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amaya game

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The Stars Group is the ultimate owner of industry leading gaming brands such as PokerStars, PokerStars Casino, BetStars, Full Tilt, and the PokerStars Live brands. Collectively, these and other brands of The Stars Group have millions of registered customers globally, forming one of the largest online gaming businesses in the world.

We provide gaming experiences designed to make our platforms the favorite iGaming destinations for customers everywhere by providing technology-based products and services in the global gaming and interactive entertainment industries. As game designers and regulatory champions, we want to lead the industry by putting our players first, working with local and global government regulators to establish safe and licensed environments that benefit jurisdictions and reward responsible operators.

The Stars Group is one of the most regulated online gaming companies in the world, with licenses or applicable approvals to operate in 18 jurisdictions, including in Europe, both within and outside the European Union, Australia, North America and elsewhere. Our scalable technology platform, passionate personnel, regulatory experience and reputation, and global exposure allows us to focus on developing and acquiring interactive technology-based assets with high-growth potential in existing and new markets and industries.

A common account and convenient single wallet for our main products as well as one of the industry’s first cross-vertical rewards programmes, Stars Rewards, makes every game count and means The Stars Group creates winning moments for players across every one of our brands.

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Amaya Gaming is an online slots gambling company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After they bought the parent company of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in August of 2014, originally owned by Isai and Mark Scheinberg, Amaya became the world's largest publicly listed online gambling games company.

Amaya develops games and their related services and products; these services include poker, platform, sportsbook, online casino, slot machines, and online casino software. Aside from having some of the largest gaming operators, their online slots and casinos are found on mobile, land-based, and online products.

As they increase in size and power, their offices are spreading out across the globe- North America, Europe, and Asia. Aside from owning the brands PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, Amaya Gaming also backs brands like the Latin American Poker Tour, the European Poker Tour, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, and PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Owning all of these brands makes the largest poker business.

David Baazov, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Amaya Gaming, started the company, making him a principle shareholder. His success has allowed for him to be quite the entrepreneur. His knowledge of technology allows him to better improve his company and the products and software it develops to be even more useful and user-friendly. He is backed by a powerful executive team consisting of Daniel Sebag and Marlon Goldstein; a board of directors and a compliance committee also guarantees the company's success.

Amaya Gaming's Cadillac Jack is the number one supplier of technology and supplies for the gaming market. Their games have vivacious illustrations and the controls and mechanics are set to a high and unbeatable standard which allows the player to have an excellent playing experience. It has a prestigious approach to slot floor management, and it catches the trends of the players and of traffic patterns. Bank performance can be monitored and analyzed on a higher level which will thereby reduce risks by keeping a balanced demand on the products.

Their subsidiary Diamond Game is another of the best suppliers. Their games are new and innovative with exceptional player mechanics. Due to their unbeatable design and reliable goods and products, they have become a trusted and recommended supplier for government operations. There is access to a 24/7 Customer Support Center with well-verse and intelligent professionals who seek to give customers both quick and helpful service.

As Amaya Gaming continues to grow and increase, the online gaming community will continue to flourish and prosper as well. This Canadian based company has grown past its Canadian boundaries with new offices being started across the globe. Amaya's goal to deliver the best online gaming experience has been continuously proven as they steadily advance.

Amaya Gaming, also known as Amaya Gaming Group, is a Montreal-based gambling business with products in the online and land-based markets. Amaya is a conglomerate of sorts, the world's largest publicly-traded gambling company. It's publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and has raced to the front of the gambling industry thanks to a $4.9 billion purchase of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in 2014. Amaya Gaming maintains headquarters in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Amaya Gaming produces products and services for online and land-based casino, poker, sportsbook, as well as lottery and slot machine software. It also offers back-end services for all of the above. Amaya provides software to some of the world's largest online gambling providers and casinos. But the company also has deals to produce games for other industry-leading designers like Cryptologic and Aristocrat. They've struck licensing deals with major brands, like DC Comics, Activision, Paramount, and Capcom.

Number of Games

Mr. David Baazov is the helmsman of Amaya Gaming, acting as Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO. He's acted as both President and Chief Executive of the company since 2006, and is considered responsible for running the company's day-to-day affairs while also working out a plan to implement his plan to maximize the company's market share. Mr. Baazov was one of the founders of the company in the mid-2000's, and led Amaya onto a public listing on the TSX in 2013, and through the steps that led to the acquisition of PokerStars and StarsDraft. Basically, without Baazov, Amaya never moves into the consumer technology business, which means Amaya never becomes the world's largest publicly-traded online gambling business.

Mr. Baazov's many awards include Ernst & Young's 2013 Québec EY Entrepreneur of the Year, TSX Venture Tech Executive of the Year for 2012, and the TSX Tech Executive of the Year in both 2013 and 2014. He earned his stripes in the online gambling business by working as a marketing executive and Vice President of Sales for Vortek Systems Inc., a popular supplier and distributor of computer hardware and peripheral accessories.

Daniel Sebag

Mr. Daniel Sebag joined Amaya in July 2007. He was brought in by CEO David Baazov personally to handle the difficult financial side of expanding a small company into a global leader. Mr. Sebag has since acquired other important roles with the company, serving as a director and as the Treasurer of the whole operation.

Mr. Sebag is a Certified Accountant, specializing in cost management, tax accounting, and financial reporting systems management. He's the head of Amaya Gaming Group's financial reporting and all treasurer functions. Mr. Sebag joined the team directly from the world of academia, having served as a faculty lecturer at McGill University between 1999 and 2007. In that position, he ran countless executive seminars in accounting and international finance as director of McGill's International Executive Institute. During his time as a professor, Mr. Sebag also served as an independent financial, accounting, and IT consultant to several multinational companies, such as Ericsson, AT&T, and Air Liquide.

Marlon Goldstein

Mr. Marlon Goldstein is the most recent addition to the company's executive staff, having joined the Amaya team in January of 2014. Before serving in his current position, he was acting principal shareholder in the corporate and securities practice at the law firm Greenberg Traurig LLP, where he also practiced as a lawyer for more than a decade. Mr. Goldstein's private practice was focused on major corporate and private securities matters, with an emphasis in mergers and acquisitions and large financial transactions. No wonder Amaya brought him in just months before purchasing PokerStars for nearly $5 billion.

Mr. Goldstein learned the online gambling business while serving as co-chair of his law firm's Gaming Practice, which was a special subset of lawyers trained to represent casino owners, operators, and developers. He worked closely with gaming manufacturers and designers from all over the world, which is where he met the heads of Amaya Gaming. His extensive experience working with Native American tribal governments as well as state and federal authorities have served him well in his capacity as general counsel for Amaya, as the company expands its reach into new and emerging markets.

Harlan Goodson

Mr. Harlan Goodson serves as a director and as the chair of Amaya's Audit Committee. Mr. Goodson comes to Amaya with a background in government regulation and control, having served most famously as Director of California's Division of Gambling Control from 1999 to 2003. During that time, Mr. Goodson oversaw the implementation of California's new Tribal-State Class III gaming rules, which led to an explosion in legal card- and game rooms.

Mr. Goodson would eventually found his own private practice, The Law Office of Harlan W. Goodson, in Sacramento, California. During that time, he also worked with the law firm of Holland and Knight, LLP, leading that firms moves into the gaming law, regulation, and governmental affairs markets. Mr. Goodson is listed in the Who's Who in American Law, and he was the inaugural recipient of the International Masters of Gaming Law Regulator of the Year award in 2001.

Mr. Goodson's background in gaming started during his time as a California State Senator. He cut his political teeth as a full-time legislative consultant for Senator Bill Lockyer between 1994 and 1999. It was while serving in that role that Mr. Goodson drafted early legislation in gaming law. He also serves as an adjunct law professor (focused on the legislative process and statutory interpretation) at John F. Kennedy University School of Law. He often speaks before panels on the subjects of gaming law, particularly tribal gaming law and deregulation.

Amaya Gaming currently offers 137 different slot titles as part of their casino game library. Most of these games have been translated into both traditional desktop and mobile formats. We've listed a dozen of the designers' most popular slot games below, along with a short review. We've gone out of our way to choose a variety of titles that show of all the best features of Amaya slots.


Casinomeister is five reel and thirty pay line slot game. It features wild symbols, scatters, a free spins round, random multipliers, and a top prize of 10,000 coins. The theme is unique – the game takes its inspiration from the website of the same name, famous for maintaining lists of approved and blacklisted casino websites.

The symbols and other images come in two flavors – the good guys and the bad guys. The rogue casinos are represented here by pigs, while the good guys take on the image of Casinomeister's Michael Shackelford. If you look closely, you'll see that the rogue casino pigs are dressed in mock-ups of Nazi Gestapo uniforms.

The game's main bonus feature is the Casinomeister Bonus, triggered by landing three or more Vortran symbols anywhere on the reels with a max wager. This round hands out piles of free spins, all of which can be retriggered infinitely. Better yet, all payouts during this round are tripled.


Pompeii is one of Amaya Gaming's releases based on a popular Aristocrat land-based slot. It's really popular in land-based casinos, because of the large number of big wins in the base pay table, the multiple bonus rounds, and the cool interactive effects. The theme, of course, is the destruction of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius. After the city is wiped off the map by hot lava, your goal is to hunt for the lost treasures of the city that remain buried.

To that end, the game's symbols all relate to the ancient Roman Empire, with things like armor, helmets, a chariot, a coin, a sword, and the familiar playing card slot symbols. It's hard to forget the volcanic theme of the game, since every big hit or bonus feature is combined with a powerful screen-shaking effect, like an aftershock.

This five reel and 243 Ways game is unique for Amaya Gaming, in part because of the association with Aristocrat. Credits can be set to multiple values, between $0.25 and $125. The top prize is worth 12,500 coins, and is only available for a max bet plus the appearance of five scatter Amulet symbols. Because it's an Aristocrat game, it has a slightly higher payout than American slots players may be used to, though it's unlikely that most slot players will notice a big difference in the short-term.

Wild Panda

Wild Panda is another popular land-based Aristocrat game that Amaya has been contracted to produce for the online market. China's giant pandas are native to a small portion of the center of the country, among the thick bamboo trees of a million year-old forest.

Wild Panda is a five reel video slot with 100 pay lines. It's unusual for Amaya to release a game with so many available lines – the trade-off is that you can wager as little as $0.01 per line and still place a max bet. Of course, the game also accepts wagers of up to $1 per line, for a total max bet range of $1 to $100. The game is popular for its frequent rewarding of free spins and multiple wild symbols which lead to more frequent hits.

In this game, the Wild Panda himself is the main character. This slot uses a variety of symbols, including the traditional playing card values from Ace to 10. These symbols are unique, though, in that they each carry a letter in the corner. If you can spell out the word "PANDA" across the reels with the playing card symbols, you enter a lucrative free spins round. Other symbols include a Chinese coin, an umbrella, a temple, and a lotus flower. The free spins round is the game's most valuable bonus, because it also hands out instant credit prizes and multipliers. If you spin five Wild Panda symbols during a free spins round, you win a 2,000 credit prize instantly, as well as additional free spins.

Dad's Day In

Dad's Day In is a unique Amaya Gaming slot that's dedicated to the difficulty of babysitting as a father. Okay, so it's a little bit sexist, but it shows that Amaya is interested in producing unique content. This is a five reel and thirty pay line slot. Like all of Amaya's popular video slots, Dad's Day In includes wilds and scatter symbols, as well as a Baby bonus game and several decent fixed jackpots.

The game is set in the 1950s, and puts you in the role of a panic-stricken father stuck home alone with a crying baby. The game takes place as you try to feed, change, and clothe the baby – and don't forget to wash the dishes and walk the dog. The game is one of Amaya's best-looking slots, with a cool design that makes it look like you're playing inside an old-fashioned TV set. The symbols are all housewife-themed images, like flower pots, curtains, and lamps, as well as some baby props, like a bottle and a pacifier.

The Baby bonus game is a classic pick'em game where the panicked father has to look for his missing baby – don't worry, the kid just crawled under one of a dozen piles of laundry. Your choice leads to a random instant credit prize.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a video slot produced in conjunction with Paramount. Amaya has chosen a truly odd subject for a slot game – usually, we think of action and superhero movies as ideal fits for a slot machine translation. But if you think about it, Forrest Gump makes a lot of sense as a slot. It's a highly-visual movie with lots of special effects and memorable moments. Amaya worked with Cryptologic to produce a progressive slot with a unique theme, and they certainly pulled it off.

This is a typical five reel and twenty-five pay line game designed in imitation of Cryptologic's most popular progressive slots. The slot features voice acting of Tom Hanks, as well as scenes and stills from the actual movie. The game's symbols are all pulled directly from the film – a football, a set of ping-pong paddles, an army helmet, a peace sign, and of course a box of chocolates. The movie's poster icon is the game's wild symbol, substituting for all other symbols and multiplying your win randomly by as much as 4x.

Justice League

DC Comics never seems to disappoint. The Justice League video slots are some of the most exciting ones to play. All the heroes we grew up reading about in the comics have made their way to these unique, action-packed slot games. What heroes can you expect to see? Well, there's the extremely popular Batman, Superman and Wonder Women all the way to the less famous heroes like Aquaman, Cyborg and Green Lantern.

When you see the more popular super heroes, expect to see huge payouts as each one of them come with a multiplier that will be applied to any winnings made from that spin. The Daily Planet Newspaper serves as the game's scatter piece and wilds come in all shapes and sizes. All DC Comics fans should try these slots out, as they certainly won't find themselves disappointed.

Call of the Colosseum

The theme of Call of the Coliseum is the ancient Roman games. It's a typical Amaya video slot, meaning it has five reels and twenty-five pay lines. The Colosseum was used in ancient Rome to stage wild animal hunts, fights between gladiators, and exciting spectacles like public executions and trials. Historians estimate that 500,000 people died and were buried in and around the building.

The reel symbols include familiar clichés having to do with Rome – wild animals, shields, spears, swords, helmets, coins, and piles of grapes. The symbol to pay close attention to is the Emperor himself. He's the wild symbol, and not only does he replace symbols to form winning combos, he can randomly multiply your win by up to 5x.

Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian is a retro video game themed slot produced by Amaya Gaming under an exclusive license with Capcom. Conan the Barbarian is a five reel and twenty-five pay line video slot designed in close imitation of the massively-popular arcade and console fighting game. The characters in the game are rendered to look almost exactly like the characters from the popular arcade series.

This game includes a number of popular online slot features – wilds, scatters, and free spins – but the real focus is on the Choose Your Street Fighter feature, which really makes this into five different games. Just like in the arcade game, you take your pick from a group of fighters before you start – you can pick from Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Guile, and Chun Li. Your character choice becomes the game's wild symbol for your entire session.

You should always place a max bet on Amaya Gaming's licensed titles. On Conan the Barbarian, you have to activate all twenty-five pay lines if you want access to the most lucrative bonuses. Since the game accepts wagers as low as $0.01 or as high as $20 each, the total range of available max wagers is between $0.25 and $500 each spin.


Amaya Gaming is not the first online or land-based game designer to create a Batman slot. Know that this version of the game is the DC Comics' traditional Batman. That means plenty of Gotham City action spread across five reels and fifty pay lines. Batman is by far the most popular of DC Comics superheroes, and Amaya worked out a special license with DC to produce a series of Batman video slots, of which only one exists so far.

The setting for this game is perfect – a dark and stormy night in Gotham City, as DC's classic version of Batman stalks criminals. All the symbols and characters are rendered in classic DC style, and while the bonuses and other features are all what you'd expect from an Amaya Gaming release, there's nothing particularly impressive about this game. We'd love to see a DC title from Amaya with a progressive top prize. Without it, this licensed game is all style and no substance.


The entirety of Amaya's Taxi video slot takes place through the windshield of a working taxi cab, putting you in the driver's seat. This is a five reel game with twenty-five fixed-value pay lines. Taxi is stuffed with features, like a random multiplier system, a multiplying scatter bonus, and a Free Ride Bonus game.

Okay, so it's a strange theme for a video slot – but it makes a sort of sense if you think about it. Driving a taxi is an incredibly visual job. Plus, the trappings of the cab-driver lifestyle make for perfect accessories for a slot game. The sound and video effects are all related to the sounds of a cab, and they're realistic enough that you shouldn't get sick of them too soon.

The Zombies

The Zombies are just your average suburban family – except that they're undead. The story behind this game is that a family of zombies have settled down after decades of eating human flesh, bought a house in the suburbs, and started a normal life. The game plays out like a 1950s TV sitcom, except that the main characters engage in some very odd behavior from time to time.

The goal of the game is to find items which will help The Zombies fit in to their society better. You earn prizes for locating a mailbox, a newspaper, potted plants and other household goods. The slot's two bonus games, Zombie Dance Party and the Zombie Bonus Game, make cute use of the theme, but are essentially just two glorified pick'em games rewarding free spins and instant credit prizes.

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II is a retro video game themed slot produced by Amaya Gaming under an exclusive license with Capcom. Street Fighter II is a five reel and twenty-five pay line video slot designed in close imitation of the massively-popular arcade and console fighting game. The characters in the game are rendered to look almost exactly like the characters from the popular arcade series.

This game includes a number of popular online slot features – wilds, scatters, and free spins – but the real focus is on the Choose Your Street Fighter feature, which really makes this into five different games. Just like in the arcade game, you take your pick from a group of fighters before you start – you can pick from Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Guile, and Chun Li. Your character choice becomes the game's wild symbol for your entire session.

You should always place a max bet on Amaya Gaming's licensed titles. On Street Fighter II, you have to activate all twenty-five pay lines if you want access to the most lucrative bonuses. Since the game accepts wagers as low as $0.01 or as high as $20 each, the total range of available max wagers is between $0.25 and $500 each spin.

Gamblers in the United States are just becoming familiar with Amaya Gaming, thanks to their growth in the daily fantasy, poker, and social gaming markets. Most of Amaya Gaming's products are still illegal for US players, thanks to the 2006 UIGEA bill. The company has even shut down most Americans' access to their DFS site (StarsDraft) due to concerns over the legality of these games in the US market.

What does the future hold for Amaya? It's hard to say, in part because the company has its hands in so many different markets, and in part because it's not yet clear what they plan to do to expand the value and reach of their new poker brands. If you enjoy Amaya Gaming's slot titles, we recommend you keep a watchful eye on the US daily fantasy and poker markets. The more reach Amaya has in those markets, the more likely it will be to offer new slot titles to their North American audience.

Amaya Gaming Group объявила о приобретении PokerStars и Full Tilt

Rational Group, владелец PokerStars и Full Tilt, переходит под 100% контроль Amaya Gaming. За две лучшие платформы в онлайн-покере, серии живых турниров и популярные покерные медиа Amaya заплатит $4,9 млрд. Мы постарались разобраться в официальной и неофициальной стороне сделки.

Amaya Gaming Group

Amaya Gaming Group – канадская компания, «предоставляющая решения в области азартных игр для регулируемых рынков игорной индустрии». Фраза о регулируемых рынках постоянно сопровождает пресс-релизы Amaya, которая является публичной компанией, что предполагает внимательное отношение к рамкам законодательства.

График акций Amaya намекал на грядущие изменения с конца мая, причем рынок воспринимает их исключительно позитивно:

Вчера слухи подтвердились – Amaya приобрела Rational Group, владельца PokerStars и Full Tilt, двух крупнейших и самых успешных проектов в области онлайн-покера, за $4.9 млрд.

Если о PokerStars, Full Tilt и Rational Group мы пишем часто и много, то Amaya Gaming – новое словосочетание на страницах нашего сайта. Компания была основана в 2004 году как производитель программного обеспечения для электронных покерных столов. Через 2 года к управлению Amaya подключился Давид Баазов и взял курс на развитие через приобретение перспективных компаний. Первыми в списке стали CryptoLogic (ПО для гэмблинга) и Cadillac Jack (производитель слотов). В 2012-м году Amaya стала широко известна в покерном мире после прибретения сети Ongame за $32 млн. Полный список активов Amaya обнаружить не удалось, но он постоянно меняется, за что компанию не раз критиковали, хоть и не без уважения.

В данный момент продукты Amaya используют игорные компании по всему миру, не только в онлайне, но и в офлайне, не только в Европе, но также в Канаде и США.

Полный список условий опубликован в пресс-релизе на сайте Amaya. Мы пропустим тяжеловесную финансовую часть и сосредоточимся на более актуальных моментах для игроков:

– После завершения сделки (к сентябрю 2014 года) Amaya станет крупнейшей публичной компанией мира в области игорной индустрии в интернете. Full Tilt и PokerStars – самые популярные и прибыльные платформы в мире с 85 млн зарегистрированных пользователей.

– Кроме PokerStars и Full Tilt, в 100% владение Amaya переходят серии живых турниров, онлайн-медиа, телевизионные трансляции и ТВ-шоу Rational Group.

– Марк Шейнберг, который стал исполнительным директором компании после ухода Исаи Шейнберга в связи с «черной пятницей» и преследованием со стороны правительства США, покинет свою должность и передаст долю в компании (которая, по неподтвержденным данным, составляет около 75%) новым владельцам. За ним последуют остальные акционеры.

– Команда менеджеров Rational Group сохранится в полном составе, сделка не затронет сервисы в области онлайн-покера. Все игроки смогут продолжать ими пользоваться в полном объеме, как и прежде.

– В Rational Group по всему миру работает 1,700 человек. В 2012 и 2013 году компания заработала $967 млн и $1.1 млрд соответственно до налогов и сборов ($342 млн и $420 млн после всех вычетов).

– Совет директоров Amaya в результате сделки не изменится.

На вчерашней пресс-конференции Давид Баазов повторил, что сделка не затронет покерный бизнес Rational Group, игроки смогут продолжать использовать сервисы онлайн-покера в прежнем объеме.

Большая часть волнений в странах СНГ в данный момент связана с публичным статусом Amaya, который повышает прозрачность и ответственность, но похоже, что текущее законодательство не накладывает радикальных ограничений – покер-румы сети Ongame, принадлежащей Amaya с 2012 года, продолжают принимать игроков из СНГ.

Однако по тем же причинам сделка может пролить свет на реальное состояние компании – например, после приобретения сети Ongame выяснилось, что на счетах не хватает 69% средств игроков (вместо необходимых $15.7 млн в распоряжении Онгейма было всего $4.9 млн). Правда, в случае с Rational Group такой драматичный вариант развития событий маловероятен.

Представитель PokerStars на 2+2 подтвердил, что игра продолжается в прежнем режиме:

Если коротко, существенные изменения игроков не ожидают. Мы планируем продолжать работу на всех текущих рынках и развивать покер по всему миру.

В письме сотрудникам PokerStars Марк Шейнберг похвалил всех за успехи компании в течение 14 лет, добавил ностальгии и выразил уверенность в том, что новое руководство не будет отклоняться от намеченных планов и сложившихся принципов.

Пол Телфорд из Rational Group в официальном письме обеспокоенному ситуацией премьер-министру острова Мэн сообщил [PDF], что RG не собирается переносить центральный офис в другое место. Направления деятельности Amaya (B2B) и Rational Group (B2C) практически не пересекаются, поэтому сделка не может отрицательно отразиться на количестве рабочих мест. Наоборот, планируется дальнейший рост и развитие, в первую очередь за счет рынка США.

До «черной пятницы» индустрия азартных игр в онлайне развивалась независимо от офлайна, и это сильно нервировало гигантов игорного бизнеса в США. «Черная пятница» поставила точку в конкуренции между онлайном и офлайном, заставив игроков из США физически перемещаться для продолжения игры – либо в кирпичное казино, к радости лоббистов индустрии, либо в страны с другими законами.

Тем не менее, даже самым упрямым гигантам офлайна скоро стало ясно, что онлайн-покер отказывается умирать и, чтобы не терять доходы, необходимо искать пути регулирования. Этот процесс до сих пор не запущен в России, которая продолжает игнорировать загадочный онлайн и размножает игорные зоны в офлайне, что, впрочем, неудивительно для страны, руководство которой не менялось со времен, когда интернета еще по сути не было.

Но не будем отвлекаться от главной темы. За последние 2 года несколько штатов США (Нью-Джерси, Невада и Делавэр) уже приняли соответствующие законы и начали выдавать лицензии операторам онлайн-покера. Попасть на этот рынок со стороны B2C, то есть рынка конечных клиентов, без аффилирования с офлайн-казино почти, либо совершенно, невозможно. Тем не менее, конкурентам Rational Group в лице 888, PartyPoker и других удалось заручиться необходимой поддержкой и получить доступ к американским игрокам.

PokerStars в США до сих пор боятся, и текущие показатели легальных американских покер-румов доказывают, что для этого есть основания – игроки не проявляют особого энтузиазма по поводу доступных продуктов и не готовы мириться с текущими предложениями, несмотря на искусственное ограничение выбора.

Тем не менее, лоббисты игорного рынка США не сдаются. Сделка Rational Group по приобретению казино в Атлантик-Сити сорвалась в последний момент, рассмотрение лицензии PokerStars в Нью-Джерси отложено на 2 года, а партнерство PokerStars с казино Commerce, Bicycle и Hawaiian Gardens в Калифорнии, где онлайн-покер собираются легализовать в ближайшее время, вызвало небывалую агрессию со стороны конкурентов и новые законодательные инициативы, блокирующие выход крупнейшего покер-рума на калифорнийский рынок.

Без сомнения, Rational Group не могут признать поражение – растущий рынок США и усложняющиеся условия работы в остальном мире не позволяют текущему лидеру индустрии опускать руки.

Несмотря на то, что в 2013 году Amaya Gaming заработала $474.8 млн до налогов и сборов, слухи о приобретении компании масштаба Rational Group казались нереальными, большинство экспертов в текущих условиях ожидали обратное поглощение.

Amaya Gaming Group до сих пор работала со стороны B2B, предоставляя своим партнерам решения, которые они упаковывали в цвета своих брендов. Один из ключевых партнеров Amaya в США, по совместительству один из главных противников PokerStars – Caesars Entertainment, которому, в частности, принадлежит бренд WSOP. В прошлом PokerStars и Caesars ни разу не удавалось договориться, но смена лиц за столом переговоров должна повлиять на отношения между компаниями.

Большая часть риторики сделки предсказуемо посвящена именно выходу на американский рынок. «Мы видим перспективы роста не только по вертикали, – отметил Давид Баазов на вчерашней пресс-конференции. – В данный момент Rational Group отсутствует в США, но мы ожидаем, что история взаимоотношений Amaya с партнерами из Америки позволит ускорить выход брендов RG на американский рынок. Мы знаем, что игроки давно этого ждут».

Если Caesars Enterteinment, которые не слишком довольны своей текущей платформой, перейдут в онлайне на платформу PokerStars, их отрыв от конкурентов станет огромным. Но пойдет ли на это руководство Caesars – пока никому неизвестно.

В любом случае мы являемся свидетелями глобальной игры по очень высоким ставкам, и главные герои только что сделали решающий ход.

Slots – Over 180 slot titles have been developed by Amaya Gaming over the years. There are all kinds of themes that were used as inspiration including Egypt, treasures, adventures and superheroes. Several exclusive Amaya slots that have the DC Comics seal on them are Superman, Green Lantern, Batman and The Wonder Woman. However, players also can play games such as King Kong, Conan, Gulliver’s Travels and etc.

Table Games – Over 24 table games including roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat, can be found at Amaya Gaming casinos. The supplier has developed games with realistic surroundings that provide very authentic casino feeling to players. Some of the most popular variants of the previously mentioned games are European Roulette, Vegas Blackjack and Red Dog.

Video Poker Games – More than 10 video poker variants are also on the menu at Amaya Gaming powered online gambling sites. The company has developed its own variants of the most popular video poker titles including Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild.

Besides providing fully functional online casino solutions, Amaya Gaming also offers a live dealer platform. The games are offered in instant play mode and players are not required to download any files to their computers. Amaya Gaming’s live casino solution is multilingual and provides seamless HD video streaming. Dealers that host tables by this provider are known as highly trained professionals who do their job impeccably and who look good as well. Amaya Gaming supplies three live dealer games and those are live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat. The table limits at Amaya casinos can vary and suit both low and high rollers.

Playing on the move has become extremely popular during the last several years. Amaya Gaming, as a leading casino software provider, made the decision to offer its own mobile casino which is fully optimised for smartphones and tablets. Amaya’s mobile games are available in instant play mode and users can play by simply visiting their preferred Amaya casino with their mobile device. Some mobile titles that are commonly featured at mobile gambling operators that use this software are Superman, Chilli Gold and Frogs’n Flies.

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