Three Reasons Commercial Truck Accident Victims May Need to Hire Legal Counsel

Unfortunately, one of the most common problems a lot of business owners are wary of are truck accidents. Even when the drivers are careful while on the road, there’s still the risk of getting involved in one. This could potentially lead to serious injuries and tremendous damage to the vehicle. As for the victim of a commercial truck accident, to file a claim against the defendant, hiring a legal counsel is required. With the help of these professionals, you’ll know your rights and be able to receive fair compensation from the accident.

1. A Legal Counsel Would be the One to Negotiate with the Commercial Truck Insurance Company

Generally speaking, insurance companies– whether it’s the commercial truck policy or your own– would work to keep their money and give as little as possible to the victim. Wherein, the insurance claim adjuster is responsible for saving the company money and refusing to pay the compensation, or if they will, they’ll make sure that they’d be shouldering the least possible amount. Likewise, insurance companies also have a team of lawyers and investigators who would try to win the case and minimize their own liabilities. In simpler terms, they would attempt to put the blame on the victim. As for insurance companies, they are aware that it’s possible for them to delay the claim, lessen the payment, and even manipulate the conversations that would reduce or extinguish your compensation. That’s why the biggest mistake you’ll ever make is trying to negotiate with the trucking insurance company without the presence of a legal counsel. Even if you’re quite confident that it’s the commercial truck owner’s fault, it would still be better to have a professional right at your side.

2. Truck Accidents Are Complicated and It Can Be Hard to Pinpoint the Cause
Considering the fact that truck accidents are complicated, it’s always troublesome to determine who’s at fault. If you want your injury claim to be successful, it’s important that you can prove that the truck driver was negligent with his actions. The best way to prove that is through conducting investigations which would be carried out by a legal counsel. These people have access to the driver’s logs, trucker’s driving history, and black boxes. All of these could be sources of evidence. With the help of a legal counsel, you’ll be able to receive a better settlement amount, especially if you can prove that the defendant is indeed accountable.

3. They Know How to Negotiate for the Settlement You Deserve
It’s quite common for commercial truck accident victims to suffer from severe physical injuries, such as broken bones or spinal injuries leading to disability. Over time these injuries could negatively affect the victim’s life, and let’s not forget how quickly the medical bills can sky rocket during recovery. Unfortunately, you probably don’t know the exact value of your injuries, and it’s difficult to get the settlement you deserve. A legal counsel has handled similar cases before. They know how much it costs to be disabled and they have the idea of the settlement amount you deserve.