding ground for a game like SuperHot, which took the tired FPS cliche of Bullet Time and, through a simple twist on the formula, created something completely new. To quote the game's opening, “it's about time”.

The elevator pitch is equally pithy: time moves when you do. Stand still and the scene freezes. Walk, strafe or aim, and it starts back up. Instantly it transforms the focus of the men-shooting genre. Playing SuperHot isn't about reflex and reaction, it's about precision and choreography. It's these same principles that underpin every action film, but that games frequently miss in the panicked throes of real-time firefights. It's short but, thanks to Kickstarter, a full, commercial release is also being worked on.

A dojo seems like an eminently sensible place for fighting to break out, although it must be hell getting all that blood out of those nice wooden floors. Dojo of Death, then. It's a one-button, entirely mouse-driven little timewaster about a guy fond of chopping people to bits. Not a butcher, no, but a hyper-quick ninja beset from all sides by enemies. Click in the direction you happen to be pointing at to dart forward with your sword drawn and slash any baddie ninjas into ninja ham. Occasionally baddie bow-wielding ninjas emerge from the adjoining room, who can turn you into fine paste from far away. Dojo of Death is endless, and tough, and like many of the best endless-tough games, your first instinct on death will be to retry. And retry. And retry again. It's unlikely you'll remember it a week from now, but at least it kept you from finishing that super-important spreadsheet—and that's really all you could ever want from a browser game.

The winner of the New Mexico Game Jam, The Last Tango is a game about rhythm espionage survival. I'd have called it Dance Dance Execution, but the principle remains the same. You play as two spies, dancing through a variety of deadly locations. They'll pirouette past traps, dodge under attacks, and take down enemies with an elegant twirl. And a gun.

Each move is performed to the beat, so as the levels get more complicated, you'll queue up actions and watch as they're gracefully executed. Step right, shoot left, step left, spin, shoot up and to the right, get decapitated by a ninja. As the dance becomes increasingly hazardous, timing and order become essential for success.

Part of this year's IGF Student Showcase, Rhythm Doctor takes the style and irreverence of rhythm games, but features a much stricter margin of error. Your job—as a trainee doctor for the NHS—is to hit a button on every seventh beat of a patient's heart rate monitor. That button press will only register if it's within 0.02 seconds of the target, so precision is key.

Each patient introduces a different quirk to the rhythmic counting. Certain beats may be silent, forcing you to keep your own time. Other times, multiple blips will appear. To further complicate matters, some patients contain boss viruses. An early one distorts your connection to the monitor, forcing you to keep perfect time as the music warps, skips and rewinds.

In rhythm games, the music is both your adversary and your reward. That principle is taken to the extreme in Soundodger, where the notes fire a wave of spikes towards your cursor. Get hit and the music distorts—skipping forward a few seconds like a speeding record. You lose points for this, which is a shame, but the greater punishment is destroying the excellent soundtrack, featuring songs from composers like Disasterpeace and Lifeformed. If you like the free game, an expanded version is available on Steam.

Major Bueno are back! Brawlin' Sailor is another beautiful/hilarious short story of a game, this time traversing into sidescrolling beat-'em-up territory. There's no challenge to the combat; you're playing for the story, which takes about five glorious minutes to see through.

Like a number of free horror games, Silhouette doesn't rely on high-tech visuals to generate its scares. It's a two-player killer vs. victim game set in a dark house. Control shifts between the knife-wielding killer and their unarmed victim, allowing for turns of real-time movement that shorten as the killer and the victim draw closer together. The increasingly fraught pacing does a great job of inspiring mounting panic in both players, toying with the same manipulative patterns seen across horror cinema, from the Jaws soundtrack to the murder famous murder scenes of Psycho. An effective horror experiment that's worth a go if you can get a couple of horror fans around your keyboard.

My Friend Pedro provides a compelling case for why you shouldn't follow the advice of a talking banana. It's a 2D action platformer with a heavy debt to Max Payne—although mercifully, this hallucinating protagonist is less prone to questioning his worth as a human being. Instead, he leaps, flip and rolls about each level, using his slow-mo ability to avoid bullets and unload an unnervingly accurate volley of return fire. It's a short game, but one packed full of opportunities to show off your balletic bullet time skills.

A “playable music video” from Ben Esposito, one of the Arcane Kids, and musician bo en. Interaction in these happy few minutes is limited to tilting objects with the arrow keys or stretching your fingers—well, stretching somebody's fingers—with the keyboard, but it's just enough to make you feel part of this bouncy, brightly coloured world.

Critical Annihilation is a simple twin-stick shooter-style game about killing an endless wave of voxel aliens with guns, rockets and, for some reason, an AC-138 gunship. With all those resources, you think you'd be able to escape your perilous surroundings. Alas, no. You're in this through to the bitter end.

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Fantasy Browser MMO - League of Angels II is a recently released free to play browser MMO published by GTArcade. Summon and command a squadron of powerful angels to fight through an all new storyline.

Browser-based MMORPG - Bleach Saga Online is a browser-based MMORPG with a fantasy setting and Anime style. It was launched on july 2014 by GoGames

Browser MMORPG - Following a boom in the genre, Sword Art Online has become a browser-playable MMORPG; Will it live up to the anime?

Tactical turn-based isometric mmorpg - Pick from a pool of 17 classes and explore the wonderful cartoon world of Dofus, featuring point and click adventure and turn-based combat.

Tactical battles with powerful tanks - More than just a simple war game, take control of more than 150 personalized tanks in World of Tanks while creating tactics in order to keep your team alive!

Strategic Naval Battles - Destroyers, aircraft carriers, and so much more! Wargaming Public Co. Ltd. now introduces the next big thing in World War II themed naval combat; and it is free!

Best Free to Play MMORPG Games

Browser MMORPG - Taken from a phenomenon popular in the Land of the Rising Sun, SAO's Legend is a free-to-play MMORPG browser game, with no need to download the game client. The game allows us to choose from . » read the review

browser MMORPG based on popular manga

browser MMORPG based on popular manga - Hunter X Hunter began its life as a modest manga that soon exploded in popularity. Its first anime series premiered in 1999 (and then another in 2011). The manga was also adapted into quite a . » read the review

Fantasy Browser MMO

Fantasy Browser MMO - League of Angels 2 is a beautiful new follow-up to the highly popular League of Angels. It’s a highly traditional MMO with a glossy new paint job and a few new mechanics. Playing through the . » read the review or watch the trailer!

Tactical battles with powerful tanks

Tactical battles with powerful tanks - World of Tanks is one of the first and only tactical MMOs set in the unstable theatre of World War II with over 150 tanks from either The United States, Germany or USSR. The system . » read the review or watch the trailer!

Browser-based MMORPG - Bleach Saga Online is a browser-based MMORPG with a fantasy setting and Anime style. It was launched on july 2014 by GoGames The game’s plot happens in the manga universe created by Tite Kubo, which . » read the review

A colorful farming game

A colorful farming game - A fun to play game with lively graphics, Big Farm comes in as a good competitor to the run of the mill farming games. Based on the concept of balancing your resources and making your . » read the review

Strategic Naval Battles

Strategic Naval Battles - World of Warships is a tactical naval war MMO game developed by Wargaming. The game can be downloaded for free and features a number of majestic vessels and warships from the navies of different World . » read the review or watch the trailer!

Tactical turn-based isometric mmorpg

Tactical turn-based isometric mmorpg - Dofus is a isometric 3D turn-based MMORPG that's been around since 2004. The game offers players a wide variety of class choices to pick from, and each are different and unique in style and ability. . » read the review

action-based MMORPG - Savage Hunt - Dragon's Prophet is a relaunch of the original Dragon's Prophet. All the dragons are now free, and the game is the culmination of five ears of bug fixes, changes, and new content. » read the review

PvP-centric Action MMORPG

PvP-centric Action MMORPG - Prepare to team up with friends and take on the world of Tyria in Guild Wars 2, a fantastically unique MMORPG. With its first major expansion, Heart of Thorns, release in late 2015, ArenaNet’s highly . » read the review or watch the trailer!

Adventure awaits, patience not included

Adventure awaits, patience not included - Throne: Kingdom at War is an MMO game, released by Plarium in August 2016. While it does have its little quirks that can serve to be an annoyance to some, its overall gameplay, visuals, and . » read the review

Strategic Hero Shooter

Strategic Hero Shooter - Overview Your team of five must strategically capture points, called power circles, in order to grant your Guardian enough power to attack the enemy Guardian, at which point you get the awesome privilege of seeing . » read the review

City and Farm building simulator

City and Farm building simulator - Overview If orange is the new black, then farming is the new popular app. With games like Farmville and Hay Day, players can immerse themselves into the artificial pleasures of farming. This includes things like . » read the review

Action Based Cooperative Shooter

Action Based Cooperative Shooter - Playing Warframe is as close to being a ninja as many of us will get. Set in a sci-fi universe full of insane alien enemies, you'll have to count on your powerful exo-skeleton to survive. . » read the review or watch the trailer!

Hazard Ops is a third person shooter MMO developed by Yingpei Games and released by Infernum. A spiritual successor to the highly popular Mercenary Ops (and actually called Mercenary Ops 2 in some markets), it . » read the review

browser MMORPG based on popular manga - A browser-based MMORPG based on the popular manga/anime, featuring automated combat and lots of leveling.

Browser MMORPG - Following a boom in the genre, Sword Art Online has become a browser-playable MMORPG; Will it live up to the .

PvP-centric Action MMORPG - One of the most appreciated buy-to-play MMORPGs has just become free-to-play! Create your hero and battle alongside friends in this .

Competitive tactical TPS - Nosgoth is an asymetrical multiplayer online game that pits humans against vampires, set loosely in the Legacy of Cain universe.

Browser-based MMORPG - Bleach Saga Online is a browser-based MMORPG with a fantasy setting and Anime style. It was launched on july 2014 .

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Nevertheless, we have decided to make some exceptions to this rule for the best free MMORPG games 2018 unavailable in English, giving them some space on our online games portal.

Best free online games no download

Duel players in real time live PVP to take their thrones and claim the world treasure chest. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a free-to-play strategy game made by Camex Games. This is a turn-based, hex grid tactics gameplay with monsters from all time and space. From Franky the Frankenstein, to fantasy monsters like .

Massive realistic open world: Majestic castles, vast fields, all rendered in stunning high-end graphics. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an action role-playing game developed by Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver. You're Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Thrust into a raging civil war, you watch helplessly as .

With musket loaded and grog in hand, the freedom of the pirate life awaits. Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. It is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or .

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Special Transport (DLC)

Experience super-sized cargoes with length and width exceeding standard cargo regulations. Special Transport is an additional content to Euro Truck Simulator 2 made by SCS Software. Are you up to the challenge? Drive through tight passages requiring millimeter-precision maneuvering! Experience super-sized cargoes .

An RPG Maker tour de force, and a divisively controversial work for fans. Yume Nikki is an indie adventure game made by kikiyama and published by AGM PLAYISM. It is a very unique title that has become one of the most well-known indie games to come out of Japan. Can you make it to the secret ending? You are free to .

Horrifying world where butchery and bloodshed must be mastered if you're to survive 'til dawn. DUSK is a first person shooter made by David Szymanski and published by New Blood Interactive. Inspired by Quake, Blood, Heretic, Hexen, Half-Life, Redneck Rampage and all your '90s favorites, and featuring a soundtrack by .

Carve out your legacy. Be a part of the history of Life is Feudal. Life is Feudal: MMO is a role-playing multiplayer game made by Bitbox Ltd. A massively multiplayer online role-playing game means that you won’t be alone in your feudal sandbox; there will be many other players who want to work with you, or even work .

Free-to-play virtual pool against the computer or real players from all over the world. Real Pool 3D - Poolians is a free 3d pool game made by Poolians. It is one of the best online pool game. Play against the computer or real players. It offers fast, realistic and satisfying game play. Featuring realistic controls, .

Virtual Tour inside Deckard's apartment. Blade Runner 9732 is a casual virtual reality game made by Quentin Lengele. Always wanted to start the Esper Machine by yourself and play the piano? Want to have a drink at the balcony watching the streets from the 97th floor? Enjoy 3D sound effects and Vangelis ambient music .

Feel like a real bitcoin miner! Bitcoin Clicker is a casual indie game made by lalalaZero & Urbanoff, and published by Cisamid Inc. The main objective is to earn by clicking on the icon of the bitcoin how much money to buy a videocard that will increase the amount of $ per click. The game has a store where you can .

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Here at My Real Games, you have tons of variety. There is enough fun here to suit any age or style of play. Do you like racing? Do you like searching for hidden objects? Or do you prefer just a basic card game? We have made it very fast and convenient to download fantastic free games.

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We have every genre to keep you entertained for hours. We have action, puzzle games, hidden object games, card games, or just about anything you can think of to match your playstyle. Have fun slaying bad guys, playing cards, or play detective till your heart is content. Are you ready to play yet? Hold on, here’s a bit more information!

While other companies want you to pay for a game or want you to pay to advance, we won’t bother you with such hassles. My Real Games lets you play all the games you want for free. Why go to the store and pay $50 or $60 for a game when you can sit at home and relax to enjoy all your gaming needs? Don’t let financial limitations hold you from your gaming needs. Join the millions of people who love and enjoy our free games and free downloads.

Best free online games no download

All of the games, posted on the website are a Hundred Percent FREE. No Payments, Just #ClickAndPlay!

Lots of Games from Different Types! has Tons of Flash Games Available for FREE, From Different types Like : Shooting, Racing, Cooking, Arcade, Girls and more!

All of the Best Games! In One Place!

PlayFreeOnlineGamesNoDownload Has a list that includes the Best Flash Games you can find on the Internet! Hit the “Featured” button on the menu to view the list!

Collect all stars in Snail Bob 8

Are you looking for an adventure game? Would you like to test your skills and see if you can get through obstacles and traps? Play the famous Snail Bob game series. And you will surely love the eighth installment.

In the eighth version, Snail Bob 8 Island Story, Bob is back for another adventure and fun. This time, he is on an island full of surprises and puzzles. Help him find and reach the exit door of each level. Do not be so relaxed though. You may immediately see the exit door but getting there would not be that easy. You must be very careful. There are a lot of obstacles, traps and even surprising impediments. There are levels where you will need to think about what to do in order to get to the exit door. And as you help Bob in getting through all the hurdles, try to find all three hidden stars too. Finding all of them will end the level with three stars.

There are thirty levels for you to finish in Snail Bob 8 plimpi. On top of the level menu, you will see a counter which is a summary of the number of stars you have collected so far. There are a total of ninety stars to collect. Challenge yourself to collect all ninety stars. Aside from finding your way to the exit door, your only challenge in Snail Bob 8 plimpi is to collect all three stars in each level. In the Main Menu, you can also find the buttons of all other Snail Bob games.

Snail Bob 8 plimpi is a simple yet exciting game. You simply have to help Bob find his way to the exit door. In playing Snail Bob 8 plimpi, you will find that there is no life count for Snail Bob. There are no achievements or trophies to achieve.

Strike Force Heroes 2 unblocked at school

For those who love shooting games, the Second version of Strike Force Heroes game series is always the best recommended online game. You will definitely love this game specially its good graphics and you will all well enjoy each and every level of the game. Your ultimate goal is to shoot all your enemies and leave no one alive.

There are three game modes to play in the Second version, Strike Force Heroes 2: the Campaign, Challenges, and Custom Game. There are fifteen missions to accomplish in Campaign Mode, the first being the Tutorial. You have to unlock one mission after the other. If needed, you can always return back to your previous Missions. In each Mission, there are three difficulty levels, the Hard level, the Normal level and the Insane level. Try your best to survive in those three difficulties. After accomplishing your goal, you can transform your soldier as to appearance, skill and killstreak.

You can select from five types of soldiers: the Engineer, the General, the Mercenary, the Juggernaut, and the Sniper. Each type of soldier has its own features and own weapons. Your soldier needs to kill a certain number of enemies for you to advance in the next level. The more advanced your soldier makes, the more classy his features and weapons will be. Killing your enemies will earn you cash too. You need your cash to buy anything you want in the Shop. You can as well upgrade your weaponries and buy other tools in the shop. That shop is in the Soldiers Menu. You can also see the Slot Machine where you can play in the Shop for a reasonable amount of cash. If you are even luckier, you could win special weapons in the Slot Machine.

In the Second version of Strike Force Heroes, the Challenge Mode is similar to the advance stage of the Campaign Mode. However, it is a little harder than the Campaign Missions. This chapter has more actions and shootings. It has fifteen Missions and you can play this in three difficulty levels. In the Custom Game, select your game mode then modify the game depending on your comfort zone. It is a multiplayer game mode. Two players can at least play the game.

Viral creature extermination is a must in Mutant Hamsters

A virus is one of the deadliest illness ever existed. The way how it is easily spread is one of the main reason for it being one of the lethal disease. Fortunately, professionals in the field of Science and Medicine are doing extreme effort to find cures which are slowly but surely coming into life. Do you know that there is a flash game about a virus and their victims? Yes, there is. The name of the flash game is Mutant Hamsters. This is about the virus-infected hamsters destroying a certain lab. It is time for hamster extermination.

The objective of this game is that you have to kill and shoot all the hamsters. Maybe you are asking why do you have to do such objective. The answer is because they are infected with a virus that makes them mutant and evil. Besides killing the hamsters, the next thing that you have to do is to escape the laboratory which will explode in a matter of time. Make sure that you are quick in shooting and eliminating the greedy and gritty creatures.

Looks can be deceiving and fun with Panda Tactical Sniper

There is no doubt that one of the cutest animals in the world is the Panda. In terms of looks, it seems innocence and very cuddly but when it comes to reality of wildlife, everything changes. As most of us are aware, not all kinds of pandas are calm and steady because there are some wild ones that really look forward for chaos rather than peace. But we must remember that every living thing in this world deserves respect and love. This content that you are currently scanning offers a great game about panda.

One good example is the flash game called Panda Tactical Sniper. The main character in this game is a cute panda that is looking for its favorite food. It is searching for the food in different places not knowing that it causes a lot of tensions between the people living nearby. Your main goal is to cover the space and movement of the hungry animal. You must be able to protect him from the people that it has disturbed and make sure that they will not be able to hurt the animal by shooting at them.

Solve mysteries in space in Space Oddities

Unveil the truth and find out what happened in a apace station that works for humans in Space Oddity. The Space Station LPXVII has stopped communicating HQ four months ago, your ship is the closest one and you are ordered to get inside and find out what happened. Commanding officer suspects that the ships mainframe malfunctioned and orders you to recover the energy supply module. You play as Space Explorer Anderman and your mission is to get into the core of the space station, look for ways to get inside and explore the ship.

There are couples of puzzles that you need to analyze and solve. Solving one will lead you to another and so on. There are series of numbers and patterns that you must remember throughout the game, that will help you to open up more leads. The game ends in an cut scene where your ship’s communication has been also cut off. Finish the game and all the following sequels to find out what will happen to Mister Anderman.

Choose runner or Skater in Fun Run 2

Jump your way across the space, in search of Runner and Skaters’s home. Ready your mind for the twists and tilts that Fun Run 2 will give you. Walk through walls and jump on ceilings without falling into the infinite space. Blaze through 25 challenging levels and 6 bonus levels; these will surely test your decision-making and way-pointing skills.

Choose between Runner and Skater as your character and start collecting those gold coins. Runner can be controlled easier while Skater can jump further. Although it is a 3d running game you will just be using Left and Right arrow keys for side to side movement, and space bar for jumping since your character will be automatically running forward and would stop if you walk on a wall that it cannot climb. You can customize each key wherever you are comfortable to if you don’t feel like using the default ones. Each character has a different track and level, so you won’t feel that finishing a level would be easier by using Runner than Skater or vise-versa. If finishing the track alone is too easy for you, try collecting gold coins in every level to get the Kongregate badge. If that is still too easy for you, you can create your own stage.

It will take a bit of time but you will surely enjoy your own creation and you can share it with your friends too. After you save a stage you created, you will get a code that you can load while you play or pass it to friends for them to try it out. Fun Run 2 pc running game will get you addicted and will have you sitting in front of your computer for hours. You can also download and play it on your mobile device. Show off your progress with your friends and fun-run together.

Stack with perfection and control in Skill Stack

Timing is a skill which is very important in different industries or aspects. There are three reasons why. First is because timing is required which is sometimes hard to attain for young players and even adults because of nerves. Second is because it acts as a medium where an individual can really practice timing. Last is because it brings thrill and anticipation to players. One good example is the flash game called Skill Stack. From the title alone, you can easily determine that it has something to do with stacking and fun.

A player must be able to focus on the screen and the space bar while playing Skill Stack because you have to stack the rows presented on the screen and try to create the highest tower as much as possible. Timing is an integral skill as mentioned above because once you are not able to stack the rows correctly, everything will be challenging and it would be hard for you to create the highest tower. If you are that good in timing and stacking, then this game is the perfect fit for you.

Touch the highest heights in Learn to Fly 4

There are games existing online which are entertaining, amazing and worth-playing. They are truly important in every aspects of entertainment. Flash games are important in attaining entertainment when one is bored or wants to kill time. They are also useful in teaching young minds because there are educational games existing too. The name of the flash game mentioned below is Learn to Fly 4. This is the fourth edition from the game series called Learn to Fly.

If you are an avid fan of this series, you will see new things in this fourth one. The focus in this game is that the penguin will have to utilize the flying machines. There are machines like planes and rockets that the player will have to wisely use in order for the penguin to reach farther and longer distances as much as possible. This is a game about reaching highest heights and you can only do that if you visit now!

Indulge yourself in the Red Ball World

The Red Ball World is consists of fun adventure games. In Red Ball, you simply deal with challenging obstacles in twelve levels. In Red Ball 2, losing the royal crown after being crowned as the king, help search for it in twenty exciting levels. In Red Ball 3, red ball must save his beloved pink ball and fight against the black ball.

In Red Ball 4 volume 1, red ball must save his town, his country and the world by defeating the Black Square and his minions. Red ball must defeat Black Square over again in Red Ball 4 volume 2. And not learning his lesson, Black Square must be defeated again and be imprisoned in a dungeon in Red Ball volume 3. Red Ball 5 brings new thirty challenging levels with new monsters and new obstacles. You will surely enjoy playing each installment.

Enjoy fighting and shooting in Gun Mayhem 5

Prepare yourself for another shooting experience in the fifth edition of the Gun Mayhem game series. Gun Mayhem 5 Chaos Faction 2 is said to be the top blow in the game series for being packed with new characters, stronger opponents, different gun types, interesting choice of attacks and extra effects. You can choose from three game modes: Campaign, Deathmatch and Survival. The Campaign Mode is divided into three zones, each zone with five levels. The fifth level of each zone will unlock after you played the first four levels.

In the Deathmatch, you can play with or against five more players. There are four game types to choose from: Last Standing, Most Kills After, First to Kill Wins and Plunger Match. In Survival Mode, you can check until when you can survive against the increasingly tough opponent. Red more and play for free at

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